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KENOSEE LAKE 17 Okadoca St.

6 Grandison Road,

2 beds, 2 baths, 1,055 sq. ft. MLS #SK735100

4 beds, 3 baths, 1,274 sq. ft. MLS #SK759321

Kenosee Lake Riding Academy MLS #SK763934

$415,000 $429,000 WHITE BEAR LAKE RESORT


367 Wayweychapow Dr.


2 beds, 1 bath, 610 sq. ft. MLS #SK764374

119-20th St.


3 beds, 1 bath, 728 sq. ft. MLS #SK772119


84 Kenosee Drive

3 beds, 2 baths, 1,560 sq. ft. MLS #SK770995




Broker - Owner • Salesperson

KENOSEE VILLAGE LOTS FOR SALE Moki Bay & Sinopa Bay and part of Birch Street!

SERVICED LOTS: power to dwelling, gas, water & grey water sewer to front of lot




NEW - $125,000 and up!

24 Echwayatanka Dr. 2 beds, 1 bath, 911 sq. ft. MLS #SK763088

3 Ash Crescent

2 beds, 1 bath, 776 sq. ft. MLS #SK768438

CELL (306) 577-1213


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Volume 18 • No. 3 Wednesday, May 29th, 2019




306-575-8575 or visit us at 119 Main St. Carlyle



MLS #SK763396



MLS #SK766552



MLS #SK770977



MLS #SK746162






SO #SK768636 MLS




SO #SK738771 MLS



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May long sunset at White Bear Lake

Photo by Jim Galloway

509369_CST20180822PerformanceRealty_CO_B_G7_V1 1.5 X 8 17 Aug 2018

MASSIVE SALE Carlyle Memorial Hall • May 30th - June 1st

Carlyle • Wawota

Mens • Ladies • Childrens

Fashion • Footwear



Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Variety night at Memorial Hall Weekend getaways the whole family will enjoy

Photo submitted

Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party will be holding a variety night on May 31. By Mary Moffat Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party is a vital part of the summer at Kenosee. Held at the Kenosee Lake Boys and Girls Camp, it has led to the development of over 200 �iddlers in the local area alone. Now the largest traditional �iddle camp in Canada, KLKP is raising money to hire camp counsellors so working parents can SEND their children to KLKP to receive top quality music instruction. To help raise these funds, they are holding a Variety night Friday May 31st at 7 pm in the Carlyle Memorial Hall Theatre. There is an elevator available for those needing assistance to the upper level, and admission is by donation. Your donation will net you varied entertainment including Nationally acclaimed �iddlers, recording artists, vocalists, local talent, the Youth troupe “Focal Point” as well as many others. For a toe-tapping good time, be sure to come out and help this registered non-pro�it group meet their goals to bring music to everyone regardless of �inances. I guarantee you will not regret it!

Upcoming Saskota Baseball League games


Thursday, May 30: Fireballs @ Chiefs; Astros @ Cubs; A’s @ Royals; Threshers @ Cardinals. Tuesday, June 4: Cardinals @ Cubs; A’s @ Threshers; Chiefs @ Royals; Astros @ Wolves. Thursday, June 6: Cardinals @ Wolves; Chiefs @ Threshers; Cubs @ A’s. S u n d a y, J u n e 9 : Wolves at Royals at 11 a.m.; Fireballs @ Royals at 3 p.m.; Fireballs @ Cubs at 11 a.m.; Wolves @ Cubs at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 11: Cubs @ Threshers; Cardinals @ Chiefs; Astros @ Fireballs. Thursday, June 13:

Astros @ Cardinals; Fireballs @ Threshers; A’s @ Wolves; Cubs @ Chiefs. Tuesday, June 18: Chiefs @ A’s; Wolves @ Threshers; Astros @ Royals Thursday, June 20: Fireballs @ A’s; Royals @ Cardinals; Astros @ Threshers. Saturday, June 22: Royals @ Wolves, 1 p.m.; Royals @Fireballs, 5 p.m.; Cubs @ Fireballs, 1 p.m.; Cubs @ Wolves, 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 25: A’s @ Fireballs; Threshers @ Astros; Cardinals @ Royals. Wednesday, June 26: Cardinals @ A’s.

