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Corporate Claim s/Log Audit M an ager The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator is respon sible for effectively m an agin g all property an d liability in su ran ce claim s, W orker’s Com pen sation , su brogation , an d Cargo Claim s to settlem en t an d m ain tain in g appropriate files an d records. D epen din g on the com plexity an d risk exposu re, m an agem en t of these claim s m ay be su bject to the advice an d in pu t of attorn eys, the appropriate in su ran ce carrier, an d the D irector of Safety an d Risk M an agem en t. Addition ally the Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator isrespon sible for the collection ,recon ciliation an d reportin g of allrisk m an agem en t data an d for m axim izin g the u se of the com pu terized database to facilitate claim s trackin g, m an agem en t an d data retrieval. The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator w ill participate in appropriate train in g an d developm en t program s m ade available by the com pany,com pletin g those program s successfully. The Log Au dit su pervisor w ill provide effective m an agem en t to staff m em bers. En su re adheren ce to com pany policies an d procedu res, m ain tain con stan t com m u n ication betw een shift person n el, retain staff, an d provide excellen t in tern al/extern al cu stom er service. They are fu rther respon sible for th e cost-effective u se of the com pany resou rces in clu din g m an pow er, n ecessary tools for the job, an d supplies.Essen tia lJo b Fu n ctio n s:*Aggressive an d cost-efficien t claim s m an agem en t.*M ain ten an ce of the Risk M an agem en t System database to in su re accu racy an d in tegrity of data w hen providin g dem ographic, fin an cial an d claim data.*Provide claim s in form ation as requ ested by the in su ran ce com pan y, attorn eys, or com pany officials for periodic m eetin g, claim s review , etc.*Gen erate an d provide various reports,charts,etc.on safety related issu es,as requ ested.Gen erate an d provide a d hoc reports, data, etc. as n eeded. *Provide safety data to the Sales D epartm en t for bids, as n eeded. *U se effective listen in g an d com m u n ication skills w hen in teractin g w ith others in the com pany, in su ran ce com pan ies,claim an ts,etc.*Com ply w ith com pany safety policies an d procedures,an d w ith applicable govern m en t regu lation s, specifically an d particu larly O SH A recordable claim data. *Assist Safety M an agers w ith investigation ,han dlin g an d reportin g of any claim at any facility,as requested. *Assist in organ ization an d produ ction of com pany an d/or in du stry safety even ts, com petition s an d other activities.*Provide cross train in g an d su pport to design ated back-u p to in su re con tin u ity of respon siblites du rin g tim es of u n availability. Schedu le staff person n el to cover all shifts in log au dit an d fuelcoun ter.Daily m an agem ent of log audit an d fuelcoun ter departm en ts.Provide leadership an d supervision to allperson n elin your departm en ts. En su re in tern alan d extern alcu stom er service n eed s are m et. Spearhead hirin g process for departm en ts. Train all n ew person n el in log au dit an d fu el coun ter.Com plete an d m ain tain perform an ce review s on departm en t person n el.Adhere to proper DO T ru les an d regu lation s. S co pe o f Respo n sibility: *Prim ary liaison betw een com pany an d in su ran ce broker, in su ran ce adju sters, attorn eys, past an d presen t in su ran ce carriers.*M ain ten an ce of claim s files.*Prepare claim s review s w ith in su ran ce carriers an d Board of D irectors Reports.*U pdate docum en tation of procedures for allclaim s han dlin g.*Gen eration of paym en t for property dam age an d cargo claim s as appropriate.*Resou rce for Safety M an agers, Term in al M an agers an d other corporate person n el w ith regard to all aspects of claim s m an agem en t.*Com pile an d gen erate w eekly claim report an d distribu te to design ated in dividu als.*Com pile accu rate su brogation an d cargo claim fin an cial data. Su brogation - in itiate\follow u p\ an d n egotiate claim settlem en t.*Cargo Claim s - in pu t claim in to Risk M an agem en t file\follow up w ith custom er\n egotiate claim am oun t\coordin ate salvage. *Com pile period-en d reserve adju stm en ts an d reportin g for all claim s reflected on in su ran ce carrier loss ru n s.*Com pile period en d reserve adju stm en ts an d reportin g for all in -hou se equ ipm en t repair claim s.*Recon cile period-en d an d year-en d accou n tin g reports;develop an d m ain tain fin an cialreports u sed to recon cile accou n t departm en t data, in clu din g data en try of all equ ipm en t repairs in to the AS400 as paym en t an d au dit of those repairs w hen the repair cost is for safety related dam age. * D evelop an d distribute relevan t dem ographic reports,usin g the Risk M an agem en t system ,for allclaim types. *D evelop an d m ain tain dem ographic or fin an cial report as requ ested *M ain tain the Safety D epartm en t Bon u s an d Aw ard program eligibility, advisin g appropriate Accou n tin g an d Payroll person n elof eligible drivers an d n on -drivers each period an d at year-en d,in accord w ith the com pa ny program . *M ain tain appropriate O SH A Claim files an d com plete O SH A Reports.*Train others in u se of an d en try of claim s in to the Risk M an agem en t System ;access to an d use of reports.Decisio n M a kin g: The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator fin alizes m in or ($5000 or less) property dam age claim s to settlem en t. The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator fin alizes m in or ($5000 or less) cargo claim s to settlem en t. The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator w orks w ith the in suran ce com pany an d the D irector of Safety an d Risk M an agem en t to determ in e a plan of action for other claim s an d w orks w ithin that plan of action . Au th o rity: The Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator has the au thority to develop in tern al claim s procedu res n ecessary to en su re the sm ooth operation of the Claim s D epartm en t. The direct, daily su pervision of the Corporate Claim s Adm in istrator resides w ith the D irector of Safety an d Risk M an agem en t. Co m m u n ica tio n : Proficien t oral an d w ritten com m u n ication skills that dem on strate clarity, precisen ess, an d com pleten ess, an d are u sed w ith in tern al an d extern al con tacts. Ed u ca tio n : U n dergradu ate degree in Bu sin ess Adm in stration , Fin an ce or a related field preferred; relevan t w ork history m ay be an acceptable su bstitu te. Proficien t train in g in com pu ter skills, in clu din g database m an agem en t.Experien ce:2 years claim settlem ent,i.e.,In suran ce claim s an d w orker’s com pen sation claim s. Som e fin an cial an d accou n tin g backgrou n d. D em on strated skill in organ ization , detail orien tation an d self m otivation . Skills in n egotiatin g an d su brogatin g claim s, w ork w ith property dam age claim s. Certifica tio n : N on e requ ired. Licen se in Property & Casu alty In su ran ce preferred. Ph ysica lRequ irem en ts: Ability to sit for exten ded periods of tim e Ability to reach, ben d, stoop, etc. to m an age file storage an d accessability to clearly an d com pletely com m un icate in person , in w ritin g , by telephon e an d throu gh the u se of com pu ters.This description is a gen eral statem en t of requ ired m ajor du ties an d respon sibilities perform ed on a regu lar an d con tin u ou s basis. It does n ot exclu de other duties as assign ed an d issubject to review an d revision . APPLY BY FAX O R EM AIL: FAX :3 01-223 -5 988 Em a il:lb o n eb ra ke@ d m b o w m a n .co m


