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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Gives support to hurricane victims BY 2ND LT. STACY L. GAULT


very important to make sure everything is marked correctly and balanced,” Ferrell said. Cargo can be loaded at either the front or back of the C-5. With that in mind, Ferrell said if the vehicles could make it under the 153-inch clearance at the back of the aircraft, they would easily drive through the front cargo door at the nose because of higher height restrictions. In addition to the cargo, four utility workers accompanied the equipment on the aircraft to volunteer their time and skills to assist the residents of New York and New Jersey, the most heavily affected areas. “I guess I felt like if something like that ever happened here, I’d want people to help out,” said J.J. Muth of Salt River Project, one of the utility companies represented. As for Phil Ochoa of Arizona Public Service, he recently vacationed in Long Island, N.Y., with his family and found the residents friendly and welcoming. So when the hurricane hit, he knew what he was going to do. “Seeing the devastation instantly made me want to go back and help the people there,” Ochoa said. Located at Stewart Air National

MARTINSBURG — Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed “Frankenstorm,” has killed more than 80 people in the U.S., left millions without power and potentially changed the Atlantic coastline. Dear Annie: My Considered one of the biggest boyfriend lives with a storms to hit the Northeast in the woman who gave birth to his past few years, it has left millions of child. He says it is not a Americans without basic necessities romantic arrangement. She such as water, heat and electricity. United States Air Force photo by 2nd Lt. Stacy L. Gault wanted to get pregnant, and To help the process of restoring An airman with the West Virginia Air National Guard’s 167th Airlift Wing he provided the genetic mate- electric, civilian power companies directs a power utility truck onto a C-5 for transportation to Stewart Air rial. He sleeps on the sofa. from the West Coast lent equipment National Guard Base in Newburgh, N.Y. My issue is, when he and personnel to the heavily affected wants to spend time with this areas. On Nov. 3, airmen with the kid, the mother must always 167th Airlift Wing transported four Guard Base, the 105th Airlift Wing is 105th Airlift Wing. be present. She also isn’t power utility trucks in a C-5 from less than 70 miles north of New York “We are all grateful for the opporaware that he is dating me, Phoenix Sky Harbor International City. It established an Aerial Port of tunity to help our fellow New Yorkand we’ve been together for Airport to Stewart Air National Debarkation (APOD) to bring critical ers in another way.” two years. He is divorced, Guard Base, Newburgh, N.Y. power line reconstruction personnel Air National Guard units around and his ex-wife and other Senior Master Sgt. Doug Ferrell, and equipment from the West Coast the country continue to engage in the children don’t know about the primary loadmaster for the misto the Northeast, expediting the return dual mission, serving both the indithis child. He expects me to sion, said transporting civilian of power to citizens. vidual states and country as a whole. keep his secret, stay away equipment provides challenges in “The complexity of and effort Ferrell said he loves this type of from the birth mother and be securing the cargo in the aircraft involved in this APOD mission mission and has participated in every fine with all of this — even because they are tied down differdirectly corresponds to the impor- disaster relief effort the 167th Airlift when overnight trips are ently than military vehicles. tance of the effort to the overall Hur- Wing has helped with since 1982. planned. “There aren’t any specific tie ricane relief effort,” said Col. Timo“It’s what we do, and what makes I will never be fine with down rings on the vehicles, so it’s thy LaBarge, commander of the us the unit we are,” he added. this. He says I should trust him. But, Annie, I just can’t wrap my head around why I should blindly accept this. Am I wrong? — Third Wheel Dear Third: Your boyfriend is juggling three separate lives: one with you, one with his ex-wife and children, and another with his “secret” child and the biological mother. We can think of no good reason for BY PAMELA COYLE are wrong. Rich or poor, healthy or this man to be living with ill, smart or challenged — you another woman unless he has FROM THE DIRECTOR’S CHAIR change the world around you by made