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Spring 2012


It is just possible the Queen will visit OUR marquee on Diamond Day, as well as some of the many thousands of visitors expected on 11th July; so how can we best show Kington – past, present and future - not just in our marquee but in the parade and performance arena too. How can we stand out? What makes Kington ‘special’ among Herefordshire Market Towns? Well, we are the only one to still have a livestock market in the town; we have many splendid medieval Burgage Walls; and Kington was once a major crossing point for Drovers, some Kingtonians still remember seeing animals being driven through our streets. So how can we visually link these for the Marquee? Well, one way is with sheep!! They are part of our past, present and future in so many ways that we will award a Tshirt or two printed with our new Diamond Day Logo to the most imaginative lists made by Under 18’s to arrive in the Council Office by the end of March.

Putting Kington on the ‘Queen’s Map’ on July 11th will need lots of help. We are inviting you to contribute whatever you may have by way of history, photos or artefacts, skills, ideas and elbow grease that might help with our marquee displays. Contact me via the Town Council with your offers or email me, subject ‘Diamond Day’ at

Janet Thomas, Artistic Director, Kington Diamond Day

The 18th hole at the Kington Golf course is the highest golf course in England

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Spring 2012

Marches Housing Association in Kington All change on the Housing Officer Team After Christmas, our Community Housing Officers re-organised their responsibilities. Vicky Layton-Morris has now moved on to another area, and in her place there are now two Community Housing Officers: Hannah Bragg (left) and Lysette Phillips (right).

Dealing with litter Since Christmas, Hannah and Lysette have dealt with two cases of fly-tipping at Passey Court and problems with litter around Lower Cross. In all cases they have arranged for the mess to be cleaned up and have reminded residents of the importance of disposing of rubbish correctly. Herefordshire Council will remove up to three large items for a payment of £15. To find out more or book a collection, please telephone the Council on 01432 260500. Anti-Social Behaviour Since Christmas we have had three new cases of Anti-Social Behaviour. Two involved alleged noise nuisance: in both cases we have spoken to the alleged perpetrators and we are monitoring the situation. The third case involved allegedly breeding dogs without permission in an inappropriate property. We are currently investigating this.

They can both be contacted on 01568 619607. We also have two new Housing Administrators who are office-based, and who can help when the Housing Officers are out. They are Adele Price (01568 619662) and Jess Morris (01568 619663). Hannah and Lysette are looking forward to meeting as many Kington residents as possible in the coming months. Why not come along to one of their regular Estate Inspections? Dates and times are as follows: Arrow View (at 11.00 am)

Tuesday 3rd April

Greenfield (all at 2.00 pm)

Thursday 22nd March Thursday 19th April Thursday 17th May Thursday 12th April

Hatton Gardens (at 2.00 pm) Lower Cross (all at 1.30 pm)

Park Road/Park Green/Park View/The Crescent (2.00 pm) Passey Court/The Square/ Church Street (1 pm)

Thursday 29th March Thursday 26th April Monday 14th May

Monday 14th May

Abandoned properties Occasionally we receive reports that a home is not being used as the tenant’s main residence: we’re currently investigating one such case in Kington. If we find that the property has been abandoned, there is a legal process that we have to follow and that can take six weeks or more. Once it’s been concluded and we have regained possession, we can re-advertise the property and find new tenants. Improving our properties There has for some time been a problem at Lower Cross with members of the public using the property as a short-cut from the High Street. There have been repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour by people ‘cutting through’, so we will shortly be installing a door entry system to make sure that only Lower Cross residents can access the building. We are also planning a ‘facelift’ for The Whitehouse: later this year we will be repairing the brickwork and repainting some of the exterior. This page has been paid for by Marches Housing Association

