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Admissions and Liaison Office Brandon Csendes Admissions & Liaison Officer Paul Wilton Admissions & Liaison Officer Natalie Mak Senior Liaison Officer Ewelina Michalak Liaison Officer Ingrid Schvarczkopf Liaison Officer Daniel Vervaecke Liaison Officer Robin Ellis Coordinator, Admissions & Liaison Tracy Cunningham Associate Registrar and Liaison Officer Marilyn Mason Registrar

Tours and Campus Visit Days Mary O’Connor Admissions/Liaison Assistant

International Students and International Exchanges Linda Weber Manager, International Student Service & Exchange Programs

Campus Ministry Rev. Michael Bechard Director/Chaplain

Student Life Mary Carol Watters Dean of Students

Student Disabilities, Personal Counselling and Development Joan Aldis Coordinator of Counselling and Student Development/CounsellorStudents with Disabilities/First Nations Contact

Financial Inquiries Shelly Guerin Student Financial Services Officer Natalie Walzak Assistant Student Financial Services Officer Dianne Konings Student Financial Aid Coordinator

Social Media kingsatwestern


Residence Doreen Vautour Residence Manager


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King's University College - Viewbook 2012-2013  
King's University College - Viewbook 2012-2013  

This publication is a guide for prospective students to the programs, people and places of King's University College at Western University.