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JOINING GUIDE 2022 - 2023

A SENSE OF COMMUNITY We aim to create bonds of friendship and mutual support which will last a lifetime. Our pupils should play an active role in the school community and the world beyond.

AIMS OF KING WILLIAM'S COLLEGE AND THE BUCHAN SCHOOL As the only independent school on the Isle of Man we provide parents with choice and we seek to offer an education that is distinctive and of the highest quality. We cater for a broad ability range and through our bursary scheme we provide financial support to families who could not otherwise afford independent education. We are a small school and this encourages a strong sense of community and allows individuals to flourish. As a Christian foundation we believe that education should be of the whole person and we seek to prepare our pupils to be confident and responsible citizens with a life-long love of learning.

ACADEMIC RIGOUR We aim to offer an education with academic rigour at its heart. This also informs our approach to the curriculum, in particular our endorsement of the values and internationalism of the International Baccalaureate which underpins the education we provide throughout the school. FOCUS ON THE INDIVIDUAL We aim to support and stretch the individual. To achieve this aim we need to provide teaching and learning of the highest quality together with appropriate support structures and an extensive enrichment programme. OPPORTUNITY We aim to provide an education which offers a wide range of opportunity outside the classroom. So our aim is to offer an excellent programme of sport, drama and music and a broad range of extracurricular activities.

WELCOME DEAR PARENTS, Welcome to the King William’s College community! We are delighted your child will be joining our school and we hope that they are excited for the challenges and successes that lie ahead. In addition to welcoming pupils to College, we also welcome the whole family and we very much look forward to meeting you at the many events throughout the year. A weekly newsletter will be sent to you via email and this will outline everything taking place within the school. There is always a lot of information provided when joining a new school and if you have any questions at any stage please do not hesitate to contact us. Best wishes,

JOSS BUCHANAN - Principal Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 820428 Email:



Registration Assembly/Tutorial/Chapel/House time

8.50am 9.30am 10.10am

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3



11.10am 11.50am 12.30pm 1pm 1.10pm

Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 (Lunch*) Fourth Form Lunch (Lesson 6*) Lunch for Sixth Form and Fifth Form


Lunchtime Activities Programme (schedule published termly)

2.10pm 2.20pm 3pm 3.40pm

Registration Lesson 7 Lesson 8 (Tutorial on Friday) Lesson 9 (Chapel on Friday)

4.20pm 4.20pm

End of School Day After School Activities (schedule published termly)


School Coaches Leave

* Depending on numbers, one of the Year Groups may have lunch at 12.30pm then Lesson 6 from 1pm - 1.40pm. Exam years (Upper Sixth and Upper Fifth Form) attend Saturday study mornings on rotation by subject.


TERM DATES AND CALENDARS Available on our website.


SCHOOL MAP 1 - Junior House 2 - Grounds Dept 3 - Big Side 4 - First Pavilion 5 - 1st Square 6 - Gym 7 - Art School 8 - Swimming Pool 9 - Shop 10 - Bursary 11 - Car Park 12 - Design & Technology 13 - Music School 14 - Jackson House/Medical Centre 15 - Stenning Fourth Form Centre 16 - Colbourne House 17 - West Gate 18 - King’s Court Theatre (1st Floor) Dr Scholl Library (Ground Floor) 19 - Sixth Form Centre 20 - Catering 21 - Bragg Lecture Theatre (1st Floor) 22 - External Relations Office 23 - Principal’s Office 24 - Reception 25 - Fifth Form Centre 26 - Barrovian Hall (1st Floor) 27 - School House 28 - Chapel of St Thomas 29 - Second Pavilion 30 - Staff Accommodation 31 - All Weather Pitch 32 - Tennis & Netball Courts 33 - Chapel Side Pitch


VIRTUAL TOUR The tour is available on our website.


UNIFORM LISTS THE SCHOOL SHOP Telephone: 01624 820464 | Email: The shop supplies school uniform, sportswear and equipment, stationery and other items essential for school life. For full uniform fittings please call or email to make an appointment. Orders can be taken over the phone or by email. The shop is situated adjacent to the main entrance for the Bursary at King William’s College and accepts cash, cheques, debit cards and most credit cards. Please visit our website for opening hours. NAMING CLOTHING All items must be clearly named, including shoes. PE and games kit should be named inside and outside. Shorts and trousers on the left hand pocket/leg and polo shirts and tops on the left hand breast.

LOWER FOURTH TO UPPER FIFTH UNIFORM KWC blazer with crest KWC striped trousers or skirt Black or grey ankle socks + (with trousers) Tights or over the knee black socks + (with skirt) KWC grey and white striped shirt or blouse KWC jumper (optional) Plain black low heeled polishable shoes * KWC scarf (optional) Dark overcoat (optional) * House Shirt

Sports trainers * Astro trainers * Shinpads + Mouthguard + Named games bag * GIRLS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS

FOURTH FORM - Stenning tie

KWC polo shirt KWC skort KWC shorts KWC fleece Hockey stick * Black swimming cap +

FIFTH FORM - Senior tie



KWC rugby shirt KWC rugby shorts KWC t-shirt KWC football shorts Football boots *

KWC tracksuit trousers KWC tracksuit top Black games socks + White ankle sports socks + Black thermal base layer + Plain black swimming costume or trunks + Towel *