Thursday, June 27: Astros @ Chiefs; Fireballs @ Wolves; Cubs @ Royals. JUNE 28, 29 & 30: BIG MOOSE Tuesday, July 2: Chiefs @ Fireballs; Cubs @ Astros; Royals @ A’s; Cardinals @ Threshers. Thursday, July 4: Wolves @ Astros; Royals @ Cardinals; Threshers @ A’s. T u e s d a y, J u l y 9 : Wolves @ Cardinals; Threshers @ Chiefs; A’s @ Cubs. Thursday, July 11: Chiefs @ Cardinals; Fireballs @ Astros. Saturday, July 27 & Sunday, July 28: Harbourne.

Not able to take time off from work this summer? Make the most of your weekends with these family getaways.

• Go camping. A campground close to home is a great place for a weekend getaway. Camping offers families time to connect without the distractions of home. Don’t forget the marshmallows for roasting over the �ire. • Stay in town. How often do you visit the museums and other attractions in your hometown? Consider dedicating a whole weekend to exploring what your region has to offer. As an extra treat, you can even book a hotel room for a night. • Head to the cottage. Get out of town for a weekend and rent a cottage in the country. After a day of swimming, canoeing and exploring the woods, have a barbecue or grab a bite to eat in a nearby town.

It’s hard to be a working parent in the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with your kids. Weekend getaways like these are sure to create memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Carlyle & District Food Bank Donate to the Food Bank















T. Wolves
























































G - Games Played W - Wins L - Losses

T - Ties RF - Runs For RA - Runs Against

Every little bit helps.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019



How to introduce your kids to fishing If you’re an avid angler and you’re ready to introduce your kids to the joys of �ishing, here’s how to get them hooked.

Get the right equipment Chances are, your �ishing tackles will be too big for small kids. Equip them with child-sized rods and reels that are easy to use and �it comfortably in their hands. Be prepared to do most of the work for them.

Find the right location If you’re �ishing from the shore, �ind an easy-toaccess spot that doesn’t require a long walk to get to. If possible, �ind shallow water where the kids can see �ish swimming. This’ll keep them excited and interested. Don’t stay too long The �irst time �ishing with young kids won’t be the relaxing experience you’re used to. Plan to stay only half an hour and leave once they start to get bored. Keep them comfortable Pack snacks, drinks and safety equipment for all �ishers. Dress them in layers so they can remove clothes if they get hot, and bring an extra sweater in case they get cold. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen.

With the right introduction, you can impart a lifelong love of �ishing to your kids, guaranteeing Catching a fish for the first time is a great achievement. Make sure you commemorate the occasion with you a �ishing partner for years to come. photos and high fives.

7 things you need to do to protect yourself from ticks Protect yourself from tick bites with these smart strategies.

1. Stick to the middle When you’re on a hike or walking through a wooded area, avoid the edges of paths and trails, where ticks are more prevalent. 2. Wear white Teeny-tiny ticks are easier to spot against lightcolored duds. (If you spot a tick on your clothes, try this method to quickly get them off.) RELATED: 15 Important Facts You Must Know About Ticks 3. Protect your noggin Don’t think ticks are only in the grass. “Brushing against a tree could easily leave one in your hair,” says

107 Railway Avenue Carlyle, Sk


a1tankcleaners@sasktel.net GENERAL TANK CLEANING SEPTIC TANKS • CARWASH PITS Scott Robertson | Chuck Matthews | Mike Johnson Serving Southeast Saskatchewan

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MEMBER; Canadian Community Newspapers Association Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association

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Amesh Adalja, MD, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Pittsburgh. Try donning a cap or tying hair back, and use repellent on your face. (Spray into hands and then apply with your �ingers.) 4. Hike up your socks And tuck your pant legs into them. Fashionable, it’s not. But every inch of exposed skin matters.

5. Treat your clothes If you’re heading into tick-heavy backcountry for days, consider applying the insecticide permethrin to your clothes (it can last through up to six washes), as well as spraying repellent on skin not covered by clothing. “Ticks are crafty, so you want to use multiple types of protection,” says Paul Mead, MD, chief of epidemiology and surveillance for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Lyme disease program.

