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JUNE 2010

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LUTHERHILL FACILITY DEDICATION CEREMONY SATURDAY, JUNE 5, 2010 11:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. “You are the rock we built this camp upon!” Join us as we celebrate your partnership and dedicate our new facilities. Please bring a rock from your home for the dedication ceremony so you may be part of Lutherhill for generations to come. Continued on page 7...

A Note From Pastor Jeff


Kinsmen Budget Update & Glimpses of Grace


Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry Comes For A Visit on June 19 & 20


Food & School Supplies Needed


Sharing Grace This Summer


Talitha Kum News


A Thank You Letter...


Online Giving Options Now Available


Lutherhill Facilities Dedication ceremony is June 5


Kinsmen Summer University offers Classes Over The Summer


Crawfish Boil Pictures


The Best of the Rest


June Birthdays


Youth & Family News

12 -15


A Note From Pastor Jeff... Dear Disciples: There is good news to share! STAFF Save the date! Sunday, August 29 at 4P.M. has been set aside to celebrate the 25 years of service Joan Horner has given Kinsmen. Joan will be retiring June 30th. Aside from Linda Thomas, Joan has served longer than any staff member at Kinsmen. If you would like to be involved in planning the event, please see the article inside. Before we fill or recreate the position, we are hoping disciples here at Kinsmen will step up and use the gifts God has given them. We have already had the Dunshees volunteer to coordinate the delivery of flowers. If you would like to serve in some way such as writing notes on Monday morning to guests who have worshipped with us, shop for food, etc. please contact Lynnae Schatz. Also, Susan Emfinger, our Coordinator of Media and Communications has resigned to serve as the Press Liaison for the campaign of Andrew ―Rocky‖

Raczkowski, in Michigan‘s 9th Congressional District. He‘s predicted to win, in which case Susan will move to Washington D.C. Daniel Ehlers has assumed this position for the summer.

fast, and Bible Study at 8:00 AM. We would love to have you join us.


Weekend worship attendance year to date has been flat, but during the first four Sundays in May it us was up 12% from a year ago. You are missed when you are not in worship. The worship schedule remains the same and a full breakfast is served throughout the summer! One of the best ―experiences of family‖ occurs among the Choir, Praise Team, and musical ensembles. I hope some of you are planning on becoming a part of one of these this fall. In particular, I am hoping High School students will become a part of our worship, music, and media ministries!


Thus far we have received 130 pledges equaling $317,737. Nearly all Council and fulltime staff members are leading the way. We are anticipating commitments from 40-50 additional households for a total of 170-180 pledges! By comparison, the last capital campaign conducted in 2006 during a much stronger economy, received 89 pledges equaling $300,000. The campaign team will be following up, so please make your pledge soon. If you do not wish to participate please turn in a card with your name that says something like ―not at this time‖ so the team will not contact you.

See you in worship!

JUNE WEDNESDAY MEN‘S BREAKFASTS For the month of June we are moving from Victor‘s to the Community Room for strong coffee, a light continental break-

Jeffery Alvestad, Senior Pastor

K i ns m en Bu d g et U p dat e & G l i mp s e s o f G r ac e BUDGET UPDATE Month Of April Budget











Y-T-D through April


April 2010 Noisy Offering - NAM


The Life Center (food)


Regular Mission Support




Designated Mission Support












2010 TOTAL


*$20,980 below budget as of April 30



HOUSTON LUTHERAN CAMPUS MINISTRY COMES FOR A VISIT ON JUNE 19 & 20 Greetings Kinsmen Lutheran Church! I am looking forward to worshiping with you on June 19 and 20. I‘m especially looking forward to sharing with you the mission of Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry (HLCM). It‘s been two years and two months since my last visit. When I was last with you, I knew virtually no one at Kinsmen. Now I can say I know quite a few of your members not just because your congregation has been coming to serve a hot lunch to students, faculty, and staff at the University of Houston, but because two daughters of Kinsmen your very own Megan Erickson and Clarissa Cox - are active in HLCM and have been identified by their peers as HLCM student leaders at Rice. I‘ve also had the delight of getting to know Dr.

