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Introduction to Kings School

Kings Schools continue to be centres of excellence for academic studies and sporting achievement and both Kings Matriculation School and Kings CBSE School are ranked highly amongst Independent Schools in Tamil Nadu. Our success is due to our loyal and supportive parents, our dedicated and hard-working teachers, the outstanding facilities and resources on our 55 acre garden campus and our Kings students who are focused, motivated and inspired to achieve. The slogan for Kings Schools in 2016 is Respect, Achieve, Enjoy and this sums up our philosophy towards education and towards life in general. At Kings we do not focus exclusively on passing exams but in preparing our students for admission to good colleges and universities and to aspire towards entering exceptional careers and professions. At Kings Schools, we believe in an all-inclusive education which concentrates on academic studies but incorporates sport, art, music, community service, Indian culture and leadership into a comprehensive lifestyle regime. We are preparing Kings Students for life and to take their places as dynamic citizens of modern India and by doing so, we encourage students to recognize their own potential, qualities and strengths and to apply them. To quote from the celebrated Swami Vivekananda: Your destiny lies in your own hands. If you think yourself weak, weak you will be. If you think yourself strong, strong you will be. Kings CBSE School moved into its new building at the beginning of this academic year and it has received extensive praise from parents, teachers and the CBSE students. We thank our school architect and Kings Trustee, Mrs Jyoti Motha, for her inspirational and functional design. The school currently educates 303 children from 1st to 8th Standard. We will admit students for 9th Standard in 2017 and progress by one standard annually. The CBSE School shares The Kindergarten and Boarding facilities with Kings Matriculation School and in future will also share 11th and 12th Standard classes. The school is now‘Recognised’ by The Government of Tamil Nadu and awaits affiliation, in 2016, by the Central Board of Secondary Education in Delhi. As always, we are very grateful to Kings Parents for the absolute trust which they place in Kings Schools for the education and care of their children. Education is a partnership between school and parents and we respect the genuine desire of parents to get the best possible education for their precious children. We will always be responsive to suggestions and comments from parents on how to improve the quality of education and care at Kings Schools.


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Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

We are delighted to introduce the newly appointed Principal, who begins his work in June 2016.


Welcoming our new Principal

Mr. Frederick Sam. J. M.Sc., B.Ed., M. Phil., (Ph.D)


Mr J. Frederick Sam has completed his Graduation and Post Graduation in Zoology. He has 20 years experience in teaching and school administration within India and also in the Maldives. He has worked as a Principal in a chain of schools in Tuticorin and Coimbatore for the last 8 years, and has experience with different curriculums such as IGCSE from the University of Cambridge, UK, and the CBSE curriculum with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Dehli.

Thank You A big Thank you to Mrs Rekha - PRO (Coordinator), Mr. Alagu Narayana Manikandan (Photographer) and Ms. Emily Schofield (Editor) for their hard work and creative input into producing such a high quality 2015-16 School Magazine for Kings Schools. Their effort is very much appreciated.

Rekha Muthukrishnan PRO

Alagu Narayanan Manikandan Photography

Emily Schofield Volunteer


This year we welcome many new members of staff including a new Principal, Mr. Frederick Sam. J Kings CBSE’s new building has now opened, allowing the school to expand its intake and increase the range of standards offered.

Kings Matriculation School had another good year in 2014 as exam results boasted a 100% pass rate in both 10th and 12th Standards and top marks of 1156/1200 in 12th and 494/500 in 10th. Our 2015 Board Examination results surpassed the last, with both 10th and 12th standard achieving 1st place in our education district, and 10th standard even attaining 3rd in the state and a 2nd in the Revenue District. Our top marks were 497/500 awarded to Shanusa Bright. R for standard 10 and 1181/1200 for Rekshiny.T in standard 12. Kings CBSE has had a number of successes: 10 children were selected for the Hindu Young world painting competition; 25 Students participated in the Tirunelveli District Yoga competition and won 3rd place; The Kings CBSE Basketball Team won second place in ALF memorial trophy tournament and second place in the BAKK Club tournament; Six students presented models in the MARCOS EXPO and Sai Aniketh, Glarintha Sharon and Akshay Vishwanath won prizes. Furthermore, 6 students took part in AVSK Quiz competition and Sheikh Naveedh and Benson were awarded prizes. The school was awarded first prize in the Peagasus cultural competition and second prize in the Hilton School cultural competition. The school participated in Kiddival competition and in various Science Exhibitions. Vellapandi of 10th std reached the finals of the Young Scientist Award with the ‘Sprinkler Irrigation Project’ and ‘Drip Irrigation through Capillary Action’. We have now outsourced all our music to an external company, Mr. J D Isaac’s Cape Academy of Music, from which we have 1 full-time and 3 part-time music teachers.


Kings Kindergarten educates children who then go on to the Matriculation School or the CBSE School. All students can read and write in English before they go to primary school and they can speak in English and follow English instructions. They learn through ‘colour’ days, internal competitions and play activities. KG students won the first four places in the external ‘Pegasus’ competition in which 55 schools participated.Noteworthy children in 2015/16 were: Dhushara Nijoe (pre KG) for excellent communication and presentation skills, Ashika J. (pre KG) for efficient leadership skills, Esvid (LKG) for artistic talent, Hezida Nancy (LKG) for confidence in speaking, Hari Shankar (UKG) for good behavior, Nancy Roy Christina (UKG) for friendly communication, Kaviyanjali (UKG) for winning the external collage competition and finally Christina Jerolin from UKG for her neat writing and communication skills. Kings Boarding Houses, for boys and girls, provide a home away from home for up to 150 children who reside at Kings Schools. The boarding facilities are shared by Kings Matric School and Kings CBSE School. Children are cared for by a Housemaster or housemistress assisted by House Matrons. We currently have 3 Boarding Houses for Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Girls.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Within basketball, Annadakannan (8th Std.) represented Tamil Nadu in the under 14’s State Basketball Team in the National Games; Kings Juniors won the South India Level Basketball Tournament, and we emerged as winners in St. Rajas Tri-district tournament, The State Level Basketball tournament in Marthandam, Priory Basketball tournament (seniors and super seniors) and Tirunelveli District Basketball Tournament. In hockey, Vivekananth (8th Std.) represented Tamil Nadu in under 14’s State Hockey Team in the National Games in Jharkhand State and Kings hockey team won all district and zonal matches throughout all categories, qualifying for the State Republic Day Games. Within swimming, Sanjeev Aathavan and Gokul Ramnath were individual champions in the Tamil Nadu State swimming meet; Mariappan, Sneha, Sharmila and Jerin all qualified for the State Republic Day Games in the Divisional Swimming Competition, and Mari Selvan won the individual championship at the Non-Medallist Swimming Competition. Sharmila (9th Std.) won first place in 50m breaststroke, open women’s category, in the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s trophy. The Junior boys athletics Team won first place in the Republic Day 4x100 metre relay; Ananda Kannan achieved 1st in the junior 100m and Laksmanan came 1st in the 400m.


S port continues to be an active part of life at Kings. Here are just some of our special sporting achievements:

Kings World Trust for Children An overview of the work done within the Charity Kings School is a wholly owned division of a Children’s Charity called Kings World Trust for Children. The KWTC charity was set up in 1994 by Mr Colin Wagstaff and Mr Navamani James to provide care, education and training for children who were orphaned, homeless, disadvantaged or disabled. Currently the charity is operating and managing the following projects: Kings Matriculation School & Kings CBSE School.

Community care and funding which enables disadvantaged & low income children to access education and training at local schools and centres. Raises and accesses funding for disadvantaged and low income students to attend University, Polytechnics and ITI courses. Free Bursaries for low income and disadvantaged children to study and board at Kings Matriculation School. Community care and funding for children with physical and mental disabilities and children who are terminally ill in the form of a medical outreach program for which we have a field co-ordinator, Mrs Hensi, who visits the families regularly and also provides communication and support during emergencies.


In total, we support over 460 children and their families with access to subsidised or free education, healthcare, boarding and support within the community. In providing this, we help to open up new possibilities and opportunities; helping create a brighter future for those who may not have access otherwise.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

2014 Board Examination results reveal centum marks Toppers 2014-15 Summer brings sweat. The toil and diligence of the whole year brings success. Success is in proportion to the quantum of the input. The result of the Board exam brings anxiety to the students, teachers and parents. It’s true that your heart beat soars up on the day of the result publications. Out of the 104 students sitting +2 public exams, every last one passed and acquired a centum result. Among them, Sabari Raja. M, a student of Bio-Math achieved the highest ranking in the school and is now pursuing Medicine at Government Medical College, Nagercoil. Sangeetha.S and Devi Bala. E opted for Maths- Computer in +2, both attaining the second highest ranking in the school. Anitha E, Student of Bio-Maths achieved the third highest ranking in the school. In the X Board Examination all the students who appeared in the exam passed, procuring a centum result. Shinusha Bright. R scored 494 marks and stood first in the school. She attained centum in Math and Science, 99 in Social, 98 in Tamil, and 97 in English. Amirtha Priyanka . R achieved 493, ranking 2nd position and Iswarya. N, Grace Aruna. M, and Isha. C achieved joint 3rd place, all with 492 marks. An additional 33 students scored centum in Science, 20 in Social and 10 in Maths.

