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Compact Course Who is this course for?

Included in the price

The Compact Course is a course designed for students who wish to improve their overall English language level, yet still have plenty of free time to explore their surroundings and practise their English outside of class.

à 20 lessons per week à Welcome Information Pack à Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework à Teaching materials and use of coursebook à Use of Computer Learning Centre à Access to ClassMate online learning à Wireless internet in College à Optional weekly lecture programme à Two free social activities per week à End-of-course certificate

Key Facts Start dates: Every Monday (3 January – 4 December 2017) (Brighton start dates from 19 June 2017) Locations offered: New York Los Angeles



London Brighton

New Jersey


Level: Kings Level 2 (Elementary) Length: Minimum 2 weeks (no maximum) Lessons: 20 lessons (15 hours) per week, plus 4 lessons (3 hours) of structured guided/ facilitated study in Los Angeles and Boston. Minimum age: 16 Maximum class size: 14 (UK), 15 (US) Learning outcomes: à Language fluency à Cultural or leisure experience of chosen city

Course structure and content Students have 20 lessons per week (15 hours) plus 4 lessons (3 hours) of structured self-study in the US. These are usually every morning from Monday to Friday. Students can expect the course to feature the following: English language à Vocabulary à Grammar à Pronunciation

Study skills à Note taking à Research skills à Time management à Dictionary work à Learner autonomy

Language skills à Speaking à Listening à Reading à Writing

Cultural and personal development: à Understanding cultural difference and similarity à Working with others à Presenting an argument

Sample timetable (class times may vary by location)






Session 1: 9.00 – 10.30

English skills

English skills

English skills

English skills

English skills

Session 2: 11.00 – 12.30

English structure

English structure

English structure

English structure

English structure

“ I chose this course because it was not too intense, so I had the time to learn English and visit Los Angeles. My best memories in Kings are the activities that we did after school, I remember a hike to the Runyon canyon, it was really hard but everybody was speaking and happy to be here, we helped each other and finally arrived to the top! I learnt a lot of English, but for me, the most important thing is that I learned a lot about me, I am not so shy now, so for me, it was really positive. ” Maryline Maniere from France, Compact Course student

1233 01/17

Please note that afternoons are free in the UK, but in the US students also need to complete 4 lessons (3 hours) of study to fulfil their visa requirements. A coordinator is available from 1.30 – 5pm for study help. Students need to complete a ‘study sheet’ and show it to the Structured Study Coordinator for the 3 hours to count towards attendance.

Kings Compact English Course  

Key details about the Compact Course (20 lessons of English per week) offered at Kings in London, Bournemouth, Oxford in the UK, Boston, New...

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