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JOINING GUIDE 2022 - 2023

A SENSE OF COMMUNITY We aim to create bonds of friendship and mutual support which will last a lifetime. Our pupils should play an active role in the school community and the world beyond.

AIMS OF KING WILLIAM'S COLLEGE AND THE BUCHAN SCHOOL As the only independent school on the Isle of Man we provide parents with choice and we seek to offer an education that is distinctive and of the highest quality. We cater for a broad ability range and through our bursary scheme we provide financial support to families who could not otherwise afford independent education. We are a small school and this encourages a strong sense of community and allows individuals to flourish. As a Christian foundation we believe that education should be of the whole person and we seek to prepare our pupils to be confident and responsible citizens with a life-long love of learning.

ACADEMIC RIGOUR We aim to offer an education with academic rigour at its heart. This also informs our approach to the curriculum, in particular our endorsement of the values and internationalism of the International Baccalaureate which underpins the education we provide throughout the school. FOCUS ON THE INDIVIDUAL We aim to support and stretch the individual. To achieve this aim we need to provide teaching and learning of the highest quality together with appropriate support structures and an extensive enrichment programme. OPPORTUNITY We aim to provide an education which offers a wide range of opportunity outside the classroom. So our aim is to offer an excellent programme of sport, drama and music and a broad range of extracurricular activities.

WELCOME DEAR PARENTS, As the Buchan Head, I am delighted to welcome you to our school and our community. We are a thriving and welcoming school nestled in over 13 acres of beautiful grounds. The school has a team of amazing professionals, who stop at nothing to ensure that your child receives not just a primary education, but a Buchan education. Our curriculum is challenging, varied and dynamic and your child will soon be talking about the variety of experiences they will be offered at The Buchan School. I am always delighted to share any achievements that your child has accomplished outside of school in our special Friday assembly. Please bring any certificates, trophies or medals in to present. I endeavour to build positive relationships with all of our parents and you will be welcome to attend many of our school events throughout the year. You will also receive an update on your child’s progress by way of assessment, report or parents’ consultation throughout the academic year. I operate an open door policy where parents can come and speak to me informally at any time. I am looking forward to welcoming your child to the Buchan and to welcoming you all as a family. With best wishes,

JANET BILLINGSLEY-EVANS Head of The Buchan School Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 820481 Email:


PRE-PREP 1 TO PRE-PREP 3 DEAR PARENTS, You will receive a warm and friendly welcome at Buchan Pre-Prep. The Department is energetic and lively, as children learn through being active and interactive. The uniqueness of each child is celebrated and the needs of all children are routinely met. Children develop and achieve as a result of our enriched curriculum and specialist teaching. In the Pre-Prep Department pupils follow an enriched national curriculum, enhanced further by subject specialist teaching. Small class sizes ensure that pupils not only benefit academically, but also pastorally and socially. Pupils are assessed regularly, both formally and through observations, which informs planning. Challenging targets are set so that all children make good progress in their learning and development. We value parental input and work closely together to ensure that your child's first years at the Buchan are both fun and memorable. Subject specialist teaching for Art, Buchan Rangers, Drama, French, Music, Physical Education and Swimming also ensure that each child receives firm and secure foundations on which to build future learning. I am always available to discuss any problems or concerns you may have, although the first point of contact remains your child's tutor. We welcome you all! Best regards,

MELISSA HAWLEY - Head of Pre-Prep Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 820481 Email:


PRE-PREP SCHOOL DAY 8am 8.20am 8.30am 8.45am 10.20am 10.40am 12pm

School opens. Optional Breakfast Club Children welcomed onto the playground by the member of staff on duty Morning registration First morning session or assembly Mid-morning break – outdoor play (weather permitting), with a healthy snack Second morning session Lunch break with outdoor play (weather permitting)

1.05pm 1.10pm 2.10pm 2.30pm

Afternoon registration First afternoon session Afternoon break – outdoor play (weather permitting) Second afternoon session


School day ends. Pupils are escorted to their exit point

3.30pm 3.30pm

After-School activities until 4.30pm Optional After-School Club until 5.30pm


School closes

DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF CHILDREN THE START OF THE SCHOOL DAY The official start of the day is 8.30am. Pupils may arrive from 8am for the Breakfast Club or 8.20am when a member of staff will be on duty in the Pre-Prep playground (weather permitting) or the assembly room. At 8.30am pupils should line up in classes in the playground, where a member of staff will greet them. Teachers then escort pupils to the classroom in readiness for registration. Parents are asked to ensure that their children arrive at school on time. If for some reason a child arrives after 8.45am, please take your child to the School Office to be signed in and escorted to PrePrep. It is essential that this procedure is followed, as all attendance registers are monitored by the School Office and to comply with fire regulations. For security reasons the school must be absolutely sure which children are on site at all times. THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY At the end of the school day parents are asked to wait in the playground until 3.30pm. It is vital that staff are informed in advance of any changes in pick-up arrangements (preferably in writing) otherwise your child will not be released. On Fridays, Pre-Prep pupils are to be collected from the classroom, so that you can see their work on display. Pupils attending after-school activities or the After-School Club will be collected from the classroom by a member of staff.


