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A FILM BY Mia Hansen-Løve STARRING Félix de Givry, Pauline Etienne, Vincent Macaigne, Greta Gerwig, Golshifteh Farahani, Laura Smet, Vincent Lacoste PRODUCED BY charles gillibert (cg cinéma) IN post-production | DELIVERY fall 2014

France’s rising star director Mia Hansen-Løve gained critical recognition since her directorial debut, the César-nommed Tout Est Pardonné, and her reputation has only grown with Father of My Children, winner of Cannes’ Un Certain Regard jury prize, and Goodbye First Love, which won a special mention at Locarno. She now brings her long-time project to life: Eden spans over the last two decades and chronicles the rise and fall of one of the young French DJs who pioneered the French electronic music movement known as the ‘French touch’ in the 90s, which gave birth to such world-known bands as Daft Punk or Cassius.

next time i’ll aim for the heart

A FILM BY cédric anger

STARRING guillaume canet, ana girardot, arnaud henriet, douglas attal PRODUCED BY anne rAPCZYK (sunrise films), alain attal (les productions du trésor) IN post-production | DELIVERY fall 2014

Guillaume Canet, the man behind Tell No One and Little White Lies, and the master of dark thrillers Cédric Anger, bring together their talents to tell the chilling true story of Alain Lamare: disciplined and conscientious, this model policeman, appreciated by his superiors, leads an investigation about a series of crimes. However, if the maniac escapes from the traps and roadblocks set by the police, perhaps it is because the killer is this young, timid policeman who leads a quiet, banal life among his brigade. At least until he loses the maps detailing his murderous wanderings...


A FILM By Jonas Govaerts STARRING Maurice Luijten, Titus de Voogdt, Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Jan Hammenecker Produced By Peter De Maegd (Potemkino), Femke Wolting & Bruno Felix (Submarine) in post-production | DELIVERY september 2014

Be prepared! After his multi-award-winning shorts, including the Melies d’Or-winner Of Cats & Women, acclaimed protean artist Jonas Govaerts brings audiences his debut feature Cub, a fun horror adventure with an Amblin tone that takes us back to 80’s family/adventure favorites with a terrifying twist. Sam, a 12-year-old boy hiding a dark secret, heads off to summer camp with his scout pack, finding themselves trapped in a dark forest bristling with ingenious and lethal mantraps and strange inhabitants, including a feral masked child who lives in a mysterious treehouse. Sam’s sinister past soon re-emerges…


A FILM BY ANDY BYATT & CYRIL BARBANÇON PRODUCED BY Jacqueline Farmer (Saint Thomas Productions), IN production | EXPECTED DELIVERY spring 2015

“Born on August 15, pronounced dead on September 12, my name is Harvey, this is my story”. After the revolutionary Deep Blue and Planet Earth, which made audiences discover our planet with new eyes, Andy Byatt is getting ready to spend the next 800 days shooting hurricanes from the African to American coasts, teaming up with European 3D specialist Cyril Barbançon and NASA to bring you the thrilling and immersive big-screen experience!


A FILM By lætitia masson STARRING marina hands, clémence poesy, élodie bouchez Produced By mirwais ahmadzaï (50/50), marielle duigou, léonard glowinski (22h22) in post-production | DELIVERY summer 2014

the nightingale

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A FILM BY philippe muyl

sTARRING LI Bao Tian, LI Xiao Ran, QIN Hao, Xin Yi Produced By NING Ning, Steve RENÉ (Envision Films), QIN Hong (Stellar Mega Films Ltd), Paul DELBECQ (Pan Eurasia Films) completed | WORLDwide RELEASE MAy 2014

busan Ten years after his international hit The Butterfly, Philippe Muyl returns with The Nightingale, a magnificent new take on a family saga, entirely set in China. Zhigen, an old Chinese farmer living alone in Beijing, sets out on the journey to remote Yangshuo to honor the promise he made to his late wife to bring back the bird that is now his only companion in the city. He compels Renxing, his young granddaughter, an only child raised in the lap of urban luxury, to accompany him. On their journey one of nostalgia for Zhigen, one of discovery for Renxing - everything seems to divide them, until one thing brings them together!

land of the bears

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Record producer-songwriter Mirwais Ahmadzaï, a visionary genius who is best known for resurrecting Madonna’s career with the hit albums Music, American Life and Confessions on a dancefloor, is making his film producing debut with a stylish, concept-driven drama directed by indie veteran Laetitia Masson (Berlin-preeming Love me, César-winning feature debut To Have (Or Not). Follow a one-of-a-kind experience, a colorful and powerful trip about love and pleasure experienced by three woman, who are all played by Hands, set in France, New York and Shanghai.

