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Global Friendly Nanotechnology

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Atomic Floor System- Modular Nanotechnology Floor Coating System What the Atomic Floor System is: The Atomic Floor System is a revolutionary new way to stain and protect concrete floors. AFS is incredibly fast and efficient. The system consists of a combination of ecologically friendly modular components, Atomic Seal and Color and the Atomic Top Coat. These components can be layered or used alone for fast and perfect floors every time. It works as a high performance clear sealer or with acetone soluble dyes to create decorative concrete floors. Concrete surfaces that are treated with AFS are resistant to scratches, water, oils, food and pet stains. Why the Atomic Floor System is Better: Ease of Use- This is the easiest method to complete decorative concrete floor designs or simply sealing concrete surfaces. After the concrete is clean and prepared simply pump spray the selected coating materials over the surface. The installer can chose to use only the Atomic Seal & Color and be finished in minutes. For a more durable sealer apply the Atomic Top Coat over the Atomic Seal & Color. Used separately or together the floors dry fast can be turned into service the next day. Atomic Seal & Color will dry in three or four minutes and the Atomic Top Coat is dry to the touch in about two hours and to a hard finish in twelve hours. Entire floors can be completed in a matter of hours as opposed to the days that other methods require. This means perfect floors every time and huge labor cost savings. Protection- Atomic Floors resist food acid etching and they are more scratch and stain resistant than epoxy or acrylic sealers. They also provide protection from automotive fluids and cleaning solvents such as Acetone. It resists uric acid, making it the perfect solution for bathrooms and pet clinics. Environmental Friendliness- The system has less than one hundred grams per liter (<100g/ltr) of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It does not contain any ingredients found to cause cancer, birth defects, or environmental harm. Versatility- The components of AFS can be used individually or combined depending on the need and budget. Atomic Seal and Color is an excellent all purpose stand alone sealer and is also used to apply color. The Atomic Top Coat can be applied directly over concrete or other sealers such as epoxy or acrylics to improve their performance. It is ideal for concrete restoration overlay toppings. AFS is especially useful in commercial locations, such as retail spaces, restaurants, automotive showrooms, warehouses and in residential areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and garages. The versatility and ease of use make AFS an excellent choice for projects that need maximum protection and one-day turnarounds. Aesthetics- AFS can be used in conjunction with acetone soluble dyes to create vibrant, beautiful designs without uncertainty in the outcome. There is no need to come back to the job site more than once. You simply mix whatever dye colors you wish to you use with the Atomic Seal and Color and apply the design to the floor. Don’t want to use dye? Atomic Seal and Color used alone enriches the natural color of concrete. Alternatives to the Atomic Floor System: One alternative to AFS is acid staining however that process is both tedious and takes several days. Ultraviolet cured sealers and polyaspartic coatings would be similar in turnaround intervals. The Atomic Floor is much easier to use.

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