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Information and guidance for parents and students This document provides the information to reassure students and their parents about the new academic year at Kings.

Trust Kings

With Kings, you are assured of achieving your learning goals on time. We will also ensure you are safe, healthy and fully supported for the whole of your time with us. We have carefully planned your academic programme for 2020–21 so that, no matter what the circumstances, with Kings you will complete your course on time. Trust Kings: ‚ To ensure you start your course on time — anywhere in the world ‚ To support you and keep you safe ‚ To deliver expert teaching: online, in class ‚ To ensure you finish your course on time ‚ To prepare you for UK university success

Stay on track In a changing world your educational plans don’t have to change.

Start your course on time Wherever you are Unlike some of the universities in the UK, Kings will welcome new and returning students into school for the new academic year in September.

If this is the case, do not worry. It doesn’t mean you have to delay or defer your course.

The new Kings term starts on Monday 7 September. We are therefore fully expecting all students who can arrive at school for the beginning of term to do so. We understand, however, that there may be reasons why you may be unable to travel to the UK for the beginning of term. September 2020



We have designed your academic curriculum so that, if required, you can start from your home country. You’ll do this online through Kings SmartClass teaching. This means that every Kings student will start their course together at the same time, wherever they are in the world. As soon as you are able to travel you can join the school at the point you have reached in your curriculum.

October 2020 Half-term

January 2021

Integrated teaching Online and in class The online Kings SmartClass course follows the same curriculum and course content as your face-to-face teaching. There is complete synchronicity between the two teaching modes so that online delivery moves smoothly to face-to-face teaching once you join the school. We have produced a separate detailed factsheet about how online learning integrates with traditional lessons in school. Online learning can also enrich class-based learning. It is ideal for revision, or for accessing Kings expertise in the your own time.

Kings Colleges Academic Year 2020-21: Teaching and Learning

Finish your course on time Ideally prepared for university The flexibility we have designed into the Academic Year means you are assured of completing your course at the same time as any other year. So there is no need to lose a year or to fall behind with your educational plans. The longer you have studied in the UK, the more prepared you will be to succeed at a UK university.

Equally, the sooner you get to university, the stronger your eventual career advantages will be. In a changing world, it makes sense to maximise your educational advantage and stay on track.













September start: In class (or online if required) January start: In class only

Keeping you safe

Your health, safety and well-being at Kings will always be our top priority.

Keeping you safe

We expect a general return to normality by the time the new academic year begins. However, we have detailed plans for every eventuality and are able to adapt quickly and decisively.

We have produced a separate detailed factsheet detailing our measures to ensure best practice in health, safety and well-being.

Our comprehensive planning includes all potential welfare, hygiene and safety measures available to us. While we anticipate many of these are unlikely to be necessary, we would like to reassure you that they are in place.

It covers:

It means that whatever the circumstances you can remain safe and well — and that you will complete your course on time.

‚ Student welfare and support

‚ Health and hygiene ‚ Social distancing protocols ‚ Best practice at school and accommodation

Kings Colleges Academic Year 2020-21: Health, Safety and Well-being

Stay on track

Don’t worry. Don’t fall behind. Don’t lose a year.

Kings Colleges

Trust Kings. We will deliver your university dream. On time. kingscolleges.com

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Kings Academic Year 2020-21 overview  

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Kings Academic Year 2020-21 overview  

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