PRE-PREP 1 CURRICULUM Beginning school is a major event in the life of a four-year-old. There will be lots of new things to learn. Our aim is to make your child’s first year at school a happy and memorable experience. At The Buchan School, we understand that young children have a wide range of different experiences, skills and interests, and they are all unique individuals. We ensure every child has the opportunity to be successful and build the foundations for their future learning. Our Pre-Prep 1 (P1) teachers carefully plan ‘next steps’ in learning for each child individually. The children have a well planned and resourced curriculum which is unique, broad, balanced and exciting, to take their learning forward. We are committed to providing an environment where children are able to thrive physically, emotionally and intellectually. We provide an education that inspires children to want to learn, developing their self-esteem and confidence as they mature. Pupils are encouraged to learn good manners and good behaviour is positively reinforced. We strongly believe that working closely with parents supports children’s learning and we encourage this at all times. The work in P1 is cross-curricular, thematic and where possible, includes the children’s interests and learning needs. In the Pre-Prep Department, pupils are taught by their class teacher in small groups, with specialist teachers for Art, Buchan Rangers, Drama, French, Music, Physical Education and Swimming. Our P1 classes follow an enhanced Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, which is based around four themes; A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development. The curriculum also consists of Prime and Specific Areas of learning and development. Prime Areas begin to develop quickly in response to relationships and experiences, and run through and support learning in all other areas. The prime areas continue to be fundamental throughout the EYFS. Specific Areas include all essential skills and knowledge. They grow out of the prime areas and provide important contexts for learning. PRIME AREAS Personal, Social and Emotional Development • Making relationships • Self-confidence and self-awareness • Managing feelings and behaviour Communication and Language • Listening and attention • Understanding • Speaking Physical Development • Moving and handling • Health and self-care

7 SPECIFIC AREAS Literacy • Phonics • Reading • Writing Mathematics • Numbers • Shape, space and measure Understanding of the World • People and communities • The World • Technology Expressive Arts and Design • Exploring and using media and materials • Being imaginative How Children Access the Curriculum • • • •

Small, ability focus groups to ensure individual learning needs are met. A range of carefully planned, structured activities to extend learning from focus group teaching. Child initiated activities for children to follow and develop their own interests and ideas. Both adult-led and child-initiated activities are play-based and involve active learning.

Work is Play and Play is Work Through play children make connections, take risks and explore with confidence. They access the curriculum through various creative, purposeful play-based activities within the P1 environment, both inside and outside. Enhancements to provision in the classroom and independent challenges are carefully planned to ensure that children are able to further develop the learning from adult-led activities. Assessment and Progression Assessment is a vital part of the curriculum, as it informs us of your child’s successes, and allows us to plan for their next steps in learning. In the Early Years, assessment is continuous and formative, allowing the staff to build up a picture of what every child can do, and to record and provide evidence for each of the stages that your child achieves. Staff not only plan assessment opportunities as part of the planning process, but will also record any breakthroughs or interesting learning steps, through the observation of each child on our Tapestry online assessment system. Progression is the amount of progress that your child has made in any of the seven areas of learning or any of the EYFS themes. To help track progress, pupils are formally assessed on entry to The Buchan School and again at the end of P1. This provides information for teachers and assists in planning each child's 'next steps'. Any feedback may be discussed during parent consultations and on request. TAPESTRY All P1 children attending The Buchan School have a personalised online learning journey called Tapestry, which records photos, video clips, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years

8 Foundation Stage Framework. This builds up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us. You will have secure access (via email address and password) to your own child’s Tapestry Learning Journey and, in addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage you to add to it by uploading photos and comments, or commenting on observations made by us. Parents can only see their own child’s information and are unable to log in to view other children’s Tapestry Learning Journey records. You can access your child’s Tapestry Learning Journey on a computer, mobile phone or tablet and will be given information about access and a password when your child starts in P1. This information will help us to ensure the care, learning and development opportunities we offer your child complement their interests and experiences from home. Consent will be sought for Tapestry and you will be asked to complete a consent form for this prior to entry. OUTDOOR LEARNING All children can use the outdoor area as part of their learning. Specific activities are planned to provide a continuous outdoor provision. Buchan Rangers happens outside in the wooded area of the Buchan in all weather. The children are free to choose what they do - building with planks, balancing on logs, nature investigation, digging in mud, hiding in dens, mud sliding, plus numerous activities. These activities help children to manage some risks when tackling new challenges and build up empathy for their friends and nature. They become resilient to being out in all weathers and to keep persevering with activities even when they find it difficult. They are also starting to build up their core strength when they are balancing on logs and planks. The children are also able to watch the changes in the environment during the different seasons of the year. Buchan Rangers is lots of fun whatever the weather! THE BUCHAN NURSERY AND P1 The Pre-Prep Department work closely with The Buchan Nursery to achieve progression and continuity of skills. Pre-visits are made during the academic year. Information is shared about each child’s progress within the EYFS and their general overall development, so the P1 teachers can gain a better insight into the child’s needs before they begin. The move into P1 will be supported by the staff in the Nursery, with whom your child has developed relationships, and led gently through a series of planned pre- visits. This allows the children to become acquainted with their new room and surroundings, as well as meeting their new teachers and perhaps some new friends. P1 teachers will liaise with nursery staff about any pupils joining P1 and time is spent discussing how to best support each pupil in their learning, development and pastoral needs within the transition. Our Head of Early Years, Miss Gemma Martin, communicates regularly with the Nursery staff regarding planning and progress for the nursery children. The P1 teachers also make regular visits to Island nurseries during the summer term to ensure a smooth transition. Children who have previously been at another setting or at home will also be invited into school for pre-visits and will follow the P1 induction programme. WELCOME TO P1 BOOKLET Before your child starts school you will receive our ‘All About Me’ booklet. This provides the opportunity for you to share any information about your child. The completed booklet should be forwarded to the External Relations Office, King William’s College, Castletown, IM9 1TP, at your earliest convenience.