SIXTH FORM DAY WEAR Dark single coloured matching, tailored suit (skirt or trousers) * Single coloured smart blouse or shirt * Smart Tie Single coloured v-neck jumper * Black or nude tights or dark socks* Dark, smart, sensible shoes * House Shirt FORMAL WEAR Black tailored suit (skirt or trousers) * White blouse or tailored shirt * Black or nude tights or black socks* Black, smart sensible shoes * If you have been awarded full colours: Colours blazer (optional) Black skirt or trousers * White blouse or shirt *

Colours tie (optional) Black, smart sensible shoes *Shinpads + Mouthguard + Named games bag * GIRLS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS KWC polo shirt KWC skort KWC shorts KWC fleece Hockey stick * Black swimming cap + BOYS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS KWC rugby shirt KWC rugby shorts KWC t-shirt KWC football shorts Football boots *

* Items which are not stocked at the School Shop + Items which are stocked at the School Shop and also available elsewhere Quantities of each item required have been left to each individual household, boarders should refer to the special kit list. The Sixth Form games clothing items are the minimum requirements for a student starting at the beginning of the autumn term. Once the student has become involved with games and PE they can come to the shop to purchase what they need. Pupils at this level often play in the top teams for sport and will wear different kit than junior pupils (available from PE Staff).


ACADEMIC ASSESSMENTS & RECORDING ASSESSMENTS There are regular assessments throughout the year. The assessment consists of a number and a letter grade. The number grade refers to the standard of the pupil’s work during the period of assessment and may, for example, be based on class tests. For the Sixth Form we assess using the IB 1-7 scale, 7 is outstandingly good (similar to an A*) and 1 extremely underperforming; as such, a ‘pass mark’ would generally be considered to be a 4. For all Fourth and Fifth Form assessments, we use a 0-9 scale in line with IGCSE grades. Levels 8 and 9 are outstandingly good (similar to an A*), and 1 or 2 extremely underperforming. A ‘pass mark’ on this scale would also be considered to be a 4. The letter grade indicates the pupils attitude to learning: A Exceptional B Good C Room for improvement D Cause for concern INTERNAL EXAMINATIONS Exams take place for all year groups, except Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth, in the first two weeks of the spring term. Results are also reported on the IB 1-7 scale or IGCSE 0-9 scale. There are also exams in the second half of the summer term for all years except the Upper Sixth and Upper Fifth (who have external exams). REPORTS All pupils have a written report or a written comment with their assessment in the autumn term. In the spring term there are reports only for the Upper Sixth, Lower Sixth and Upper Fifth, as all the other years have a Parents’ Evening at the end of the autumn term, or the beginning of the spring term. In the summer term all pupils again receive a report, except for the Upper Sixth and Upper Fifth, who will have spent most of the term on study leave. All assessments and reports are now published online through Firefly, the school’s management information system. PARENTS’ EVENINGS There is a Parents’ Evening for each Year Group, at which parents have the opportunity to meet subject teachers, tutors and Year Heads to discuss the progress of their son or daughter. At some evenings there are also presentations on topics such as the curriculum, higher education options and extracurricular activities. Meetings are run on an appointment basis. Pupils in the Fifth Form and Sixth Form are encouraged to accompany their parents to these evenings. Tutors, Year Heads and the Deputy Head Academic are always available to give advice on subject options and parents are encouraged to contact them. In addition three booklets are provided giving

8 details of the curriculum: the Fourth Form Guide, Fifth Form Guide (issued to Lower Fifth pupils) and the Guide to the Sixth Form and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (issued to Upper Fifth pupils). ________________________________________________________________________________

ARRANGEMENTS FOR PREP Prep (Homework) plays a vital part in the structure of the College’s strategy for pupils’ academic development. In the years up to Upper Fifth set periods of Prep for each subject are prescribed in the weekly timetable. In Lower Fourth and Upper Fourth prep is of 20 minutes duration and there are usually three preps per evening. In Lower Fifth prep is of 30 minutes duration and there are usually three preps per evening. In the Middle Fifth and Upper Fifth it is expected that these prescribed prep times represent a minimum study requirement. Preparation for IGCSE examinations, and in particular the increased demands of coursework, will require additional study beyond the two hour minimum each evening. In the Sixth Form there is no prescribed prep timetable. It is expected that IB candidates should organise their time effectively to cover the written preparation and reading required in their respective subjects, with a target of three hours per night as a guide. Pupils are issued with a Prep Diary in which details of preps are recorded. Parents may use this diary to communicate with individual teachers and it is expected that parents of day pupils will sign the diary each week to indicate to the tutor that prep has been completed.


