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I were you (poem) All my life In a secret world, Created for love, Created for mankind.

Knows, My love, My void, Is the truth of My misery soul.

The void The love makes In a tendernessheart Keepsmy soul In a lovely inert hunch.

I forgot To live, To smile, For be an unknown, For myself, In your world.

Your criminal want Your shadow love, Your great, Your great, Black heart.

I forgot, I forgot, How to live, How to smile, For you.

It’s a story A story, A melancholic story, That loves don’t sing.

Yes I do, I’ll do, Our deathly kiss.

It hurts, Yes, it hurts In a honest heart In a broken soul. Tempted to the cry Tempted to life, Another time: My tiers will be Your regretted life. True love, True smile, True live, True truth, Where are they?!

Every mind, Every soul,

Secret love, Precious heart, Only for you… By Komnyus

I was you  

Broken heart

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