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Classmate Plus English language delivery

Classmate Plus shares Schemes of Work and learning expectations for the week as well as the resources associated with the Scheme of Work Classmate Plus tasks are set to be completed either during lesson time or at the time a student can access them, depending on location

Students are therefore expected to complete tasks for each course aspect that they are studying Teachers are available for live input each week to provide small group or 1:1 support. This uses Microsoft Teams software to enable students to: ƒ discuss work with their teacher in a live context to clarify any areas about which they are not clear ƒ to share ideas with fellow students in the same class

Classmate Plus

These sessions may be recorded to be uploaded to the Classmate Plus platform. This will enable students unable to attend to access the content for their own reference in their own time Students are able to communicate with teachers or other staff via email or phone if they require further guidance or have additional questions

2128 03/20

Course content is delivered remotely with the expectation of following normal Schemes of Work. Students should therefore learn at the same speed as they would experience in a normal class environment

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Kings Classmate Plus - English language delivery  

Kings Classmate Plus - English language delivery