INDIVIDUAL TUITION IN SPEECH & DRAMA & MUSIC SPEECH AND DRAMA Individual or small group tuition in Speech and Drama is available. Pupils may prepare for LAMDA examinations in Speaking of Verse and Prose, Solo Acting, Combined and Duologue Acting, Public Speaking, Reading for Performance, Mime, Devising, Choral Speaking and Group Performance. Pupils are also encouraged to participate in local and national competitions. Tuition is charged in advance on the College fee account. If for any reason your child chooses to discontinue lessons, notice of six weeks is required, except when lessons are to cease at the end of the school year. In this case notice is required by half term in the summer term. To arrange individual Speech and Drama tuition please complete the form on Firefly. MUSIC KWC pupils are actively encouraged to take individual private music lessons in a range of instruments or voice (Singing or Singing for Musical Theatre). Learning an instrument or singing helps pupils to develop life-long skills, including communication, interpretation, team-work and leadership, to name but a few. They help to nurture a love and enjoyment of music, across all styles and genres, encouraging creativity and tenacity whilst having a positive impact on academic attainment across all subject areas. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES There are many performance opportunities throughout the school year for instrumentalists and singers and all pupils are invited to take part. As soon as pupils are ready, they will be invited to join suitable ensembles and opportunities to perform in a friendly environment are available from the early stages. Pupils also have the opportunity to prepare for practical graded exams with ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music), Trinity Guildhall and London College of Music if they wish. LESSONS A team of visiting music teachers, all of whom are specialists in their field, deliver the lessons in wellresourced individual music rooms. Lessons take place on a rotating timetable during class periods, with lunchtime slots exclusively reserved for pupils in their final year of IGCSE or IB. Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes and there are 30 lessons in the academic year, although the spread across the terms many different depending on the termly calendar. It may be possible to arrange double length lessons in certain circumstances. Dates and times of each pupil’s music lessons are available from their teacher or the College Music Secretary. If a pupil forgets his/her instrument or music and the planned lesson cannot take place, it will not be possible to make up this lesson at another time, although activities such as sight reading and aural may be substituted. If a pupil misses a lesson through absence from school or attendance elsewhere, a charge will still be made for the missed lesson. However, if seven days advanced notice of planned absence is given to the College Music Secretary by contacting or +44 (0) 1624 820445 (9am – 1pm), the teacher will make every effort to make up the lesson at another time, but please be aware this may not always be possible. Pupils must obtain permission from their subject teacher at least 24 hours in advance.

10 CHANGES TO OR DISCONTINUATION OF INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL LESSONS If for any reason a pupil wishes to change or discontinue lessons, notice of six lessons is required in writing, except when lessons are to cease at the end of the academic year. In this case notice is required by half term of the summer term. PRACTICE Each pupil will be encouraged and supported to help them develop a productive practice regime. Parents have a vital role in helping their children to find suitable times for practice and it can be helpful if they can be actively involved when and if appropriate – especially in the early stages. Details of weekly practice tasks can be found in the pupil’s notebook. INSTRUMENT HIRE OR PURCHASE If you need to purchase an instrument for lessons, our teachers are happy to offer guidance in this process. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any assistance. There are some instruments which are available for termly hire from the Music Department which can be helpful in trying out an instrument in the first instance. TRIAL LESSON It may be possible to arrange a free trial lesson for any pupil. Please contact the Music Office for further information. We look forward to welcoming you to our musical events in the coming year and wish each pupil every success in their musical journey. To arrange music lessons for your child please complete the form on Firefly or contact


GAMES & SPORT Games takes place on Monday and Wednesday afternoon for the juniors (L4 and U4), on a Tuesday afternoon for intermediates (L5 and M5), and on a Thursday afternoon for seniors (U5, L6 and U6). These days are chosen to fit in with the Island schools’ games days as the most convenient way of encouraging and organising inter-schools’ fixtures. This also ensures on average two hours for Fourth Form, intermediates and seniors of compulsory games time per week. A considerable number of pupils also use their own time for further practice and participation in extracurricular clubs. Each term has a sport recognised as the ‘main’ sport for boys and girls. In autumn rugby, hockey and football, in spring football and netball and in summer cricket and rounders.

12 Groupings for Sport are based on the criteria of age and ability and only in exceptional circumstances may a pupil be selected to play in matches in the next age group up. It should be noted that pupils who are old for their year group will not be eligible for team selection representing their year in fixtures i.e. pupils can only play for the age group in which their age dictates at midnight on the 31st August of that year. These age groupings generally ensure that pupils are playing with pupils who are in the same academic year, but more importantly of a similar physical development and skill level. Using these age groupings means that fixtures are planned on a ‘year’ basis for Year 7 to 10, but at senior level (Year 11 and above) ability is the guiding criterion. In the ‘main’ sports this allows an average of six school teams to be produced and the majority of the specialist coaching is focused on the teams. Inevitably, in the time available, coaching is geared to producing successful teams and the amount of time per week devoted to skill development is governed primarily by the demands of the fixture list. This perhaps has a greater influence at King William’s College because of our unique island position, which involves lengthy mainland travel to maintain competition and is of necessity somewhat erratic in its nature. In addition to the school groupings, there is a strong element of Inter-House competition. In most sports there are Senior, Intermediate and Junior Inter-House matches. Some opportunities for mixed sport are also available. For all sport, whether on a school or House basis, there is a standard form of rewarding and recognising success and ability as well as commitment and dedication. On a school basis ‘colours’ are awarded as an appropriate reward for top performances. To give permission for your son to play rugby at College please complete the form on Firefly. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT • Gymnasium

• Swimming Pool

• Floodlit Astro Turf

• Two Squash Courts

• Three Netball/Tennis Courts

• Fitness Suite

In addition, the College is well provided with grass pitches, which rotate according to the term’s sport as follows: • Four Rugby Pitches