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

Kington Town Council Precept and Budget for 2012/13: The budget for 20122013 has been set at £73300 with a precept (council tax) demand of £60900 compared to £58000 in 2011/12 an increase of 5% or £1.32 for a Band D property. The budget includes amounts set aside to support the Jubilee celebrations in June (see separate article), an increase in funding available to support local groups, and extra planting in the town centre. With no firm date for the new waste site we have also provided for freighter visits throughout the year. Each freighter costs the town council £380. Councillors' allowances: KTC has been reviewing the allowances for councillors travel expenses when they are required to attend meetings elsewhere in the county. We have also been looking at introducing a dependent carers allowance. At present, someone with caring responsibilities for children or a dependent relative often has to pay for care out of their own pocket when they attend a council meeting. This can discourage someone from standing for election if they cannot afford it and it can also unfairly limit a councillor with caring responsibilities from playing an active role in council affairs. Grants to local groups: at the end of 2011, KTC gave the following grants: Kington and District Operatic Society - £500 Herefordshire Nature Trust – Wildplay childrens play sessions - £500 Kington Walks - £500 Kington Chamber of Trade – In kind provision of paints and materials up to the value of £400 to paint the market hall using volunteers. The next round of grants will be in March. The date for submission of applications will be advertised on the Council’s website and the Market Hall notice board Christmas Lights: A new contractor was used for the 2011 lights following the problems that occurred in 2010. Lights were installed and switched on in time for the Christmas Food Fair

and generally well received. Community Safety: The Town Council will be holding a community safety awareness event on 20 March between 3 pm and 7 pm at the Burton Hotel. The event will include information about flood awareness (did you know Kington is one of 6 areas in the county most at risk of flooding?), fire safety and other aspects of safety at home. Lengthsman: Patrick Edwards is the new Lengthsman / handyman for Kington Town Council. If you see something that needs fixing e.g. blocked gullies, overgrown hedges etc. let us know. Planning: KTC’s Planning Committee meets monthly to consider planning applications in the town. KTC cannot refuse a planning application (that can only be done by Herefordshire Council) but it is consulted on all applications and asked for its view. In the last few months, it has objected to an application to convert a shop in Bridge Street to living accommodation, and a proposal to build four houses on vacant land behind the Oxford in Duke Street. New Doctors’ Surgery: KTC is concerned at the lack of good pedestrian access to the new surgery currently being built out of town. We are particularly concerned that people without access to a car living in the east of the town at Sunset face a long walk because of the lack of a footpath on the bypass between the two roundabouts and from the Headbrook roundabout up to the surgery site. We understand that the surgery may provide a bus service but no details are yet known. However, apart from the surgery there is anyway a case for a footpath between the roundabouts and for a lower speed limit along that stretch. What do you think? Let us know. French Market on Saturday 31st March 2012 Following a meeting with Herefordshire Council about encouraging markets in the town, the French Market from Normandy, a regular visitor to the county, is making its first visit to Kington on Saturday 31st March 2012. It is hoped this will attract more shoppers to the town to benefit our own local shops. The Kington Town Council offices are at 2 Mill Street, Kington. The office is normally open 10am - 4pm, four days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plus either the Tuesday or Thursday If you wish to visit, please telephone first. 01544 239098 By Mayor, Bob Widdowson

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

RITA IS BACKING KINGTON’S JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS Rita is determined to make our Jubilee celebrations between Saturday 2nd June and Tuesday 5th June 2012 the most enjoyable ever. The initiative has been taken by our Town Council who triggered off a few enthusiastic community members as a Think Tank. Then Rita got involved! She is the driving force now and woe betide anybody who doesn’t toe the line. The four day gala will include historic films of Kington and District, a ‘local’ singer/group with local cabaret artists, a Special Sunday morning church service, The Big Lunch i.e. locally organised street parties, a Ceilidh, a Grand Children’s Day at the Football Ground to include all age groups with a ‘Teens’ Disco in the evening followed by the lighting of the beacon with possibly another bonfire at the Recreation Ground and last but not least a live music Tea Dance. Sometime later in the year Rita will be holding a Bingo to beat all Bingos, so watch this space. (live in fear Rita will need very

special prizes from us all for this BINGO.) All of the above are beginning to take shape with the tremendous help of Rita and her Community Shop but she does need your help! The Community Shop is being run on four occasions for this massive event and as usual we need you to go to your attics, spare rooms, sheds, garages etc and find everything and anything that Rita can sell. It can be collected and stored at no cost to you, just pop into the shop and see Rita to make the arrangements. There is something for everybody during this Celebration weekend, so please all join in and help in any way, small or large. The shop is set aside for this use on four occasions – the last weeks in February. March, April and May. Please nip up to your attic right away......there is no time to lose! By Mick Rand