12th Toppers

Sabari Raja .M


Devi Bala.E


10th Toppers

Sinusha Bright R

Amirtha Priyanka R

Iswarya N

Grace Aruna M

Isha C

Academic Achievements

Academic achievements

Kings School achieves State Rank Toppers 2015-16

In 2015’s Std 10 exams, we are pleased to announce that we were ranked as 3rd in the state, 2nd in the Revenue District and 1st place in the Education District and with our outstanding results from our own Shanusa Bright R. Her exceptionally hard work was rewarded with an amazing 497/500 marks, scoring 100% in maths, science and social science. She was followed closely by Elango Dinesh P, with a result of 495 and Keshiga Kevin J with 494 out of 500. Standard 12’s Plus Two exam also made us proud with yet another 1st place in the Cheranmahadevi Education District. Topping these results, Rekshiny. T achieved an astonishing 1181/1200, with 2nd and 3rd place being awarded to Jeshma with 1177 and Anlin Tom Subaitha who attained 1176/1200.

Student Achievements

All teachers and staff here at Kings are delighted with our student’s success, and would like to congratulate all those who prepared for and sat the exams. You have made us all proud! A very big Thank You also goes out to the Principal, Head of Senior School, teachers, parents and students whose utter dedication, perseverance and support made all of our achievements possible.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Student Achievements

A big Congratulations! Three of our Std. XII students have secured Medical College Placements following their hard work towards their +2 Examinations. Jeshma. J, who achieved 1177/1200, has received a placement at Kilpauk Medical College in Chennai based on her outstanding marks. Sarah Sundar has received a placement at Tirunelveli Medical College as a result of achieving 1173/1200 in her 2015 +2 Examinations. Mari Muthu, who achieved 1177/1200, has received a placement at Kanyakumari Medical College, Asaripalam in Nagercoil. Kings congratulates all 3 students for their effort, motivation and perseverance which enabled them to reach their goals. We extend to them all of our best wishes for the future.

Mari Muthu.M


Sarah Sundar.S

10th Toppers

Shanusa Bright.R


Elango Dinesh


12th Toppers

Keshiga Kevin






Anlin Tom Subaitha


Proficiency Award Winners 2014-15 Reward for Hard Work

Siva Ranjini .N-1 ‘A’

Austin Joe. J - 2 ‘ A’

Smilin Gifta S - 4 ‘B’

Nithish Selvan .S.V - 6 ‘ A’

Anton Melkins. A. M-1 ‘ B’

Krithick Mukesh M- 2 ‘ B’

Kasturi Nachiyar P - 4 ‘C’

Abiksha.T- 6 ‘B’

Antro Rakshana M-1 ‘ B’

Maria Kevin.K - 3 ‘ A’

Susi Melinda.I - 5 ‘A’

Ranet Susmitha.S.D - 7’A’

Aslyn Leona T -1 ‘ B’

Niwin Abraham George J-3 ‘B’

Arufa A F Hadssah - 5 ‘B’

Mesha Kudil.R - 7 ‘B’

Sharvesh. S - 1 ‘B’

Francis Rohith. W - 4’ A’

Annu Shree.B.K- 5 ‘C’

Thanga Priya.P - 7 ‘C’

Juanika Valan.V.P- 8 ‘ A’

Keshiga Kevin.J - 9 ‘A’

Vaitheki.C - 11- ‘A1’

Samuel Staineson.P-8 ‘B’

Shanusa Bright.R - 9 ‘B’

Jeshma.J - 11 ‘A2’

Stella.S- 9 ‘ C’

Anugrakhaa.A - 11 ‘B’

Mohamed Akram.B -8 ‘C’

Anlin Tom Subaitha. R - 11 ‘C’

CBSE - Proficiency Award Winners 2014 - 15

Asra class - 1 ‘A’

Stanley P Joneson- class 4

Sanjay Ram M - class 1 ‘B’

Shreenidhi C B-class 2

Abdus Shafiq A - class 5

Sri Hary M - class 6

Sanjay Seashathri B P S -class-3

Proficiency Award Winners 2015 - 16 Reward for Hard Work

Ajin Rehoson.A 1 -‘A’

Krithick Mukesh M 3 -‘B’

Layo Jowin. X 5-‘C’

Abiksha.j 7 -‘B’

Rakshita .C I - ‘B’

Bernice. M 4-‘A’

Lisani Mary.G 6 - ‘A’

Abinaya .P.M 7 -‘C’

Asirvou Sebasti. A 2- ‘A’

Balaji. K 4-‘B’

Preethika.K 6 ‘B’

Kaviya. K 8 - ‘A’

Anton Melkins. A. M. 2-‘B’

Smilin Gifta. S 5 ‘A’

Annu Shree.B.K 6 ‘C’

Mesha Kudil.R 8 - ‘B’

Austin Joe. J 3-‘A’

Monifa Pushya. S 5 -‘B’

Vinay Saran J.J 7- ‘A’

Thanga Priya.P 8 -‘C’

Samuel Stainson P 9 - ‘A’

Anne Jeffrene E 9- ‘C’

Indhu Priya R 11 - ‘A2’

Ramana J 9- ‘B’

Snowlin Rufancy T 11 A1

Nandhitha S 11-‘B’

Amirtha Priyanka R 11- ‘C’

CBSE -Proficiency Award Winners 2015 -16

Jebisha Micheal I - class 1

Shreenidhi CB - class 3

Abdus Shafiq A - class 6

Asra S - class 2A

Hema Manisha K - class 4

Sri Hary M - class 7

Iniya Nirumala - class 2B

Fathima Faseeha -class 5

Jaisy Rofina C - class 7

Student Testimonials

The secret of my success reflects effort & hard work I have achieved success due to the support of my teachers, parents and the School. I am so grateful towards all of them. They have been my backbone. I prepared a schedule and studied according to that. I was not good at managing time, but with my teachers’ encouragement I overcame my shortcomings and wrote many home tests in my house, practising and perfecting effective time management. I also concentrated on the presentation, because it shows how one studies. My teachers guided me the whole way. I was rewarded for my hard work with centum in three subjects in the SSLC Board exam, all due to my teachers’ training. My teachers not only taught lessons but also taught me moral values to achieve success. I must thank the school Management for arranging the morning and evening special classes. I am proud to have had the teachers who taught me last year and I am glad to have been their student. I also need to thank my parents who supported me. I can only hope I made my school proud.

Student Testimonials

M. Grace Aruna, XI ‘A1’


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

We should make use of the opportunity which comes our way. Likewise, our S.S.L.C. exam is also an opportunity to lay a strong foundation for our future career. This helps us to make the right choice to opt for the correct group in std XI. I scored 493 marks out of 500 in the public exam and got the second rank in my school. The main reason for my success is proper guidance from my parents and teachers, who guided me to obtain this position. I used my time very efficiently and I did my homework every day. The next thing is time management. After writing many exams (Slip test, Revision exam, One Word test, etc) I was able to write my exams in the time available. This proves that practising anything repeatedly leads us to success. Writing exams repeatedly helped me identify my mistakes and I was able to correct them with my teacher’s guidance. My friends, you will perform better if you always put hard work into your studies. And I wish to thank my parents, friends and teachers who encouraged and guided me to achieve my goal. R. Amirtha Priyanka, XI ‘C’

Student Testimonials

Avail yourself of the opportunity

Bake Library

“Opening the doors to learning” “Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors of learning are always open.” [Laura Bush Miriam Epstein] We have more than 11,000 books in our library comprising of a high-quality collection of reference books, subject related books, career-related books, art books, novels and children’s story books, including Tamil, Hindi and English. On top of this, we subscribe to several magazines and journals and each year we purchase around 1,000 new books. Daily newspapers allow pupils and staff to remain up to date with the latest news from around the world, giving them a broader and more varied knowledge outside the walls of the school. Library class: Every class from std I to std XI gets the chance to visit the library during their library periods. Children from std III onwards are allowed to borrow books for a week. Importance of reading: “Reading is important because if you can read, you can learn anything about everything and everything about anything.” We at Kings give a great deal of importance to reading as we believe it helps a child develop knowledge and language. To encourage it, we have created the “Eager Eyes Reading Challenge” which involves the pupils reading and then reviewing books. The most literate and creative reviews are selected and displayed in the library and boast prizes and a certificate as rewards.