• Four Football Pitches

• Three Cricket Squares

• Two Cricket Net Areas

• One Long Jump Pit

• Four Rounders Pitches

• One Athletics Track with a circle for shot and discuss SPORTS OFFERED For all sports the school provides the appropriate essential equipment including nets, balls, posts, pads, helmets, protective gear, athletic equipment etc. Many pupils choose to purchase their own individual items e.g. hockey sticks, cricket bats and cricket helmets (now compulsory for all batsmen and wicket keepers). • Athletics

• Badminton

• Basketball

• Cricket

• Cross-country

• Football

• Golf

• Gymnastics

• Hockey

• Netball

• Rounders

• Rugby Sevens

• Rugby Union

• Swimming

• Tennis

• Table Tennis

• Water-polo


ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL There are occasions where there will inevitably be an absence from school, either planned or due to unforeseen circumstances. PLANNED ABSENCE Requests for absence (for holidays, travel time or medical appointments for example) during term time should be made through the Principal’s Office at UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES To send apologies for absence (due to illness or any other unforeseen circumstance) please email The College formally registers all students twice a day (morning and afternoon). Any absences are followed up with a text alert to parents and the College’s Missing Student Procedure. ________________________________________________________________________________

FEES REFUND SCHEME The absence of a pupil does not lessen the cost of running the school and fees are not refundable if a pupil is unable to attend classes due to sickness, accident or quarantine. The school is, however, able to make refunds through the Fees Refund Scheme. For further information please contact the Bursary at or +44 (0) 1624 820424. ________________________________________________________________________________

FIREFLY PARENT PORTAL The school’s Firefly Parent Portal allows parents to see up-to-date information about their child or children and be kept informed of relevant school information, that we hope parents will find useful. This includes: • Student timetables (KWC only)

• School forms

• Attendance/Registration

• Coach timetables

• Reports, assessments and internal exam results (for viewing/downloading)

• Activities

• Termly calendars

• Staff contact information

• Copy of emails sent out to parents

Parents can log on and find this information from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The address to log onto the Parent Portal is Parents can also log on to the site using the Firefly App: iOS (apple), Android - For further information about Firefly and how to get started, please visit


ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT Important as the academic side is, there is another dimension to a rounded education: the opportunities outside the classroom. Knowledge is vital, but so too are confidence, communication and character. Learning how to lead, how to contribute and how to build. Taking the odd risk too. These skills will stand pupils in very good stead. Whether it is a concert, a play, a debate, a trek or a match does not matter much. What matters is participation and a willingness to try something new. There is a vast array of opportunity at College to try new challenges. The twin pillars of the CCF and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme are the flagships, but there is plenty more on offer.


EDUCATION ACT It is a legal requirement under the Education Act for all parents or guardians of children, in the age range of four to 16 years old, who live on the Isle of Man and who are being educated independently to register this with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. The registration form that needs to be completed is available to download from the Department’s website. The link is: ________________________________________________________________________________

EXTRACURRICULAR Extracurricular activities take place at lunchtimes; Monday to Friday from 1.45pm to 2.10pm for the whole school, and after 4.20pm when required. Sport practices and Music practices take place at lunchtimes and after school, as scheduled by the Directors of Sport and Music respectively. All pupils are encouraged to choose an activity – some are exclusively for particular year groups. ________________________________________________________________________________

LEARNING SUPPORT The Learning Support Department aims to provide each pupil with an inclusive education, enabling the individual to feel that they have a valuable part to play within the academic, sporting, social and cultural environment of the school. Early identification of a pupil’s needs is vital and starts before transition through close liaison with the Buchan and visits to the Island Junior schools. It is essential that any learning difficulty is stated in the school’s Application Form and Medical Questionnaire, so that the Department can be informed, and discussion take place, to ensure that College is able and prepared to put effective support in place. In the interest of the child, all relevant documentation to assist with this process should also be forwarded to the External Relations Office as soon as possible. On entry, the Department assesses the literacy skills of the entire Lower Fourth year group which assists with further identification and setting in English. As the Specialist Assessor within College, the Head of Learning Support carries out assessments and tracks the progress of pupils with difficulties for whom access arrangements in internal and external examinations may be required. However, if further advice and support for any learning difficulties is required from outside services, such as those of an Educational Psychologist, parents are expected to meet these costs. The type of support offered is designed to suit pupil needs and may be given in a withdrawal setting, either individually or in a small group, in a lunchtime ‘booster’ sessions or, if possible, with in-class support taking place in Maths. Teaching is aimed at improving areas of weakness, enabling pupils to cope with academic demands and encouraging the highest standard of work throughout all subject areas so that the individual achieves his/her potential. The Department is well-resourced with a variety of effective, structured programmes of work and materials to develop skills and thereby enhance the self esteem of the individual through the progress they achieved and the encouragement offered.