RELATED: 8 Celebrities Who’ve Struggled With Lyme Disease 6. Double-check your damp bits Ticks love dark, moist areas, so when you’re looking for them, focus on the groin, backs of the knees, and armpits. “Women often forget their bra line, but that’s a tick’s dream spot,” says Andrea Gaito, MD, a rheumatologist and Lyme specialist based in Basking Ridge, N.J. 7. Hit the shower A full-body tick check and a pair of tweezers should be your �irst line of defense. But you might be able to scrub away any ticks you miss—and slash your risk of tick-borne disease—when you lather up. “Water alone won’t do the trick, because you need a bit of resistance to remove ticks,” says Dr. Gaito. So grab a loofah!

Carlyle Dental Dr. Kurt Benning & Associates

Dr. Christine Ewert Hill D.V.M. Dr. Rafael Pineda D.V.M Dr. Clarke Hill D.V.M. Dr. Leuraunt Trach D.V.M. Dr. Brittany Johnsgaard D.V.M.

Hwy 13 • Carlyle, SK • 453-6346

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! e � o F


Top 10 tips for beginner golfers

e g a P

Game-raising gadgets and golf balls for 2019

One of the great things about golf is the perennial unveiling of exciting new technologies, allowing golfers to continually raise their game and knock a couple of strokes off their scorecards. This year is no exception. Here are some of the new gadgets and equipment you’re likely to encounter on the links this season. New golf balls Golf balls may look simple but, in reality, the little white spheres are technological marvels. Take the new Chrome Soft balls from Callaway, which use Nobel Prize technology to improve driver distance and short-game spin. These balls feature graphene nanoparticles in the outer core. (Graphene was discovered only in 2004 and is the thinnest and strongest compound known to man.) Then there’s the forthcoming Genius Ball, made by OnCore (launching this Father’s Day). This is a golf ball equipped with a tiny microchip that pairs with the users mobile phone and provides them with a bunch of useful data in real time, including distance, ball velocity, spin rate and amount of draw or fade. It also has GPS, allowing you to instantly locate your ball, whether

it’s been hooked, sliced or �lat-out ripped into the bush. New range�inders It used to be only PGA tour players who could get precise yardages to the �lag while out on the course. Now, with range�inders, the average golfer can enjoy this same advantage. There are two types of range�inders: laser and GPS. Laser range�inders measure distances with laser beams users manually aim at targets while looking through a view port, whereas GPS range�inders come preprogrammed with all the yardages golfers need (yards to the pin, to bunkers, to water), provided that the course they’re playing has been mapped. The latest big stride

in range�inder technology came with the Bushnell Hybrid, launched last year. This is the �irst range�inder that integrates both laser and GPS into one LCD screen. The Hybrid provides extremely precise yardages and comes pre-loaded with 36,000 courses spanning 30 countries. If you’re looking to get a leg up on your golf buddies this season, there are a number of other advancements in golf equipment worthy of attention (check out, for instance, the formidable Taylormade M3 driver or the “spikeless” golf shoes models from Footjoy, Callaway and Adidas). Drop into your pro shop or local golf shop to check it all out.

Golf has a reputation for being something of an elite sport, played by aging men in eclectic colours. While that is still the case in some places, golf is certainly becoming more accessible and increasingly popular. Starting golf can be intimidating, with the presence of more experienced players always lingering in the back of your mind. These tips can help boost your con�idence and playing style in no time. Take lessons People can be stubborn and refuse to accept help or instruction, preferring to try and make it their own way, the simple advice is don’t. Teaching yourself, even with a good instructional book, can lead you to get into bad (and sometimes irreversible) habits. A good golf pro may well have to take you back to the basics, but in the long-term, there will be lasting bene�its to your game. Don’t neglect your putting M a ny p e o p l e b e come obsessive about practicing at the driving range, constantly hitting hundreds of long range shots. While this can help, provided that you are using the correct technique; many golfers (both experienced and beginners) neglect their putting. Putts account for about 50 per cent of your strokes in a round, yet far less than 50 per cent of golfers’ time is spent practicing putting. Work on your grip Since the hands are the only part of the body that come in contact with the club, it is vital to get the grip right. Take instruction from an expert regarding the grip. There are three main grips: the interlocking, the Vardon and the baseball — decide with your coach which is best for you. A proper grip can take months to learn, so it is best to get used to it, even without

6:00 p.m. start time

Starting Wed., May 29th

Thanks to our Major Sponsor

Bear Claw Casino & Hotel! Come Out, Have Some Fun & Challenge The Bear!

