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Saving Time and Being Safe in your RAM Truck in Kingston

Although you may be very excited to be driving on the Kingston roads in your RAM Truck, don’t forget about simple safety factors while on the road. Driving is often enjoyable for those behind the wheel, but it’s important to be safe to ensure that there are no concerns while driving. It is always beneficial to be informed about safety tips to remember while driving any model especially RAM 1500 Trucks.

Tips on How to Keep Safe on Road 1. Accelerate Moderately. When you accelerate while driving, ensure that you are careful and do not make too many extreme accelerations. Fast acceleration can lead to increased demand from the engine, higher fuel costs and can lead to potential problems with your vehicle. You want to maintain a low gas mileage and when you accelerate quickly, it decreases the mileage at that moment in time. With only a couple rapid accelerations, it will not cause too many issues but a large amount of these accelerations will begin to cause issues over an extended period of time. With rapid acceleration, on the highway it decreases your mileage by 33% and by 5% during city driving. Adding up these costs over time will lead to a lot more money spent on gas for your vehicle. When being careful with your acceleration habits, think about how much you can save if on both fuel and having no need for repairs in the future.

2. Create consistency and proportion. Your RAM 1500 truck can be used by you not just with driving for leisure but for business purposes including the delivery of goods or cargo. Â When carrying these kinds of materials, it is important to arrange them so that the weight is distributed evenly across the entire vehicle. Bumpy loads can cause problem on your aerodynamics and subsequently lower down the level of your engine efficiency for about 5% and so it is important to be cautious while driving down roads that may not be smooth. RAM trucks have the ability to withstand to long trips and this can be maximized by being careful with your driving habits. Being aware of the efficiency level at which your vehicle is operating at, can lead to lower fuel costs and will cause your vehicle to last longer with limited repairs.

If you want to learn more about maintaining the quality of your RAM truck or are interested in purchasing a new truck, stop by Kingston Dodge today. Feel free to see our current inventory on our inventory page or give us a call at 613-549-8900 to get any questions you have answered.

Saving Time and Being Safe in your RAM Truck in Kingston Going to distant places with RAM truck in Kingston is a great. But, are you able to do it safe while...