Special Notices

ADOPT: Lots of love, hugs & a secure life await your baby. Expenses pd. Linda & Dennis



(304) 263-8954

If you qualify for WV Charity Care Funds.

This publication never knowingly publishes advertising that is untruthful, fraudulent or misleading and has adopted standards for acceptance or rejection of advertising. We strive to promote ethical business practices in the marketplace and to serve the best interest of the public. If you have questions as to the legitimacy of an advertisement offer or claim, it is recommended that you contact the Better Business Bureau to check on the reliability of the firm placing the ad. The Better Business Bureau can be reached on an automated 24 hour help line at 202-393-8000 or at


Lost & Found


Found on S. Maple St. in Martinsburg on 11/2/12. Call to Describe:

304-270-6861 KITTEN FOUND

Small, 2 - 3 mo. old kitten found near Snake Lane on Dry Run Rd. Call 754-7783




Help Wanted

Chrysler Techs

BOBCAT OPERATOR/ LABOR Immediate Opening. Experience Required.


CHILDCARE WORKER JOBS! No Resume? No Problem! Monster Match assigns a professional to handmatch each job seeker with each employer! This is a FREE service! Simply create your profile by phone and, for the next 90-days, our professionals will match your profile to employers who are hiring right now!



Immediate openings due to expansion. Must be Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep exp. We offer top pay, excellent benefits: including ins., retirement, pd vacation, etc.