Jubilee at St Mary’s Church Sunday 3 June at 10.15 am Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Kington Life We at St Mary’s are organising a major celebration for the town to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In place of our normal Sunday morning service we are hosting a “Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Kington Life” consisting of up to ten items, each lasting no more than five minutes, presented by a variety of organisations in the town. The items will be linked with well-known hymns, and there will be an introduction and welcome, and final blessing, by the Vicar. We envisage that most of the items will take the form of drama sketches or music of some kind, or possibly an amusing monologue. We are asking that the items are related (even if only loosely!) to the Jubilee, from the angle of the particular activity of the organisation concerned, but we hope that there will be

great variety. We are keen that this event will not be “churchy” and the religious aspect will be quite light, so those of all faiths and none should feel able to take part providing they don’t mind singing a few rousing Christian hymns sung to well-known tunes. We have contacted more than fifty organisations inviting them to take part, but if you know of one that didn’t receive an invitation but would like to offer an item, please encourage them to download the details from our website at If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me either by phone on 01544 230525 or by email at or by post at The Vicarage, Church Road, Kington HR5 3AG. By Neil Weston

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

Jubilee Events in Kington A Jubilee events – 2nd - 5th June In the last issue of the Chronicle, we reported on the planning for the Diamond Jubilee over the weekend of 2nd-6th June. The Town Council has booked The Burton Hotel’s function room to make it available to local groups wishing to put on an event over the weekend. Bookings to date include the Twinning Association for a cabaret on Saturday evening, TafRaf, a group of very talented young local musicians for a Ceilidh on Sunday evening and we are hoping there will be a tea dance (for us oldies) on Tuesday afternoon. Kington’s answer to Stephen Spielberg, Harvey Jones, is also planning a film show on Saturday afternoon of Kington memories over the last 60 years. On Sunday morning, St. Mary’s is holding a

community service to celebrate the clubs and societies and all their volunteers that contribute so much to the town. On Monday the Football Club is organising a day of events for children of all ages and we are hoping to light a beacon in the evening as part of the national beacon chain. The fire service has also offered a bonfire for that evening. Rita is busy fundraising for the weekend and Kington Town Council may also be able to offer some funding. If you and your neighbours are planning an event, let us know. If you need support in cash or kind contact the Town Council to discuss your needs. We may be able to help. By Mayor, Bob Widdowson

Queen to visit Herefordshire’s Diamond Day event The Queen will be visiting Herefordshire’s Diamond Day event on King George V playing fields in Hereford on 11th July 2012. The event will draw together communities and groups from around the county, young and old, and will include a wide range of groups that contribute to life in Herefordshire. The aim is to highlight the diversity and richness of our communities and feature sports, music, dance, local arts and crafts, voluntary groups and charities as well as providing an opportunity to showcase businesses and industries associated with the county.

business and local organisations. We will, by relating the present to the history of Kington, show its openness to innovation and entrepreneurship, and its commitment to developing future opportunities that will ensure its sustainability.

Kington and other market towns have been asked to prepare outline plans for a display at the event. Each town will have a large marquee for its display. A group including town councillors and local people has submitted an outline plan for Kington’s display based on the theme of ‘From a sustainable past to a sustainable future’. The overall concept is the ecology of a whole community – the linkages of farming, local

We hope to have the display ready for the Jubilee weekend for a premiere in the Market Hall before Diamond Day. But we need ideas and lots of help. Can you help to make Kington’s display the best on the day?

The exhibit will be a journey through Kington past, present and future and will take the visitor through four themes – the farming community; the business community; the life of the community; and the sustainable community – into the future.

By Mayor, Bob Widdowson

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

REACH REACH is an exciting project which provides free advice and support to voluntary and community groups in the rural areas of Herefordshire. The REACH project is very pleased to welcome Helen Yeomans to the team as the new Community Development Worker for Kington. Helen joined Herefordshire Voluntary Action at the start of the year. Helen is able to offer free support and guidance to voluntary and community groups from helping to set up a new group or supporting established groups to secure funds for specific projects. If you wish Helen to attend

your meeting or chat through any issues please contact her on 07827 775701 or

Helen Yeomans Community Development Worker

Vicky Hamilton Volunteer Support

Vicky Hamilton provides the Volunteer Support Service for the Project. If you are interested in volunteering and would like to find out what voluntary opportunities there are locally for you to get involved with or if you are a group or organisation looking for volunteers then please contact Vicky Hamilton. Vicky can be contacted on 07827 775700 or at

Cost of fares for Job Seekers Calling all you Jobseekers out there! Did you know you may be able to be a postal signer and not have to go into the Jobcentre to sign on every fortnight? Following contact with our Mayor and the Jobcentre Plus Hereford office it has been determined that Jobseekers can apply to become postal signers if they meet one of the following: • • • •

You have child caring responsibilities and you have no childcare when you attend the Jobcentre You live more than one hour, door to door, in either direction from the nearest Jobcentre by using public transport A Jobcentre attendance would result in an absence from your home for more than 4 hours You have a mental or physical disability which restricts your mobility

If you would like more details please contact your Job Advisor or pop into Marches Access Point and use the free Jobcentre phone.

