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SLRRC: Second Life’s Relationship Roller Coaster

Bonnie and Clyde Entertainment: A Virtual Family Affair

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Bonnie and Clyde Entertainment: A Virtual Family Affair

17 SLRRC: Second Life’s

Relationship Roller Coaster

23 Wah a gwaan JaJa

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Bonnie and Clyde Entertainm By: ReRe Sandalwood

Photography: Silas Gabardini


hile the romantic relationship between real life career criminals Bonnie and Clyde has been glamorized in hip hop songs and movies, their strong sense of loyalty to one another not to mention their intimate, family based connection—has often been swept under the rug. However, Bonnie & Clyde (BNC) Entertainment capitalizes on this rarely discussed


aspect of the real Bonnie and Clyde’s relationship. This capitalization is accomplished by not only naming their business after these fallen individuals, but by further establishing a business-based atmosphere that values itself on making its staff members feel like they are part of a loving family. When asked how BNC makes their staff feel like this, CocoLady Drench explains that the family feeling is actually motivated

ment: A Virtual Family Affair

NOVERMER 2009 10

by excitement and passion for [and] creative gigs!!” BNC. She continues, “The foundIn this sense, excitement is a key ing members...Silas Gabardini, trait within the BNC Entertainment Mochacoco Chenille, Deggy Cart- franchise. Excitement, along with er, Braxton Cord, Kinji Lockjaw… being open and honest with one and myself…we all just took over another, is another characteristic where our talents worked best and intrinsic in the definition of family. the rest, [as] they say, is history.” Reiterating the importance of openThus, by examining their rosness and honesty, particularly as ter of talent, then acknowledgit relates to BNC, Silas Gabardini ing everyone’s assets, BNC uses says, “Mos def, these guys [that the skills of their employees to work at BNC] are my sisters and strengthen their business. In do- brothers for real…they don’t let me ing so, BNC indoctrinates a key get away with anything—LOL!” characteristic intrinsic in successThough Gabardini openly jokes ful families: working together to about BNC’s family like atmoachieve positive results. Echoing sphere, he also demonstrates a this sentiment, Entyce Goldlust, willingness to talk about his love one of many DJ’s by: employed at Soulstar for BNC. “BNC,” he says “…allows Sensuous BNC contends,Photography: “I do feel like DrJames it’s meExonar to be creative…we [also] have a family because we all get along some of the best fans around.” well and we look out for each Because BNC Entertainment has other.” Adding on to Goldlust con- the loving support of their fans, tention, Silas Gabardini, founding Gabardini continues, “We love member of BNC, as well as one of coming up with something a little BNC’s many club DJ’s says, “It’s different that others haven’t seen. fun to see everyone share ideas [In fact,] when we come up with and add their own input. [At] each that [key] concept or theme that event, everyone adds their own goes over big, it’s fun to see everytwo-cent and [makes an effort to] one’s excitement and enjoyment!!” respect others ideas. Together, Braxton Cord, Manager of BNC, we feed off of each other and vibe agrees with Gabardini’s sentito come up with a whole lot of fun ment. He emphatically adds: 11 NOVEMBER 2009

“We have a great team.” As a manager, Cord’s BNC position requires him to consul the staff, as well as offer guidance and quality customer service to BNC Fans. Besides assuming these responsibilities, Cord adds, - “…and get in where I fit in, too.” Yet besides getting in where they can fit in, one of many key themes BNC Entertainment is moving forward with is their Fall Formal. Scheduled for Saturday, November 14th from 7:00 PM to 10 PM SLT, the Fall Formal offers the perfect excuse to put on the best formal attire, not to mention partaking in the passing of champagne and dancing the night away. Wonderful music will emphasize the sensual and seducs tive aspect of this event—all while various businesses showcase their latest formal attire and jewelry creations. Silas Gabardini, echoing the excitement intrinsic in this upcoming event, expects the Fall Formal to be the gala affair - of the year. He continues: “I expect some of the sponsors to gain incredible business showing off their stuff. [The Fall Formal] will [also] set the tone for the rest of

