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T H E P R I M A RY N E W S L E T T E R Primary News from the Pupils and Teachers of The British School of Alicante

Our Judo Team


Ch a r i ty Dona ti ons I am delighted to update you on the Pupil Charity Committee´s allocation of money raised through various events in school so far this term. Thank you to all pupils, staff and parents who have contributed to those less fortunate than ourselves. Charity events still to be held this term include Children in Need and our annual Giving Tree (see letter).

Cáritas Alicante 200€ Animal Rescue 100€ Books for Ghanian School 180€ Oxfam Unwrapped 450€

M es sa ge fro m t h e H e ad of Pri mar y Every school is a community in which individuals learn and play together whose purpose is to achieve common goals. At BSA we recognise that solidarity is impossible without shared values and moral beliefs and we try to build a strong sense of community by paying active attention to inspiring cooperation. Through our assemblies our community comes together to learn about and understand values and ambitions that underpin our school ethos and to prepare our pupils to live as successful members of our wider society.

Our assemblies are designed to engage our pupils and to get them thinking. We teach a range of values and skills that help us to create a culture of success and harmony, at the same time teaching sensitivity to the needs of others alongside self awareness. We teach our children how to behave as members of a purposeful community and model thinking skills and reflection. Wherever possible we try to relate our school values to the children’s real life experiences. Already this term we have covered themes such as, New Beginnings and Getting on and Falling out and recently we have been reinforcing approaches to the prevention of bullying. Through stories, drama and

discussion we have tried to help the children to empathise with how it feels to be bullied and to offer kindness when they find bullying happening to others. We have looked at strategies to deal with the situation of peer-group pressure and how to promote a “telling culture” where problems are not kept secret. Next term our topics will include, “Going for Goals”, “Good to be Me” and “Relationships”, concentrating on how we can interact in a caring way and how our feelings affect other people.

American Civil War Y5/6 Assembly Keifer Port (Y12) gave a talk on the American Civil War to Y5/6 pupils at their Assembly recently.

Fiona Thomas Head of Primary

SUPERHERO DAY IN RECEPTION Creative week in Reception proved a great success and ended with a Superhero day! We talked about the special qualities of a superhero and participated in lots of special activities. We painted and made collages of Batman, Spiderman and the Powerpuff Girls and we also made a cloak and a mask. On the last day of Superhero Week we had a special parade and dance in our super costumes. We had a fantastic time and you can see from the photos that we all looked like real Superheroes!


Here at BSA, we take pride in learning about world cultures and festivals. Over the last few weeks, children and teachers in primary have been looking at the Hindu Festival of Light, better known as Diwali. Children in Year 1 have made beautiful ceramic candle holders representing Divas, Indian Rangoli patterns, traditionally used to decorate entrances of homes to welcome visitors during the festive season; and intricately designed mehndi hand patterns. In Key Stage 2, Year 4 are studying India as part of the Creative Curriculum, and all the children were fortunate to attend a special assembly organised by Mrs Pilkington on the theme of Diwali.

During the assembly, children heard the traditional story of Diwali, about the Hindu god Ram, his wife Sita and his brother Laxman who are banished from their city of Ayodhya by their father King Dashrath. During their time in exile, they experienced many adventures, including the capture of Sita by the Demon God Ravan. Ram is helped by the Monkey God Hanuman to save his wife and after a long a bloody war, Ram kills Ravan with his golden bow and arrow. At this moment, the people of India celebrate the victory of goodness over evil and light over darkness. Ram and his family are welcomed home by the people who light little Diva lamps to help them guide their way back. Children learnt about what people do today to celebrate Diwali and they were able to look at a wonderful display of Indian artefacts, including saris (six metre long material), salwar kameezes, bindis, jewelry, books and even an Indian wedding album. The highlight of the assembly was when Mrs Gandhi demonstrated how a sari, is worn by putting one on Mrs Thomas, Head of Primary... Mrs Thomas looked like a beautiful Indian woman in her black and golden sari and a shining bindi on her forehead. The Children ended the assembly by saying Happy Diwali and "Sal Mubarak", meaning Happy New Year. Best wishes Sharmila

Tr e me n so u s Tr e e s

Earlier this term Mrs. Thomas introduced the “Tremendous Trees” from Years 1 to 6. The trees are displayed outside the Head of Primary office and are to remind pupils of appropriate behaviour and special acts of kindness. The display features bare trees, and each time a child does something extra special they are rewarded with a leaf. They write their name on the leaf and take it to Mrs. Thomas for display on the trees. At the end of term all the leaves will be taken down and put into a pot for one name to be pulled out to win a prize. The more leaves a child has the greater their chance for winning. At the moment Year 1 and 2 have the most leaves!

SP O N S O R S H IP OP P ORT UNIT IE S PA RT N E R - IN - E D UCAT ION We are excited to offer local companies and individuals the opportunity to support King´s College, The British School of Alicante by becoming a BSA partner-in-education. Becoming one of our partners-in-education is an ideal way to capture the attention of your potential consumers and clients, whilst, at the same time, helping to support the students in our renowned school. Our sponsorship opportunities include school events, sporting teams and Inter-School Sports Competitions. In positioning your company as a partner with one of the region’s most successful and highly regarded schools, you will receive tangible marketing benefits while supporting our dedication to community integration and global citizenship. The school relies on the support from members of its community to sustain and enhance the school’s reputation for excellence. It is with your support that the school can continue to thrive and provide our students with the best in education – both inside and outside of the classroom. To get involved please contact Inmaculada on

MCorner aths At BSA we try to make maths fun and accessible to the children by using puzzles, investigations and logical thinking exercises to complement their number work.

Test your brain against these puzzles, similar to those solved by the pupils in Years 5 & 6. In a 6 x 4 milk crate arrange 18 bottles so that when added vertically or horizontally the number of bottles is always even.

How could you place 8 Queens on a chessboard so that no Queen is in a position to take another (the Queen can move in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal)?

Hea dte a c h e r ´ s B l og I invite all parents to read the Headteacher´s blog which is available on our new website. News and information will be posted and updated regularly . I hope this will keep you more informed of school developments.

Dates for December •

6th 7th 8th December – School Closed

10th December – Nursery Concert 9.30 a.m.

14th December – Reception Concert 9.30 a.m.

16th December – Yr 5/6 Concert 2.30 a.m.

17th December – Yr 1/2 Concert 9.30 a.m.

20th December – Christmas Parties

20th December - Carol Concert 5:00 p.m.

For more dates please see our Parent Calendar on the website.

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T H E P R I M A RY N E W S L E T T E R Oxfam Unwrapped 450€ N OVEMBER 2 0 1 0 Primary News from the Pupils and Teachers of The British Schoo...