From the award-winning director of The Monkey who crossed the Sea, which made audiences discover animals with new eyes, comes a breathtaking new immersion amidst bears in their extraordinary, brutal and savage world: the Kamchatka peninsula. A mother, her two cubs, a teenage bear and an adult male, showing the power of individual destinies and the grandiose extravagance of the landscapes. Guillaume Vincent spent 500 days filming bears there, teaming up with the finest European 3D specialists to bring you an incredible big-screen experience!


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A FILM BY Quentin Dupieux STARRING JacK Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, William Fichtner, Steve little Produced By Grégory Bernard (realitism films), Charles-Marie anthonioz completed

Residence « Le Minerve », 1 rue (du Docteur) Gerard Monod, 5th Floor/penthouse Grégoire Melin Gaelle mareschi ram murali Grégoire graesslin

+33 6 87 51 03 96 +33 6 63 03 28 97 +33 6 59 46 41 02 +33 6 87 16 22 56

After the wacky Rubber, in which an incredulous audience followed the adventures of a telepathic killer tire mysteriously attracted to a pretty girl (the must-see movie at Critics’ Week 2010) the bad boy of movies and music, Quentin Dupieux, aka Mr. Oizo, rolls out his new movie, Wrong, an absurd, ambitious and endearing comedy. And it’s pure comedy for actors with funny bones.

New Film

santa claus!

A FILM BY alexandre coffre STARRING tahar rahim, victor cabal, philippe rebbot, anne-lise hesme PRODUCED BY nicolas duval adassovsky, yann zenou, laurent zeitoun (quad) IN post-production | DELIVERY fall 2014

New Film


A FILM BY antoine bardou-jacquet STARRING rupert grint, ron perlman, robert sheehan, richard e. grant WRITTEN BY DEAN CRAIG (DEATH AT A FUNERAL, A FEW BEST MEN) PRODUCED BY georges bermann (partizan) IN production | DELIVERY 1st quarter 2015

New Film

Three years after worldwide phenomenon THE INTOUCHABLES, Quad ventures back into the world of social comedy with this moving «bromance» starring fiery Tahar Rahim (The Past, César for Best Actor 2010 for A Prophet) and adorable young sensation Victor Cabal. Alexandre Coffre (The Volcano - two million admissions France) masterfully directs. It is the night before Christmas and what 6-year-old Antoine wants more than anything in the world is to ride with Santa Claus on his sleigh. So when Santa magically appears on the boy’s balcony, Antoine is too stunned to realize he’s a burglar on a special expedition of his own through upscale Parisian apartments. Seeking to fulfill their respective dreams, Santa Claus and his young apprentice embark on an enchanted, unforgettable adventure over the rooftops of Paris!


From Michel Gondry’s acclaimed producer comes a hilarious, high-concept action comedy, directed by the ad world’s boy genius Antoine Bardou-Jacquet (holder of the Guinness World Record for «Most Awarded Commercial»), and featuring some of the UK’s hottest new comic talents. What if Apollo 11 never actually made it? What if, in reality, Stanley Kubrick secretly shot the famous images of the moon landing in a studio, working for NASA and the US administration? This is the premise of a totally plausible conspiracy theory that takes us to swinging sixties London, where a stubborn CIA agent (Ron Perlman a.k.a. Hellboy, this year’s SXSW Audience Award-winner Before I Disappear) will never find Kubrick but instead is forced to team up with Rupert Grint’s (winner of the What’s On Stage Award ! 2014 of the Newcomer of the Year) lousy manager of a seedy rock band to develop the biggest con of all time, in this riotous, high-tempo action-comedy penned by the new British comedy genius Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral, A Few Best Men).

A FILM BY emmanuel mouret STARRING virginie efira, anaïs demoustier, emmanuel mouret, laurent stocker Produced By frédéric niedermayer (moby dick) IN production | FRENCH RELEASE march 2015

Emmanuel Mouret, a.k.a. the «French Woody Allen» and Eric Rohmer’s natural heir, revisits his signature genre with this uplifting, bittersweet romantic comedy, starring illustrious newcomers to the director’s world of impossible love and unrequited feelings, mesdemoiselles Virginie Efira (the heroine of It Boy) and French cinema’s newest icon Anaïs Demoustier (Pascale Ferran’s Bird People, François Ozon’s A New Friend). A few words to set the scene: Clément, a schoolteacher, is unfathomably happy with famous actress Alicia, whom he not only loves but also greatly admires. His happiness is threatened, however, when Clément meets Caprice, an exuberant young woman who falls head over heels in love with him...