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

The Kington Local Action PlanOur Chance to guide the future of our town

A big THANK YOU to everyone who responded to our questionnaire. We have had hundreds of individual comments from residents, local organisations, and visitors covering a wide range of topics. We have looked through these responses and drawn out the key issues that you think need addressing for the future of the Town. As you will see the responses to the short questionnaire were wide ranging. They have helped to pinpoint some of the main issues that are important to you. The next stage is the 5 Planning For Real drop in events, happening around the town, starting on the 10th March. You are invited to come along and have your say. Through good old fashioned talk, using small flags to pinpoint issues on large maps and post it notes for you to give us more information about your ideas, we will record everyone’s point of view. This information will then be used to write a questionnaire that will go to all homes and businesses in Kington. The Issues You Raised The first question we asked was ‘ What’s good about Kington? – The things you would like to keep’. From our replies it seems that there is a lot to appreciate in our small town. It’s size being one of them, small enough to easily walk all around it, but big enough to have a reasonable selection of small local shops with no big chain stores. People think that Kington is a welcoming, friendly place. A vibrant, diverse local

community with lots of local clubs and activities. A ‘real place’ with a sense of community and local pride. The quiet gentler pace of life, along with the character and rural atmosphere of life in Kington is important. A real delight is the fact that you think our young people are generally well mannered, polite and friendly. Kington Youth Theatre is also appreciated. Those who returned our questionnaire think the fact that Kington is a working community, with good local shops and businesses is important. As are the excellent local services such as schools, police, doctors, library, community hospital, freighter, market, tourist information, Post Office and MAP. Kington is seen as a generally pleasant town with old buildings and attractive architecture. The streets are clean and tidy. Lots of you appreciate the free car parking, the bypass, which takes traffic away from the centre of town, and the good bus service to Hereford. You appreciate local amenities such as, the museum, recreation ground, allotments, youth hostel, Cloud Nine, Kington Show and The Festival. People love Kington’s setting and the beauty of the surrounding countryside, and all the opportunities for walking it offers. The network of footpaths for walking within the town is also valued. continued on the next page

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

People would like to see the Market Hall, Wesleyan Chapel and the unpleasant public toilets all refurbished and being used by the community. Most of our replies also want a new village hall for Kington, for general community use. People do not like the speed of traffic, illegal parking, poor signage on the bypass, lack of safe cycle routes and cycle racks, or the fact that there is no footpath round the bypass to the new doctors surgery. Many want to change things and have more services and facilities like, a cinema, swimming pool, more allotments, a recycling and reuse centre, a dentist and more youth facilities. The poor quality, design and inadequate outside space of the new housing that has recently been built in Kington is something that some would like to see changed in future developments. The second question asked What’s not so good about Kington? – The things you would like to change. The replies covered a wide range of aspects of life in Kington. The main area for concern is the rundown, scruffy look of the town centre. Boarded up shops, pavements in a poor condition, and lack of flowers and greenery reinforcing the lacklustre look of the shopping area. People are concerned about the narrow pavements and roadway, fast traffic and illegal parking on the High Street, which all make shoppers feel vulnerable. The dangerous icy pavements and car parks last winter also made shopping very difficult. People feel that there is not enough local produce on sale and that a ladies clothes shop is needed. Early closing on Wednesdays and Saturdays is also something people want to see changed. Many are worried about the threats to local services and the number of vulnerable people with little support. There is concern about the level of policing and anti social behaviour in the town.

