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19 March 2020

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Our plan for remote teaching and learning

Dear Host Family Following the announcement by the UK Government yesterday, we are writing to outline the procedures we will adopt at Kings and how they will affect you. We will be moving to remote provision of teaching and learning which for our academic students will start at the beginning of next term on Monday 6 April, and for English language students will be from Monday 23 March. Your students will therefore need to spend more time studying at home, but we would like to clarify that the school will remain open for our staff. All students will therefore be able to access all available support and welfare services as normal. We appreciate that this is part of an unprecedented development for the country as a whole. Students who are far from their home country may well be anxious. They also might be worried about how they can finish their course, but we are reassuring them that they can complete their studies as normal using our online learning platform, Classmate Plus. Our staff will also still be available to answer any questions you might have. We fully appreciate this will also be a difficult time for you and your families, and would like to thank you for continuing to host our students during these extraordinary times. However, if for any reason you feel unable to accommodate your students please do not hesitate to contact our accommodation staff who will be able to arrange alternative accommodation. Rest assured that all of us at the school will do all we possibly can to maintain the unique Kings experience which our students and host families expect, even in these challenging circumstances.

The Kings Directors

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COVID-19: Information for host families  

COVID-19: Information for host families