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Newsletter Publisher: Shannon , Rebecca and Miss Morey

Conserving Water at Home: - Green turn off the taps when washing your schools teeth - youiscan litres of water. Shannon thesave chair6 person. Chris and Rebecca are PRO and - secretary. take a shower not a bath - don't use power showers a 10 Jack and Adamasare in minute charge shower of uses as much water as 3 baths! composting. Danny and Luke are in charge of - recycling. fill the kettle for the right amount you can save energymake as well! Niamh and Sophie sure the lights are turned off. - Joao use waste water from dish washing is in charge of turning off the toheating water and yourclosing plants doors. Kyle is closing and opening windows. - Ellen neverand useKate a hose pipe inthe your garden monitor litter. th The 6 class are on yard. - Danielle always fix taps andleaking Finbarr water the plants . Shauna and Katie make sure the taps - are use turned your dish off.washer and washing machine only when they are full plus that is saving energy as well!


Green School Anthem G is for greedy which we are Kinsalebeg, Kinsalebeg not, We’re forever clean. R is for rubbish which we can From playground to classroom, spot, The best you’ve ever seen. E is for everyone who gave, E is for energy that we should Cleaning here, tidying there save, Planting in between. WeNwant make our school is fortoneat and tidy school A very special dream. grounds, F is for friendships that we Kinsalebeg,have Kinsalebeg found, Come and join our team. L is for legs to walk and cycle, Keeping us litter free A is for anything we can And were forever green! recycle, G is for green school which we Turn off the lights close the door are happy to display so join in Try to save the heat, and celebrate with us today

Keep the ESB bill down And together we’ll be green

Green-Schools Programme

WATER We have two green flags. The aimgot of Green-Schools is Our to first one was for recyclingand and the second increase students’ participant one was for energy conservation. We awareness of environmental issues have continued to work hard in all through classroom studies and tothese areas to keep school green! We are transfer thisour knowledge into positive still picking litter frominthe andand environmental action theyard school turning save electricity also in off the lights wider to community. Schools. We are continuing to recycle and save that have successfully completed all energy. the elements of the programme are Inawarded order tothe earn our Third Green Flag ‘Green-Flag’. This award we must about water and water has nowlearn become a well-recognised conservation. Watch Eco-Label. The awardthis hasspace to befor further updates!!! renewed every two years.

Green Schools Newsletter  

Kinsalebeg NS Green Schools Newsletter

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