Bake Library

To Parents: “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is best of all.” We are all aware that technology is pervasive and children are often more interested in browsing the internet than reading books. However, we should not let our children spend most of their time on these things; rather we need to advise them to read books during their free time. There are many children’s magazines and fun comics available on the market, which we subscribe to and encourage the children to read. Mrs Reeta, Librarian


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Bake Library

Student Opinions Finding the Book

People believe that everyone is interested in reading books - but some of you may not agree. Believe me - even I didn’t like reading books. We do not think the books we read will be sufficient for our task or be understandable. But it’s not true. I’m sure that if you try, you will bury yourself in the book that you hold and keep on reading. I found my day and I am sure that you will too. Kings Bake Library helps all children enjoy their day by providing different types of books. You could be 60 years old but become as fresh as a 10 year old and a potential book thief! Additionally, I extend special thanks to my parents for buying me so many books that I love to read. Diya Maria Motha, std X ‘A’

Bake Library I am proud to be a member of the Kings family. I am impressed by our School Library. The day I arrived at School, I started reading books for pleasure and they continue to entertain me today. Reading helps us to do our projects and is the key to gaining knowledge; that’s why I love reading at Kings. Our School gives us lots of opportunities such as the Eager Eyes Reading Challenge. Bake library contains huge collections and I especially love reading comics. I have also been enormously inspired by the book entitled ‘The Wings of Fire’, which is an autobiography of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam – which I believe can help us all achieve success. S Goldlin Jospah, std IX ‘A’

Photography & Art

Photography and Art

Drawing with Light

Photography is an art that allows students to express themselves and their views and ideas. Our specialised art teachers guide the students on how to recognise, analyse and present concepts and objects from their surroundings more deeply than their surface appearance. Whilst our students understand that everything in this world is beautiful, the nature of photography allows that beauty to be showcased. Kings’ students are given regular practise and the best photographs are presented with recognition and awards, with talent being acknowledged by senior Kings Management and sometimes even officials from outside. This is a strong motivation to fully express their own emotions, ideas and understanding through photographs. Art is a complex language through which the students are guided to see the world around them through different eyes. Our art pupils are given pictures to study and understand, and are encouraged to explore beyond the image, seeing it from other perspectives. We are pleased to have comprised a stimulating collection of pictures taken by our own students. Above all, Kings School is very much concerned with the inner quality of students, and those qualities are moulded and developed through skills such as art and photography.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Alagu Narayanan Manikandan Art & Photography


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Photography and Art

Photograph taken by Micheal Mareena, std IX-Matric

Language Labs

Adapting to individual learning styles In order to keep up with constant advancements in learning technology, Kings set up a Language Lab with the latest computer systems. It boasts an audio-visual installation used in modern teaching methods for learning foreign languages which is an exclusive results-oriented and efficient way to enrich the language learning process and enhance language proficiency.

Language Labs

This creates a happy learning environment, allowing children with different learning styles to flourish. The Language Lab especially develops the children’s listening and speaking skills as students can record their own voice and play back the recordings, as well as interact with each other and the teacher. Children love to use this new facility and eagerly await their turn.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Activities Here at Kings School, we pride ourselves in igniting and investigating our student’s inner powers, originality and individualism. We believe that possessing curiosity and imagination are the first steps towards realising our creativity. The importance of creativity is that when realised, it forms talent, which opens the doors to many possibilities in life. Therefore we provide our students with as many different activity choices as we can, bringing their non-curricular talents to the surface. These activities include Art, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Karate, Kung Fu, Yoga, Swimming, Roller Skating, Music (Keyboard and Guitar), Vocals (Carnatic Music), Handicraft, Chess, Cookery and Photography. All are taught by a number of highly skilled professionals and at the end of the academic year we celebrate with an activity day where the students exhibit their talent.


“A Home away from Home” “A home away from home” is the best way to define Kings boarding. We have an excellent infrastructure in a green and eco-friendly environment. At Kings boarding we have separate dormitories for sports boys and senior boys and a completely separate boarding house for girls. The Matrons here keep the houses clean and hygienic. The schedule given to us is very systematic, covering time not only for studies but also for sports, art, music and other extra-curricular activities. The students are provided with appropriate furniture to study inside the boarding dormitories. Hygienically prepared and delicious food is provided for every child at mealtimes, including an after-school snack. Our sick bay is fully equipped and we have a full time nurse who cares for the children and boarding staff’s health. The other wardens here are very friendly and motivating, and they ensure that the boarders’ are enjoying their stay with activities such as camp fires and picnics every term.” Mrs Keruja, Girls Boarding Warden

My decade at Kings


I came to Kings School when I was about seven years old. And now, at seventeen, I can barely believe that it has been so long. It’s true when they say time flies - it really does. I can still remember when my parents told me I had to go to boarding school for ten years. I didn’t believe that I would survive all those years - but I did. Being in Kings School has changed me in many ways. I have learnt many things, like courage and confidence. Kings has given me many memories that I shall cherish my entire life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my life here and there are no days that I regret. Kings has given me a lot of good friends that have helped me through all highs and lows. Kings has been my home for more than half of my life; hence it will always be my home. Jaya Motha, XII A1


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


My Ladder to Success It’s getting late. Where’s my bag, my ID? Ah.. I’ve got it. Hurrah! It’s time to go to school. When I entered the School on the first day, I was shocked, as I had never seen a school with such an infrastructure and wonderful facilities. At Kings School, practical study is given more importance than theory. In these nine years I have learnt not only academics, swimming, hockey and classical dance, but to speak better English as well. My experience in Boarding is no less than being at home. After school, we go to Boarding with the same, or even more, excitement as a day scholar going home. My friends and teachers are my family members, from whom I have learnt many things. Our teachers have guided us at every step and directed us in the right direction. I must also mention the food at Boarding. I enjoyed each day’s menu and I am afraid I will not get this delicious food in my future boarding life during higher studies. I shall definitely miss the meals. Now I am towards the end of my schooling days, I shall be missing my friends, teachers and my School, but all the memories will remain with me forever. Thank you Kings. M K Agni Vadivu, XII’A1’

Kings - My Home from Home I joined Kings School in std VI. When I first came, I had a fear that the teachers would be strict and impolite. But, to my surprise, right from the time I entered the Reception Office, and was taken around the School and the Boarding, everyone greeted me warmly and every face I saw had a pleasant welcoming smile. It became a very different atmosphere for me then. I started my classes, and though slow in academics, I improved a great deal. The best part for me was the Sports at Kings. I love Basketball, and was coached and trained in a very professional manner. I played in various tournaments and State Level matches, even winning many! It is a blessing for me to be a member of Kings School. Moreover, my Boarding life has been an extremely memorable time. I have never missed my own house, as the warden and matrons not only cared for us, but also corrected us when we were wrong and gave us emotional support whenever it was needed. My bond with Kings is and will forever remain fresh in my mind for my entire lifetime. My friends and teachers have all been supportive in every walk of my School life. Oh… my Kings… You shall always remain in my memories. Arun Shiva, XII’C’

Competitions Internal Competitions

Kings School is a place where a wealth of talent is available and the School uses these talents in earnest. Our School not only encourages students but also moulds their characters to shine in competitions. Our students learn to utilise each and every opportunity that knocks at their door. These platforms are provided for our children through various competitions all through the school from Pre-KG to std IX and XI (students of std X & XII are exempted as they have to concentrate on their Public exams). Each and every student who participates in the various competitions undertakes these challenges with great enthusiasm. They help improve confidence and communication skills. Apart from academics, all individual talents are supported by our school. We believe that each child is born with a unique talent. Internal competitions lay a strong foundation that allows them opportunities to win trophies from various competitions, giving them confidence in their abilities. Their participation enhances their knowledge and empowers their vocabulary.


We start competitions from the Kindergarten level, with events such as Fancy Dress, Thirukkural, Solo dancing and English Elocution, to mention a few. The parents’ participation is also equally appreciated. When it comes to Junior School, the number of participants increases. The competitions held here include Art from waste, Collage work, Memory games, Spelling bee, Elocutions, Solo dancing and Fancy dress. The competitions for Middle and Senior School are held in A K Hall. Here, we have a preliminary round for a limited number of competitions as the number participating is huge. The eagerly awaited Mr. & Ms. Kings Competition is held over three rounds, and the winners of the first two rounds are selected for the third and final round. The overall winner is awarded the Mr. & Ms. Kings title, while the others, based on their performance, are given titles of Best Costume, Talent, Personality, Style and Most Confident.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

External Competitions The INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) exhibition by the Ministry of Science and Technology was organised by the Tamil Nadu School Education Department at Bell Matriculation School, Palayamkottai on Wednesday, 8th July. The 2015 INSPIRE award programme was inaugurated by Rajya Sabha member S Muthukaruppan, who appealed directly to the students to think scientifically to develop innovative ideas, and to thereby achieve revolutionary changes. Students from std VI – X were involved from the Tirunelveli District to promote their skills in research oriented activities. Mesha Kudil, std VIII and Diffany Muthu Rathi, std X took part and exhibited a Solar Robot and the Capillary effect of water. They were praised for their hard work.

