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Passionate for Jesus Christ

We are a discipleship community existing in various shapes and forms, thriving in the nooks and crannies of our society like grass growing in the cracks of sidewalks and parking lots. Our various communities are bound together with these central ambitions:

Making Jesus central in our lives, families, and cities.

A passionate spirituality of being empowered by the Holy Spirit, which is evidenced by the love exhibited for God and others. God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given us

Discipleship is Mission!

Missionally focused on restoring relationships gone bad in our neighborhoods.

Organized in small ways without walls, either in a home, coffee shop, barber shop, community center—you name it— a place in your context.

All the while making disciples and equipping all people for the mission.


Why Plant Communities with Us? Lead with Others—Leaders of our communities will frequently gather to share concerns, challenges and be mutually encouraged and accountable to each other while on their journey. A Team Pastor and other community leaders will walk beside you in your ongoing ministry journey. Learning Opportunities—Community members will have the opportunity to participate in Kingswell’s learning opportunities within our expanding community network. Corporate Worship—Once a quarter, starting the summer of 2014, our corporate gathering will meet for an experience called The Well. All communities will converge in one place to worship one God. This will be a time of worship, encouragement, prayer, and teaching. Leadership Development—All community members will have special pricing for Kingswell’s cohort programs for the purpose of developing its leaders. Writing on the Wall—Our marketing and events team will help market/advertise your gathering times and events frequently on the social networks. This also includes marketing consultations, the development of flyers and graphics for your community. Incarnational Mission — We will help your community figure out and leverage your group’s greatest assets/gifts for the purpose of restoring the broken relationships in your city and neighborhood. Discipleship Strategies — We will help your community make disciples within your context by implementing a process that works for the community. Serving Opportunities— Within the Kingswell network, there are many opportunities to serve in areas that might interest you.

Street Team / Prayer & Repair / The Well

We gather corporately once every quarter to worship ONE God


This team meets infrequently to serve our neighborhoods in out-of-the-box ways

This Prayer & Repair clinic meets infrequently to pray for people in our community to be restored


"I have been privileged to be a student and a facilitator at Kingswell, where the Good News is always first, and Jesus is always Lord. In most other educational settings the process gets derailed by institutional mandates. Kingswell strives to be unlike other learning environments, most notably by its unwavering focus on small missional community development, and the building up of well-informed disciples and disciple-makers. At Kingswell we have to regularly "brush off the dust of the Rabbi" whom we follow." -~ Sean Lawrence, Team Pastor & Facilitator @ Kingswell

“Equipping people who equip others for the mission”


1124 Central Avenue, Middletown, OH 45044 Email: Website: Phone: (513) 217-9700 Note: All original artwork provided by Sean Lawrence

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We are a discipleship community existing in various shapes and forms, thriving in the nooks and crannies of our society like grass growing i...