Kenneth Cox who teaches at Rice. By virtue of the relationships we share as well as your support of and your participation in HLCM, it can truly be said that your congregation conceives of HLCM as your Lutheran presence at Rice, the University of Houston, and the Texas Medical Center. The call I serve truly is your gift of presence - that these communities of higher learning may come to know of the gracious and loving God we have. And while this ministry of yours provides a Lutheran presence, you should know it‘s not a presence exclusive to Lutherans. The call I serve on your behalf serves ALL students, faculty, and staff. The God you and I confess shapes this all-inclusive, all-welcoming presence. This same God who comes down from heaven to live among us also moves us as a Church to come onto the campus to do life among academia, to be avail-


able for students when they‘re questioning their faith, when they‘re discerning God‘s call in their lives, when they suffer loss, heartache, anxiety, and frustration. This call to be present is not only extended to those we know, but it is available to all. I‘m thankful for the leadership Clarissa and Megan provide for our ministry at Rice, and I‘m grateful for the noisy offering you will be collecting to support HLCM. I pray that the temple talk and fellowship Megan, Clarissa, and I share with you on June 19 and 20 will be a blessing to your congregation. Your brother in Christ, Pr. Brad Fuerst Campus Pastor Houston Lutheran Campus Ministry


Food & School Supplies Needed For NAM SURVIVAL OVER THE SUMMER FOOD DRIVE Please help needy children during the summer months by donating any of the following items: peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti sauce, canned pasta, canned fruit, dry cereal, dry pasta, rice, dry beans, tuna, macaroni & cheese, canned meat, canned soup, and canned vegetables.

BACK TO SCHOOL DRIVE NAM has launched its 2010 Back to School drive! Their goal is to raise $72,500 to help more than 2,500 children receive school supplies, clothing and shoes. A donation of $20 will provide supplies to one child, $35 will provide supplies and clothing, and $55 will provide supplies, clothing and shoes. Just click on ―Special Projects‖ and then select ―Virtual Back to School Drive.‖ As of today, NAM has raised less than $10,000 toward their goal. If NAM reaches the goal by June 15th, they can order the school supplies at a substantial discount...making each dollar go further!

Donations may be made online at

Please contact NAM if you are interested in helping: 15555 Kuykendahl Houston, Texas 77090 281-885-4609

S h a r i ng G r ac e T h i s S u mm er SUMMER NOISY OFFERINGS The following organizations have been selected as our noisy offering sponsors for the summer season: June July August September

Lutheran Campus Ministry Reach Unlimited Interfaith Hospitality Network Life Center


TALITHA KUM NEWS Mark 5:41: Jesus took her by the hand and said "Talitha Kum" which means "Little girl, I said to you ‗get up.‘" The little girl had just died and Jesus raised her from the dead.

tic abuse, and street children. The church women run a kitchen Monday thru Friday,11:00 to 2:30 to feed many children and families at least one meal a day. For many this is their only meal.

Talitha Kum is Kinsmen's sister church in Cusco Peru. Pastor Phelia is an ordained Lutheran minister in this mission church.

Talitha Kum has a group of women that meets weekly who are victims of domestic violence. Bible study and prayer are on Wednesdays. Women are also taught to knit and sew so they can provide for their families. There is a youth group for teens.

There are 8 confirmed members and 35 children. Pastor Ophelia ministers to many single mothers, victims of domes-

You can see there are many serious needs among these people. They are extremely resilient and eager to change and better their lives. Please pray for these amazing people of Peru. I also urge you to consider going on a mission trip with Kinsmen next summer. We had a wonderful experience in Peru last year and are anxious to return again. -Julie Schensted


A Thank You Letter Dear Kinsmen friends, Thank you to all those who helped me with my confirmation project. The baby shower for Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries was a huge success! Thank you so much for your big hearts and generous donations. We collected 1,872 diapers, 3,572 wipes, 386 ounces of formula, 91 jars of baby food, 11 boxes of cereal, 5 tubes of diaper rash creme as well as a stroller. — Amanda Hamric

O nl i n e G i v i ng O p t i o ns Now Ava i l a bl e Each of us is called to worship God with our entire life, including our time, talents and resources. Sharing those resources is an important way to worship the Giver of all good things. We pledge to be good stewards of your gifts, taking great care in how we manage and track the resources entrusted to us. We understand that it‘s hard to attend services every weekend of the year, so we are proud to announce a way to donate online. Web site processing of financial gifts through PayPal provides a fast, convenient and secure way for you to give one-time gifts or recurring donations by credit card (America Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) or by electronic check. To make an electronic check payment, you will need to provide the bank routing number and account number that appear at the bottom of a check. On your first experience with Kinsmen's online giving system, we recommend that you create a PayPal account. This stores your information so that it is unnecessary to re-enter it with each gift.