Apply in person: Matthew Corum Miller’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

48 Kelly Island Rd, Martinsburg EOE

Coordinator of Socially Necessary Services Degree in Human Services a plus. Flexible hrs. Send Resumes to: Callahan Counseling Services P.O. Box 1074 Martinsburg, WV 25402

CUSTOMER SERVICE CLERK The Journal in Martinsburg has an opening for a part time customer service clerk in our circulation department. Candidate should have some computer experience and must be able to work weekends and early evening. Hours during the week are 12pm-7pm. Saturday is 10am-4pm and Sunday 6am-12pm. If you are interested in working in a fast paced office and provide excellent customer service, please apply to:

or No Resume Needed! Call the automated phone profiling system today so our professionals can get started matching you with employers that are hiring NOW! BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE JOURNAL AND MONSTER.COM

207 W. King Street, Martinsburg, WV 25401 NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!! DRIVER Class A or B CDL req., exp. Dump Truck Driver, PT/FT,



•C o sm eto lo g y •N a il Techn o lo g y


C a ll N o w !

Gra fto n IHN’sABA Pro gra m isgro w in g a n d w e a re lo o kin g fo rFT a n d PRN Beha vio rSpecia listsa n d BCBA’sto jo in o u rtea m su ppo rtin g clien ts in the Shen a n d o a h Va lley in clu d in g Leesbu rg a n d su rro u n d in g a rea s,the ea stern pa n ha n d le o fW V a n d in Richm o n d a n d su rro u n d in g a rea s. Beha vio r S p ecia listsw o rk u n d erthe su pervisio n o fa BCBA a n d u se the stra tegiesa n d prin cipleso fABA in the d irect d elivery o fbeha vio ra l servicesto child ren a n d fa m iliesin theirho m e.Respo n sible fo rcrea tin g a n d m a in ta in in g tea chin g m a teria ls,co llectin g a n d d o cu m en tin g pro gressd a ta ,a n d d iscu ssin g trea tm en t pro gressw ith pa ren tsa n d gu a rd ia n s.Req u iresa Ba chelo r’sd egree in psycho lo gy,hu m a n services o ra rela ted field ;M a ster’sd egree preferred .Tra in in g in ABA a n d prio r exp w o rkin g w ith child ren w ith d evelo pm en ta la n d /o rin tellectu a l d isa bilitiesa lso preferred . BC BA’sa re respo n sible fo rpro gra m d evelo pm en t a n d clin ica lly su pervise beha vio rspecia listsa n d pro vid e co n su lta tio n o n ca sesthey m a n a ge.Prepa resw ritten a ssessm en ts,crea tesa n d u pd a tespro gress su m m a ries,trea tm en t a n d d ischa rge pla n s.Crea tesd a ta sheetsa n d su pervisesthe co llectio n o fpro gressd a ta .Req u iresa M a ster’sd egree a n d n a tio n a lcertifica tio n a sa beha vio ra n a lyst.So lid repo rtin g skillsa n d im pa rtia la ssessm en t skillsa re essen tia l.

Gra fto n IHN o ffersco m petitive w a gesa n d excellen t ben efits in clu d in g a gen ero u stu itio n reim bu rsem en t pla n .Ifyo u a re lo o kin g fo ra rew a rd in g ca reer,Gra fto n IHN isfo ryo u !Plea se su bm it resu m e via fa x 804-674-5142,em a ilrichm o n d hr@ g ra fto n .o rg o r visit o u rw ebsite to a pply a n d lea rn m o re.

w w w.g ra fto n .o rg

Prou d to be a Toba cco-Free W orkpla ce/EO E

AC C O UN TIN G M AN AG ER Esta blished lo ca ltra n spo rta tio n /lo gisticsco m pa n y seekspro fessio n a la cco u n ta n t fo rm a n a gem en t o ppo rtu n ity.M in im u m o fa Ba chelo rs’d egree w ith co n cen tra tio n in a cco u n tin g isreq u ired .Ca n d id a te m u st exhibit excellen t m a n a gem en t a n d co m m u n ica tio n skills,a sw ella s,pro ficien cy w ith a ll a cco u n tin g pro cesses. Applica n t m u st ha ve a m in im u m o ffive yea rsexperien ce in a sim ila rro le. Experien ce in tru ckin g a n d /o rw a reho u sin g isa plu s. Ca n d id a te w illn eed stro n g co m pu terskillsin clu d in g M icro so ft O ffice.