PRE-PREP 2 AND PRE-PREP 3 CURRICULUM In the Pre-Prep Department, pupils are taught by their class teacher in small groups with specialist teachers for Art, Buchan Rangers, Drama, Music, Physical Education and Languages. Pupils in Pre-Prep 2 (P2) and Pre-Prep 3 (P3) follow an enhanced national curriculum with subject specialist teaching. A timetable and overview will be sent at the start of the academic year and a topic sheet at the beginning of each term. The curriculum is tailor-made to the pupils. How Children Learn We understand pupils learn in different ways and at different rates. Some children are more visual learners, other auditory and some are kinaesthetic learners. We understand children need to actually 'do' something, where possible, in order to learn. For this reason pupils are encouraged to develop through investigative and first-hand experiences. We also recognise that your child’s interests should be at the centre of our curriculum. Assessment and Progression Children are assessed throughout the year. Core subjects are recorded on our tracking system halftermly. An assessment is completed in the spring term. A full written report is provided in December and June. Parent consultations are offered in October and March. Assemblies On Wednesdays our school Chaplain takes assembly. On Fridays, the Head holds a weekly assembly to celebrate achievement in and out of school. Other subject certificates and Pre-Prep Awards are also presented at this time. On other days teachers are responsible for assemblies in the Pre-Prep assembly room or in the classroom. Assemblies are formal occasions, which foster the development of a collective spirit, and commend special work, acts of kindness and helpfulness. Our assemblies have a Christian basis and respect other faiths.


PRE-PREP UNIFORM LISTS THE SCHOOL SHOP - Telephone: 01624 820464 | Email: The shop is situated adjacent to the main entrance for the Bursary at King William’s College and supplies school uniform, sportswear and equipment, stationery and other essential items. For full uniform fittings please call or email to make an appointment. For opening hours please visit our website. There is also a ‘nearly new’ shop located at The Buchan School. This shop is run by the fundraising parent group Friends at Buchan (FAB). For further details please contact the School Office on 01624 820481. NAMING CLOTHING - All items must be clearly named, including shoes.

WINTER UNIFORM Buchan coat Buchan hat (optional) Buchan scarf (optional) Navy gloves (optional) + Strong, low-heeled, polishable black shoes (Velcro fastening advised at this stage) * GIRLS’ REQUIREMENTS Buchan tartan pinafore Buchan cardigan White polo shirt * Black woolly tights or long black socks + BOYS’ REQUIREMENTS Charcoal grey trousers * Buchan v-neck jumper White polo shirt * Grey short socks + SUMMER UNIFORM Sun hat (optional) GIRLS’ REQUIREMENTS Blue and white striped summer dress Buchan cardigan Long or short white socks +

BOYS’ REQUIREMENTS Long charcoal grey shorts * Blue and white striped shirt Buchan v-neck jumper Short or long grey socks + GENERAL GAMES KIT Buchan shorts Buchan t-shirt Buchan fleece hoody Buchan track pant Plain white games socks + Plain black swimming costume/trunks + Trainers * GIRLS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS Swimming hat + OTHER Buchan Book Bag Buchan Duffle Bag x 2 Wellington boots * Named water bottle * Waterproofs (trousers and coat) *

* Items which are not stocked at the School Shop + Items which are stocked at the School Shop and also available elsewhere


PREP - FORM 1 TO FORM 4 DEAR PARENTS, From the moment your child enters the Prep Department they will be able to benefit from the specialist subject teaching that we offer at the Buchan. Our highly experienced staff spend time getting to know every pupil and work hard to help inspire, motivate and challenge all children. As a school, we aim for excellence in all things. Academic excellence is encouraged at every level and pupils are supported in their endeavours to build upon their prior knowledge and to develop a love of learning. We are aware that there is more to school life than academia and have developed a curriculum that gives every pupil the chance to shine. To enable this we are proud to have use of our own recently designated STEAM room, specialist Music teaching rooms (equipped with a wide range of instruments), a Home Economics room, a dedicated Drama studio, a large fully equipped Science lab, an ICT room and roaming laptops and a huge Art room full of natural light. As well as stunning grounds for our outdoor learning programmes. These are just some of the more specialist areas in the school besides the teaching rooms themselves. We have the Buchan Charter – a copy of which every child carries around in their blazer pocket reminding them to be kind, honest, polite, to always try their best and ‘love your neighbour (everyone) as much as you love yourself ’ Once the main school day is over, we offer a broad range of after-school activities - from chess or beekeeping to film critics and gardening. There are also the usual after-school sports clubs, craft clubs and educational support clubs. We pride ourselves on the level of care we give to children and our dedication to the happiness of every member of our community. Respect for the beliefs, rights and belongings of others is at the core of our pastoral care system, as we look to develop every child's confidence and willingness to have a go. As the Head of Prep, I am always available to discuss any problems or concerns you may have, although the first point of contact remains your child's tutor. I look forward to speaking to you all during the year. LOUISE ASHTON - Head of Prep Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 820481 Email:


PREP SCHOOL DAY 8am 8.20am

School opens. Optional Breakfast Club Children welcomed onto the playground (member of staff on duty)


