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English Plus Business and Finance Who is this course for?

Included in the price

This course is ideal for students who would like to improve their English skills for use in a wide range of business and financial contexts. It combines General English with specialist Business and Finance-related topics and the option to prepare for the Cambridge BEC examination.

à 28 lessons per week à Welcome Information Pack à Placement test on arrival, weekly progress tests and regular homework à Course materials à Use of Computer Learning Centre à Access to Classmate, the Kings online learning platform à Wireless internet in College à Optional weekly lecture programme à Optional weekly guided self-study sessions à Regular accompanied visits to companies and financial institutions à Two free social activities per week à End-of-course certificate (90% or higher attendance required)

Key Facts Start dates: Every Monday: 2 January – 10 December 2018, 7 January – 9 December 2019 London Locations offered:

Level: Kings Level 4 (Lower Intermediate) Length: Minimum 2 weeks (no maximum) Lessons: 28 lessons (21 hours) per week - 20 language lessons per week (15 hours), 8 Business and Finance lessons per week (6 hours) +6 hours (minimum) per week of independent work on course projects Minimum age: 16 Average age range: 18 – 30 Maximum class size: 14 Learning outcomes: à Fluency in all main areas of English à Development of specialised business and finance knowledge à Practical experience of UK businesses

Course structure and content In the mornings, students have lessons in General English, to improve the overall level of their English language. In the afternoons, they are part of a specialised Business English class. All aspects of language are covered in this component, including business and finance terminology, writing business documents, giving presentations and other aspects of business communication skills. Students taking this option are encouraged to explore the many different areas of modern business English. For example; topics covered in this option include advertising and marketing, accounting and investment, human resources and office management.

Skills developed 1. Language: à Reading à Listening à Comprehension à Vocabulary

à Writing à Speaking à Grammar à Pronunciation

2. Business and finance Terminology, report writing, presentation skills. 3. Business case-study Presentation and report. 4. Optional preparation for Cambridge BEC exam (through one-to-one lessons, supplement applies).

Sample two-week timetable (during summer high season, students may have afternoon general English classes) Monday





9.00 – 10.30

General English

General English

General English

General English

General English

11.00 – 12.30

General English

General English

General English

General English

General English

13.30 – 15.00 (Week 1)

Discussion: Issues related to the movement of money — credit and financial markets, Vocabulary: Financial terms (gerunds) (introduction to some of the major issues surrounding the movement of capital and global money markets.)

Grammar: Describing trends (past, present and future), Skills: Dealing with figures, large and small (combining grammatical structures and specific vocabulary to describe trends in the movement of money.)

Educational visit: The Bank of England (introduction to the workings of the central bank of the United Kingdom and its responsibilities for the supervision of financial market infrastructure)

Case Study: Making a pitch /presenting figures (budgets, costs, expenses, profits, etc.) (drawing on the experience of the working of a major bank and, using the language covered in the week, present financial information in the form of a business pitch.)

Free time

13.30 – 15.00 (Week 2)

Discussion: ways of borrowing money Vocabulary: Financial terms (prefixes) (introduction to the various mechanisms through which credit is raised.)

Listening: Ways to raise money, Reading: Finding finance (developing listening and reading skills while learning about credit markets.)

Language review: Dependent prepositions, Skills: Negotiating, Writing: Summarising a complex argument (developing negotiating skills and learning how to structure a summary.)

Case Study: ‘Last throw of the dice’ – negotiate finance for a new film. (Combining the language and content learnt over the week and engage in a simulated negotiation.)

Free time


Real-life business experience

Valuable formal qualifications

Students will visit a leading business and financial institution every two weeks. They will attend meetings, communicate with professionals, carry out project research and work on business case-studies.

Students can prepare for valuable formal qualifications to enhance their CV and help develop their career.

Sample educational visits include:

Study English Plus Business and Finance in London — one of the oldest and most important financial hubs in the world.

à Lloyds of London à London Metal Exchange à British Museum money gallery à Museum of Brands à Old Royal Naval College à The Bank of England à Other London based companies

Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate) The Business English Certificates (BEC) are internationally recognised qualifications which show students can use English appropriately in a business context. For more information about these qualifications, visit

Meet the teacher — Andrew Allen-Tidy Andrew teaches on the English Plus Business and Finance course at Kings London. He previously taught in Vietnam and was centrally involved in projects organised by the British Council in Vietnam.

speaker. Andrew previously ran established leisure businesses, developed new businesses and e-commerce platforms, and specialised in enabling the rapid expansion of young businesses.

Prior to his teaching career, Andy was a leading figure in the travel industry for over 27 year. He decided to retire from the business when he reached 50 because he wanted a new challenge and to put something back into society. He is a keen entrepreneur with strong leadership and communication skills, and an excellent public

Andy’s level of expertise and contacts in industry have enabled students to embark on educational visits to prestigious institutions, and some very senior travel industry figures have delivered talks at the school. He is also CELTA and CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)qualified.

I’m in the last semester of studying Accountancy at the National University in Rio. I went to my agency and was looking for a course in business. They told me about Kings and I looked at the brochure — I really liked it and wanted to come to London because I think it’s a beautiful place. Mick is a very good teacher, the classes are very dynamic and he’s helped me to develop my speaking skills. For example now I can stand up in the class and debate with them. Mick’s teaching methods have helped me a lot. He’s really funny and the classes are very dynamic, we don’t stop for a second — lots and lots of speaking. I love the teacher, I love the class.

Ayrton Luiz da Costa, English Plus Business and Finance student

1609 08/18

We’ve visited some financial institutions here — the bank museum especially was really good because I work in Finance. There, I learnt a lot about inflation, the national condition of the UK, the economic points of the UK. The pound is one of the strongest currencies in the world and it was good for me to understand why. I learnt a lot.

English Plus Business and Finance at Kings  

Key facts about the English Plus Business and Finance course offered at Kings London.

English Plus Business and Finance at Kings  

Key facts about the English Plus Business and Finance course offered at Kings London.