Buy 1 Green Fee, Get the 2nd Green Fee Free!

(must rent a power cart) Valid Monday-Thursday & must present this coupon (Offer expires Oct. 2019)

Highway 9 N. 577-4902 Pro Shop

Online booking available www.whitebeargolf.com

hitting balls. For practice, try gripping a club while watching television. Visit a driving range Not only will a driving range give you a chance to hit a few balls without having to worry about �inding them again, they are a great place to get advice and instruction. Initially a professional might give you a few quick pointers (sometimes in the hope that you will take up lessons with him or buy equipment from the shop), but take advantage of the range of different clubs that are often available for you to try out for free. At the very least, smashing a few balls is an excellent way of letting go of stress, you will come away feeling great, whether or not you were actually any good. Use cavity-back clubs instead of traditional bladed clubs Cavity-back or peripheral-weighted clubs usually have an oversized head and a greater ‘sweet spot’, so the area where you contact the ball and still get a reasonable result, is bigger. This helps minimize the impact of what would be a disastrous shot with a traditional club. Cavity-back clubs are ideal for beginners, yet are actually still used by some professionals, so you need not feel like a total novice when using them. Younger players might want to consider buying a beginners’ set or a half set of clubs. Don’t neglect brushing up on your etiquette Knowing your gol�ing etiquette is a must. Without it, you may end up in all sorts of bother, not even realizing what you have done wrong. Wheeling your trolley across the green could result in a good talking to from the greenkeeper, while slow play could lead to confrontation with other players. If you go with someone who has a bit more experience, then lis-

ten to them — they are not just being fussy and might just save you from making an idiot of yourself. Buy second hand balls If your play is shocking to begin with, you might be losing balls at a rate that your pocket cannot afford. Some retailers sell balls which have been �ished out of the ponds from the course, at a fraction of the price. An ever cheaper option may be to buy them from the people who have used their initiative to collect them to make some money. Just be careful they don’t end up stealing your balls and then try selling them back to you! Go prepared for a round A round of golf could take up to four hours, depending on how busy it is, so make sure you have everything you could possibly need. This would include things like waterproof clothing, an umbrella, drink, snack, pen for marking your scorecard and most importantly plenty of balls. Don’t be pressured by other golfers As long as you are not playing at a particularly slow pace then don’t feel pressured by other golfers. If you want to let them pass by so you can get on with your game without being watched, then fair enough, but there is no reason that they should have a right to expect to just barge past. Everyone was a beginner once and should have a bit of patience, although sadly not all golfers do. Always have some money for the 19th hole Part of the gol�ing experience is the clubhouse or the 19th hole, where players can get together, enjoy a drink, compare their scorecards and show off their latest equipment. It can be a useful place to pick up tips, �ind out about any second-hand equipment for sale, or even any gol�ing social events which are being organised.

Carlyle Golf Club 453-6344 Mens Night Tuesdays & Ladies Fun Night Thursdays

Men’s Night Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Shotgun

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

MONDAY-THURSDAY JUNE SPECIAL Tee off after 11 a.m. $55.00 per person • Cart included

SAVE $21.00 per person Open Full Time For the Season! WEEKLY EVENING SPECIALS: Monday - Pasta night Tuesday - 8 OZ New York Steak Wednesday - Wing Night is back! Thursday - Stir Fry

Friday - Fish Friday Saturday - Baby Back Ribs Sunday - Roast Beef

Open Monday - Sunday. - 9 am - Sunday Brunch: 9am to 1pm Come check out the view from our deck! Keep an eye on our website & Facebook page! www.golfkenosee.com

PH: (306) 577- 4422 ext. 3 or email Cheryl at golf.kenosee.cheryl@sasktel.net


2 golfers and power cart - 9 holes - $55.00 + GST 2 golfers and power cart - 18 holes - $85.00 +GST Monday - Thursday: 9 - 3 p.m. COUPON MUST BE PRESENTED

Clip and save expires September 30, 2019


Buy 1 Green Fee, Get 1 FREE! Until 2:00 p.m. Not valid for Tournament Coupon must be presented

GREEN FEES Adult 9 holes - $25 incl. GST 18 holes - $37 incl. GST Junior 9 holes - $15 incl. GST 18 holes - $23 incl. GST

Power Carts $10 per person - 9 holes New Lunch Special Homemade Soup & Sandwich


Wednesday, May 29, 2019



Please don’t pinch me!