Skill Developing Competitions at Kings Everybody has their own talent. Some may excel in art, while others in dance or singing, and others are bold and confident enough to speak in public. Competitions bring out those talents and my school holds various competitions for us. Among the various competitions conducted, I secured third place. We hold English and Tamil Elocution competitions that allow students to improve their confidence levels and reduce stage fright. We also have quiz competitions like General Quiz, Sports Quiz, and so forth, which help improve memory. Drawing competitions are widely anticipated and are made possible by our huge art room. On top of this, dance, singing, storytelling, Thirukkural, Elocution and Mr. and Ms. Kings competitions all allow the students to exhibit their talents. I have been participating in all different types of competitions since std I, and have won many 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes. These competitions have helped us to participate in various external competitions and secure places in the highest ranks within India. I thank Kings School for this wonderful opportunity. V P Juanika Valan, std 9 ‘A’




Young Scientist Awards I am Vellapandi and I am attending 10th standard at Kings. It’s a school where we are motivated and encouraged to discover new techniques and modern trends within science. I am always interested in innovating and experimenting with my own scientific ideas. “Puthiya Thalaimurai” on T.V gave me a platform for this. It organised a young scientist event on 5th August in the PET Engineering College. More than 50 schools from Tirunelveli District participated in the Young Scientists Award and presented their projects. With the help of my Biology Teacher, Mrs. Sheela, I presented my project “Drip Irrigation through capillary Action”. It’s a very low budget scheme which all farmers can adopt. It was a unique idea and impressed both judges and the spectators.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

I was on cloud nine when my name was announced for the Young Scientist Award. I will cherish that moment in my life forever. Truly I feel that I am one of the young scientists who want to build a stronger India. I dedicate this Award to my school that encouraged me to do my project. I was selected for the state level competition for the Young Scientist Award held in Trichy. There I presented my “Sprinkler Irrigation project”. I won’t say that I lost in the last round of the state level competition, because the inspiration and motivation I got from my school and the guidance and encouragement I received from my teachers, helped me to discover a new horizon in the science of tomorrow. Vellapandi, STD X


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings won first place in Pegasus 2015 The Bharat Montessori School, Courtallam, conducted the 25th ‘Pegasus’ programme, a Cultural event, on 25th July. 18 schools from the district participated. There were competitions for all age groups, from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary level students. Competitions included ‘Creative Rhyme’, ‘Back to the past’, ‘Picasso’, ‘Medley Time’, ‘Kite Making’, ‘Converse a while’, ‘Wrap Bangle’, Miss & Master Pegasus, ‘Musiciano’, ‘Bridge your Design’, ‘Bubble Up’ and many more. Kings School students participated in all the competitions with great enthusiasm, and nearly wiped the board, winning prizes in all the competitions. We won 10 first prizes, 4 second prizes, and 4 third prizes. From Kindergarten, 4 students participated and each of them won 1st place! We scored the highest points in all the levels – KG, Junior, Middle & Senior categories - and won the Overall Championship Rolling Trophy for their wonderful performances. All participants were praised by Chairman Uncle Colin and Correspondent Mr.Navamani, who congratulated the students and teachers who made it possible.

Hilton Show Fest The Hilton Show Fest was held on 29th August at Hilton Matric. Hr. Sec. School, Old Courtrallam. 20 Schools from the district participated in the vast variety of events offered. 36 students from stds III – XII represented Kings School in a range of events: Western Dance, Clay Modelling, Fancy Dress, Spell Bee, Maths, Drawing and Colouring, Flower Carpet, Rangoli, Folk Dance, Classical Dance, Pot Painting, Tamil Elocution, Quiz, Turn Coat, Fireless –Wireless Cooking, English Elocution, Mime and Spin A Yarn. We won the first place in the Quiz, Drawing and Colouring, Turn Coat and Fireless – Wireless Cooking; Second Place in Spell Bee and Western Dance and lastly third Place in Maths Fab, Folk Dance & Classical Dance. Overall, we won Second Place in the events and were awarded a shield. Each participant was given a certificate and award.

Celebrations Our Founder turns 70

On 1st August, Our chairman, Uncle Colin celebrated his 70th Birthday, which coincided with the Kings Basketball Trophy tournament. The celebration took place on the Basketball court. Three students, who also celebrated their birthday on the same day, joined him in cutting the cake which was a replica of the Basketball court with a ball on it. The head boy and girl presented a gift to Uncle Colin and a dance team entertained the audience with a Western dance. Every single member of Kings School was happy to be a part of the celebration.

Celebration of Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day On 4th September, ‘Teachers Day’ was celebrated throughout the School. The senior students of the school organised an event at A K Hall with games for staff. They had prepared plays and dances and a group of boys sang. Snowlin Rufancy gave a powerful speech about the importance of teachers in creating the citizens of tomorrow. The students also arranged for a cake to be cut by the Principal and showed their respect and gratitude towards their teachers.


Children’s day is annually celebrated on 14th November all over India. Kings School celebrated with Kings teachers and staff presenting their artistic talent. The teachers performed drama, dances and songs containing messages emphasising how important children are and that the future of India relies upon their well-being and education.


Independence Day Kings School celebrated India’s 69th Independence Day on 15th August, 2015. The Junior School was decorated with the tri-colour National flag and pictures of National leaders were displayed to kindle patriotism in youngsters. Uncle Colin and Correspondent Navamani were greeted with the special Bulbul claps. The programme started with the prayer song and was followed by prayers. Our marvellous flag was hoisted by our Uncle Colin, followed by the KodiPadal sung by teachers Michael Sudha and Buelah. The celebration continued with marvellous imagination. A speech on the ‘Vision of India’ in 2020 was presented by Smilin Gifta of std V. A fusion dance was performed by a set of students and then Azhagumeena, std III, Binesh Xavier and Dolly Encelleta, std IV, impressed us all with their singing. Following this, we took the opportunity to dedicate a prayer in the memory of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. Ten roses were attached to the Indian map, each signifying one of his desires to be fulfilled. Finally an oath was taken to make the dreams of Mr. Kalam come true. Aunty Anne-Marie’s birthday was announced along with other children celebrating birthdays. The celebration came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem.

Republic Day On 26th January, the Republic day was celebrated in the Junior School. The singing of the prayer and flag song began the day. Uncle Colin hoisted the flag accompanied by Mr. Navamani. The choir sung a patriotic song, and students of std VI and VII presented a ‘Puppet Show’, with puppets describing each states of India’s prominent features. The puppets also explained the Indian Emblem and its uniqueness. The celebration came to an end with everyone proudly singing the National Anthem.

10th Annual Day Kings School celebrated its 10th Annual Anniversary on 8th August,2014. The British Deputy High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr Bharat Joshi was the Chief Guest. Uncle Colin, founder of Kings World Trust for Children and Kings Schools welcomed His Excellency Mr Bharat Joshi, Mrs Anne Marie, Cofounder, Trustees Dr. Kumara Murugan, Managing Trustee Mr Ravi, Mr Rajendra Singh, Mrs Ranitha Rajendrasingh, Mrs Jothi Motha, invited Guests, parents and children. Mr Navamani, Director & Correspondent of KWTC & Kings School respectively spoke on the twenty years journey of Kings World Trust for Children, & ten years of journey of Kings School. He specially thanked Uncle Colin and his wife Mrs Anne Marie aunty, without whose support Kings would not have been possible. He also mentioned a special thanks to Lt. Dr. Leslie, who was one of the important persons to form KWTC in Chinamalpuram. Mrs Pupsy, the Principal of Kings School gave away the Annual report for the year.

Annual Day

His Excellency Mr Bharat Joshi, in his speech highly appreciated the work of Kings School as it was creating good future citizens by giving an all round quality education and providing them with an international standard of facility. He then awarded the prizes to the proficiency winners who performed well in academics, the state toppers in the public exam, students who excelled in various sports and games. Further there was a series of cultural programmes and, finally the programme came to an end by the vote of thanks given by Mrs. Chandra, the Middle School head who appreciated all performers, students and each and everyone involved in making the programme a grand success. The programme came to an end by everyone singing the National Anthem.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Annual Day

11th Annual Day The 11th Annual Day of Kings School was marked with a wonderfully lively celebration and prize distribution ceremony. Mrs. Vijila Sathyanath, member of Rajya Sabha, was the Chief Guest of the function and Mrs. Bala, Inspector of Matriculation schools, was the Guest of Honour. Also present on the occasion were the Trustees Mrs. Jothi Motha, Mr.Rajendrasingh, Mr. Ravi, Mr. Colin, Mr. Navamani and Mrs. Pupsy.