a commitment to her in MARTINSBURG — November is being in it. addition to his child. He can Every individual does have a talent support the child emotionally the month for thanks— for those who and financially without sleep- serve in the armed forces (Veterans — whether you have discovered it or Day) and for family and friends use it, it is there. What is your talent? ing on her sofa. (Thanksgiving). I encourage you to Do you bring a smile to the people’s It is not your place to give thanks to all these people. Also, hearts when they think of you? Are inform his ex-wife or his pause and give thanks to your many you able to organize chaos? Are you other children about his other blessings that you often take for able to provide support, in time or arrangement. However, we Submitted photo think he is having a romantic granted such as your health, home money or in time of need? Do you A parade member during the 2011 Shepherdstown Parade. inspire others; are you able to care for relationship with the woman and hearth. But in this season of thanks, who is children or the elderly? Can you drive he lives with, and you are his sideline. What you do about most often forgotten? You! Seldom a car safely or fix a broken pipe or does anyone take time to reflect on roof? Can you make a good meal, that is up to you. the impact each individual has on the knit socks or make a toy? These are Dear Annie: I am 17 people and world around them. all things that, if done, affect the peoyears old, and I have a Everyone, in both large and small ple who need them. younger sister who is 13. If you provide information to the Her attitude is awful. I have ways, changes the lives of everyone SHEPHERDSTOWN — More ty potluck party at the Community they meet by using their talents for uninformed, food to the hungry or to drive her to school every than 50 of Shepherdstown’s historic Club, featuring a potluck supper and good or evil. But have you taken time tolerance toward the bigoted, you day, and we always get into families have registered to participate music by Sacred Groove. to consider what impact you have on have shared your talent(s). fights. She constantly critiin the town’s 250th Anniversary ¯ Nov. 10: This Thanksgiving, give thanks not cizes my driving and puts me your loved ones, on the community or Coming Home Parade, which will be 10 a.m. Dedication of a plaque to only to the people around you, but down. She also calls me a lot on the country? held starting a 3 p.m., Nov. 11. If you are thinking that you don’t appreciate who you are and what you the town’s founder, Thomas Shepof names and says hurtful The parade is one of a series of herd, at the Shepherd family gravehave a talent or make an impact, you bring to this world. things. We even got into a events that will be held the weekend yard on New Street. physical fight. of Nov. 9-11 to mark the conclusion 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Open I’ve told my parents that of the town’s year-long 250th house at the old Thomas Shepherd she is rude and I am not P L E A S A N T V I E W O C T O B E R F E S T anniversary celebrations. Grist Mill on High Street. inclined to do anything for It will be focused on descendants and ¯ Nov. 11: her. But my parents won’t representatives of the town’s historic 1 p.m. Model steam engine get involved. They never families, with music provided by fifes demonstration for children and parpunish her, and she gets and drums from the Shepherdstown ents at the Entler Hotel by Nicholas away with everything. In Middle School Band and drummers Rumsey of Richmond, Va., a memfact, they just bought her a from the Jefferson High School Band. ber of the family of steamboat pionew computer. The families participating in the neer James Rumsey. I don’t know what to do parade will include: Banks, Bedinger, 3 p.m. Coming Home Parade, anymore. I can’t wait until I Beltzhoover, Billmyer, Boetler, Buck- German Street. leave for college and won’t les, Byers, Carter, Chapline, Cookus, 4 p.m. Closing ceremony in front have to deal with her. Is that Dandridge, Entler, Fleming, Folk, of McMurran Hall. wrong? What should I do? Hawn, Hedges, Hendricks, Hoge, 5 to 7 p.m. Coming Home Soup — Frustrated Sister Humrickhouse, Knode, Knott, Laffer- Fest at various locations in the town. Dear Frustrated: We ty, Lemen, Link, Lowe, Lucas, Mar7 to 9 p.m. After the Soups Open understand that your little shall, Martin, McKee, McMurran, House with music and refreshments sister is driving you nuts. Morgan, Osbourn, Quigley, Ray, at the town’s historic train station. This is not uncommon with Rickard, Rumsey, Schley, Sheetz, Everyone