Photo submitted

Murray and Donna Brown with three of their grandchildren in front of their new home, won through the Hospitals of Regina Home Lottery. THE

By Mary Moffat “Please don’t pinch me, because if this is all a dream, I don’t want to wake up!” That was Murray Brown’s response to winning a $1.4 million home and $30,000 in the Hospitals of Regina Home Lottery. Thursday evening, May 9, Murray Brown of Carlyle was working on three miles of fencing when his phone rang. The caller asked him if he was Murray Brown and if he had ever bought tickets for the Regina Home Lottery? If so, could he state his postal code? Brown asked why they needed it, and was told that it was to verify if he was the winner of the Lottery. He gave them the information, the director of the Lottery got on the phone and, even then, Brown expected them to ask for a credit card or something to clue him in on the fact it was a scam. It wasn’t! Back at home, Donna was receiving calls and texts congratulating them on the win, so she called Murray and asked him if he had anything to tell her. When he confirmed the news, she asked him to come home, but it took him another hour to get there because it was supposed to rain and he didn’t want to leave the wire laying on the ground. Sunday, he was back out there finishing the fencing and he had to remind himself that he hadn’t dreamed the entire thing. Listening to the Browns talk about the experience, it is clear that the following day was mainly a blur. Being followed around through the house by reporters, asking questions about how they felt, what their plans were, both of them were still in shock. Later, as the kids talked about things in the home, neither of them clearly recalled many of them. They talked about the iPad built into the wall, full of apps to run the sound system, and the huge box with all the wires coming out of it that was connected to it, but had difficulty remembering much about many of the other features of the house. They are looking forward to getting the keys and then exploring the house on their own. Tuesday, May 21, they will travel back to Regina to meet with the lawyer to sign the title, the home builder to go over the home, discuss the warranty and how everything works, the insurance broker to discus insurance, switch over the security system, power and gas and the real estate agents to list the house. It has been a whirlwind week or so and Donna remembers, that for the first time ever, they will own a home that is completely finished. She and her husband have built three homes together and every one of them they lived in while they finished it, because there just wasn’t the money to do it before moving in. Murray has regularly bought tickets on this lottery and the STARS lottery, because they are causes that are dear to his heart. He says that many people, family and friends, have been touched in some way by the hospitals or STARS and it is an important cause. This is their first win ever, and he will continue to support the two lotteries. This win has made Murray realize a lot about himself. They were happy with the win, but even more happy to come home and sit in their own home and really appreciate it. This won’t change them, but being semi-retired now, this win will allow them the freedom to not worry about their kids having to look after them financially in the future. They are planning a Father’s Day weekend with Murray’s siblings in the new home and a few other visits to the home while it is still theirs. With 25,000 visitors touring the home before the draw, and all the publicity, who knows when that will happen, but the Browns will enjoy it while they can. Editor’s note: The home the Browns won was designed by Derek McDonald. Derek is the son of Aaron McDonald and Joan McDonald of Kenosee Lake and grandson of the late Cameron and Alma McLeod of Carlyle. Another Carlyle connection.


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Moose Mountain Meats

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n i ! t i r u Say g colo il vin

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Southern Plains CO-OP




12 pack of Kraft Dinner




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Valid May 30th-June 5th, 2019

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You’ll have an action packed week and put ideas that inspire you into practice. Our greatest achievements grow out of our dreams.


Someone close to you might need your assistance. You’ll feel weighed down by health issues or growing fatigue. Take the time to recharge and recover.


You’ll enlarge your social circle and professional network. You’ll take the reins planning a largescale event that turns out to be a huge success.