the year and holiday season.” Besides Garbardini, CocoLady Drench, who functions as the Senior Promoter for BNC, is excited about this upcoming event. “Theme wise,” she says “…I think it’s a running joke with my dear [BNC] family because they know I love to formally dress. Often I hear from Silas, ‘Shawty can you dress down just a lil’ bit and stuff?’” Though one can silently chuckle at Drench’s comment, Drench effectively alludes to the excitement being generated by the upcoming Fall Formal. She, as well as many other BNC staff members, further touches upon another key component intrinsic in a wonderful family dynamic: the importance of humor and camaraderie in the creation of a great family atmosphere. Braxton Cord echoes this sentiment by stressing the importance of surrounding oneself with positive people. “Be sure…” he says, “…to surround yourself with those who love what you do and love what they are doing in conjunction with it.” In this sense, positivity begets excitement, influence, and family camaraderie. NOVEMBER 2009 12

SLRRC: Second Life’s By: Conrad Pedalo

Photography: Conrad Pedalo

Lover, buddy, partner, and ‘special friend’ we have many names for the ones we choose to get intimate with. When things go sour those cute names turn into something a bit harsher, jerk, bitch, psycho, and asshole for example, but the worse part of these labels is the emotional damage left behind on both sides of the relationship.When it comes to relationships within Second Life, they are not always black & white & then we also have our 3 million shades of gray to factor in. Most of us have had our share or heartache both given & received.Here are some things you should consider when trying to achieve a healthy relationship in SL.

ality. Do not be so quick to start claiming someone’s sole attention. They had friends before you (unless they are a fresh rez). Instead, ask to meet their friends at an event. That way you all will get to know each other & you might even find out some info on this new potential interest.  

Calm Your Jealousy

Relax; flirting is second nature to many people and the ability to have private chat aids this. Regardless of your relationship status you cannot prevent flirting, all you can hope for is that your date has enough respect for you to end it as soon as it begins. When your partner’s exes or playthings get in your Slow Down Things happen extremely fast in box about how they are doing Second Life, I have seen people the things you aren’t just ignore them. More than likely it is not log in at 3pm, partnered by 5pm and divorced by 6pm. Be just as true. Try your best not to respond because if you do then cautious as you would be in re17 NOVEMBER 2009

Relationship Roller Coaster you have given them power over you and they will beat you to the ground about it. Do not give into a child throwing a tantrum and believe me that is exactly what they are doing, trying to get attention so that they feel better about themselves.  There is a need for some people to belittle others to get out of the ditch they are in but it actually buries them in their own sadness.

Don’t let them pull you in.

This Thing Called Trust Someone commented that the ‘Find Me on Map’ is a SL Lo-Jack. I must disagree because it is not a means of tracking your partner’s every move but more of a convenience for both parties. You give that special someone a key when you want them to visit, meet you at home, and lock up after you leave among many other reasons. You do not give them a key so that NOVEMBER 2009 18

they can move in & start taking a portion of the bills which is the SL equivalent of giving another person rights to your property & items. Being able to locate your interest at any given time is a measure of trust and should not be abused.  Everyone needs their space but at the same time a person should not have to talk to their interest by IM for hours without seeing them. If a person values their ‘privacy’ so much that they are not comfortable allowing this feature enabled in a committed relationship then that should automatically set off a warning flag.  If a person gets upset because you popped in on them that also should set off a flag. Respect for others and yourself Do not put up with in your 2nd life that you will not put up with in your 1st.  I cannot stress this enough.  If you do catch your other half cheating or they admit to it then I 19 NOVEMBER 2009

suggest you end the romantic part of it and move on. It will happen again, have some self respect and enough self esteem to say ‘No I am better than this and I deserve more.  Do not settle EVER. Keep your power & self respect move on to better things.

OCTOBER 2009 20

...::+<+>~NOCTURNAL SOULS~<+>+::... A unique club high in the clouds above SugarHill Island a gothic atmosphere filled with * ROCK * HIPHOP * FUNK * CHILL MIXES and more! A true musical fusion to nourish every soul.


