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ROLE OF AMERICORPS VISTA LEADER Leaders provide support and coordination for members to increase the project's impact. AmeriCorps VISTA Leaders are former AmeriCorps VISTA members who successfully completed at least a full term of full-time service and demonstrated exemplary skills and leadership in community service. Leaders set an example of leadership for AmeriCorps VISTA members, ensure positive relations, facilitate idea-sharing, and mediate issues with the community, the project, supervisors, and AmeriCorps VISTA members. Leaders also play a support role in recruiting, mentoring, and coordinating AmeriCorps VISTA members. Leaders are assigned by the Corporation to projects or regions to assist sponsoring organizations in achieving program objectives and developing new project activities and sources of community support. LEADER'S RELATIONSHIP WITH SPONSORING ORGANIZATIONS, SUPERVISORS, AND MEMBERS Leaders coordinate and provide support to members, but they are not responsible for members. The project supervisor is directly responsible for the management of AmeriCorps VISTA members. Leader may serve as a mediator, a facilitator, an adviser, or a trainer. The supervisor and AmeriCorps VISTA Leader should make sure AmeriCorps VISTA members understand the Leader's role and responsibilities. The supervisor/sponsoring organization should not expect Leaders to take on roles similar to those of members in addition to their roles and responsibilities outlined in the project's Leader position description. For example, if an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader coordinates a project that involves eight members who implement literacy programs at six different sites, the Leader should not be expected to implement a literacy program.

Role of AmeriCorps Leader  

VISTA Leader roles

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