cartoonists: foot soldiers of democracy

A FILM BY stéphanie valloatto


PRODUCED BY Radu Mihaileanu (Oï Oï Oï), Cyrille Blanc (Cinextra), completed | DELIVERY may 2014

Acclaimed director Radu Mihaileanu (The Concert, The Source, Train of Life, Live and Become) teams up with Plantu, a cartoonist with French daily newspaper Le Monde for the last 40 years, to tell the story of 11 cartoonists from all over the world for democracy. The risks they run every day - often finding themselves in the front line - and the reactions and debates they provoke give us a subtle insight into the state of freedom of expression and democracy in the world today...

a girl walks home alone at night 

A FILM BY Ana Lily Amirpour


STARRING Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Dominic Rains, Marshall Manesh PRODUCED BY Justin Begnaud, Sina Sayyah, Ana Lily Amirpour completed | expected DELIVERY may 2014

A breakout hit at Sundance and at MOMA’s New Directors New Films 2014, and praised for its glistening black-and-white cinematography, beguilingly singular setting, genre mix of film noir and Western, and singularly feminist twist on an across-the tracks vampire romance tale, Ana Lily Amirpour’s first directing effort is set in the fictional Iranian ghost town of Bad City, which is being stalked by a ‘vampiric presence who’s just as lonely as the other depraved locals’. But when boy meets girl, an unusual love story begins to blossom... blood red! Be prepared for the most imaginative cinematic moment of the year!

24 days

A FILM BY alexandre arcady


STARRING zabou breitman, pascal elbé, jacques gamblin, eric caravaca, sylvie testud PRODUCED BY alexandre films, new light films, completed | french release april 30, 2014

French master Alexandre Arcady spotlights the tragedy of Ilan Halimi, who was abducted and tortured - simply for being Jewish - for three long weeks before he succumbed to his wounds. All of France was horrified that such an appalling, abject murder, the first of its kind since the Holocaust, could occur in the early 21st century. Told poignantly through the eyes of Ilan’s mother, 24 Days is the hard-hitting story of a family confronted by irrational and idiotic ideology, and by the police repeatedly taking the wrong track. It is a testimony that leaves a mark, so that no one may forget and so that such acts may never happen again.


A FILM BY alexandre heboyan & benoit philippon


PRODUCED BY aton soumache, alexis vonarb (onyx films), IN post-production | WORLDWIDE RELEASE easter 2015

What would happen if the sun did not rise one morning? Or if the moon just ran off and forgot to light up the stars and the night sky? From the creators of Kung Fu Panda and some of the most charming digital animations of our times comes the magical tale of loveable Mune, the moon’s keeper, who fights to restore the world when the evil forces of darkness steal the Sun and the Moon! He may speak softly and tread gently, but his love for the moon and for the woman of his dreams turn him into the unstoppable hero he was meant to be! A heartwarming story for the entire family.

the white circus

A FILM By clyde henry

STARRING chloé grace moretz, asa butterfield, Andrea Riseborough, Christian Friedel Produced By Melissa Malkin (silo) in pre-production | WORLDWIDE RELEASE christmas 2015


From the Oscar-nominated young geniuses who are redefining the heritage of Gilliam, Henson and Burton, comes a first feature-length extravaganza: a dark fairy tale of heroism and romance, with moments of brilliant black comedy. Set in a fantasy world, The White Circus is a postmodern tale of valiant struggle against a legacy of corruption and greed where a naive young pilot, a brave cabaret singer and a talking circus bear are thrown into a thrilling adventure and ultimately liberate a town from its decades-long oppression. Starring Kick Ass’ star Chloé Moretz, Hugo’s Asa Butterfield and Oblivion’s Andrea Riseborough, with Terry Gilliam executive producing!


A FILM BY Antonio Negret PRODUCED BY Pierre Morel, Michael Brandt & Derek Haas, in pre-production | EXPECTED DELIVERY 1st quarter 2015

From the maker of TAKEN and the writers of WANTED. Pierre Morel, whose fast-paced thriller Taken helped to redefine the genre, is stepping into the producer’s chair for the upcoming high-octane actioner Overdrive. A pair of car thief siblings travel to the South of France in search of new challenges, both in the bedroom and on the road, only to find themselves in the crosshairs of the local crime boss. FULL ANNOUNCEMENT IN CANNES


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