1) Log onto 2) Select your donation type: one time or recurring 3) Enter personal information


Lutherhill Facilities Dedication ceremony is June 5 Join us as we celebrate your partnership and dedicate our new facilities including three new cabins in which will be called the ―Kinsmen Village.‖ Please bring a rock from your home for the dedication ceremony so you may be part of Lutherhill for generations to

come. Rocks should be about the size of

a baseball. Bring a lawn chair if you're able, as we're expecting an abundance of faithful supporters! The Kinsmen bus will leave our campus promptly at 9 a.m. Call the church office to reserve your

space on the bus. The capital campaign for Lutherhill and Kinsmen is an ongoing event. You may mail your pledge card to the church office, place it in the offering plate, or donate money to the campaign online from the website.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Pre-dedication Concurrent Events Building Tours, Camper Presentations,

Water Plant

Hamburger Lunch, & Live Music

Sewer Plant

1 - 2 p.m.

Dedication Ceremony

6 Cabins (3 of which are the ―Kinsmen Village‖)

Worship at Hillside Chapel led by Bishop Mike Rinehart

Retreat House/Health Center 2 - 3 p.m.

Reception Refreshments & Fellowship


Kinsmen Su mmer Uni versity o ffers Cl asses Over The Su mmer Kinsmen Summer University – The classes are set. Have you registered? Register for one week or all four.

Juggling – June 9, 16, 23 and 30. Kevin Hughes, Instructor. Flower Arranging – June 9 and 16. Kinsmen Flower Committee, instructors. Learn the tricks of the trade from the talented volunteers of Kinsmen's flower committee. Each class member will create their own beautiful arrangement.

In this fun class students will learn the ancient art of juggling. Juggling can assist with relaxation, meditation and focus. Participants will learn the traditional Three Ball Cascade, using bean bags or tennis balls. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn to juggle other objects, such as clubs, and juggling with a partner.

Tai Chi – June 9, 16, 23 and 30. Walter Barnett, Instructor. Cost $10 per class. The genle movements of Tai Chi reduce stress and off other health benefits. Tai Chi is sometimes described as "meditation in motion" because it promotes serenity through gentle movements- connecting the mind and body.

Wine Tasting – June 9, 16 and 30 at Wine Styles (Vintage Park). June 23, Bernhardt Winery will be here at Kinsmen. Cost is $10 per class.

Family Handbell Ringing – June 9, 16, 23 and 30. Stevie Berryman, Instructor. A class for the entire family - children, parents and grandparents. You will learn basic handbell ringing techniques. Songs will be played by the end of the first class. Prerequisite: Must be at least 5 years old (or going into Kindergarten in the fall) and count to 4.

Back to Basics with your Family‘s Health – June 23 and 30. Maureen Maeschen and Jenna Cox, Instructors. Different topics each week that focus on your family's emotional and physical well being. Included will be proper nutrition, label reading, meal planning, fitness, and the importance of spending time together.

Paint the Great Room – June 9 and 16. Jim Hughes, Project Manager. Experience Family and Share Grace. People of all ages are needed to paint pre-designed wall murals in the Great Room. Prerequisite: paint clothes and a servant heart. Childcare will be available for all events. Registration forms are being accepted through June 7 and are available at the Welcome Center and the Kinsmen website. Contact staff member Lynnae Schatz ( or ext. 43) if you have any questions.



The best of the rest LUTHERAN DAY WITH THE ASTROS Take me out to the ballgame.... Head out to the ball park on July 11 for a fun game (Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals) and a great cause. $2 from each ticket sold benefits the children at Krause Children‘s Center. The church that raises the most money above and beyond ticket sales gets to throw the 1st pitch! Field Boxes: $24.00 (original price: $39.00) Bullpen Boxes: $17.00 (original price: $26.00) Mezzanine: $14.00 (original price: $20.00) View Deck I: $11.00 (original price: $15.00) View Deck II: $9.00 (original price: $12.00) Contact Lynnae Schatz if you are interested. The Kinsmen bus will be available for transportation. JOAN HORNER CELEBRATION Sunday, August 29 at 4 p.m. we will celebrate the 25 years of service that Joan Horner has given our church. We're going to be planning a gala event, so if you would like to get involved, please contact any member of the Timmerman Small Group, one of the Pastors or Lynnae Schatz. 2010 CHILDREN‘S FALL MUSICAL Wanted: all Kindergarteners through 8th grade interested in music and the arts. Rehearsals for the 2010 fall musical will begin the week of August 16-20. Watch for more details. Questions? Contact staff member Lynnae Schatz.