Annual Day

Following a warm welcome, Mrs. Pupsy and Mrs. Anu presented the annual report highlighting the various activities undertaken during the academic session 2014-2015. A speech delivered by Mrs. Vijila stressed the need for moral values and urged the students to always aim high. Indian Classical and Western dances were beautifully showcased by the students and meritorious students and the sports achievers of std I-XII were awarded prizes and certificates. Mrs. Chandra proposed a vote of thanks. It was an evening of joy for both students and spectators.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Annual Day

Annual Day 34

Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Annual Day

Community Action Team

Creating true citizens of Tomorrow Junior Red Cross Hygiene, service and friendship are the three basic principles that form the foundation of the Junior Red Cross (JRC) movement. In Kings School, JRC is an active movement that is always vibrant with its open hand ready to serve the needy. The students in JRC are given not only the theoretical elements of JRC but also the practical skills by actively taking part in helping the needy. Planting saplings, visiting old age homes and cleaning the village are just a few of the remarkable and much appreciated activities of JRC students recently.

Community Action Team

The JRC organization enables students to become more giving, kind and humane, and creates true citizens of the nation. We feel that the all-round development of a student’s personality is developed and assured.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

The Community Action Team is made up of students from Scouts, Guides and Junior Red Cross from stds VII and VIII. Their first project of planting trees was in Pudhur, at Saleth Matha Church, 3 k/m from Kings School. 30 students took saplings of Neem trees, digging and planting the trees by themselves over a period of 2 hours. In addition to this, we actively encouraged members of the community to plant trees, expressing the importance of caring for our environment. On 4th July, 24 students from std XI and 2 staff members visited the ‘Shanthi Ashram’ Old Age Home in Mukkudal. They spent time with the elderly people who live there, and entertained them with songs and dance. Games were enjoyed and prizes awarded, after which the students provided emotional support and the elderly men shared their personal life experiences. We saw students begin to understand the value of parents, and were touched to meet the residents. We hope that we contributed a great deal to the residents’ enjoyment of the day.

Community Action Team

Work in the local community

Field Trips The daily routine of activity certainly does not bore the students, but for a change, students were taken on alternative and exciting field trips between the months of September and November.

Field Trips

Students of std I, II, VI and VII were taken to the Science centre, Tirunelveli as an edutainment trip. They were thrilled to watch the 3D movie and were fascinated by their experience in the Planetarium. Children of std III, IV, V and VIII were taken to Kanyakumari, purely as an entertainment trip. They visited the Aquarium, Gandhi Mandapam and the ruins of Vattakottai. Children of std IX, X and XII were taken on an education excursion to the Nuclear Power Plant at Kudunkulam. Having the opportunity to view how the site is laid out and experience how the latest technology is used for generating electricity, both students and teachers felt it had been a golden opportunity and something which they were fortunate to have experienced.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Bangalore Tour On 28th September 65 students of XI and 7 teachers went on a tour of Mysore & Bangalore. After reaching Mysore on 29th September, students were taken to the Temple of Chamundeswari, the presiding deity of Mysore. Students then paid a visit to St. Philomena, a towering church of 175ft that was built in Neo-Gothic style. Following this, they left for Mysore Palace, a three storey marble structure surrounded by a beautiful garden. The three dimensional paintings on the wall, the Architecture in the Durbar Hall and the Palace itself all speak of the Kings Art and Literature. In the evening students experienced the spectacular scenery of the Brindhavan gardens. It was a happy sight as they danced with the musical fountain, creating a water ballet. On 30th September students spent the day in Wonderland, one of the largest theme parks in India, enjoying high-thrill rides, both wet and dry games, Rain dancing and the water wave pool.

A Joint Musical Extravaganza

by Hockerill & Kings

For the sixth consecutive year, a team from Hockerill Anglo-European College from the UK visited Kings School. This year, on the 5th of July, we had a team of students and staff (11 girls, 8 boys, and 3 staff members) staying with us at KWTC.

Musical Extravaganza

Each year they have trained a set of students to enact a theatre production. The plays so far have been ‘The Jungle Book’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘The Lion King’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. This year, the story enacted was ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. The production was clearly narrated with all aspects of theatre, even singing! Various students played their characters with great professionalism. They were rewarded with Uncle Colin’s praise, who said that it was an even better performance than previous years. He gave his thanks to Mr. Kevin from Hockerill who plays an important role in ensuring their trip happens every year, and showed his appreciation for the teachers who guided the whole programme.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Musical Extravaganza

Sports at Kings Introduction At Kings School we believe in wholly developing our children academically, spiritually and physically. Therefore, sports activities are considered to be as important as academic study. Our achievements are second to none, as each year students achieve outstanding success in both internal and external sporting events. A round-up of 2015 achievements are given below.


Divisional Athletics The Divisional Athletics were held at PSN Engineering College on 28th October. Lakshmanan of std VIII won first place in 400 metres. Gowsik Raj, also of std VIII, took second place in the shot-put and our Junior Boys Relay team won first place, resulting in their selection for the state games.

Zonal Athletics


he Zonal Athletics were held in July and August. T Some of the main achievements were: • Badminton – Junior Boys and Senior Girls singles and Junior Girls doubles - all won 1st place • Chess – Junior Boys achieved 2nd and Junior Girls won 3rd place • Table tennis – Our Boys Super Senior came 1st place • Junior 100m – Ananda Kannan achieved the winning spot • Junior Shot-put– 1st place went to Laksmanan • 4x100m junior relay – 1st place went to Ananda Kannan, Raman, Laksmanan and Gowsik Raj • Super Senior 5000m– 2nd place was awarded to Manuel Raja • Super Senior 1500m– Jomy won 2nd place • Senior 100m– 2nd place was achieved by Mari Selvan • Girls Long Jump – Lispa won 3rd place


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Kings Basketball Trophy South India Level Basketball Tournament The South India Inter School Level Basketball Tournament was held at Kings School between 31st July and 2nd August. 23 Teams from 23 schools from all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala participated in the tournament. The tournament was for both Junior and Senior Levels. The Tamil Nadu Basketball Association President Mr. Raj Sathyan was the Chief Guest and distributed the prizes. Both our Kings teams managed to make it to the final! In the senior category, Kings School managed to attain 3rd position. Kings juniors were victorious. Both teams got cash awards and were awarded trophies and certificates at the awards ceremony.

Basketball Tournament (under 14’s) The Inter District Mini Basketball tournament was held in Seerkalli from 29th – 31st October and Chennai on the 9th November. Almost all districts from Tamil Nadu participated in this competition. 13 Kings School Basketball team students played, among which 7 students played for the Namakkal team and 6 students for the Tirunelveli team. The Tirunelveli team won against Chennai in the finals. Pupils Mukunth (IX), Arun and Dhanuj (VIII) were selected to represent the Tamil Nadu team which played in the National Level match held at Maharashthra between 22nd and 28th November.

S A Raja’s Basketball Tri District Tournament This match was held on 10th October at Rajas College, Vadakankullam. Kings School defeated Carmel School in the finals, scoring the first place title.



State Republic Day 2015 The State Republic Day Games at Mount Zion Engineering College at Puthukottai, held between 4th and 6th February, was where the winners from the schools’ under 17’s category competed. Kings school had been the winners from Tirunelveli division. In the first match, Kings defeated the Perambalore division team by 53 points to 17. In the quarter finals, Kings defeated the Bharath Matriculation School 54-44 and entered the semi-finals. Kings School lost against Chennai division 52-60 taking them into the third place play-off, in which we defeated the Madurai SDAT Sports Hostel by 51 points to 15, securing third place.

Kings School Student Selected for the National Basketball Coaching Camp A National Basketball Camp for under 14’s took place at Ahmedabad, Gujarat for the selection of the Indian National Team for the age group. R. Arun of Kings School, who was already part of the Tamil Nadu Team, was selected as one of the twenty participants for the coaching camp. He hopes to represent India in future International Participation.

State Level Basketball Tournament, Marthandam The State Level Basketball Tournament held on 20th October was organised by Immanuel Arasar Engineering College based in Marthandam with 16 schools participating. Our Kings team emerged as winners after defeating Carmel Higher Secondary School, Nagercoil 48:38.

Priory Basketball Tournament Organised by Jayandara School, Sankarnagar


Our Senior and Super Senior Basketball Team were both victorious in the Priory Basketball Tournament, defeating St. Xaviers School in the seniors’ finals and Jayandara School in the super senior finals.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Kings School Basketball team emerged as winners in the Tirunelveli District Basketball Tournament by defeating Tirunelveli’s SDAT Sports Hostel in the finals.