Morning registration

8.45am 9.10am 10.55am 11.25am

Assembly/Form time Morning lessons Morning break – outdoor play (weather permitting), with a snack Morning lessons


Lunch break with outdoor play (weather permitting)

1.45pm 1.50pm

Afternoon registration Afternoon lessons


School day ends

3.35pm 3.35pm

After-School activities until 4.30pm Optional Wrap Around Care until 5.30pm


School closes

ASSEMBLIES On Wednesdays our School Chaplain takes assembly. On Fridays the Head holds a weekly assembly to celebrate achievement in and out of school. Subject certificates and Prep Awards are presented at this time. Assemblies are formal occasions which foster the development of a collective spirit and commend special work, acts of kindness and helpfulness. Our assemblies have a Christian basis and respect other faiths. DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF CHILDREN THE START OF THE SCHOOL DAY Pupils may arrive from 8am for the Breakfast Club. Otherwise teaching staff are on duty in the playground from 8.20am. There are no playground arrangements for the supervision of children earlier than this time. Pupils are required to remain in the playground until the teacher rings the bell. Pupils should then line-up quietly in their class lines. Pupils will be sent inside to their form rooms for registration. THE END OF THE SCHOOL DAY Parents are requested to wait for their children at the main entrance to the Prep Department. Pupils will be dismissed from their classrooms and leave via this entrance. Pupils can attend the Wrap Around Care until 5.30pm or those who are involved in an after-school activity will be dismissed from their activity at 4.30pm from the dining room.


PREP CURRICULUM The school's curriculum is balanced and broadly based. It promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. Pupils are expected to acquire skills in speaking and listening, literacy and numeracy. Personal, social, health and citizenship education reflects the school's aims and ethos. Religious education is also provided for all pupils. The Buchan School’s curriculum is exciting and unique. It offers pupils the opportunity to concentrate on academics, whilst also having access to our unique Buchan Badge and Buchan Baccalaureate curriculum. The curriculum is supported by a team of specialist teachers, who have access to a range of dedicated facilities. At the Buchan, we place a particular emphasis and an increased amount of teaching time upon the core subjects Maths, English and Science. A specialised Drama lesson is held every week. French is taught twice a week and Spanish is currently offered to Form 3 and Form 4 pupils as a weekly lesson. Pupils in our Prep Department follow a timetable, which allows them access to a range of specialist teachers across the whole curriculum. All pupils have access to a well-stocked library as well as internet access to support their studies. Pupils benefit from a dedicated IT lesson each week. To enhance our curriculum provision, we organise a range of educational visits to areas of cultural, historical and geographical interest. Environmental education is provided for through use of our own extensive grounds and visits to outdoor education centres. The teaching of citizenship and PSHE is whenever possible led by the Form Tutors and supported by specialist guest speakers and resources. THE BUCHAN BADGE The Buchan Badge programme gives the opportunity to study an enhanced curriculum, combined with the opportunity to learn new skills. It encompasses and reflects the ideals of the school’s wellestablished and respected extra-curricular programme to provide a unique opportunity. Pupils take part in a number of six week modules. These may vary from year to year depending on teacher’s skill sets and interests. Areas covered have been; outdoor activities (orienteering and camp craft), cookery, nautical skills (kayaking and rock pooling), drama productions including film and radio plays, golf, Manx folklore, gardening, mindfulness & yoga, enterprise and IT (coding and programming). The programme promotes the development of vital key skills. It provides learning opportunities which encourage pupils to investigate, create, develop, evaluate and communicate. THE BUCHAN BACCALAUREATE Pupils in Form 4 achieve their Buchan Baccalaureate. This is an overarching qualification, which takes into account achievement and effort in all areas of the curriculum. Pupils receive either merit, distinction or honours. Certificates are presented at the end of the academic year.


PREP UNIFORM LISTS THE SCHOOL SHOP - Telephone: 01624 820464 | Email: The shop is situated adjacent to the main entrance for the Bursary at King William’s College and supplies school uniform, sportswear and equipment, stationery and other essential items. For full uniform fittings please call or email to make an appointment. For opening hours please visit our website. There is also a ‘nearly new’ shop located at The Buchan School. This shop is run by the fundraising parent group Friends at Buchan (FAB). For further details please contact the School Office on 01624 820481. NAMING CLOTHING - All items must be clearly named, including shoes.



Buchan blazer - year round

Buchan shorts Buchan t-shirt Buchan fleece hoody Buchan track pant Buchan ¼ zip panel jacket Buchan two hooped games sock Black thermal base layer, legs & upper body * Plain white games socks + Plain black swimming trunks/costume + Indoor and outdoor trainers * Swimming hat in house colour + House shirt Gum shield + Shin pads +

WINTER UNIFORM Buchan coat Buchan hat (optional) Buchan scarf (optional) Navy gloves (optional) + Strong, low-heeled, polishable black shoes * White long sleeved shirt * Buchan v-neck jumper (optional) Buchan tie GIRLS’ REQUIREMENTS Buchan tartan kilt Black woolly tights or long black socks + Buchan tartan scrunchie (optional) BOYS’ REQUIREMENTS Charcoal grey trousers * Grey socks +