PACK 440 SCOUT NEWS We appreciates all of the support on Lemonade Day, Sunday May 2. The Pack raised enough money to upgrade the Pinewood Derby track with an automated starter and electronic lane timer. The weekend following crossover, the new Webelos Scouts joined the existing Webelos Scouts on a Webelos-only camp out. These camp outs are used to teach the Scouts how Boy Scouts camp. By introducing the Webelos Scouts to the Boy Scout (Patrol) method of camping, it makes the transition to a Boy Scout troop much easier. Scouts also participated in placing flags at the veterans‘ cemetery in observance of Memorial Day. Although the Pack does not conduct normal meetings during the summer, we are still active. This month is our end of year picnic at Collins Park. In July, we will participate in the July 4 Parade down Champion Forest Drive, and in August, we will hold a pool party. At this party, we will finalize the pack schedule for the 2010-2011 scouting year. For information or questions about scouting please e-mail PARENTS NIGHT OUT On Friday, June 18, from 7-11 p.m. kids will enjoy time without parents and parents will enjoy a night without having to worry about the kids. The cost of the event is $20 for one or two children, $25 for three children and $30 for four

or more children. A snack and drink will be provided. Sign up on The Messenger no later than Monday, June 14. There is a $10 deposit to hold a family reservation. Checks, with ―6/18 PNO‖ indicated in the memo line, may be dropped in the collection plate of any worship service or delivered to the church office. Any cancellation must be made before noon on Thursday, June 17. Any cancellation thereafter and/or "no-shows" will forfeit the deposit. Contact staff member Stefanie Gibbons ( or ext. 15) for more details. SUMMER CAMPS AT KINSMEN

KINSMEN KIDS 12 Month Olds – 4-year-olds May 31 – Aug. 6 -Flexible plans to meet your needs -Pay for only the days you need -Discount for siblings -Providing quality care for over 25 years -Also offering year-round programs CAMP KINSMEN Kindergarten – 7th Grade June 7 – July 9 Aug. 2 – Aug. 18 -Fun field trips -Hot Lunch Wednesdays -Choose your weeks of care -Ask about our Before/After School Care and Kindergarten CAMP HOPE Kindergarten – 7th Grade July 12 – July 30 ―Catch the Wave‖ at Camp Hope this summer! Kids will enjoy a Biblically based, Christian day camp that is as fun as it is faithful. Registration forms for these three camps are available in the church office or via the Kinsmen website.