District and Zonal Matches Our Junior, Senior and Super Senior Hockey teams made a clean sweep as they emerged as winners in all categories in both Zonal and District matches.

Tirunelveli Hockey Association Tirunelveli Hockey Association hosted the Nova Junior Cup in which Kings Senior Hockey Team were awarded second place after narrowly losing to Tirunelveli Sports Hostel in the finals.

Kings School became winners in the Under 17 Hockey at Divisional Level and qualified for the School State Republic Day Games. The divisional matches were held in Tirunelveli on 14th - 17th October. These matches were between the winners of Cheranmahadevi, Tenkasi, Tirunelveli, Kovilpatti and Tuticorin Educational Districts. Representing the Tirunelveli District, we were made proud by winning the first place!

Vivekananth to Represent Tamil Nadu in National SGFI Vivekananth of std VIII has been selected to participate in the National Games, representing Tamil Nadu in the Under 14 hockey team. Congratulations!


Tirunelveli District Basketball Tournament


Tirunelveli District Swimming Competition The Tirunelveli District swimming competition was organised by Tirunelveli District Swimming Association.Kings School took a total of 16 bronze,10 Silver and an impressive 8 Gold medals. Sanjeev Athavan won the individual championship.

SDR School Swimming Competition SDR School hosted the Tri-District Swimming Competition on 29th August. Kings students scored 23 Bronze, 19 Silver and 27 Gold medals. Sanjeev Athavan and Gokul Ramnath were awarded the Individual Championship.

Divisional Swimming Competition The Divisional Swimming Competition was held at the Anna Stadium, Palyamkottai. 5 silver and 6 Gold medals were awarded to our Kings pupils. As a reward for their hard work, Mariappan, Sneha, Sharmila and Jerin qualified for the State Republic Day Games.


Non-Medallist Swimming Competition The Non-Medallist swimming competition was organised by Vikasa School and held at Tharuvai Stadium, Tuticorin on 22nd November. Kings School won a total of 13 Gold medals, 7 Silver and 1 Bronze. Mari Selvan of std X won the Individual Championship.

Congratulations to All!


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

We have now outsourced all our music to J. D. Isaac’s music company, ‘Cape Academy of Music’, an external company which provides highly qualified music teachers. Mr. Wilfred, from Cape Academy of Music, works full-time with us teaching music in the CBSE and Matric School along with 3 other part-time teachers, including Mr. Isaac himself, who assist on Tuesdays and Thursdays during activity periods and also special events and celebrations. A range of instruments is offered, with guitar, keyboard, piano and vocals amongst the most popular. Our spacious music room is fully equipped with music stands, keyboards on every wall, separate practise rooms for individual practise, plenty of guitars and even a piano. Here at Kings, music is an integral part of our daily routine. A student choir and keyboard player lead the various musical numbers in assembly such as the National Anthem and the School Song. Often in assemblies, solos, duets and class-rehearsed songs are performed, kitted out with microphones, speakers and a double dosing of confidence. During school celebrations, students and teachers work together during regular practise to ensure any performances are well-rehearsed and perfected. We are proud of our musical abilities as we believe this is another outward expression of our pupil’s creativity and individualism.

Music @ Kings

Music @ Kings

Career Guidance for Students

“Career Opportunities after +2” was delivered on 3rd September by Dr Narayanan, Controller of Examinations, Sathakathullah Appa College. All students of std XI were given the opportunity to attend. He explained a wide range of career options and the relevant courses to achieve their goals, including the importance of entrance exams. A PowerPoint presentation, question and answer and feedback session all followed, and Dr. Narayanan was thanked by the students. On 30th October we invited Mr. Suresh Kumar from Information Management Lead, a professional currently working with Petroleum Development, Oman, to Kings. With 17 years of experience in the field, he impressed our std XI pupils, clearly explaining to the students how to study effectively, how to overcome distractions and ways of achieving success. The students took a lot from his words of advice, and staff were happy to see many of them implementing his techniques into their later study.

Staff Development Programme

Between the 21st and 23rd May, orientation presentations were held for all staff on the topics: ‘Taking Responsibility’ by Dr Sahaya Antony Xavier, Prof. of Botany, St. Xaviers College, Palayamkotai; ‘English for Effective Classroom teaching & Effective Learner – Centred teaching’ by Mrs SapnaSankhla, Principal of Narayana Groups of Schools, Chennai, and ‘Adolescent Psychology’ by Prof. Dr.Calisthus, Rtd., Vice Principal of St. Xaviers& ELT Trainer. Each day was useful to the teachers and gave them new ideas for implementing creative methodologies in their field. It also helped guide them with handling students of different age groups issues and how to simplify their work.

Career Guidance

Another Staff Development Programme was held on 10th October, on the topic ‘How to Become a Role Model for Students’, given by Dr. Jesi Isabella, Professor, Holy Cross College, Nagercoil. She shared her own experiences and advised the teachers to be positive and more interactive with the students. She expressed that teachers should make classes lively and should attract the students to the content by using current events and examples – making the lesson more relatable. It was beneficial to understand the theory behind the implementation of some of the ideas.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Staff Meet-Up Staff get together We had our staff get together on 5th September - a special day which is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India. It is a day when the members of staff are invited to come and celebrate together with their families. In 2015 it was an auspicious event with nearly 300 Kings employees coming together with their families. A special orchestra from Kerala entertained us for the evening and I think we all agreed that they rocked our stage! Our correspondent, Mr. J. Navamani, thanked and praised all the staff individually for their active involvement in the growth of Kings, and he extended his appreciation towards their families for their continuing support. The Founder Chairman, Uncle Colin Wagstaff, even took part in the event through Skype from UK. As a token of thanks, a memento was handed to all the staff of Kings Family. The programme came to an end with a delicious dinner. We give a very big thank you to the Kings management for their thoughtfulness to the Kings family.

Staff Tour-bringing staff together

The 22nd October 2015 was eagerly awaited by a group of Kings Staff who were due to start our journey to Kodaikanal, a Hill Station in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The city is set in an area of granite cliffs, forested valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and grassy hills, bordered by an evergreen forest. The team consisted of nearly 130 members of staff and their families. Despite the foggy climb up the mountain, there were some breath-taking sights to be seen from when we reached the city of Kodaikanal. After an overnight stay in a lovely hotel, the following day involved plenty of sight-seeing! A mesmerising lakeside path was explored either on bicycles or horses, followed by a serene boat ride on the lake itself! The final day we experienced the beauty of the ‘Green Valley View’ and the ‘Pillar Rock’, followed by a fascinating museum trip and an upsetting farewell to the city of Kodaikanal. Our time on the trip was filled with so much energy and happiness that even during the cold nights, everyone of us managed to dance, sing and laugh.



The ‘Queen’ of KWTC, Kings Matriculation School, gave rise to its ‘Princess’, Kings CBSE School on 2nd June, 2014 with 174 ‘flowers’ blooming in the garden. The founding parents of Kings CBSE School, Uncle Colin and the Correspondent Mr. Navamani, introduced the new principal Mrs. S P Anu and the new staff to the students and wished them well. The flowers were really happy and excited to have bloomed in the garden of CBSE.

Mrs. A S P Anu Principal


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


The New Nest

After the excitement of watching the new CBSE School building’s construction, on 10th June 2015 the children were introduced to their new nest. Uncle Colin, the Correspondent, trustees, head teachers, administrative staff and CBSE staff were all present to witness the blessing and opening of the new building. We feel that CBSE functions like a nest: staff provide parental care and assist the students in spreading their wings and flying, just like birds.

Students Learn by Doing The CBSE School began to shine from the beginning. A project display on mathematics, which was presented on 4th August 2014, gained the attention of many in the neighbourhood. Mathematical concepts were explained and presented in different ways. The students were happy to learn by doing. Learning by doing, we have found, greatly enhances the interest in education.

Research on Phonics Teaching Mrs. Maureen Balmer, a teacher from England, visited us here at Kings School to share her findings from her research on Phonics Teaching. She enlightened staff from all departments with new ideas on teaching in interesting and alternative ways. New ways to teach vocabulary and spelling were also presented through her research.

We Bring up Leaders


Theoretical knowledge alone is not taught in Kings CBSE School. Integral growth of the students is taken into serious consideration by giving them various responsibilities and leadership opportunities. Outstanding students in different areas are selected and given the responsibility of leading their fellow students on appropriate paths. They are honoured by Uncle Colin and the Correspondent with badges. In making leaders of the students we make them more responsible and independent, helping them to become great leaders of the future.