SUMMER UNIFORM GIRLS’ REQUIREMENTS Blue and white striped summer dress Buchan cardigan (optional) Short or long plain white socks + White or blue bands or scrunchies (optional) * BOYS’ REQUIREMENTS Blue and white striped short sleeved shirt Buchan v-neck jumper (optional) Long charcoal grey shorts * Short or long Grey socks +

GIRLS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS Buchan polo shirt Buchan skort BOYS’ SPORT REQUIREMENTS Buchan rugby jersey Buchan rugby shorts Football boots *

OTHER Buchan school bag Buchan games bag Named pencil case with ruler, pencils, eraser, sharpener, ink pen, coloured pencils + Named water bottle (optional) *

* Items which are not stocked at the School Shop + Items which are stocked at the School Shop and also available elsewhere


HOME AND SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP ________________________________________________________________________________

COMMUNICATION Communication between parents and staff plays an important part in helping each child to establish positive relationships and to learn and develop. For urgent messages please contact the School Office on +44 (0) 1624 820481 or email Teaching staff are generally not available at the start of the school day, as they need to set-up their lessons. We request that parents email Form Tutors to make an appointment and they will respond as soon as possible. ________________________________________________________________________________

FIREFLY PARENT PORTAL The school’s Firefly Parent Portal allows parents to see up-to-date information about their child or children and be kept informed of relevant school information that we hope parents will find useful. This includes timetables, reports, parent permission forms etc. Parents can log on and find this information from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The address to log onto the Parent Portal is Parents can also log on to the site using the Firefly App. • iOS (apple) - • Android - For further information about Firefly and how to get started, please visit ________________________________________________________________________________

REPORTING TO PARENTS As well as our Induction Programme, there is a ‘Meet The Teacher’ event in September. There are also Parents’ Evenings in the spring term when the class teacher and other members of staff are available to speak with parents. Further details will be provided nearer the time. An assessment is completed in the autumn and spring term. A full written report is provided in December and June. ________________________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL NEWSLETTER Each week a school newsletter is emailed to parents and uploaded to Firefly. This advises about forthcoming events taking place within the school. It also provides information about the week in school and any notices for the week ahead.


CHANGES AT HOME We would appreciate it if staff could be informed if there are any significant changes in your child’s life or routine. school can reassure you with a telephone call if you are concerned about your child on any given day. As a school we are required by law to have contact information for every person who has parental responsibility for a pupil at The Buchan School. This includes emergency contacts. Please notify the School Office if contact information changes. ________________________________________________________________________________

VISITING SCHOOL If for any reason you need to visit school after 8.30am please sign in at the School Office and collect a visitor's badge. This is to ensure we know who is on site at any time, in the unlikely event of a fire. ________________________________________________________________________________

EXTENDED LEARNING AND HOMEWORK At The Buchan School we use homework time to: • Encourage all pupils to develop the practice of studying independently of the teacher and inculcate the skills and attitude for higher education and life-long learning. • Extend the pupil’s knowledge, understanding and skills learned in the classroom and so raise attainment. • Enable constructive feedback on progress and performance through prompt and regular formative assessment. The below schedule gives an approximate guide to allocation of time to be spent each day on the following: • Pre-Prep 1 - up to 10 minutes per day listening to others read. • Pre-Prep 2 and Pre-Prep 3 – 10 minutes per day literacy work. Numeracy to include numberbased activities. • Form 1 and Form 2 – 10 to 20 minutes per day. • Form 3 and Form 4 – 25 to 30 minutes per day. Literacy – reading practice and listening to others forms an essential part of learning throughout the Primary years. Reading should form the basis of all homework time and should range between 10 minutes in Pre-Prep and extending to 20 minutes per day in Prep. Other literacy work will include practising spellings, grammar and punctuation. Numeracy – number games and tasks, learning timetables, alongside more challenging activities set for Prep pupils. ________________________________________________________________________________

EXTRACURRICULAR LEANING A varied extracurricular programme is designed to support and extend opportunities for learning in the school. Activities are timetabled between 3.45pm and 4.30pm and are led by teachers and sports coaches. Pupils can choose from a different set of activities each term. Pupils can take part in an unlimited number of activities within their age range. Activities include chess, beekeeping, gardening, walk and talk, strategic board games, numerous sport and homework (prep) clubs – to name just a few!