Betty Liveringhouse


Madeline Vindiola


Forrest Westbrook


Linda Galow


Chelsea Niemuth


Richard Jones


Lee Henry


Lori Van Deilen


Judy Osmon


William Moseley


Louis Heppner


Natalie Schroeder


Nathan Pierce


Mechelle Vindiola


Dorcas Staff


Christopher McCoy


Alice Stehn


Alfred Schoof


Linda Ritchey


Elizabeth Grobe


Pat Howard


Andrew Schensted


Lauren Grobe


Carolyn Schulze


Larry Liveringhouse


Scott Benesh


Garrett Rodriguez


Colgan Nash


Vanessa Montalvo


Joel Wehring


Jeff Johnston


Elizabeth Acosta


Linda Adams


John Sullivan


Brett Sisman


Donald Sander


Rachel Gros


Cynthia Orosco


Jimmy Meyer


Corley Twidwell


Riley Reder


Eleanora Meyer


Eric Heggeseth


Kathy Hanson


Jessica Fretwell


Jason Wehring


Dee Perry


Nanette Wittenberg


Michael Lyons


Jay Weber


Keith Froebel


Tom Mataway


Linda Sell


Patti Suler


Amy Temple


Rebecca Jones


Phyllis Carrier


Kaylie Mims


Donald Mengel


Deanna McClure


Michael Hart


Marion Schlotterbeck


Clay Jacobs


Anna Nona


Richard Kregel


Connor Matson


Jonathan Laing


Amanda Spiegelman


David Mulkey


Kerri Moore


Kyle Moseley


Scott Williams


Stephanie Patton


Kendall Carlton


Rachel Ashmore


Wendy Young


Josef Cobb


Peter Abt


Matthew Groth


Dale Claxton


Corey Monrad


Ryan McAuliffe


Michelle Hudson


Eric Wietstruck


Paul Weber


Ann Jones


Kylie Dankert


Donald Dunshee


Allison Feldman


John Jacobi


Jace Bryant


Carly Miller


Kiira Sisman


Josie Coote


Debbie Fortenbach


Michael Morgan


Kirk Rovang


Melody Ashmore


Molly O‘Donnell


Freddie Kaase


Suzanne Schwark


Cody Miller


William Oberly


Elizabeth Brown


Brian Wells


Jill Williams


Todd Bryant


Nova Hodges


Jacob Jyrkama


Noah Scott


Denise Meister


*This list is compiled from church records. If your name is missing or the information listed above is incorrect, please notify the church office.


Catch The Wave at Kinsmen this Summer Camp Hope is a biblically based day camp held at Kinsmen Lutheran Church. The camp is led by Kinsmen Youth and College Students, many of whom are former Camp Hope campers. This year’s theme is Catch The Wave! July 12-16

“Water Life” a journey through Genesis

July 19-23

“Water Voyage” journeying with St. Paul

July 26-30

“Living Water” journeying with Jesus

Camper Registration forms available in the Kinsmen office or on-line.

Volunteer at Camp Hope! There are many ways you can mentor youth through Camp Hope. A Camp Hope mentor keeps in contact with a paid staff person throughout Camp Hope, listens to their joys and struggles, encourages them and provides them with any assistance that is appropriate. We also are in need of a volunteer Camp Nurse, volunteers for Service Projects, and volunteers for Before and After Camp.

Donations Needed!. Please consider donating some of the following items. Donations can be dropped off in the Narthex. Beach party decorations Goldfish

Cookies to dip in milk

Bath Towels

Supplies for Grace Bags

Graham Crackers

Ziploc bags

Shaving Cream

Gallon-Sized Ziploc Bags

Animal Crackers

Chex Mix

Note Cards

Facial Tissues

Paper Plates


Big Sponges

Juicy Fruit Gum

Small Cups

Blue Kool Aid


Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Pretzel Sticks

Instant Pudding Mix

Old Magazines

Restaurant Pack of Eating Utensils

Gum Drops

Baby Food Jars


Jerky or Meat Sticks


Mayo Sized Jars

Tennis Balls

Vienna Sausage


Colored String

Beach Balls

7.5 Oz Chef Boyardee Meal Cans


Cotton Balls

Plastic Place Mats

New Socks

Marshmallow Creme

Pipe Cleaners

Laundry baskets

Toothbrush (Travel Sized)


Paper Lunch Bags


Toothpaste (Travel Sized)

Plastic Spoons

Finger Paint


Disposable Razors

Peanut Butter

Sidewalk Chalk

Coffee Cans

Hotel-Sized Shampoo and Lotion


5x7 Picture Frames

Fishing Poles

Lip Balm




Calling all campers! Confirmation Camp at Lutherhill is June 20-25. We will be meeting June 20 at 12:30 p.m. in the Kinsmen front parking lot to pack the bus and leave at 1 p.m. Please eat lunch beforehand. We will be returning to Kinsmen between 6:30 and 7 p.m. on June 25. The list below can be used to help with packing. You should have received either by e-mail or by mail a document from Lutherhill that includes forms necessary for camp registration and some other helpful hints for camp. Campers will need the Transportation & Camper Release Forms and a Health Form (sponsors also need the Health Form) in order to board the bus. Questions about Confirmation Camp? Contact Pastor Mark ( WHAT TO BRING?




Lightweight Jacket

Cell Phone

T-shirts, Shorts, Socks,

Money for Hillside Store and Souvenirs

Portable Gaming Devices

Closed-toe Walking Shoes (2 pair)

Money for Closing Worship Offering

IPods/MP3 Players


Rain Gear





Camp Appropriate Swim Suit



Towels – 1 Bath/1 Beach





Sports Equipment




Catch the Wave—Support Staff Training Friday, July 9—Noon-7PM Support staff training for Camp Hope will be here at Kinsmen on Friday, July 9 from 127PM. During training you will learn the basics of Camp Hope, the Bible stories for the summer, and how to be an optimal support staff! Support Staff training is for youth who have completed the 7th Grade and who have filled out an application for Camp Hope staff.


