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Hi- Rock By Annie Del Genio Body trembling, face tomato red Beads of sweat pouring down my face Questions circling through my mind Comforting answers that I cannot find Climbing across a thin rope Breathe easy you can get there Don’t look down - you can’t turn back Harnessed in I should feel safe Then, why is there sweat pouring down my face? Death tight grip and a concentrated expression Listening to my friends cheer me on “You can do, it is not that bad.” Next harness on - take one off “Lock check, do I even trust myself?” Hugging the pole I look at the next obstacle The ladder It looks like there is no support Knees shaking, my body is weak Realization kicks in I cannot speak Forty feet up in the air I look down and freeze Stone cold and motionless I hear the voices that believe in me Even though I don’t feel secure With words of encouragement and kindness A feeling like never before comes over me Unwrapping my legs and arms Walking across left after right Holding to the harness extremely tight Right, left, not missing a step I’m almost at the end Now walking across with more speed I reach the platform Success! I travel down the zip line And then I am on the ground The feeling of accomplishment As I wipe tears off my face I think to myself So this is Hi-Rock!

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Hi- Rock By Annie Del Genio

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