MUSIC TUITION At the Buchan pupils are actively encouraged to take individual private music lessons in a range of instruments or voice (Singing or Singing for Musical Theatre). Learning an instrument or singing helps pupils to develop life-long skills including communication, interpretation, team-work and leadership, to name but a few. They help to nurture a love and enjoyment of music, across all styles and genres, encouraging creativity and tenacity whilst having a positive impact on academic attainment across all subject areas. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES There are many performance opportunities throughout the school year for instrumentalists and singers and all pupils are invited to take part. As soon as pupils are ready, they will be invited to join suitable ensembles and opportunities to perform in a friendly environment are available from the early stages. Pupils also have the opportunity to prepare for practical graded exams with ABRSM (The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music), Trinity Guildhall and London College of Music, if they wish. LESSONS A team of specialist visiting music teachers, all of whom are specialists in their field, deliver the lessons in well-resourced individual music rooms. Lessons take place on a rotating timetable during class periods. Each lesson lasts for thirty minutes and there are thirty lessons in the academic year, although the spread across the terms many different depending on the termly calendar. It may be possible to arrange double length lessons in certain circumstances. Dates and times of each pupil’s music lessons are available from their teacher or the College Music Secretary. If a pupil forgets his/her instrument or music and the planned lesson cannot take place, it will not be possible to make up this lesson at another time, although activities such as sight reading and aural may be substituted. If a pupil misses a lesson through absence from school or attendance elsewhere, a charge will still be made for the missed lesson. However, if seven days’ advanced notice of planned absence is given to the College Music Secretary by contacting or +44 (0) 1624 820445 (9am – 1pm), the teacher will make every effort to make up the lesson at another time, but please be aware this may not always be possible. Pupils will be collected for their individual music lessons. CHANGES TO DISCONTINUATION OF INSTRUMENTAL/VOCAL LESSONS If for any reason a pupil wishes to change or discontinue lessons, notice of six lessons is required, in writing, except when lessons are to cease at the end of the academic year. In this case, notice is required by half term of the Summer Term. PRACTICE Each pupil will be encouraged and supported to help them develop a productive practice regime. Parents have a vital role in helping their children to find suitable times for practice and it can be helpful if they can be actively involved when and if appropriate – especially in the early stages. Details of weekly practice tasks can be found in the pupil’s notebook. INSTRUMENT HIRE OR PURCHASE If you need to purchase an instrument for lessons, our teachers are, naturally, very happy to offer guidance in this process; please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like any assistance. There are some instruments which are available for termly hire from the Music Department, which can be helpful in trying out an instrument in the first instance. TRIAL LESSON It may be possible to arrange a free trial lesson for any pupil. Please contact the music office for further information.

19 We look forward to welcoming you to our musical events in the coming year and wish each pupil every success in their musical journey. To arrange music lessons for your child please complete the form on Firefly or contact ________________________________________________________________________________

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND GAMES All pupils are expected to take part in the school's Physical Education (PE) and Games Programme. Pupils can only be excused from PE and Games lessons for medical reasons, for which a note from a parent is required. PE and Games take place either at the Buchan or King William’s College and swimming is held at the Southern Pool or the KWC pool. Swimming lessons are offered regularly. ________________________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL TRIPS A wide variety of educational visits, school trips and activities take place throughout the school year. They are a regular feature of school life at The Buchan School, providing curricular support and a wealth of extracurricular experiences for pupils. Off-site educational visits allow children to gain meaningful and enjoyable first-hand learning experiences in the local environment, beyond the school grounds, which aim to enrich the curriculum. They also help to promote a sense of community and internationalism and aim to increase children’s enjoyment of school life. All trips are approved by the Head before taking place and a first aid trained member of staff will be present on all outings. To give permission for your child to go on educational trips with school staff during the school day, please complete the form on Firefly. ________________________________________________________________________________

BEHAVIOUR POLICY AND REWARDS The emphasis of our Behaviour Policy is based upon reward and praise. Encouragement and expressions of approval are used whenever possible and a positive attitude is adopted to behaviour. Pupils are awarded House Points for good behaviour, manners and effort, as well as academic achievement. Each House Point is recognised as both an individual reward and a collective house award. Each week the house totals are calculated and shared with the pupils during Friday’s celebration assembly. REWARD Pupils are praised and rewarded for good behaviour and hard work in a variety of ways. • Teachers congratulate children publicly and privately. • Teachers give children specific rewards in the form of stickers and golden tickets. • Children are awarded certificates in assembly for gaining a specific number of House Points.

SCHOOL HOUSE SYSTEM All children are placed into a ‘House’ when they enter the Prep Department. The house system provides friendly competition in sport and other contests. The system is used to give the children an opportunity to belong to a wider group and to contribute positively to the many different areas of school life. Godred - Yellow

Lagman - Blue

Magnus - Green

Olaf - Red

We try, where possible, to place siblings in the same house.

21 • Children are encouraged to bring in trophies and awards for things they have achieved outside school. These are formally awarded by the Head, in the weekly celebration assembly, so that the school community shares and celebrates children’s success. • Yellow slips are handed out to Prep pupils. • Our Prize giving celebration is an opportunity to reward both academic success and those pupils who have acted as school ambassadors with certificates, trophies, cups and book tokens. _______________________________________________________________________________

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious education is available to all pupils in a weekly lesson. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education. COLLECTIVE WORSHIP All pupils take part in regular collective worship. The worship is of a broadly Christian character. The school has a programme of collective worship involving some whole-school assemblies, house assemblies and tutor group assemblies. A programme is developed in conjunction with the PSHE curriculum. Guest speakers are invited in to the Buchan to support the various topics covered. The Chaplain leads one assembly per week. Parents have a right to withdraw their children from acts of collective worship. Parents should inform the Head in writing if they wish to do so. ________________________________________________________________________________

SEX AND RELATIONSHIP EDUCATION The school provides relationship and sex education in the PSHE and Science curriculum. Pupils are encouraged and guided by moral principles and taught to recognise the value of family life. This subject is delivered at an age appropriate level. ________________________________________________________________________________

LEARNING SUPPORT AND ENRICHMENT The Buchan’s Head of Learning Support will contact parents if there are any concerns about a pupil. When concerns are raised by a teacher, discussion takes place regarding additional help the teacher can provide within the class in the way of differentiated work. Parents will be informed at this stage on how we intend to support the child. ________________________________________________________________________________

GIFTED AND TALENTED The Buchan School adopts the procedures of Gifted and Talented Pupils, as suggested by the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) and the Isle of Man Government Department of Education. All pupils are provided with the opportunity to achieve their next steps and given access to extension activities where appropriate.


ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE (EAL) Pupils with English as an additional language will be assessed, monitored and supported by the Head of Learning Support and EAL at KWC. Additional one-to-one lessons are also available. ________________________________________________________________________________

COACH AND MINI BUS SERVICE The College runs two coach services to and from the schools each day one down the east coast, through Douglas, and the other down the west coast, through Kirk Michael and Foxdale. In addition to the coach service we also provide a dedicated mini bus service for Buchan pupils only, which runs from Douglas to The Buchan School on a daily basis. The first pick up is Derby Square at 7.40am and goes on to pick up at TT Grandstand at 7.45am, before arriving at The Buchan School at 8.25am. At home time, the bus departs from The Buchan School at 4.30pm, arriving at the TT Grandstand at 5.10pm. We also provide two dedicated mini bus services, for Buchan pupils only, which run from Onchan and Cycle 360 to The Buchan School on a daily basis. Coaches and Mini Buses will only stop at the designated stop-off points on the schedule and, for road safety reasons, we regret that it is not possible for the drivers to make unscheduled stops. Partial use can be accommodated and will be charged pro rata. Once a quota is booked then that will be retained for a term or until we are advised otherwise. The rate for the Mini Buses is charged at a fixed price. For further information please contact or +44 (0) 1624 820424. The service runs during term time from Monday to Friday excluding TT fortnight. Please note the route could be subject to change. To book this service please complete the form on Firefly. ________________________________________________________________________________

BREAKFAST AND WRAP AROUND CARE The Breakfast Club is open from 8am until 8.30am and children can enjoy cereal, toast and juice. The Wrap Around Care is open from 3.30pm until 5.30pm and snacks or fruit will be provided. There is an extra charge payable for these sessions. To confirm your child’s attendance at a session please complete the form on Firefly. Breakfast Club: Wrap Around Care:

8am to 8.30am 3.30pm to 5.30pm 4.30pm to 5.30pm



TERM DATES AND CALENDAR Please visit our website. _______________________________________________________________________________

BUCHANEER HOLIDAY CLUB The Buchaneer Holiday Club is open during certain weeks of the school holidays and is for all Buchan children aged four to 11 years old. Children from The Buchan School Holiday Club can take advantage of our superb facilities within the 13.5 acres of our private grounds. We offer a range of activities both on and off site. Our actionpacked programme includes various art and craft activities, visits to Manx heritage centres and mystery visits to exciting places in the Isle of Man. For more information please contact the School Office. A booking form can be completed on Firefly. ________________________________________________________________________________

PARKING Please note that there is a 10MPH speed limit for vehicles entering The Buchan School grounds. The parents' car park is located on the right hand side of the school, behind the netball courts. Please follow the signs and turn right at the roundabout. There is a drop-off zone outside the main entrance. Please park with care as pupils of all ages will be around the school grounds. Please do not park on the double yellow lines or zebra crossing outside the dining room or non-parking zones at any time. ________________________________________________________________________________

NOTIFICATION OF ABSENCE If you wish to apply for leave of absence for your child during term time, please write to the Head for authorisation. From the term following a child's fifth birthday, or Reception onwards, school is compulsory by law and any leave must be agreed by the Head. Parents are requested not to apply to take their children on holiday during term time if possible. ________________________________________________________________________________

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE King William’s College and The Buchan School has long prided itself on the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided to its students. However, no matter how hard an organisation tries, there will be occasions where it receives concerns or complaints about its service. If anyone does have a concern or complaint, they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with its Complaints Procedure. This policy is applicable to all parents of students in the school, students, and members of the public and is available from the School Office on request or on our website. ________________________________________________________________________________

CHAPEL OF ST THOMAS We are privileged to have our own beautifully decorated Chapel at King William’s College. On Wednesdays the Chaplain is at the Buchan for their weekly assemblies in Prep and Pre-Prep. Through story, pictures and song the children become familiar with the Bible. There are special services within the year some take place in school, some in the Chapel of St Thomas. There are other visits to see our unique Chapel, to discover its story and how it fits into the wider Church.


WITHDRAWING A PUPIL FROM THE SCHOOL If you wish to withdraw your child from the school you must give one term’s notice in writing to the Head and complete the pupil provisional notice or withdrawal form on Firefly. Please see the Parent Contract in the Admissions Guide for further details. ________________________________________________________________________________

IAPS AND HMC All boards of governors of reputable independent schools will insist that the Head is a member of a professional organisation. The Headmaster or Headmistress will only be allowed to become a member, and remain a member, if the inspection carried out by ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) shows that the school they run meets the high standards required by their professional body. The more prestigious the organisation, the higher the standards expected at inspection. The most prestigious organisations for senior schools are the Headmasters’ Conference (HMC) for boys’ and co-ed schools, and the Girls’ School Association (GSA) for girls’ schools. The most prestigious organisation for independent junior schools is the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS). The Head of The Buchan School is a member of IAPS and the Principal of King William’s College is a member of HMC. ________________________________________________________________________________

GOVERNANCE The school’s Board of Governors is responsible for working with King William’s College and The Buchan School to ensure it delivers a good quality education. Together with the Principal, who is responsible for day-to-day management, it sets the school's aims and policies, monitors and evaluates the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and is a source of challenge and support. To contact the Chair of Governors please email or write to King William's College, Castletown, Isle of Man, IM9 1TP. _______________________________________________________________________________

SCHOOL POLICIES Regulatory information and the school’s policies are available on our website. ________________________________________________________________________________

PARENT CONTRACT Our Parent Contract is available on Firefly.


