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KD Star!


By Felicity (Cabin 2)

June 17, 2011 By Kayla (Cabin 3)

At camp, we played gaga and crud wars, and we played on the playground. One time, for dinner, we had spaghetti from the very nice chef, and it was great. And some really fun games we played — Mamunamu — and girls’ cabin 3 won. And the Mamunamu were in red suits.

By Jada (Cabin 2)

Counselors and campers dance during the opening ceremony on Tuesday. (Photo by April Losekamp)


By Braelyn (Day camp)

By Mercedes (Cabin 2)

Hi. I am at King’s Domain. I love it there. I never want to leave. I loved the princess party. I had so much fun I might come back next year. I hope someone reads this story. You will have so much fun. The camp leaders are nice. I will miss everybody, but I will hold onto all the memories. I might cry, but I will still shine for Jesus. I will miss my camp leaders, but I know they love us still. They will still love us. We take showers with our bathing suits. They were so nice to all the campers.

By Seana (Cabin 2)

My cabin is so cool. My favorite tutor is Kayla. We had s’mores at the princess party. My cabin is number 2. My cabin is nice to the other cabins and us. I am at King’s Domain. I love it here. My friends are nice to everyone. My counselors are nice to everyone in cabin two. They are cool.

Workshops By Seana (Cabin 2)

Workshops update Clay: Liger in a cage, stars dice LEGOs: Military vehicles, underwater vehicles Paint: A picture outside, sun, grass, worms Dance: Freeze dance

I saw a girl making a flower in a pot in the LEGOs and clay station. Braelyn said that Chastity’s picture is pretty. The music people are playing freeze dance. People are playing carpetball.

activities By Lauren (Cabin 1)

Jesus saved my life and how we were playing chicken cross the road. And the swinger told me to stop, and I could not stop. And I almost got hit.

By Anna (Day camp)

Games at camp — there is all different games to do. There’s card games which is Emily’s favorite. Kesean’s is soccer. He is really good. There is also songs and dances. Kesean’s favorite song is the happy song. “Everybody in the place, place, put a smile on their face, face.” Kellie loves the camp songs so much that she dreams about them. Katie Wright likes all the songs, and the songs are so energetic that they make her really tired. Her favorite song is the happy song. There is also art that everybody enjoys. Mikayla from day camp was making a blue, black and pink bracelet. Camp has so mnay activities to do! It is so fun!

We went down some ripples and saw a fish jump out of the water. Also, we saw some turtles on tree branches, and a baby turtle jumped into the water and started to swim. And we swam in the river, and we had fun.

By Jael (Cabin 1)

Rafting is fun. We did float down the river. It was fun. We did get on a boat.

By Anna (Day camp)

At King’s Domain, you sing and dance. We sing and dance to praise the Lord. We praise God because He sent us here to tell others about God and to praise Him. We want everybody to know about God. At day camp, we sing awesome songs that we dance to. Praise the Lord!

Domainia By Lauren (Cabin 1)

Domainia was about a script about a boy who thought about himself or nothing. He said that he wanted to be a knight. Sir Proudself whacked somebody in cabin 1.

campouts By AJ (Cabin 3)

When we got on the truck, I was so anxious. The ride was so bumpy I thought I was going to fall off. When we got to the tent, I could not find mine which means I missed the man talk. Then it was time to make s’mores. Then we all went to bed. When I woke up, I ate mancakes (pancakes). Last, we rode on the truck back to the camp. The end.

5778 State Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054 | 513-932-5507 |

At the princess party, we made s’mores, and we slept in a big tent. And in the morning, we baked pancakes, and we ate a bagel with cream cheese. And we got to tell about what God did for us and had a fire. And we read a princess book, and we got bracelets.

By Laura (Cabin 3)

When we went to the princess party, we ate s’mores, and when it was the morning, we ate pancakes. Then we made a note about what you like about you and what you are good at. Then we packed our own stuff. Then we went back and went to the playground.

fiction The judges introduce themselves during Tuesday’s Domainia. Star speaks as the rockstar interprets. (Photo by April Losekamp)

By Luzelana (Cabin 3)

One day, there was a woman who went shopping. Then she passed where there was grass, and she saw a bone. And then she took it and cooked it. Then a ghost came and said, “Give me my bone! Give me my bone! Give me my bone!”

poetry By Kayla (Cabin 3)

Roses are red; violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and so are you!

interview with Cameron gates Q: Why do you dance weird? A: ‘Cause I want all the kids to dance, too. If they see me dancing funny, they dance, too. Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a counselor? A: That I get to be with the kids. Q: How long have you been a counselor? A: All last year and this year.

By Savannah (Cabin 3)

Interview with Kate brown (Kate is good at signs.) Q: What is your favorite sign? A: Rainbow, because it’s fun. Q: What do you do for fun? A: Reading. Q: What is your favorite book? A: Besides the Bible, My Sister’s Keeper.

By Jessica (Cabin 6)

Interview with Ms. Dipper (judge) Ms. Dipper loves Star because of how much beauty and intelligence Star has. Ms. Dipper has learned that rockstars don’t take showers, and they speak Star. She loves being an actress because she loves being loud and active.

By Abigail (Cabin 3)

Interview with Kayla Hill Favorite color? Green, yellow, blue. Favorite food? Strawberries. Favorite animal? Elephant. Favorite song? “How He Loves.” Favorite sport? Basketball, golf. Favorite candy? Reese’s Cups. Favorite movie? The Parent Trap. Birthday? August 6. Hometown? Wilmington, NC. School? UNC-Chapel Hill.

Interview with Jamie (skit) Q: How did you, Sarah and Jack become friends? A: Geology class two years ago. We didn’t really like Sarah at first because she had glasses. Jack is annoying sometimes because she gets in trouble, but I think she’ll be OK in the end.

Interviews By Lauren (Cabin 1) and Abigail (Cabin 3)

By Jessica (Cabin 6)

Interview with Star (Judge) Star loves being the star because she loves giving out awards and being excited for the most spirited people. Star loves to brighten people’s day and loves the color yellow. Star’s favorite food is Star Crunches and Starbursts. Star loves cute kitty cats, especially gray cats.

By Jessica (Cabin 6)

Interview with Allie Ulloa Allie loves camp because she loves the kids and helping out. Allie loves learning about God and teaching others about God. Allie has been here for 4 years and 5 weeks. Allie’s favorite food is spaghetti or Mexican.

By Jael (Cabin 1)

Interview with Jennifer Ziermann Q: What do you like about this camp? A: A girl in my cabin who’s really nice to everybody, and she has really long, pretty hair. Her name is Jael.

By Jessica (Cabin 6)

Interview with Ryan “Tink” Axle Tink has started here when he was a camper. He accepted Christ here. He has been here for 6 years. He found Swaggo in the pool this year. Tink can’t be an actor because he works in Cincinnati.

By Kayla (Cabin 3)

By Terry (Cabin 3)

Interview with Candice Corwin Q: What is your camp job? A: Nothing. Just kidding. Two things: 1. I write the lessons for the teenagers — what they are going to learn. 2. I meet with all the college students for mentoring. Q: What is your favorite thing to do at camp? A: My favorite thing at KD is hanging out with you guys (campers) and the college students. My favorite activity is crud wars. Q: What is your favorite cereal? A: Right now, Lucky Charms and Honey Graham O’s.

5778 State Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054 | 513-932-5507 |

Week one — Camper newspaper  

Campers who participated in the journalism workshop during week one (June 14–17) wrote about their experiences.

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