You’ll feel overburdened with professional and familial responsibilities. If you have young children, you’ll actively involve yourself in their year-end scholastic activities.


Puzzle Solutions on page 2

The time has come to plan your next holiday. Indulge yourself with a trip worthy of royalty. There will be many small tasks to take care of in preparation of an event that will be well attended.


Are you feeling frantic and emotional? Big disruptions such as a move are on the horizon. You’ll need to make profound changes in order to give yourself a stronger foundation. Material for your weekly game page

e. A: A dino-snor


call What do you osaur? a sleeping din


Why did the teddy bear refuse desser t?

A: She was stuffed.


What’s fast, loud and crunchy?


Your love life will occupy much of your attention during the week. The main goal will be to work with your partner to plan your future together. If you’re single, you’ll become more proactive in seeking out your soul mate.


You’ll pay special attention to your health. You might start a new diet that will prove to be quite effective. The results will show quickly and many people will imitate you in order to have the same success.


You’ll stand out in a big way within a group. You’ll be fairly proud of this and feel emboldened. This will bolster your reputation as a leader among your peers and possibly within the company you work for.

A: A rocket chip.


You’ll decide to buy or sell a new property on a whim. You’ll find a place that suits your family’s needs perfectly — even if it’s a last-minute decision.


You’ll have lots to talk about. You’ll give a speech and be warmly applauded. Also, you’ll reach out to people who can help you resolve a financial matter.

PISCES COMPLETE EACH GRID WITH NUMBERS FROM 1 TO 4, KEEPING IN MIND THAT: - A number can only appear once per row - A number can only appear once per column - A number can only appear once in each box of 4 squares

You’ll have a lot of shopping to do this week. Don’t worry too much about getting the best price or about negotiating the best repayment conditions for a loan; you’ll save money on the interest payments.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019




The Moon and Venus pair up on June 1 in the early morning eastern sky with a 3-degree separation. By the 4th, Mercury comes on the scene, 4 degrees north, but just after new Moon, so a tough sighting. On the 5th, Mars in the western evening sky is less than 2 degrees north of the Moon, which is a good guide to locating the tiny sliver of our satellite. On the late evening/early morning of the 6th/7th, the Moon is among the stars of the Beehive Cluster (M44). The 15th sees an occultation of Ceres for viewers in eastern Europe and Asia; for the west, it’s a close separation of 0.9 degrees. The Moon is full on the 17th, a scant few hours after brushing by Jupiter on the 16th. In a reprise of May’s events, Saturn and Pluto are both occulted for observers in the Southern Hemisphere on the 18th/19th–a close conjunction of both bodies of 0.4 and 0.1 degrees, respectively. Uranus is 5 degrees north of the Moon on the evening of the 27th/early morning of the 28th. Mercury graces the western evening sky for all of June. On the 4th, the sliver of the Moon glides by the speedy planet, which is at its highest in the sky for 2019 at 25.5 degrees on the following

day. On the 18th, Mercury and Mars team up for a very close conjunction of 0.2-degrees separation. The 23rd sees Mercury at its maximum separation (greatest eastern elongation) from the Sun. Venus in the morning eastern sky is only 3 degrees away from the Moon on the 1st, closing fast on the Sun–20 degrees away then and 12 degrees away by the 30th–hardly visible. Mars is becoming increasingly more dif�icult to see in the western sky, as Earth speeds away, leaving the Red Planet to fade into obscurity behind the Sun by month-end. Before that, though, the Moon cuddles up on the 5th, and Mercury is very close on the 18th, which could be a great photo-op for viewers with a clear western horizon. Jupiter reaches opposition on the 10th, marking a good time to search for the Galilean moons, which are at their brightest and most distant separation from the giant planet. When seen through binoculars or a medium-power telescope, the planet looks relatively close, but bear in mind that it’s 36 light-minutes away–light travelling at 300,000 kilometres per second takes 36 minutes to reach us! Jupiter will be visible all month.