The third question we asked was ‘ Have you any ideas, BIG or small, about how you would like Kington to be in 5 years time?’ This question had the largest and most vibrant response, which is great as it shows that people care about their town and want to see it develop and take on the challenges of the future. People wanted Kington to be a thriving, vibrant market town with a balance of business, community facilities and tourism. They want people to support their local shops and feel pride in their town. There were lots

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The Kington Chronicle

of ideas about how to make the High Street, brighter, safer and more user friendly. These ranged from more greenery, flowers and benches, brighter paint colours, more rubbish bins, wider pavements, traffic calming to space sharing or partial pedestrianisation. People wanted Kington to be a thriving, vibrant market town with a balance of business, community facilities and tourism. They want people to support their local shops and feel pride in their town. There were lots of ideas about how to make the High Street, brighter, safer and more user friendly. These ranged from more greenery, flowers and benches, brighter paint colours, more rubbish bins, wider pavements, traffic calming to space sharing or partial pedestrianisation. Some of the ideas are for new things like a town crier, street entertainers, craft and art markets, food or garden fairs to attract people into the town.

Spring 2012

Travel around the town, as well as to and from Kington, also brought lots of ideas, such as a 20mph speed limit throughout, provision for cyclists and free car parking for bus users from outlying areas. People want to see more car parks so there is space for shoppers, workers and residents. Better bus services to more places and a Sunday bus service were seen as being important for residents and the future sustainability of the town. People think it’s important to keep the youth service and would like to see community based and interest led initiatives led by young people. It was thought that any future housing to be built in the town should be good quality, sustainable and affordable. Future development and design should think about the local setting and be suitably designed to meet the needs of people in a rural environment.

Lots of ideas were around the development of a more sustainable future for the town from an environmental point of view and through the development of local businesses, and tourism. This would bring more people into the town and provide jobs. Ideas like: building on the coming Walking Festival and establishing Kington as a centre for green tourism, creating longer cycle routes for safe off-road cycling, a community energy generation company, a greenwood craft centre, a reuse centre to refurbish goods for sale, and a community farm or market garden to grow our own food. Details of planning for real events overleaf

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

Planning for Real – A realistic plan for our town made by the people for the people. The issues and ideas that have come from the questionnaires have given a good start to preparing the Community Plan but we are keen to get everybody involved as without your ideas the Plan cannot meet the future needs of all of us in Kington and in the villages around who use Kington for shopping and services. We also want to include local businesses, and organisations, which provide the work and services people need to support their lives.

So as a next stage we are inviting everyone to come and chat about the future of Kington at a number of Planning for Real events. At these meetings there will be large scale maps of Kington to pinpoint where there are opportunities and problems in the town as well as various displays from organisations in the town to stimulate your ideas. We aim to make these events sociable and enjoyable with tea, coffee and biscuits to ensure lively discussion with neighbours and friends as you stick pins in the maps. These community led meetings and discussions will begin with a drop in event in the Market Hall Kington between 9 am 2 pm on Saturday March 10th and then an evening meeting in the: Burton Hotel Kington, on the evening of Tuesday 13th March starting at 7 pm

We are also holding meetings in different areas of Kington so you and your neighbours can identify issues in your local area. These venues can be dropped into during the afternoon with a discussion round the maps in the evening. These will be at the: The Oxford Arms, Duke Street, Kington between 3 pm-7 pm on Wednesday 14th March The Parish House, Church Road, Kington between 3 pm-7 pm on Thursday 15th March Kington Football Club, Park Road, Kington between 3 pm-7 pm on Thursday March 22nd We all like a good moan and we are all good at saying ‘ They should do something ! ’ To make sure that we have a good plan for Kington that contains your needs and ideas you need to take part. Please take some time to talk about this with your family, friends and work colleagues then, come along to one of our Planning For Real Events to tell us your ideas. compiled by Steph Baines

The Kington Chronicle

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Recently I, Katherine Fellows have accepted a position working for Herefordshire Carers Support. In this capacity I will be working in Kington and the surrounding areas to improve the support and information available to the thousands of carers out there, providing care to family and loved ones often at great personal cost. In order to get this message across I thought it might be helpful to define what we mean by the word ‘carer’: “A carer is someone provides help and neighbour or relative otherwise because disability.”

who, without payment support to a friend, who could not manage of frailty, illness or

Very often people do not recognise themselves as a ‘carer’; they are just family, friends or neighbours who find themselves in a caring situation and simply get on with what needs to be done. A carer may not always live with the person being cared for, but their help may be essential to enable someone to go on living independently.”