Wah a gwaan JaJa

by: Olufemi Skytower


Photography: Lixena Lamourfou

t was late one Friday evening as I landed on the steps of Club Zion [Excellens 83, 90, 38]. I rezzed into a colorful venue of black, green and gold, with the driving reggae rhythms of Jamaica. Then I heard the voice, guttural yet musically accented, welcoming by name each of the arriving patrons. Ganja leaves floated upwards from the DJ booth, where I saw JaJa Windlow commanding attention as he deliv23 NOVEMBER 2009

ered heavy multi-layered rhythms and melodies that touched my bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s core making it move and sway in a manner that is instinctive, sensual, suggestive and provocative. I inquired about him, the club and his line of clothing. What followed was an intriguing look into the mind of a man born of Africa and Jamaica, world traveled, and now resident in Japan.

Olufemi Skytower: How did you come up with the concept of the club? JaJa Windlow: Well, SL is all about mingling in a community and meeting people. I just wanted a place to chill with friends (old and new) and play tunes for them since I have a DJ software and I can stream music. I wasn’t thinking of setting up a full time club from the start, that’s why you can see I only hold events there on Fridays. It gradually became popular because the vibes on Fridays is nice. I run it more like a private bar/club next to my house than a public club. Olufemi Skytower:: What is the most satisfying thing about having it? JaJa Windlow: Meeting people through my club Zion is satisfying. Knowing that every avatar has a real person behind them, is just like getting to know the real person. Every avatar has his/her own personality, character and behavioral patterns depending on the way the real person behind the avatar thinks, feels and interacts. Seeing people enjoying the tunes I play is satisfying too. Most of all, feeling that you are putting a smile on someone’s face through music on the other

side of the world from where you are, is a blessing. Olufemi Skytower:: How is yours different from other clubs? JaJa Windlow: Club Zion is unique in the sense that it carries a Rasta & Jamaican feel. From the name Zion to the club structure, I wanted to make people feel the Jamaican vibes. It is not a full time club like the others out there with events on every day, but rather a chill spot where you can sit enjoy reggae and check out my weekly Friday event. Olufemi Skytower:: Where do you see yourself and the club a year from now? are any new project in the works? JaJa Windlow: So long as Zion is there for people to come relax, dance and enjoy reggae music, I’m happy with it. I have no plans of expanding at the moment because of RL responsibilities. To run a club 24/7 in SL needs time and lots of effort and right now, RL is taking much of my time. The new projects I have in mind though is to occasionally organize big shows with other reggae bars & clubs participating like the one I did in March this year called First Reggae Dancehall Competition in SL. I am thinking of Reggae Sun-Splash

Shows as more reggae singers join SL and even organize a Sound Clash thing in the future for fun. Olufemi Skytower: What makes SL clubs different from RL? JaJa Windlow: SL clubs are 100% safe, that’s number 1. No guns or fights that will harm you physically [laughs]. Its cheap, you don’t have to pay to go in or pay to enjoy a drink. Also its comfortable, because you can kick back and enjoy good music from SL in DJ style. Everyone is from a different side of the world but we are all in one place as if its real time. That’s an interesting illusion you can find only in SL. Example I will be djing from Japan, you can be dancing in Zion club but you’re in Canada, or in the US or Europe but we are all in one place, at the same time enjoying the same vibes . That’s different, that’s interesting. Olufemi Skytower:: How has Caribbean Culture influenced your activities on SL? JaJa Windlow: Well, I love the Caribbean culture and the African culture too. I have relatives in both continents and it is my duty, if I have the means, to share it with people, through reggae music or fashion. 25 OCTOBER 2009 25 NOVEMBER 2009

Olufemi Skytower:: Discuss your clothing line: Styles, Design process, Influences ? JaJa Windlow: I started my clothing brand name Jah Jah Mens Rasta Wear. One of the real article Rasta outfits for men in SL. Rasta is part of black culture just as Christianity to Europe, and Buddhism to Asia. Rasta becomes vis-

ible in reggae music and so I decided why not let people feel Rasta in other ways other than reggae music just like in RL? Like through fashion too? That’s why I started the brand and blend Rasta ideals to a modern style of men’s design.