ENGLISH FOR SPEAKERS OF OTHER LANGUAGES (ESOL) The aim of the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Department is to support pupils for whom English is not the first language. Such support focuses primarily on enhancing pupils' vocabulary, grammar and expression, to facilitate the smooth transition of ESOL pupils into academic studies. It also aims to build pupils' confidence in using the English language, so that students can participate in all aspects of College life. The ESOL Department offers several courses to help our pupils improve their English, including Cambridge IGCSE course (U5), IELTS course (L6 and U6) and individual or small group lessons to target specific skills. All pupils whose first language is not English are assessed at the beginning of the academic year. On the basis of this assessment they may then be required to attend intensive one-to-one or small group lessons to develop their oral or written skills. There is a separate charge for these lessons. If it is advised your child would benefit from ESOL lessons, you will of course be contacted before any commitment is made. For more information please contact the Head of Overseas Pupils Sonja Ellson at ________________________________________________________________________________

PERSONAL, SOCIAL, HEALTH AND ECONOMIC EDUCATION Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) offers students and teachers the opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of social, moral, cultural and economic issues, whilst developing the tutortutee relationship. The new Scheme of Work for PSHE takes advantage of the timetabled tutorial slot, to incorporate aspects of personal, social and economic well being and financial capability. The Sixth Form will also take advantage of a tutorial lesson in order to continue with their existing tutorial programme. In addition, PSHE is now taught on a rotating weekly timetable. PHILOSOPHY PSHE at King William’s College is taught in a climate of mutual trust and respect, which values all individuals and their cultures, and demands excellent communication between staff and pupils.

PSHE helps to give the pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active and responsible citizens”. NATIONAL CURRICULUM WEBSITE

17 AIMS The PSHE curriculum is designed to assist in the full development of each individual student at King William’s College. Schemes of work focus on the suggested range and content in the National Curriculum Programme of Study (as set out by the Department of Education in the UK), as well as incorporating national and cultural focus days, for example, National Anti-Bullying week, Fair-trade Fortnight, European Day of Languages, Holocaust Memorial Day etc. Overall, we aim to: •

Encourage the development of thoughtful, well-rounded and outward looking and sociable citizens, who will take their place in the world, aware of the role they can play. Develop in our students the power to question and argue rationally and the qualities needed for decision making and leadership, thereby fostering their ability to resolve conflict within their own environment, amongst friends and within the classroom.

Engender in students a sense of responsibility towards themselves, their peers and their surroundings.

Help students develop respect for the needs of others, particularly those of different religions and cultures.

Provide necessary health and Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) in a manner appropriate to the age and development of the students.

Equip students with the organisational and study skills which will enable them to succeed in their work. ________________________________________________________________________________

BOARDING AT COLLEGE There are many reasons why parents and pupils decide to give boarding a try. These reasons include access to academic staff and facilities, development of social skills, greater independence and personal responsibility. The boarding community at College is a vibrant mix of all ages (11 to 18), nationalities (over 17 different countries represented at the last count) and personalities. Within this positive and supportive environment, the large number of boarding tutors (18 members of staff), uphold and nurture the key tenets of boarding house life in Colbourne and School House: respect for others, tolerance, inclusion, trying one’s best and pursuing one’s aims and ambitions. Currently the boarding community is strong and growing ever larger. Around 90 pupils at College (over 25% of the pupil roll) are either full, weekly or flexi-boarders. Accommodation in both houses has seen a number of recent refurbishments. Juniors and the older pupils share studies to aid integration. Upper Sixth boys and girls are usually given a single room, to aid their academic focus in the important final year of the IB. The boarding staff are ably supported by a Head of House and a team of prefects. House spirit, teamwork, collective responsibility and high standards of behaviour are expected and monitored by staff and pupils alike. All boarding pupils are allowed the time and space to flourish, whilst also being challenged to work hard and try new experiences. To find out more about boarding please contact Head of Boarding Susie Parry at



COACHES The College runs two coach services to and from the school each day, one down the east coast, through Douglas, and the other down the west coast, through Kirk Michael and Foxdale. In addition to the coach service we also provide a Mini Bus service which runs from Peel through Glen Vine via the College to The Buchan School. We also provide a dedicated Mini Bus Service, for Buchan pupils only, from Douglas to The Buchan School on a daily basis. Details of these services can be provided on request. Coaches and Mini Buses will only stop at the designated stop-off points on the schedule, and for road safety reasons we regret that it is not possible for the drivers to make unscheduled stops. The charges are added to the fee bills termly in arrears on a ‘cost’ basis. This means that we pass on the cost to us, divided by the number of pupils using the coaches, but based on the length of the journey. Partial use can be accommodated and will be charged pro rata. Once a quota is booked then that will be retained for a term or until we are advised otherwise. The rate for the Mini Buses is charged at a fixed price. Details of times and costs are available from or +44 (0) 1624 820424.


CHAPEL OF ST THOMAS We are privileged to have our own beautiful Chapel at King William’s College. Here many school days begin with worship enabling us to recognise both the Christian heritage and the Christian foundation of the College. These brief services are designed to be thought provoking and to prepare each of us for the day giving the opportunity to sing heartily, hear a reading and to offer prayers for ourselves and the world. Our Anglican identity uses forms of Service that welcome all in College, of any denomination or none, to take part. While the Chaplain oversees services in school, there is a small team of pupil Chapel Wardens, who assist in the day-to-day running of Chapel. All members of the College are encouraged to make their contribution to our corporate worship, through readings, prayers, as a member of Chapel Choir or in sharing their particular passion of faith and charity. Each week there is a full service, and twice a term this takes the form of a Holy Communion when all are welcome to receive Communion or a blessing. An annual Confirmation Service is conducted by the Bishop of Sodor and Man in St Thomas’ Chapel. The Chaplain’s Confirmation Classes, which include a day pilgrimage to some of this Island’s Keeills, a movie morning and a late afternoon retreat exploring silence and prayer, prepare those who wish to be Confirmed into full membership of the Anglican Church. All are invited to consider taking this step. We support a number of charities during the College year. Many are chosen by the students who are encouraged to respond compassionately to needs across the globe. A weekly collection is taken at the Friday Chapel Service; occasional fundraising activities augment these collections. Generosity of spirit and the desire to serve are a part of the challenge Jesus’ ministry sets us, as well as being part of King William’s College Christian identity.