Celebrate Summer — Pizza Party!! We are ordering pizza so please bring $3 and then the Loft will be open as well as the gym for fun and fellowship. Catch The Wave—@ Lake Somerville (Friday-June 11) & Saturday—June 12 Join us for fun in the sun at Lake Somerville on Saturday, June 12. The Kinsmen bus will leave at 8AM on Saturday morning and we’ll enjoy a great day at the lake. There will be many water related activities, games, and time just to hang out. Bring a lunch, $10, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, sun glasses, bug spray, and snacks to share. We will cook out for dinner before returning. We especially encourage Camp Hope Staff to attend. We will return by 9PM. (And for extra-fun, a group of us will be going up to the lake Friday afternoon/evening to camp overnight. We will leave after lunch on Friday, enjoy the lake, have a campfire, and sleep under the stars. There will be a separate list of “What to Bring” if you are staying over night.) Sign-up on The Messenger or by emailing Pastor Mark

Disciple Project Training at TLU The Disciple Project is designed to provide a strong leadership academy for both new and returning staff. DP is at Texas Lutheran University from June 27-July 1. At DP we will learn the Camp Hope curriculum, how to teach children about God’s Word, and build staff unity. We will meet at Kinsmen Lutheran Church at 8:30AM to load the bus Following the 9:30AM Worship Service we will be on our way to TLU. On Thursday, July 1 we will be returning to Kinsmen between 6:30-7PM. We will call from the road if our arrival is earlier or later than scheduled. You will receive a “what to bring” list when you meet with the Camp Managers to sign your staff covenant. Grace Training Grace Training is a make-up training event for paid staff. Grace Training is July 6-8 from 2:00pm to 7pm. Grace Training will be at Kinsmen. Grace Training is for paid staff members who do not attend the Disciple Project. Please bring your own dinner. Friday Night Beach Blitz On Friday July 9, we will be “beachitizing” Kinsmen. Join us at 5PM for first aid training and group building. Following training we will be helping the Kinsmen campus “Catch The Wave” for Camp Hope. We will be decorating our rooms, rotation areas, and the campus hallways. If we finish early, there might be time for Trench. All Staff Potluck On Sunday, July 11, we will be joining members of Kinsmen for a Camp Hope Kick-off Lunch. Please bring a potluck dish to share. At the lunch you will be meeting your mentor and sharing with them your hopes for Camp Hope.





5:30 PM

8:15 AM & 11 AM

Informal Worship

Traditional Worship

with Communion

with Communion on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month 9:30 AM

Contemporary Worship with Communion

9:30 AM

Education Hour Classes for all ages (August - May) 9 - 11 AM

Fellowship Breakfast Community Life Center

Connection is a monthly publication of Kinsmen Lutheran Church. Deadline for submitting news is the 20th day of each month or the previous church business day if the deadline falls on the weekend or on a church holiday. Articles are preferred electronically, but may be faxed or hand-delivered to the church office.

Kinsmen Staff



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Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

281-444-3126 Phone 281-444-1733 FAX

Rev. Jeffery Alvestad, Senior Pastor — Ext. 18

Linda Thomas, Principal Organist

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Stevie Berryman, Director of Adult Hand Bells — Ext. 22

Bruce Elijah, Associate in Ministry — Ext. 15

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Susan Converse, Director of Administration — Ext. 17

Kristen Schulze, Contemporary Worship Co-coordinator

Lynnae Schatz, Director of Congregational Life — Ext. 43

Timothy Browning, Contemporary Worship Co-coordinator

Julie Hughes, Administrative Assistant — Ext. 10

J.D. McCollom, Media Team Coordinator

Daniel Ehlers, Media and Communications Coordinator — Ext. 21

Sherri Botker, Director, Kinsmen Kids Preschool/Mother‘s Day Out — Ext. 23

Irene Baasen, Accounting and Financial Reports — Ext. 14

Gundi Talbert, Director, Before & After School Kinsmen — Ext. 35

Stefanie Gibbons, Children‘s Ministries Coordinator — Ext. 15

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Joan Horner, Parish Assistant/Hospitality — Ext. 12

Ruben Cervantes, Custodian Lonnie Davis, Custodian

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