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Advanced Level Foundation Engineering Pathway The Advanced Level Foundation Engineering pathway is part of our STEM subject offering. It is designed for students who want a rigorously academic pathway to the leading UK universities with very strong reputations for degree courses in subjects such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Computer Engineering.



B Typical elective modules





Typical degrees Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering (Oil and Gas) Automotive Engineering Computer Engineering

Most common subject choice

Potential alternative subject choice

Sample timetable (Based on September start) Monday

2. Physics At the end of this module students will:

Lesson 1

ƒƒ h  ave an appreciation of the physical laws which govern the universe ƒƒ have an understanding of principles of Physics ready for further studies of physics in higher education ƒƒ have experience of practical physics in a laboratory environment and conducted their own experiments ƒƒ be able to apply their knowledge and skills at standard equivalent to Physics A-level.

Lesson 3

3. Other module combinations Any combination of modules is possible — other examples for this Pathway are shown above.

Business Studies


ƒƒ h  ave a general understanding of maths and mathematical processes ƒƒ be able to reason logically and to generalise ƒƒ have developed mathematical skills and techniques, and be able to use them in increasingly difficult or unstructured problems ƒƒ recognise how a situation may be represented mathematically ƒƒ know how to use mathematics as an effective means of communication ƒƒ be able to read and comprehend mathematical arguments and narrative concerning applications of mathematics ƒƒ be able to use calculating aids effectively and be aware of their limitations.

Art & Design

1. Mathematics At the end of this module students will:

The Advanced Level Foundation comprises three components: core study skills modules; elective subject-focused modules; and academic enhancement activities. Together, they provide a complete learning experience that expertly prepares students for the rigours of university study in the UK.


1. Communication and Study Skills 2. Data Handling and IT

Your total learning experience

Mathematics (Further)

study skills modules A Core 

Lesson 2


Tuesday Communication and Study Skills

Wednesday Mathematics Communication

Thursday Communication and Study Skills



Lesson 4



Lesson 5

Data Handling

Data Handling

Data Handling

Lesson 6

and Statistics

and Statistics

and Statistics



and Study Skills


Friday Chemistry Communication and Study Skills

Break Communication and Study Skills


Communication and Study Skills Mathematics

Lesson 6L Lesson 7 Lesson 8


Physics Engineer and


Science Show

Lesson 9

Student Council

Lesson 10


Science Club

Debating Society

Course factsheet

Sample alumni success

C Academic enhancement Sample visits and excursions

Sample clubs, societies and schemes

ƒƒ Big Bang London

ƒƒ Science in the news club ƒƒ Science Club

Science Club offers Chemistry, Physics and Biology students the chance to extend their class-based learning with additional input and experiments. ƒƒ Debating Society

The BMW Factory tour is popular with our students as it allows them to see how MINIs are made in the Oxford-based plant. The guided tour focuses on the vast assembly hall and the processes that take place within it. ƒƒ The Engineer and Science Show ƒƒ Dungeness Power Station

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Students visit this iconic power station to learn about electricity production.

Detailed factsheets for each module are available at:

Fisnik Fshazi from Albania. Civil Engineering and Architectural Studies at the University of Bath (#13) Daniyar Suleimenov from Kazakhstan. Engineering with Business Management at the University of Birmingham (#14)

ƒƒ BMW factory visit

© Department for Business Innovation and Skills

Filomena Jose from Angola. Mining Engineering at University of Exeter (#12)

The Debating Society is an excellent way for students to improve confidence, make new friends and improve their speaking skills. Every week students tackle some of the most important global current affairs topics. ƒƒ Student Council

Tram Amh Pham from Vietnam. Civil Engineering at the University of Bristol (#19) Tania Da Silva from Angola. Petroleum Engineering at the University of Manchester (#19) Xinyu Cui from China. Electronic Engineering with Business Management at the University of York (#22) Abdulrahman Elgalassi from Libya. Chemical Engineering at Aston University (#56)

Typical career options ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Oil and gas industry Petrochemical industry Civil engineering Mechanical or industrial engineering Automotive industry

1963 07/19

Engineering students from Kings London visited Big Bang London at Westminster Kingsway, Kings Cross. The exhibition and workshop was aimed at explaining the achievements of science and engineering. One of the highlights was a workshop by Dell where they learnt about careers in the IT sector which is rapidly expanding globally.

Camila Padre from Cape Verde. Civil Engineering at UCL (#6)

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Advanced Level Foundation-Engineering Pathway  

Advanced Level Foundation-Engineering Pathway