We Celebrate Life The many different religious festivals and feasts we hold encourage the students to celebrate together, practising unity and embracing the value of life. To name a few, Onam, Teachers’ day, Children’s day, Pongal and Christmas were celebrated in a grand manner. Pongal especially highlighted the real spirit of the children. Both students and teachers produced a wonderful performance to demonstrate the spirit of CBSE.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Competitions bring out the real skills from within students. We believe that a healthy competitive spirit helps students learn to accept failures and victories. Map reading, Face Painting, Poster making, Solo singing, Christmas carol singing, Dance, Diya making, Lantern making, Rangoli, English elocution, Tamil elocution, English handwriting, Tamil handwriting, Hindi handwriting, Fancy dress, Storytelling, Poem recitation, Just a minute, Thirukural, Bharathiyar padal, Collage work, Word garland, Spell bee, Drawing, Impression painting and Greeting card making are but some of the competitions we conduct to help the students identify their special areas of excellence. Students are given the opportunity to actively participate and can win prizes.

We Meet Parents after Every Exam Parents’ open day is held after every Formative and Summative assessment exam. The pupil’s academic, classroom and overall performance and development are all discussed with parents to enhance further development in the student’s growth, and we reward the high fliers with a proficiency certificates every year.

Sports Day Emil Zatopek cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head. In CBSE, all the students participated in the sports event held on 10th December 2014. Many gold, silver and bronze prizes were awarded to encourage more sports and physical activity. Research suggests that any form of physical activity for half an hour per day enhances both physical health and academic performance, so we believe in the importance of sport!


We Encourage Competitive Spirit

Interaction with Native English Speakers Interns’ visits are highly appreciated and are a gift to the CBSE students. Every year, a group from England visits us here at Kings. In CBSE a class is allocated to each of them and they take special responsibility for the fluency of the class’ English. Phonics is their focus while teaching and they use creative means to help the students learn in an interesting way.

Students Explore the Science around us Our students are strongly encouraged to explore the world of science through exhibitions and project displays. On 20th October, students of class I-III presented some fantastic projects on parts of the body; my family; people who help us; modes of transport; the Solar System; types of houses and the feeding habits of animals. All students participated with real enthusiasm. On 27th November, the students of class IV - VII created informative displays on types of clothes; adaptations; organ systems of the human body and electricity. The students genuinely amazed their parents, right from class I to VII with their amazing display and presentation.


Our Eagles We raise different types of birds from within our Kings CBSE Nest. Some of them are gleaming Eagles who outperform students from other schools and excel through their calibre. Our eagles have managed to secure quite a few titles under their belts. The second language Hindi students who entered the Prathmic exam came out with flying colours, all of them being rewarded with distinctions in their papers. Our basketball team easily outclassed other teams and were placed third in the MDT Memorial Trophy, Hindu higher secondary school, Tirunelveli. Six of our eagles entered the finals of the General Knowledge Quiz competition, conducted by AVK group of institutions on 7th November and were placed fourth among schools from all over Tamil Nadu.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Kings CBSE believes that the intellectual growth of the students is based on the teacher’s own knowledge in various fields. Therefore, we arrange various staff training programmes inside the school and encourage the staff to take part in external training programmes. Every teacher here happily updates their skills for the benefit of both themselves and their students. On 21st September all the English teachers took part in the workshop conducted by Collins, the literary company who publish English Dictionaries. Dr. Elaigne, an expert in phonics and spelling, conducted an inspiring workshop which helped make English more enjoyable to teach and learn.

We Care for Our Community Inspired by the ‘International Day for Old People’ on 1st October and ‘World Food Day’ on 16th October, the students of class VI and VII paid their respects by contributing from their own pocket. They collected Rs. 9,500/and used it towards lunch for the UVSS Old Age home. The students entertained the elderly residents for an afternoon with some fun and games. The people in the home were exceptionally happy; they were touched by the warm behaviour shown to them by the students.


External Orientation Programme

2nd Annual Day celebrations

A colourful row of rainbows is on display every year during the annual day function. The stunning butterflies of Kings CBSE performed a variety of cultural events on 8th August 2015. The students made the day rich with their elegant performance and great enthusiasm

Two Legacies


August 2015 marked Kings Matriculation’s 10th anniversary of serving the community. The Living Legacy of KWTC’s Uncle Colin’s birthday falls on August 1st. Kings Schools decided to celebrate both Legacies on that day. Students performed a variety of programmes to show their gratitude to both the school and to Uncle Colin.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Many of us will have realised the importance of mathematics in our lives, whilst at the same time finding it difficult to solve problems in maths. For many of us, solving maths problems is a major difficulty. Precisely because mathematics remains purely a concept when we study it, it appears so difficult to understand. In CBSE we have a way out of this difficulty. The fact is that the mathematical concepts are abstract. These abstract concepts therefore need to be taught by helping the students to experience them in a practical, concrete manner. Having this need in mind, Kings CBSE has created a well structured, clearly designed mathematical lab, with all the necessary materials. Children enjoy learning maths in a fun-filled environment. In CBSE, mathematical problems are no longer problems for the students; they enjoy solving them. Mrs. Sunu, Maths teacher


We make the Concept Clear

Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Parts of Speech Family There is a happy family in the field of grammar. A husband named Noun and a wife called Verb live in the family of grammar. They have two children: Adjective and Adverb. The child adjective speaks about the father noun and the child adverb speaks about the mother verb. There is an uncle in the family called Pronoun, who takes care of the family in the absence of father noun. There is a servant in the family. He is a joker. He amuses the father often and he is Interjection. Father noun has a brother-in-law called Preposition, who helps the father of the family to show his position. There is also a neighbour in the family, Conjunction, who helps them make friends and maintain a good relationship with the others in the surroundings. Thus the family of grammar lives happily together. Sunjana Barkave K.S., Class VI ‘CBSE

The Three Great Things Three things to admire Beauty, Intelligence and Character


Three things to control Tongue, Temper and Temptation Three things to avoid Smoking, Drinking and Gambling Three things to appreciate Purity, Honesty and Hard work Three things to maintain Promise, Friendship and Affection Three things to curb Laziness, Falsehood and Cowardice

M.Muthu Lakshmi, P/O Diwakar, Class II ‘B’, CBSE


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Three things to watch Words, Behaviour and Action


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Kings CBSE School is an ocean of knowledge, in which students are encouraged to try out all that they are capable of. The curriculum of Kings CBSE has given equal importance to all aspects of the growth of the students. The competitions we hold are planned and designed in such a way that the students express their ideas creatively. All the children eagerly and enthusiastically participate and come up with different innovative ideas whenever a competition is conducted. Collage, Greeting card making, Diya making, Rangoli, Art from waste, Face painting and Stamp making were a few of the competitions which I personally witnessed and I was thrilled and proud to see my students outwardly expressing their thoughts. In the Art from waste competition, a group of students made a house from small pieces of waste materials, which amazed spectators. I have watched students become much more creative and start thinking differently following their arrival at Kings CBSE School. My school, I can proudly say, has become a platform for developing the creative citizens of our society. Ms.Nibhiya, Primary Teacher


CBSE School Creates Creative Children

Kwan... Kwan... Kwan... A huge cry of shouting Faces were hit with anxiety Some legs were fast rolling wheels Hands were clasped in prayer Dilemma between addition or deletion Pain seems to overtake fortitude Willpower stands strong A great sigh of relief No words to express the feeling A smile prevails the surrounding Kwan….. Kwan…. Kwan……. A cute cry of a baby A new entry to an old house A little flower bloomed. Mr Ahilan. A, English Teacher, CBSE

The 10 best Things The best thing to win is people’s Hearts The best thing to show is Care The best thing to earn is Respect The best thing to swallow is Sorrow The best thing to control is Anger The best thing to tell is the Truth The best thing to throw out is Jealousy The best thing to share is Knowledge The best thing to do is to Move on The best thing to spread is Happiness Mrs Muthulaxmi Suresh, Social Teacher, CBSE


My School Kings CBSE School is one of the best schools in Vallioor and has a mission of preparing students to be multi talented citizens of India. It’s motto is “Perseverance and Integrity”. Students are given the opportunity to develop and discover non-academic interests such as sports, art and music. The philosophy of the school is to provide holistic education for children and teach them independence, leadership and responsibility. Our Principal has a loving and disciplinarian personality and our teachers are well qualified. They help us when we are in need, and correct us when we fail. I like my school and I am proud to be a part of it. M. Maria Rachel, Class II ‘A’, CBSE


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


My CBSE School Our school opened in 2014, and is very beautiful, spacious, pleasant and calm. Teachers are friendly and it’s a delightful experience. We all love our school. It is painted light colours with new technologies like Smart Boards and Language and Maths labs. All CBSE students are assigned to a ‘House’ to enhance team spirit. It is a safe environment and is unique as an independent school in South India as it is not for profit. It has a rule not to beat students or harm them in any way. There are plants, grass and trees and CBSE provide good education programmes. “Teachers are light; they make students bright” A.Benson, K.S Micheal Briju Rayan, M. Sahaya Warsha Jose- Class VII CBSE

