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FALL 2018 It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see. – Henry David Thoreau


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By Kathleen O'Rourke, Director of Marketing & Communication My view of King changed last year. Literally. In the Summer of 2017, the marketing team moved from the Simon House to the Lower School and the lens through which I saw King completely shifted. I was immediately submerged in an academic space where I saw in action what I had always known to be true: the special connection between teachers and students makes King the exceptional school that it is and fosters innovative ideas and extraordinary growth. This edition of Quest is influenced by this experience and celebrates leadership and innovation across the King campus. From my seat in the Lower School, where the marketing department remains, I watch young innovators and leaders develop. From the Makerspace and Media Lab to the Grade 5 Leaders wing, LS students are deeply immersed in STEM and assume leadership roles in student council and service learning. The students are young, energized, and ready to take on the world, evidenced by Foursquare. Some remember the age-old children’s game that lures students to the playground where they draw quadrants and play ball, while others cite the modern-day web application that offers recommendations on where to eat, visit, stay or play according to a user’s location. These double meanings reflect the progress and innovation of the world we live in. It is this world that the same students playing the traditional game outside my office window are prepared to navigate as they develop at King. These students are at ease navigating the lightning fast changes that technology and innovation bring to new ideas and opportunities. The future is here and our students are ready.

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As I walk the halls of King today I am filled with happiness and hope. Every day is an affirmation that the future is bright, as it will be in the hands of creators and leaders cultivated by incredible teachers in this unique school. Though I do not play favorites when it comes to the students at King, I am partial to Mrs. McNulty’s second grade class – my neighbors last year - and would like to offer them special appreciation. Thank you for sharing your moments with me: your cupcakes, your Makerspace projects, and your hugs. My perspective is forever changed.

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