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Just like the iPod, the iPad is multi-functional. I own an iPod touch and I love it. It is, by far, the greatest purchase I have ever made. I bought it a year and half ago and it still looks brand new with the screen protector and the iPod case. I am excited to purchase the iPad. The price is great for what it can do and the size will quench my thirst for a bigger screen. The iPod is awesome but I always wished the screen could have been larger when reading documents and emails. The iPad won't fit in my back pocket as easily but I will be able to read my ebooks, watch my movies, and work on my emails with much greater ease. You parents will love this next use. I have small children and they love watching movies on my iPod but the screen is so small that sometimes they fight to see it. NO MORE FIGHTING! I can take it in the car, to the grocery store, or anywhere where I know the kids would be bored and they will be perfectly content watching that big beautiful screen. As long as I get the iPad screen protector and fit those on, this thing will always look beautiful too! Did you know it has a 10 hour VIDEO battery life. My iPod lasts for about an hour and a half so I am stoked about this new longer lasting battery life. Anyway Stay tuned to this broadcast to give you more great ways to use and protect your new iPad! Again, the iPad is a Parents Dream Come True. Parents will love the video, book, and email capabilities. The iPad can keep the kids busy for hours as parents run their errands. Parents need to make sure that if their kids are going to be handling the iPad, that it should be protected with a high quality screen protector and case.

Go to to get information on recommended iPad screen protectors for your iPad. Also look for other screen protector reviews for your iPods or any other device that you want to keep looking new and protected. Biggest fan of the iPad!

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