GUIDANCE ON PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS Parents will inevitably wish to take photographs and occasionally video clips of their children as they take part in school events. We ask everyone who does this to be mindful that shots or film may include other children. If other children feature, the material should not be posted on the internet or any social media site, but be reserved for family albums or electronic folders at home. _______________________________________________________________________________

EDUCATION ACT It is a legal requirement under the Education Act for all parents or guardians of children, in the age range of four to 16 years old, who live in the Isle of Man and who are being educated independently, to register this with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture. The registration form that needs to be completed is available to download from the Department’s website. The link is: _______________________________________________________________________________

MEDICAL INFORMATION On joining the school, parents will have completed the school’s Medical Questionnaire. The height and weight of pupils is measured with permission in Pre-Prep 1 and Form 4. This is accompanied by a discussion about balanced diet and feedback is given to parents. Parents can ask at any time for their child’s height and weight to be taken. MEDICAL AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS We realise that sometimes pupils will require urgent medical attention. For any emergency appointments, we would request a telephone call to the School Office or please let the class teacher know that a child will be absent or late. For any pre-booked appointments we would again request notification in writing that a child is going to be absent/late/collected early. ILLNESS If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness, it is always appreciated if you contact us as soon as possible to let us know. Please ensure that your child remains at home until they are fully recovered. Please provide a note of absence on your child’s return to school. If your child has sickness and/or diarrhoea, they should remain at home for 48 hours following the last episode; this is to ensure the well being of all the children. We appreciate your support and cooperation in this matter. Children are regularly taught about the importance of good hygiene practices, especially hand washing and drying.

27 MEDICAL ROOM The Buchan has a medical room that is staffed by a registered nurse. The opening times are 8am 4.30pm. The nurse deals with medical emergencies for pupils if needed, liaising with parents regarding their child’s health needs and ensuring that care plans are kept up to date when required. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that medication and updates regarding their child’s health are passed on to the school. The nurses will liaise with other professionals on the Island when required. Parents are welcome to make appointments and discuss their child with the Sister at any point during their child’s education at the Buchan. All the nurses are qualified registered nurses with the required NMC revalidation requirements. They regularly attend first aid registration and relevant school nurse courses and training, they work within the NHS and other outside settings when they are not in school, which enables them to keep up to date with other nursing skills ACCIDENTS From time to time, children may have accidents whilst at school. If parental permission has been granted, the teaching staff or Sister will provide first aid and complete the relevant accident form, informing parents of the incident where necessary. ADMINISTERING MEDICATION If you would like Sister to administer prescribed medicines, the container must have a label from a chemist with the child’s name, date and required dosage. Please hand directly with verbal or written instructions to Sister as this will be recorded in your child’s health record. Sister will also administer inhalers and epipens alongside teaching staff within the school that have successfully completed a First Aid course and instruction on administering prescribed epipen, jext or emerade adrenaline autoinjectors. ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES If your child has asthma and uses an inhaler the Medical Centre will need an asthma action plan, these can be obtained from your child’s consultant, GP or downloaded from the Asthma UK website The Medical Centre also require students with allergies to provide an allergy action plan, again these can be obtained from your child’s consultant, GP or downloaded from It is the parents’ responsibility to provide the Medical Centre with up to date medications such as inhalers and epipens or other adrenaline autoinjectors. VISION TESTS Please ensure that your child has had a vision test prior to starting school and inform school of the results where appropriate. SAFEGUARDING The school’s designated person for safeguarding is the Head. If you have any concerns or questions about safeguarding or child protection please contact the Head direct. ________________________________________________________________________________


BARROVIAN ALUMNI It is important that every student that attends King William’s College and The Buchan School knows that wherever their lives may take them, they belong to an extended school family. The existence of our active alumni community is a testament to the loyalty and affection former pupils have for the school. We currently have around 4,500 alumni in our records, living in 77 countries over six continents and in a range of careers. Many of them stay connected with us and enjoy the continued contacts and friendships made during their school days. Benefits of staying in touch with us include: • A digital copy of the Barrovian magazine each year and the option to request a hard copy. • Regular news updates. • Invitations to alumni events providing opportunities to socialise and network. • Invitations to select school events. • Eligibility to apply for our three month internship with Strix in Hong Kong. • Option to become an Alumni Ambassador or Year Group Rep. • Parent membership of the Past Parents’ Association. • Opportunity to be married in the Chapel of St Thomas. If you have any questions regarding alumni relations please contact the External Relations Office at or +44 (0) 1624 820470. You can also find more information on our website.


FRIENDS AT BUCHAN Friends at Buchan (FAB) is the parents’ fundraising group at The Buchan School. Established in 2005 they are a registered charity with a strong and dedicated committee of parents and helpers, whose aim is to promote the wider welfare of the school, encouraging staff, parents, pupils and friends to mix together through a wide variety of social and fundraising events and activities. Through their hard work they have raised funds for, amongst other things, refurbishment of the Buchan library, upgrades to ICT, learning resources for the Science Lab and new outdoor play equipment. FAB always have new and exciting projects in the pipeline, as well as a great programme of events. In order to help raise funds, FAB has set up an easyfundraising account so you can shop online and raise money for FAB at the same time! If you would like to find out more or get involved email or visit their Facebook page.