Model If you were Olufemi Skytower:: ElynatoCarver giving advice others, what would you suggest ? JaJa Windlow: Be creative! Everyone are blessed with gifts and talents within and only you can discover them. And when you do discover them, share it and let others benefit from it – both in SL and in RL too. There are many stuff you and I can do to make people’s life happy in SL or just bring a smile on someone’s face even though you are not beside them to see them smile. But its all the more better not seeing them smile because you can keep their smiling image in your heart forever. I enjoyed my evening at Club Zion, my wife and I danced the night away and made new friends. As we left we were told in Jamaican: “Walk Good”

OCTOBER 2009 26 2009 NOVEMBER 26

Model Nisa Constantine

A Time for All

by: Sensuou


t is that time again for perfectly cooked turkeys accompanied with all the trimmings. Not to forgetting to mention the smells that are so delicious when they fill the room you feel like you’ve already taken your first bite just from the scent alone. It is the time for elastic waistbands, the unbuckling of belts, or the wise choice of just flat out wearing spandex as you stuff yourself full of all the food you can manage without making yourself sick. It is the time for football games, family, and fellowship. But as we gather around the table, around the television, or however you share your family time, let us not forget that this is the time to give thanks. No matter what or how many things you have to be thankful for, we can all take a minute to remember the true meaning of this great holiday. Thanksgiving has been celebrated as an annual tradition in the United States since 1863. It officially became a national holiday 33 NOVEMBER 2009

on the fourth Thursd 1941. The holiday ti of religious observati the blessing of an an “harvest festivals.” associate the holiday days of the early sett Colony and the celeb to the Native Americ early pilgrims throug We can all remembe we were taught in Ele beautiful feast attende Americans and the teachers painted a p and brotherhood. Al that wasn’t exactly t start of what has now family gatherings and Thanksgiving did not tradition until the 19th C behind it stayed the s years. When a blessin

to Give Thanks

us Soulstar

day of November in ies itself to a history ion to give thanks for nnual harvest through However, we most y’s origins back to the tlers in the Plymouth bration feast of thanks cans for helping the gh the harsh winters. er the happy picture ementary school of a ed by both the Native Pilgrims, where our picture of celebration lthough we all know the case, it was the w become a time for d good food. Although ot become an annual Century, the meaning same throughout the ng occurred, whether

a bountiful harvest, a long rain after a seasonal drought, surviving a particularly harsh winter, or even a military victory, a day was always set aside to give thanks. So, as we approach this feast-filled time of year, let us stop to remember what we’re thankful for. Although there are so many things that could be listed, this spot will be left open for you to insert what you feel from the heart. Remember the people that love you, remember the friends that make each day memorable, and remember the family that supported you through the tough times. Don’t forget to think about the good times, and the bad ones that shaped the person that you are today. Remember lost loves, and found ones. Remember celebrations and solemn occasions. So, as you gather around the table to enjoy plenty of food and drink, just remember that this is truly an occasion to be thankful, and then… give thanks. NOVEMBER 2009 34

Shoe of the Month AMG Boudoir by: Sensuous Soulstar


Photography: Lixena Lamourfou

amed shoe mastermind Manolo Blahnik once stated “my shoes are special shoes for discerning feet.” Well, for those discriminating feet looking to be housed in only the best, to have a look that can go from formal to chic, dresses to jeans, and from the office to the beach, you have officially been taken care of. No, it’s not that 2,000L shoes you tend to think of first, these are more than half the price, but not lacking on any of the quality, selection, or sexiness that you’d expect from the more expensive brand. Have you been enticed enough yet? Keep reading and you will be… With a name like AMG Boudoir [Boudoir City (187/81/28)], expectations were high for something sexy, something well suited for the “boudoir.” And after teleporting in to the main store, there was no doubt that something sexy was just the beginning. Don’t look for your classic pump, your old school Mary Janes, or other little boring number. This isn’t the place for the classic conservatives that feel a simple pump or basic framed stiletto is the way to go. This is for the

