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Sponsor Licence Number: XV7BV7796 Letter Of Consent To Travel Instructions to parents / guardians: This document must be completed by the parents / guardians of all students aged under 18 (from ALL countries, including Europe) who are travelling to the UK for a Kings Summer course. Please complete this form in BLOCK CAPITALS and please ensure that the student travels with the form in their hand luggage. The student may be required to present this form on arrival at UK Immigration. To Whom It May Concern: I hereby give authority for my child to travel to the UK for a course at (please tick the relevant box): Bath (Downside)




Central London (South Bank) Brighton (University of Brighton)

Caterham I further confirm that my child will be: met at the airport by a Kings representative who will transport them to the College. travelling independently to Kings Summer Centre (students aged 16 or above only) travelling with an older family relative/guardian/friend who is fully responsible for them and who will transport them to the College.

Please provide details below:

Name of relative/guardian/friend Date of birth Passport number Telephone and mobile phone number of relative/guardian/friend (with international codes)

Full name of student Date of birth Course start date Passport or ID card number of student Signature of parent / guardian Date

In case of queries on the day of travel, please contact the Kings travel department on the following emergency number: +44 (0) 7421 420 020

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Letter of Consent to Travel Residential Centres  

Letter of Consent to Travel Residential Centres