GOVERNANCE The school’s Board of Governors is responsible for working with King William’s College and The Buchan School to ensure it delivers a good quality education. Together with the Principal, who is responsible for day-to-day management, it sets the school's aims and policies, monitors and evaluates the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and is a source of challenge and support. To contact the Chairman of Governors please email or write to King William's College, Castletown, Isle of Man, IM9 1TP. ________________________________________________________________________________

GUIDANCE FOR PARENTS ON PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS Parents will inevitably wish to take photographs and occasionally video clips of their children as they take part in school events. We ask everyone who does this to be mindful that shots or film may include other children. If other children feature, the material should not be posted on the internet or any social media site, but be reserved for family albums or electronic folders at home. ________________________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL POLICIES Regulatory information and the school’s policies are available from our website. ________________________________________________________________________________

PARENT CONTRACT Our Parent Contract is available on Firefly. ________________________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL RULES The purpose of these rules is to ensure that in the environment provided and the relationships developed, pupils learn to respect each other, those in the wider community in which they live and their surroundings, in a manner which balances ambition with a sense of duty, friendliness and community. GENERAL In all matters concerning behaviour, care and consideration for others and for the good name of King William’s College must be of paramount importance and any actions which could bring discredit to the College, whether committed within or without College, will be dealt with by such consequences as are deemed to be appropriate to the situation. The primary aim of any consequence is to restore trust and provide an opportunity for self reflection and improvement. Any action which breaks the law of the land will automatically be deemed to be discreditable. Certain matters will always be treated as serious,

21 such as smoking, the possession or use of drugs and other illegal or potentially harmful substances, sexual impropriety, bullying (including prejudicial or intimidating behaviour), theft and the carrying of offensive or potentially injurious materials. Some of these are spelt out in separate policy statements and should be regarded as addenda to these rules. Other matters which bring discredit and amount to unacceptable behaviour will be judged on the circumstances. For your guidance, specific rules, regulations and guidelines concerning various aspects of College life are as follows: ATTENDANCE • Pupils must attend all lessons, chapel, assemblies and meals. • All pupils must register twice during the course of each school day. Morning registration takes place at 8.20am, afternoon registration at 2.10pm. • Late arrivals must sign in at Reception before proceeding to class. • Failure to register or persistent late arrival at school will lead to disciplinary action being taken. • School must be notified of all absences. • Pupils who need to leave the school premises before the end of the school day must first obtain permission from their Year Head and then sign out of school in Reception. • Pupils must arrive at lessons, punctually and properly equipped. • At the beginning and end of term, any pupil who needs to return to school late or depart from school early must obtain permission from the Principal in advance. Boarders must work with the Head of Boarding in providing their travel details. • All pupils are required to attend all meals, to which they are entitled, unless permission has been given by their Year Head or the Head of Boarding for alternative arrangements to be made. • Concerning patterns of attendance may be referred to the Department of Social Care Early Help and Support team, or the Educational Welfare Officers. VEHICLES Rules for pupils driving to and from King William’s College require him/her: • To have submitted a completed “Driver and Passenger Permission Form” to the Deputy Head Pastoral. This permission will be withdrawn if the pupil fails to obey school rules with regard to driving. • To use the car only for travel to and from College and not to use the car to leave the site during the normal school day without the express permission of the Head of Sixth Form or the Boarding House Staff as appropriate. • To park in the approved areas. • Never to give lifts to other College pupils unless the written permission of the parents concerned has been logged with the Deputy Head Pastoral. • To drive in a manner which shows consideration towards others and with due regard to safety. • To ensure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy and safe condition.