Spring 2012

I would urge anyone out there who is a carer to get themselves registered with Herefordshire Carers Support so that we can get a true picture of the number of carers out there. With this information we will be able to offer improved services and support for carers in your area and better target resources. Carers registered with HCS will be offered an ‘I Count’ card which is the same size as a credit card and provides them with an easy way to identify themselves as a Carer and also entitles them to discounts from some local suppliers. In the near future my aim is to organise a support group for carers in Kington so watch this space and the local media for further details! If you would like further information or support, or would like to register as a carer please call the Enquiry Line on: 01432 356068 or visit our website

KINGTON VALE OF ARROW RACE COMMITEE PRESENT A RACE NIGHT On May 4th 2012 at 8pm Kington Football Club will be the place to be as a race night will be taking place. The proceedings are in aid of the Kington Vale of Arrow Diamond Jubilee Harness Races which shall take place on June 2nd and also Kington’s Show ‘Traditional Traders Trotting Handicap’ The tickets shall be £5 and includes refreshments. For more information please ring Trish Dugdale on 01544 231157

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

Community Energy – For Kington? As I write this the big 6 energy suppliers in the UK are about to announce their massive profit increases and the increasing costs of our energy is often discussed. But what can we do about it – are we literally powerless? We don’t need to be ! There are examples of villages and towns around Europe that have started community energy projects and are now becoming totally independent for their electricity requirements or have significantly reduced their dependence on the big energy suppliers and they buffer themselves against future energy cost increases. The town of Wildpoldsried in Southern Germany is one such example and as a rural community with a population of 2500 it is interesting to compare directly with Kington. 14 years ago they started small locally organized community companies to produce electricity from Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and other renewable methods. Over time they added more and today they produce more electricity than the town needs. With the income from selling the energy they are investing back into the community and now they develop extra local tourist business as interested groups come and learn from their experiences. (More info here : wildpoldsried)

Very local to Kington the community (PV) system on Leominster leisure centre roof was completed in December and paid for totally by shares (from £250 to £5000) purchased by people from the local community and it was 40% oversubscribed. Below a picture from a January day showing the completed system (yes solar panels do work on a winter’s day !) Further information is available on the website : A community energy project also works for those people who may not want or be able to generate electricity for themselves but would like to be more involved. As Vice Chairman of Kleen and responsible for the Energy group I am actively looking for suitable large roof areas on buildings for solar PV fitting that could make use of a good proportion of the generated electricity each day. Contact me directly if you have suggestions or questions. Since we have a short period of opportunity for this let’s quickly move towards our first example Community Power project in Kington and show that centralised energy generation from the big 6 energy providers is not the only way forward! For more information please e-mail or telephone me at 01544 232722 By Gordon Coppock

Stop Press: At its February meeting Kington Town Council agreed to organise a seminar on community energy schemes for Kington. Date to be arranged.

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

A Word from the New Editor I have been asked to write a piece about myself to put into this edition of The Kington Chronicle and so here goes, I’m not used to writing about myself as I am normally writing about someone or something other than me.

family have settled very well and think the town is a great place to call home as my father left the army a few months ago so we are now able to stop moving from one place to another.

My name is Tamara Adams, for all those that don’t know. I am a student at Ludlow College and am studying my last year of A levels. So yes, I am rather young but I hope to do a good job with The Kington Chronicle. I may sometimes have my hands full with coursework but I always find the time. I have recently moved to Kington and so have not been around for long but myself and the

My interests are socialising with friends as that is what a large proportion of people like doing, also I enjoy writing articles and trying to get as much as I can into The Kington Chronicle. So that’s me and I hope you enjoy reading. By Tamara Adams

Next issue copy deadline: 1st May 2012 for delivery week commencing 21st May 2012

