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19 March 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Policy on staff requiring self-isolation The following Policy has been developed with regard to members of staff required to selfisolate due to Government directive as a direct consequence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) only. It will apply with immediate effect.

Self-isolation due to Government advice •

Any member of staff required to self-isolate by the Government for reasons specifically connected to Coronavirus (COVID-19) must do so following all Government advice.

More information: Latest Government advice on self-isolation Any member of staff self-isolating according to the strict criteria above, must first inform the Company of this in writing. If, in the Company’s view, a member of staff is capable of working during the period of self-isolation, they will follow the Company’s working from home policy. This is published separately. If a member of staff is incapable of working during the period of self-isolation under Government guidelines, the Company Sick Pay Policy will be applicable from the first day of self-isolation. The above Policy does not cover any other instance of self-isolation not directly connected to specific Government directive around COVID-19. In monitoring and developing policies around self-isolation Kings will continue to follow and implement all UK Government guidelines.

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COVID-19: Self-isolation policy  

COVID-19: Self-isolation policy