APPLY BY FAX O R EM AIL: FAX :3 01-223 -5 988 Em a il:lb o n eb ra ke@ d m b o w m a n .co m 20

Help Wanted

Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor Professionally Licensed a plus, full-time. Send Resumes to: Callahan Counseling Services P.O. Box 1074 Martinsburg, WV 25402

Solutions for Living. Solutions for Life.

Help Wanted


Help Wanted


Based in Martinsburg, WV

Now Hiring Full Time Drivers $60,000-$65,000/year *Dedicated Customer *Excellent 401K Plan CDL-A w/ 1 yr. T/T exp. Hazmat/Tank end req.



Dedicated to Diversity. EOE.

DRIVERS/OWNER OPERATORS for Class-A CDL drivers w/ at least 2 yrs. exp. and w/ clean driving record. Openings in long haul and short haul. Home on weekends Call Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

304-267-2563 Drivers

LPN: Provide a variety of nursing services to behavioral health consumers. Qualifi-ca-tions: Valid WV nursing license and driver’s license with a clean driving record. Experience with I/DD consumers preferred. Send cover letter and resume to: EastRidge Health Systems, Attn: HR Dept. 235 S. Water St. Martinsburg, WV 25401 Fax: (304) 263-8141 Visit our website at for additional job opportunities.

EOE/Drug-Free Workpla ce.

Regional Flatbed. Home Daily, Full Benefits 40-45 cpm, CDL-A req.

1-800-992-7863 Ext. 160

Education : Washing-ton County, Maryland, Public Schools is announcing a vacancy: PRINCIPAL for Marshall Street School. Go to âJob Seekersã at

for info & to apply on-line

Deadline: Friday, Nov. 6, 2012. Reasonable accommodatio ns may be requested for the hirin g process as necessary by callin g: 301-766-2802. WCPS is an EOE.

Fed Ex Ground Linehaul CDL-A-DBL’s Must be at least 25 yrs. old w/3 yrs. exp. Home Daily, No Touch Freight/All Drop & Hook Mileage pd, $500 Sign on Bonus. Must pass background check (571)246-3147 or

HOUSEKEEPER, live-in. Light housekeeping & cooking inexchange for room & board.




Machine Attendant/ Bartender

PT & FT/Flexible Hours. Please send resume to email to: Or Call: 304-262-0067


needed in busy shop to provide routine maintenance on vehicle fleet used for security driver training programs. Own tools req. Full-time (Wed.Sun.). Excellent benefit package upon completion of 90-day trial period. Pay based on experience. Apply To: Summit Point Raceway Associates, Inc., 201 Motorsports Park Circle, Summit Point, WV 25446



wanted w/ exp. on equipment and big trucks. Steady year round work. Must have own tools. Loudoun County area. Must have drivers license


NOW HIRING!!! Aerotek is seeking qualified welders, machinists, industrial painters, and assemblers. Various Shifts. $14.0017.19/hr. Must have 1 year of experience. Call 717.267.0087 or 1-800-973-1496


Help Wanted

NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500/wk potential! Info:

1-985-646-1700 Dept. WV-137

Now Hiring Full Time 20-30 people needed. All departments, Full time positions. Weekly pay/bonuses. Incentive starting at $400-$800/week Call now for interview


Package Handlers

3 01-73 3 -4 5 20 w w w.Aw a rd Bea u tyS cho o m

•Fin a n cia lAid Ava ila ble (to those w ho qualify)

•D a y & Even in g S ch ed u les •N o H igh S ch o o lD iplo m a o r G ED Requ ired •Jo b Pla cem en t Assista n ce 26 E.An tieta m S treet Ha g ersto w n ,M D 2174 0

En ro ll To d a y Fo r Decem b er 3 ,2012 C la sses 20

Help Wanted

Sales Associates Full & Part time at Tri State Exxon

Looking for a team player & excellent customer service skills. Must be available to work weekends & have flexible hrs. Located on Rt. 340 between bridges, near Harpers Ferry. Apply today 540-668-6710 37245 Jefferson Pike, Purcellville, Va 20132

SALES REPRESENTATIVES We are seeking a sales representative who can successfully identify and qualify sales opportunities for area businesses in the form of print and online advertisements. The ideal candidate will proactively communicate with clients and prospective clients and follow-up on all sales opportunities. The ability and desire to interact with customers and prospects in person as well as by telephone and email is essential. The ideal candidate must possess effective communication skills, have a pleasant and outgoing personality and have a successful track record of providing excellent customer service. The environment is deadline oriented and fast paced but can be extremely rewarding for the person who thrives on exceeding goals and utilizing creativity. This is a full time position, Monday through Friday and includes incentives, gas reimbursment, insurance, paid vacation and 401(k).