Rhyme by Clive Williams and photo by Richie Cotterill

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

Lady Hawkins’ students achieve successes on the chequered board students won the county section at the age level: Mateusz Partyka (under 13 boys), Abigail Newcombe (under 12 girls), Owain Davies (under 12 girls) and Robert Jolly was runner-up in the under 14 boys’ competition. Eight Lady Hawkins’ students were then selected to represent Herefordshire in the English Counties Championship at Eton. The success of the Lady Hawkins’ Chess Team was recently recognised with the selection of Abigail and Owain to represent Wales and in Liverpool they competed against England and Scotland. It is perhaps not surprising that Lady Hawkins’ School students have been learning about kings, queens, bishops and knights, these would form part of any school history curriculum. However, their learning has been rather different from their history lessons, as the students have started learning the game of chess, and have had some startling successes. Started two years ago by Science teacher Tony Davies, the Lady Hawkins’ Chess Club have defeated a string of independent schools in tournaments. In their first year, the developing team entered the National English Schools Chess Championship with few expectations other than to gain some useful experience. However, they went on to defeat Cathedral School to become winners for the Herefordshire region. In the semi-final for South-West England the Lady Hawkins’ students were beaten by Llandaff Cathedral School, Cardiff. Though the youngsters were then invited to play at Eton and performed admirably against leading chess schools. The team have gone from strength to strength this year, once again becoming Herefordshire champions after defeating Cathedral School and only narrowly lost the regional semi-final (4 – 3) to Sir Thomas Rich School. Equally impressive, three of the

The Chess Club have also turned to the local community to help the would-be chess masters develop their skills playing Presteigne Chess Club. The team are keen to further links with local community teams, especially with the view of gaining experience and coaching. Tony Davies recognises that “the benefits of our students playing chess are considerable and serves to help concentration and thinking skills; skills that then aid their learning.” With such success on the chess board it seems that the students of Lady Hawkins’ Chess Club have every reason to look forward to achieving in their studies. Nic Dinsdale, Director of Humanities, Lady Hawkins’ School

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The Kington Chronicle

Spring 2012

154 properties are at risk of being flooded in Kington and only 40 have signed up for a FREE Environment Agency Flood Warning! Having been flooded myself, I know only too well what an appalling experience it is! To watch as everything you have worked hard for is thrown into a skip is hard enough, but to lose precious sentimental items - such as children’s first drawings is completely devastating. The misery is further compounded by having to move out of your home into alternative accommodation for an average of 9 months while your home is being repaired. Despite the fact that Kington has not seen a major flood for a while, 154 properties remain at risk and we never know when the next flood will strike! So what can we do to reduce our flood risk?

Over the next month I will be knocking on doors in Kington encouraging you to sign up for the flood warning, I am also organizing a Community Safety Day on March 20th from 3- 7.30 in the Burton Hotel Mill Street Kington. Come and see me, the Environment Agency and sign up for a flood warning, see how to protect your property from flooding. West Mercia Police will also be there giving advice on protecting your home from a burglary and Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service will advise you on how to protect your home from fire. I look forward to seeing you there! Mary Dhonau OBE

Log onto the Environment Agencies website and type in your postcode under the section ‘am I at risk of flooding?’ you can also call Floodline on 08445 988 1188. There is a new, Free Flood Warning for Kington. You can register by calling Floodline or via the Environment Agency’s web site. You will then receive an alert to your landline, mobile and email address if a flood is expected. You can then move precious things out of harms way.

Kington Festival 2012 This year's theme is "Kington Festival of Games" and the dates are 8th to 17th June. We are looking for articles for our programme and were wondering if anybody has any recollections of the 1948 Olympic Games in London. If so please contact Matt on 231469 or Geoff on 231706

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Marches Access Point Spring Courses Introduction to Jewellery Making Wednesday 10 weeks

7th March 2012 1 pm– 4 pm

Come along and learn how to make your own stunning jewellery in a relaxed and informal group

New to Internet and Email Tuesday 5 weeks

17th April 2012 10 am—12 noon

Want to know more about the internet and keep in touch with family and friends by email, then beginners course is for you

Computers for the Terrified Wednesday 5 weeks

18th April 2012 10 am– 12 noon

Do you wonder what it is all about? Would you like to have a go? Then this is the course for you

Discover your Family History Thursday 10 weeks

19th April 2012 2 pm—4 pm

Ever wondered how you could find out about that long lost uncle or auntie? Want to find out ‘Who Your Are?’ then join Clare to start finding out

Office Skills Thursday 10 weeks

17th May 2012 6 pm—8 pm

Want to improve your text and word processing skills and increase your employability skills

Those in receipt of certain benefits may be entitled to fee remission. For more details contact Soo or Amanda at MAP, The Old Police Station, Market Hall Street, Kington or telephone 01544 231771.

ONE DAY EVENT KINGTON’S INDUSTRIAL PAST Saturday May 26th 2012 £12 per person to include; lectures, industrial site walks, exhibitions, refreshments Lady Hawkins School Application forms from your local library, for enquiries ring 01544 231929 Herefordshire Local History Societies

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