22 DRESS • Pupils are expected to adhere to the school dress regulations (including games kit). It is expected that normal school uniform will be of a standard that would be respected in the smartest office environment. • Persistent failure to comply with these rules may lead to the pupil concerned being sent home until such time as they do comply. • All items of clothing should be clearly named. • Lunch in the Barrovian Hall must be in full school uniform (including jacket)/College tracksuit. Headgear and scarves may only be worn outside. • Pupils attending school events outside normal school hours must attend in uniform unless otherwise advised. • Hair - pupils’ hair must be clean, neat and tidy and of a natural style and colour acceptable to the Principal. Students below the Sixth Form with long hair must wear it completely tied back (e.g. plaits or pony tail). All students must be clean shaven. • Skirts must be an appropriate length - rolled up, or short skirts are not acceptable. Skirts should be worn from on or just above the knee. Please remember that the guide here is - “would the strictest critic accept this?” • Headphones - must not be worn in public areas. • Jewellery - pupils may wear the following: one pair of sleepers or plain studs worn in the lower part of each ear lobe, and one ring. • Make-up must be minimal, discreet and natural. • Below Sixth Form, coloured nail varnish and false nails must not be worn. HEALTH • The College Medical Centre exists to provide nursing care for the KWC boarding community and is on hand to provide emergency first aid for day students, staff and visitors when required. • Pupils must adhere to the published surgery times except in an emergency. • A visit to the Medical Centre during lessons or immediately prior to a lesson requires permission from the member of staff who is, or will be, teaching the pupil concerned. • Day pupils are to inform Medical Centre staff if they have any medication which needs to be taken while they are at school. • Boarders’ medicines must be declared to Medical and House staff. • On days when Games are played a Leave-Off Games chit needs to be obtained if a pupil is unwell or injured. Parents of Day Students must inform the games teacher by email/letter that if their child is unable to take part that day. Boarding pupils will be given a chit from the Medical Centre if deemed necessary. All pupils who are unable to participate in Games must report to their Games teacher with their chit prior to the start of each and every Games session. Pupils should be aware that the Medical Centre can only excuse students who are genuinely ill or have a medical appointment.

23 FOOD • Food and/or drinks must not be taken out of the Barrovian. • Eating and drinking in libraries, computer rooms, Stenning, Fifth Form Centre, King’s Court Theatre, Bragg Lecture Theatre, classrooms and walking around College is not allowed. • Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere on campus. • Bottles of water are allowed at the discretion of the teacher. DETENTION • Whole school detention takes place on Friday between 4.30 and 5.30pm. A minimum of 24 hours notice will be given by Year Heads if a pupil is required to attend. • Full school uniform will be worn by pupils in Friday detention. • Year group detentions are held in the year group centres. PROPERTY • All pupils are allocated a locker in which to store their property – these should be kept locked. It is the responsibility of the individual to provide their own padlock. • Valuable property should be handed to Year Heads, or House Master/Mistress in the case of boarders, or be kept under lock and key. • All personal property should be clearly named. • It is not sensible to carry more than £5 on the person. • Pupils may bring their mobile phones into school but this is at their own risk. Fourth Form Students must have their phones switched off during the school day. The use of mobile telephones in public areas is at the discretion of the teacher in charge of the lesson/activity at the time. • Sale of goods to other pupils may not occur without the permission of the Year Head. • Valuables brought in to school are brought in entirely at the pupils’ own risk. However the suspected theft of any such personal property must be reported to the Year Head without delay, in which case every attempt will be made to locate it. Pupils should then retrace their movements checking in every place where they may have left their belongings. Most frequently, items reported as stolen have indeed been misplaced. BREAKAGES • Please report breakages immediately to the appropriate Year Head. SOCIAL EVENTS • Approval from the Principal must be sought before College social events involving pupils are arranged. • Alcohol may only be served at such events at the discretion of the Principal and in accordance with the law of the land. • Approval will not be granted without agreed adequate adult supervision.

24 BOUNDS • Pupils may not leave the bounds of the College during the school day without the permission of their Year Head, Tutor or Boarding HM and must sign out and in again in the designated area. • Classrooms without a member of staff present and any other room other than the public rooms of the pupil’s own Form Centre and the School are out of bounds. • Pupils are not to visit the kitchens, maintenance staff blocks, Junior House or the Pavilions unless directed to by a member of the teaching staff. • The following areas may be used for recreational purposes during break times, weather permitting: front Chapel, tennis courts, field area opposite the Bursary and the grass area outside Stenning House. • Day pupils wishing to visit the boarding houses must be accompanied by a boarding pupil and have permission from the boarding house duty tutor. • Pupils, not part of an expedition or trip, are not allowed to visit participants on such expeditions or trips at any time without permission from the teacher in charge. This includes campsites, whether in or out of school. The good name of the school depends upon the pupil. The good manners and consideration of College pupils are often favourably commented on and this is a fine tribute to many. The rules are not designed unnecessarily to restrict freedom of activity, but to ensure personal safety, the primacy of academic and cultural activities, respect for others, and above all the continuation of good manners within the community. Much else is a matter of custom, rather than regulation, and in the observance of the rules pupils are expected to follow the spirit as well as the letter of the law. ________________________________________________________________________________

MEDICAL Prior to joining the school, parents will have completed the Medical Questionnaire. There are three registered nurses on a rota in the KWC Medical Centre. The hours of the Medical Centre are 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Sunday and a nurse is on call for boarding pupils from 5.30pm until the following morning, when the Medical Centre is then open. The Medical Centre contact number is +44 (0) 1624 820451. The Medical Centre has six beds in order to allow unwell boarders to rest during the school day and to prevent the spread of infection in the boarding houses. If infection is suspected pupils may need to stay over night, this is the Medical Centre’s decision. PUPILS MUST: • Make the Medical Centre aware of any medications they need to carry with them during the day and have with them in boarding. Older pupils may self medicate, however the Medical Centre needs to be made aware of this and pupils need a self medication assessment signed off. • Make the Medical Centre aware immediately if they have any allergies. If they have an ‘Epipen’ two should be carried with them at all times and two will be kept in the Medical Centre (and boarding house if applicable).