Please mail, email or fax your resume and cover letter to:

The Journal, Judy Gelestor, Advertising Director, 207 W. King Street, Martinsburg, WV 25401 Email:

Pre-K-4 for Christian Daycare in Hillsboro, VA. Certification and Experience preferred. Must be 21 and love children. Call:

540-668-6357 RECEPTIONIST

Positive Attitude Required! Medical office seeking receptionist full & part-time that is able to take directions in stride while dealing with patients & other team members. Cross training in other areas of the office required, such as assisting the doctor. Send resumes to: Box #470356 c/o The Journal 207 W. King St. Martinsburg, WV 25401

Registered Dietician Williamsport Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is seeking an energetic registered dietician to join our contemporary team on a consultant basis. Interested candidates should submit their resume to: No Phone Calls. Please Learn more! EOE

Professional/ Technical


Government facility in Shepherdstown, WV $23.89/hr. 5+ yrs. facility operations. Journeyman lic. EPA cert. Min. 3 yrs. HVAC controls exp. req., proven customer service. Excellent benefit pkg. Apply at: EOE M/F/V

MANUFACTURING / SKILLED TRADES JOBS! No Resume? No Problem! Monster Match assigns a professional to handmatch each job seeker with each employer! This is a FREE service! Simply create your profile by phone and, for the next 90-days, our professionals will match your profile to employers who are hiring right now!

CREATE YOUR PROFILE NOW BY PHONE FREE! Call Today!! Use Job Code 41! 1-888-652-2249 or No Resume Needed! Call the automated phone profiling system today so our professionals can get started matching you with employers that are hiring NOW! Choose from one of the following positions to enter your information: ¯ Welder ¯ Metal Worker ¯ Tool & Die ¯ Machine Repair ¯ Millwright BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE JOURNAL AND MONSTER.COM fax: 304-267-2829 - EOE

Part & Full time Openings Multiple shifts

248-436-8105 Pre-School Teacher


23 Septic Tech

Will train right person. Must have drivers license For inspections, repairs, and service of septic systems. Loudoun County area. Year round work.


Social Worker

The Region 8 Planning and Development Council is seeking a social worker. Office is located in Martinsburg, WV on the grounds of the Veterans Administration’s Medical Center. The position requires WV Social Work License and five years work experience as a social worker. A bachelor’s degree in social work or a closely related field may substitute for the five years experience. The PDC will give preference to individuals with both a degree and experience. The annual salary for this position is up to $35,000. Fringe benefits include health insurance, retirement, vacation and sick leave. Additional details can be obtained from the Region 8 PDC by email: Interested individuals should send a letter of interest and resume to Region 8 PDC, Social Worker Position, P. O. Box 849, Petersburg, WV 26847. The PDC may fill this position any time after November 16, 2012. The Region 8 PDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Health Care/ Medical


WV State Lic. Req. for Reg. Dental Hygienist 1-4 days a week. We’re looking for the right individual that is willing to work as a team to improve the oral health of our patients. Please include days available. Send resumes to: Box #470358 c/o The Journal 207 W. King St. Martinsburg, WV 25401




A-1 FIREWOOD, all oak, very well seasoned, split & delivered. $70 1/2 cord, $140 a cord. 304-676-6781


Seasoned, split & delivered. 1, 2 & 4 cord loads. R. Barrett: 304-671-3713 or 304-754-8683

FIREWOOD- All seasoned hardwood. $70 a 1/2 cord, $140 a cord. 304-582-0040 301-305-2873 Firewood for sale, mixed hardwood, $70 for half cord, $140 for full cord, delivered 304-876-6510/ 671-1272 FIREWOOD, seasoned, mixed hardwoods. Reasonable pricing. Will deliver! 304-579-7974

Seasoned Firewood, 1 and a 1/2 cords for $140 304-728-6660 304-707-4363 Seasoned Oak FIREWOOD for sale. $160/cord or 2 cords/ $300. S. Barrett 304-676-6881

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