Best of Life Birth is the first part of our life, Fraternity is the middle part of our life, Death is the last part of our life, but Friendship is the heart of our life. Thamizhini, Class VII CBSE

The Best School in my Locality I think Kings CBSE School gives my child an education in a friendly and practical manner. My daughter learns self-discipline and good values in this school. The CBSE board of Education makes my child more talented and makes her face challenges of life with confidence. Due to the various extracurricular activities held in this school, she exceeds in cultural areas too. The interior design at Kings creates a pleasant and friendly ambience. V.Devi, M/O Deva Monisha, Class II‘A’, CBSE


My Son, My Superstar It only seems like yesterday, That you were born and began to play… I know that you are still small, But soon you will grow strong and tall… You have filled my days with happiness, You are my joy and life, I confess… You are the apple of my eye, I hope in life you climb very high… I have picked you up when you did fall, I will help you to stand up tall… A very fine person you have become, And you are becoming more and more awesome.. The years are rushing past, And you are growing up so fast… You have made me happy when I was sad, And helped me cope when times were bad… You have a very loving heart, Right from the very start… Whatever life brings to you dear, Don’t forget to spread the cheer… You will never have anything to fear, Because I will always be near… How much you have touched my heart, you’ll never know, I feel happy to watch you grow… Loving, caring and having a heart of gold, You will be my support when I grow old… I know that God has the perfect plan, To mould you into a special man!


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

Cheryl, P/O Jebastin Nivean, Std IV


My Dear Parents I like you so much More than you know Much more than I may show Every day is a special day Because I share it with you Nothing in this world Means more to me Than the love we share If I don’t say it’s enough Let me say it again I LOVE YOU MY DAD AND MOM Suhail, std VI

Kings CBSE & My Child In the year 2015 Kings Matriculation School was blessed to have access to the newly built Kings CBSE School. I can describe Kings CBSE in one word: “Innovation”. Kings CBSE has shaped my child with confidence and creativity. She has become more social than before. Her creativity in putting her thoughts into action is highly efficient and effective. She is highly accomplished in all the work she does. She is now able to solve her problems with ease. Her involvement in learning has increased. All these changes in my child have been brought about by Kings CBSE. I express a great sense of gratitude to Kings CBSE. I thank all the teachers, Principal Anu and the Management who have laid such a strong foundation in my child. Keep it up. ShanmugaPriya. S, P/O Sahana II ‘B’ CBSE


                                


Anantha Sam

         Mr. Thangamari, Tamil Teacher


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


प्रस्तावना : दक्षिण भारत के बहुत ही प्रसिद्ध लोग प्रिय विद्यालय किंग्स विद्यालय है। हमारे किंग्स स्कू ल का लक्ष्य [PERSEVERANCE - लगन से ] और [INTEGRITY- पवित्रता ] पालन करना है। हमारे किंग्स विद्यालय में सभी जाति, धर्म और वर्ग के बच्चे पढ़ने आते हैं। हमारे विद्यालय में सीबीएसई और मैट्रिक दोनों प्रकार के विद्यालय हैं। हमारे विद्यालय का भवन नवनिर्मित भव्य सर्वसुविधाओं से भरा है।

अनुशासन : हमारे प्राचार्य और प्रधानाध्यापक के अनुशासन बहुत बढ़िया है। हमारे विद्यालय के नियमों का पालन करना सभी के लिए अनिवार्य है। सभी गुरुजन लगनपूर्वक अध्यापन करवाते है इसलिए नगर के विद्यालयों में हमारे विद्यालय का परीक्षाफल सर्वश्रेष्ठ रहता है। अन्य विशेषताएँ : हमारे किंग्स विद्यालय में अध्ययन के अतिरिक्त अन्य बहुत कार्यक्रम भी होते हैं। उसके अलग अलग कार्यालय और विभाग प्रमुख भी है। वह खेलकू द मैदान, औषधालय, कला, पाकशास्त्र, खाराते, कुं ग फू , शास्त्रीय नृत्य, पश्चिमी नृत्य, हस्तशिल्प, तरण ताल, उपहार गृह, कार्यक्रम स्थल, लड़कों और लड़कियों के छात्रावास है। निष्कर्ष : इस प्रकार हमारे विद्यालय में छात्रों के सर्वांगीण विकास हेतु सतत प्रयत्न किए जाते हैं। हमारा किंग्स विद्यालय नगर में सर्वश्रेष्ठ विद्यालय है। हमें इस पर गर्व है। श्रीमान. राघवन मूर्ति - ( हिदं ी शिक्षक )


किंग्स स्कू ल वल्लियुर (तमिल नाडु )

Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

                                 


M. Muthu priya, Tamil Teacher


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


The reward System The reward system was introduced to motivate and encourage our students to be punctual, devoted to their work, disciplined, respectful of their elders and to develop their language skills. Rewards are given under the following categories: • 100% attendance • Greeting/ Courtesy • Handwriting • Cleanliness • Spoken English • Participation in Class discussion


Kindergarten is the first step for any child in entering the world of education. Kings follows the Montessori Method of teaching and therefore every lesson includes an activity. Our team of experienced kindergarten teachers present their classes to the children using a variety of activities, role play, group discussions, puppetry and dramatics. We encourage students to actively participate and speak out in the class to improve their confidence and to develop their spoken language. We celebrate fruit, vegetable and colour days to improve vocabulary and emphasise the importance of eating healthily. We encourage and reward them regularly. Various competitions allow them to exhibit their talents, whilst lessonrelated field trips magnify passions not explored in the classroom.

Competitions within Kindergarten Kindergarten students participate in internal and external competitions. Kings school provides lots of opportunities for students to mould and exhibit their hidden talents. Each child is precious and unique; blessed with different talents and we cater to finding these. We conduct various competitions, such as Action Song, Recitation, Fancy Dress, Dance and Elocution, all of which the children find so exciting!

Pegasus Challenge The Pegasus challenge, an external competition, was held on Saturday 25th July. The topics for KG were Fancy dress, Collage work, Poem recitation and Following commands. Four children were selected and trained for this competition. Kings school got 10 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 4 third prizes, winning the overall championship trophy!


Field Trip A field trip was arranged for the Kindergarten students. Firstly, we visited the Aquarium, where the children were mesmerised by the many varieties, colours and shapes of fishes and turtles. Then the students were taken to the museum where they were shown objects used by people in ancient history such as vessels, fishing equipment, a chariot, and also historical artefacts like the skeleton of a dolphin and preserved animals and birds.

Annual day The annual day celebration took place on 8th August. A variety of entertainment events were performed, consisting of an action song, a dance and a small play. The tiny tots and kindergarten children sang and acted with festive enthusiasm, and the programme ended with a loud round of applause with happiness evident on the faces of all present in the celebration.


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016


A Psalm of Kings Kings is mine – It’s Sweeter than wine. It takes me high – and Make me fly.

Lessons are not boring, As teachers are all deserving. Work and Play we do follow, To make a better tomorrow. It’s a school of nature – where Learning easily nurtures. We all sing, dance and rejoice, No other school has such a choice. We’ll talk with flowers and sing with birds, And share under the shade with heartfelt words. We are smart in learning – and Brisk in doing, no risk in studying. We thank you God for Kings, And its everlasting knowledge springs. Happy, happy does my heart sing and Marvellous result does it bring. Sara Sundar, XII A1

Student Creations

Student Creations

Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

An Untold Story It was a dark day in August, and I missed my bus as was forecast. Thunder followed the downpour, I stood aloof - but fear forth. A passenger less train with great speed appeared, I got into it there with great despair. It travelled through the path, where My spirit and soul depart. It took me through the bloodshed path, and The blood chilled deep in my heart. Bones and skulls were on the rails, and I listened to all the sweet-devil wails. When I was buried in deep despair, A once-buried body flew up in the air. When the driver applied the brake, My heart had failed to awake. A dark cave appeared near, and I cried with horror and fear. Owls hooted, wolves howled and My chilled blood stood distressed on a hill. Muscles and bones are on the path, and Skeletons welcomed with fullest heart. Corpses talked and dead bodies walked And I stopped there where my heart had parked. I regained my consciousness later, Where I was at B’loreWonderla. Where I’d travelled in a Magic train When trifles occurred in a chain.

Teacher Reflection

A Christopher, P.G. Asst in English


Mrs. Krishnakumari

Teacher Reflection

                       .


              A. Angel Jubi, Std XI-B

            N. Jency Devi, Std IX-B

Student Creations

         P. Ragul Gandhi, Std IX-C


Kings School Matric & CBSE | Magazine 2016

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