25 • Inform the Medical Centre if they are Asthmatic. If an inhaler has been prescribed one should be carried with them at all times and one kept in the Medical Centre (and boarding house if applicable). • Inform the Medical Centre if they are diabetic or have any other medical issues that the school may need to be aware of. The Medical Centre provides a confidential service to all pupils. However, in line with common law, the Medical Centre and/or the school’s Medical Officer will discuss with the pupil’s parents or guardian, the Principal or Housemaster/ Housemistress, any confidential information if it is considered to be in the best interests of the pupil or to the school community. The Medical Centre deals with medical issues for all boarders and day pupils if needed. The nurses will liaise with other professionals on the Island when required and are also available for advice for all pupils, staff and parents. The Medical Centre can’t give leave off for day students, this is parental responsibility. Weekend medical cover is 24 hours on call, with a nurse sometimes onsite during the day including cover for sport fixtures. The Medical Centre covers some home sport fixtures and are pitch side, unless there is an emergency or a pupil in the Medical Centre. The Medical Centre can give advice as needed. All sport teachers are first aid trained. All the nurses are qualified registered nurses with the required NMC revalidation requirements. They regularly attend first aid registration and relevant school nurse courses and training, they work within the NHS and other outside settings when they are not in school, which enables them to keep up to date with other nursing skills. ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES If your child has asthma and uses an inhaler the Medical Centre will need an asthma action plan. These can be obtained from your child’s consultant, GP or downloaded from the Asthma UK website The Medical Centre also require students with allergies to provide an allergy action plan. These can be obtained from your child’s consultant, GP or downloaded from It is the parents’ responsibility to provide the Medical Centre with up to date medications such as inhalers and epipens. CARE OF TEETH AND EYESIGHT All pupils should register with a dentist at home and should visit the dentist during the holidays on a regular basis. All overseas boarders will need to have private dental care if treatment is needed long term. The Medical Centre can usually arrange an emergency NHS appointment within 48 hours for a one-off treatment, such as an emergency filling. A course of treatment or orthodontic treatment will need a pupil to be registered at a private clinic, which will involve a cost to the parents or private dental insurance. Private dental clinics can be found online. Routine assessment of spectacles should be undertaken during the school holidays. The local optician will see boarding pupils who have an urgent problem with their eyesight or glasses.


KINDNESS MODEL KINDNESS - Lead by example and show everyone else what being kind looks like. ENCOURAGE KINDNESS - Have an expectation that others will be kind - carry out acts of kindness. NOTICE KINDNESS - Recognise and praise others when you notice them being kind. STAND UP FOR OTHERS - Give support to others and let them know they are not alone. BE KIND TO YOURSELF - Do not expect perfection. Challenge yourself while looking after your wellbeing.

WELLBEING MIND YOUR HEAD! Connect with the people around you. Be active. Go for a walk or run, cycle, play a game, garden or dance. Take notice. Be observant, look for something beautiful or remark on something unusual. Keep learning. Give what you can: time, patience, and understanding. Be kind.

CHALLENGE SET YOURSELF GOALS -Everyone has their own goals. What can you do to challenge yourself ? BE REALISTIC -Consider having four realistic goals at a time: academic, mental, social and physical. BE RESILIENT - What do you do when you face a challenge? What do you do when things do not go to plan? BE DETERMINED - If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.


BARROVIAN ALUMNI It is important that every student that attends King William’s College and The Buchan School knows that wherever their lives may take them, they belong to an extended school family. The existence of our active alumni community is a testament to the loyalty and affection former pupils have for the school. We currently have around 4,500 alumni in our records, living in 77 countries over six continents and in a range of careers. Many of them stay connected with us and enjoy the continued contacts and friendships made during their school days. Benefits of staying in touch with us include: •

A digital copy of the Barrovian magazine each year and the option to request a hard copy.

Regular news updates.

Invitations to alumni events providing opportunities to socialise and network.

Invitations to select school events.

Eligibility to apply for our three month internship with Strix in Hong Kong.

Option to become an Alumni Ambassador or Year Group Rep.

Parent membership of the Past Parents’ Association.

Opportunity to be married in the Chapel of St Thomas.

If you have any questions regarding alumni relations please contact the External Relations Office at or +44 (0) 1624 820470. You can also find more information on our website.


FRIENDS OF KWC Friends of KWC is a committee of College parents dedicated to building community spirit amongst students and their families and raising funds for the benefit of the entire school. While the College itself provides the pupils with the essentials for learning, the Friends of KWC committee endeavours to provide the ‘little luxuries’! Teachers and pupils are invited to present Friends with a wish list and the Committee then agrees on and supplies those that are deemed most beneficial to the school and its pupils. In the last few years they have generously supported the renovation of the ground floor studio in the Art block, creating a welcome additional exhibition and teaching space, and the installation of a disabled access lift by the Theatre, as well as Chapel hymn books, new pianos for Music School and furniture for the Fifth Form Centre. Friends of KWC organise the ever popular May Ball, held on the evening of Founders’ Day each year, which is a wonderful opportunity for alumni, including our Upper Sixth leavers, parents and staff to come together and celebrate the year. In order to help raise funds, Friends of KWC has set up an easyfundraising account so you can shop online and raise money for Friends at the same time! If you would like to find out more or get involved please contact the External Relations Office at or +44 (0) 1624 820470.