35 NOVEMBER 2009

women with the ever-changing tastes and wardrobe that need a shoe that can keep up with their moody sense of fashion. Owner Minxu Yoshikawa has managed to capture the look that women crave through his sculpts, designs and textures. Although not a large selection color-wise, Yoshikawa has covered your basic color needs; though few, the colors that have been chosen are definite necessities for any wardrobe. The integration of color patterns, size and shape of the variety of heels, textures, and not to mention the gorgeous feet peeking through those textures, all come together to make these shoes truly worthy of the coveted Shoe of the Month title. With such an enticing collection, picking just one shoe is impossible, so the entire collection has earned that title. With styles that can’t even begin to be described in words, that you just have to see to believe, you will be noticed. Get ready to send out those LMs to every woman that sends you a message dying to know where you got your shoes.

NOVEMBER 2009 36

Son!a: We Dub Thee True Couture by: Sensuous Soulstar

Photography: Lixena Lamourfou


outure of the Month is a coveted title only bestowed on those who deserve it, even to those who don’t hold themselves out to be couture. To refresh your memory, couture is a protected name only given to those who meet certain predefined standards; standards of high quality fabric and extreme attention to detail and finish. And if you take one look at the designs and they take your breath away at first glance, that’s just a bonus. Walk into the main Son!a store, [Luxury Isle (56,193,24)] look to your left, then to your right…and then release that breath you were holding. Although you won’t find “couture” anywhere in the title, description, or on any of the items in the store, the designs at Son!a are a perfect example of how you can epitomize couture without having to say it. From everyday gowns that flow from the waist down and make you feel like the ultimate princess, the sexy, curve-hugging floor length numbers that make even the smallest frame look like a coke bottle, Son!a has got you covered. However, don’t think this is your average gown shop. The gowns here are far from average, ordinary, or even conserva-

39 NOVEMBER 2009

tive. With trains that trail behind you as if leaving your essence with every step, and revealing tops that although sensual, cover just enough to keep you from crossing that line from seductive to slutty, and that’s not an easy feat. Even the bridal collection at this store screams “I demand attention while walking down the aisle, and you better believe I’m going to get it.” Designer Sonia28 Jie has managed to take the simple white wedding gown and create something so unique, yet eye-catching, that brides are now fighting to be the first to wear these wedding gowns. Who can blame them when you can be elegant, sophisticated, and still be the sexiest woman in the room? If you’re conservative in style and color, then do not find your way to Son!a, because you will find nothing that fits your tastes. But if you are a woman that strives to make a statement, turn heads, exude sexiness while still maintaining your class and sophistication, then you should have already been down there from day one. Why are you still reading? Get down there and find your head turning gown for the night!

NOVEMBER 2009 40

Sakura, and the Emphasis


hen one initially visits Sakura’s [Twist of Fate 186, 34, 27] Japanese-themed premises, the first thing that comes to mind are all things Japanese. For instance, one may expect to be greeted by an exotic Geisha. Yet, while the likelihood of being greeted by a Geisha at Sakura is minimal to none, it is important to note that the Sakura Courtesan does embrace some components of the geisha culture. Specifically, when the most literal translation of the word “geisha” is analyzed, it literally means “artist” or “performing artist” ( Like the true essence of a geisha, the Sakura Courtesan is not only well versed in literature, arts, and ceremony, but is also in the art of dance and seduction. Because the Sakura Courtesan is so well versed in all of these things and more, it is fair to say that they can not merely be defined as sexual conquests exploited by men. Officially opening as the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club in February of 2008, Sakura initially came from humble beginnings. Specifically, Sakura was the brainchild of Zippy Cortes, and was meant to function solely as a Geisha Club. “However,” confides Seductive Dreamscape, current owner of the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club, “After a month [of its opening], it was clear that the geisha clubs were not going to make much money… so Zippy left, dividing the club up amongst quite a few of the girls [who were employed at the club].” One of the girls that benefited from this lucrative division was