is invited to all the younger siblings. We sugShepherd, Shindler, Show, Shutt, Skin- events. All are free, but some Soup gest you be the adult. Don’t ner, Snyder, Staley, Swearingen, Fest locations will charge a small fee let her ruffle you. Ignore her Thompson, Turner, Walper, Welshans, or accept donations. barbs and criticisms, which Submitted photo Weiss, Willis, Wyncoop, Yeasley. For more information, go to the are intended to provoke a Other special events scheduled for town’s 250th Anniversary website at response and get your atten- Children played 10 games at Pleasantview Community Center’s October Fest. Local people and businesses donated candy for the event. One the weekend include the following: or tion. When you need to game that was a highlight of the fun featured a large pan of cooked ¯ Nov. 9: contact Peter Smith at 304-876vent, talk to your school spaghetti, into which children put their hands in search of a small toy. 6:30 p.m. to midnight: communi- 1139 or counselor, best friend, favorite teacher or a sympathetic relative. But please HINTS FROM HELOISE remember that when your THE CLASSIFICATION even yummier when eaten grapefruit spoon for! They clean all the crevices that a lean the bowl slightly on its sister outgrows this immaOF PEPPERS raw, with or without a dip. work well on grapefruits, but potato has. The Food and side, with the paper-towel ture stage, she could Dear Readers: Is a green Another healthy, tasty are perfect for seeding pepDrug Administration recomside at the bottom. The paper become your closest friend. bell pepper the same “fruit” hint: Peppers are a great pers and cucumbers. Section mends simply washing fruits towel will absorb the remainHang in there. as a red bell pepper? Yes! source of vitamins A and C, the meat not only of grapeand vegetables under running ing fat in just a couple of minAvailable in colors of green, and red peppers contain fruit, but also of oranges and water, with no soap or special utes, then I remove and toss — Annie’s Mailbox is orange, red, yellow and even twice as many vitamins as kiwi fruits. Another hint: Use produce wash. To make sure the paper towel. — Mary A., written by Kathy Mitchell the spoon to remove pits the potatoes are clean, you Vancouver, Wash. and Marcy Sugar, longtime purple, these beautiful fruits the green ones and are the (that’s right — it’s a fruit, sweetest-tasting! — Heloise from peaches, apricots and should gently scrub them with editors of the Ann Landers not a vegetable) are available other fruits. — Heloise a vegetable brush. — Heloise FOOD BINDERS column. Please email your year-round. GRAPEFRUIT SPOONS Dear Heloise: I am a partquestions to anniesmailWhen picked while they Dear Heloise: I read your WASHING POTATOES ABSORBING FAT time caterer. Here is a hint I, or write are green, these peppers are column in the Milwaukee Dear Heloise: If I am bakDear Heloise: I like to use when making crab cakes, to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o considered “not ripe.” The Post. I have a hint for you and ing potatoes for a crowd, make sure browned, crumbled salmon cakes or other foods Creators Syndicate, 737 your readers that my son tried couldn’t I put them in the meat is completely drained. that list breadcrumbs as an 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, longer they are left on the plant, the sweeter they and now we use quite often. dishwasher? Would that get First, I do the initial draining. ingredient: I use instant mashed CA 90254. To find out We use a grapefruit spoon to them clean enough? — Mary After a brief time for cooling, potatoes instead. They are a more about Annie’s Mailbox become, and the color changes from green to yelscrape out seeds and insides of I. in Dallas I fold a paper towel into a good binding agent, and no one and read features by other low, orange and then red. peppers instead of knives. — No — just the spray of square and place it at the bot- guesses “potato” as an ingrediCreators Syndicate writers Really! Who knew? Not Geraldine T. in Milwaukee water and high temperature of tom of a clean bowl to one ent. They just wonder how the and cartoonists, visit the me! Not only are they great You’ve discovered one of water won’t clean them. The side. I pour the drained, crum- food was formed so perfectly! Creators Syndicate Web the many things I use a dishwasher water will not bled meat into the bowl and — Brittany S., via email page at to cook with, but they are

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Shepherdstown gears up for 250th anniversary

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