Saturn is gaining in visibility in the evening sky, reaching opposition (opposite the Sun) on July 9. Watch for the nearby Moon on the late evening of the 18th. By month-end, the Ringed Planet will be visible all through the night. Uranus is slowly becoming visible in the eastern morning sky, but a tough sighting, since it’s right at sunrise. Neptune has been prograding and apparently stops movement on the 22nd. Shortly after, the gas giant begins retrograde motion, lasting for about 5 months. It’s good to remember that this apparent anomaly is caused by Earth’s faster orbit around the Sun. Summer Solstice is at 15:54 UT on June 21. James Edgar has had an interest in the night sky all his life. He joined The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in 2000, was National President for two terms, is now the Editor of the renowned Observer’s Handbook, and Production Manager of the bi-monthly RASC Journal. The IAU named asteroid 1995 XC5 “(22421) Jamesedgar” in his honour.

Vacation activities for bike enthusiasts If you love cycling when you travel, here are a few ways to incorporate biking into your next vacation. Wine country bike tours On a bike tour through wine country, you’ll enjoy sampling the local vino while exploring picturesque vineyards and countryside vistas. Tours can be arranged in just about any wine region: the Niagara Peninsula, the Okanagan Valley, California, Argentina, Chile and Western Europe, to

name a few.

Some bike tours are also ideal for sightseeing. For instance, tours in Italy, France and Spain often include visits to historic churches, castles and villages. Bicycle camping If roughing it is more your style, look for a campground that caters to cyclists. You’ll want a place that’s surrounded by bike trails and that offers the following services and amenities: • Secure lock-up areas for bikes

• Cycling information, including route maps • Bicycle repair toolsets • Staff who are knowledgeable about local cycling routes and can supply weather information • Healthy food and beverage options Some campgrounds provide bike rental facilities on-site. Alternatively, there may be a bike rental shop in the vicinity.

Party bikes If you’re looking for a creative way to explore a new city with a

large group, consider touring around on a party bike. Also known as a �ietscafé, bier�iets, pedal crawler, pedal pub, beer bike or bierbike, a party bike is a vehicle resembling a trolley car that is powered by up to sixteen pedalling passengers. It’s a sort of pubon-wheels and is always hired with a trained driver. These are just a few of the ways that cycling and travelling happily combine, and there are bike tours suited to fans of gastronomy, shopping, visiting museums and more. Whatever your interests or budget, there’s a biking adventure that’s just right for your next vacation.

Do you have a digital camera and a photographer’s eye? If so, why not take the plunge for the Summer Times’ annual photo contest! If you have a summer-themed photo from the region that you feel might just be good enough to ‘WOW!’ email it to us at observer@sasktel.net with the subject line “Summer Times Photo Contest”. Photos should be transmitted via email in their highest resolution. Photos that do not meet resolution requirements will not be considered in the contest. One winner will be chosen every week, and that photo will grace the front page of the Summer Times newspaper for that week. In the final issue of the Summer Times, a winner will be chosen from all the weekly winners, and that lucky person will be given a grand prize! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact: The Observer at 453-2525.



Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Blueberry CRUMBLE CAKE With its juicy blueberries and crunchy topping, this cake is perfect for serving to company — or eating for breakfast! Start to �inish: 1 hour 20 minutes (20 minutes active) Servings: 10 Ingredients:

Crumble • 1/2 cup rolled oats • 1/2 cup brown sugar • 1/3 cup all-purpose �lour • 1/4 cup melted butter

Cake • 1-1/4 cups all-purpose �lour • 1/2 cup white sugar • 1/2 tablespoon baking powder • Pinch of salt • 1/2 cup melted butter • 1/2 cup brown sugar • 2 eggs • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • 2/3 cup milk • 1-1/2 cup frozen or fresh blueberries Directions:

1. Preheat oven to 350 ºF (175 ºC). Line a 9-inch square cake pan with parchment paper. 2. In a medium bowl, combine the dry crumble ingredients and then add the butter. Mix and set aside. 3. In another bowl, combine �lour, white sugar,

baking powder and salt. 4. In a third bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar. Gradually mix in the vanilla, eggs and milk until smooth. 5. Add a third of the �lour mixture at a time, gradually combining the ingredients until you have a uniform batter. Add the blueberries and

stir. 6. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan and top with the crumble. 7. Bake for about 1 hour, or until a tooth pick inserted in the middle of the cake comes out dry. 8. Serve as is or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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