41 NOVEMBER 2009

Written By: ReR Photos By:Lixe

s of Allure and Seduction

Re Sandalwood ena Lamourfou Dreamscape. She explains, “I had some spare land, so I took over as owner, but I changed the emphasis [from geisha] to international girls dressed in long evening gowns…but [I] retain[ed] the polite ethos of the geisha.” She soon realized that this was a niche that was not fully utilized in Second Life, more so because the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club became a success from day one. Dreamscape laments, “I have done my time as a pole dancer, and I felt like a piece of meat, not valued, [and] not getting my true sexuality fulfilled….I knew that there had to be a way that women could explore themselves and their desires in a welcoming atmosphere.” As if confirming her reasoning, the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club has turned a profit since its inception. Since the clientèle attracted to the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club are international patrons, Seductive Dreamscape, hand picks women who are capable of carrying on a cultured conversation. Echoing this sentiment, Dreamscape contends, “I employ mature girls who want to do well in a supportive, lucrative environment.” She has a very strict interview process, ferreting out bad spellers and individuals too young to handle her clientèle. She also looks for someone who possesses a strong sense of humor, can speak a few languages, and have a great sense of humor. She continues, “[The] girls here have witty, flirtatious conversations and slow dances with our clients [just

NOVEMBER 2009 42

like the Geisha]…[and] because Sakura is open 24/7…we need girls online all the time.” Since the Sakura Courtesan has to be dedicated to their profession, Dreamscape has incorporated a tier based payment system that is based on seniority; she also expects all girls employed to donate 10% of their earnings into honesty tip jars. Dreamscape contends, “…without the honesty of the girls, Sakura would not work…but because I trust them, they donate.” Along with the honesty tip jars, Dreamscape has also implemented a VIP members program for patrons that frequent the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club. If a client becomes a member of Sakura’s VIP Club, they pay 5000 lindens a month. With this fee, comes no room charges, the privilege of participating in VIP only nights, and a more intimate familiarity with the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club Staff. Traveler Osterham, who has been a VIP member for over 18 months, contends, “…there is a consistency that you wouldn’t find [among the Courte-

43 OCTOBER 2009 43 NOVEMBER 2009

san’s] anywhere else. Not only are they incredibly alluring, but [they are] skilled conversationalists…intelligent women with a generally strong and unique presence about them.” Traveler Osterham continues: “Sakura is very much a GENTLEMEN’S club…I can only speak for my impressions here…but I think the caliber of women found at Sakura attracts a higher caliber of customer.” For this reason, underage role play (called age play in the Sakura world) is strictly forbidden at the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club. Seductive Dreamscape explains, “We did have one courtesan who changed her look to a young teenager…and I had to ask her to leave.” While underage role-play is forbidden, Seductive Dreamscape emphasizes that anything else goes. She emphatically states, “SL™ is here for you to experience things you cannot in RL.” With this in mind, come and experience what the Sakura Gentlemen’s Club has to offer.

Tired of searching everywhere for a new home or store? Want to find properties owned by people who are legit? Then join the bbrl (Better Business Real Estate Listings). We connect potential renters and land owners with real estate agents and landlords they can trust. The basic memebership of this group is free of charge. However if u are a property owner or landlord who want to post your listings the fee is 250L. Please IM Lixena Lamourfou or Kinji Lockjaw for a realtor application.

e h t r o Ti p s f

Written By: Sen Photo By:Lixe

1. Plan, plan, plan! This year, start shopping for things that donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spoil two weeks in advance. 2. Make sure you have your dishes (the good ones of course!), silverware, linen and other decorations out in plenty of time prior to the big day. 45 NOVEMBER 2009

s y a d i l e Ho

nsuous Soulstar ena Lamourfou

3. Eat a small snack before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. 4. Whenever anyone offers to help or bring a dish, say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Yes, thank you!â&#x20AC;? 4. Always remember to be creative with side dishes. NOVEMBER 2009 46

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