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The Court Reporter Winter 2017 Kings County Museum

Kings Historical Society Board of Directors 2017-2018 President - Maynard Stevens Past and Vice President - Kelly Bourassa Secretary - Jean Gibson Collins Treasurer—Dave Ritcey Curator - Bria Stokesbury Office Manager - Kate MacInnes Adams

The Kings County Museum is OPEN June Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM July and August Monday– Saturday 9AM-4PM September-December 15th Monday—Friday 9AM-4PM Dec 15 closing @ noon

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The Kings County Museum will be closing for the 2017 season on December 14th, 2017 and re-opening in April of 2018. Our curator, Bria Stokesbury and Office Manager Kate MacInnes Adams send their warmest wishes for a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Travels of the Canada 150 Chair Sparks Special Memories

A rubbing of society member Glenda Bishop’s unPhotographer Glenda Bishop cle, Harold McGarry’s gravestone was placed at the The Canada 150 Chair at the Cenotaph in front cenotaph. Rose Schoonhoven did the rubbing while of the Legion in Kentville visiting the battlefields of World War I in April of November 2017 2017. Photographer Bria Stokesbury “Delightfully Dashing Debutantes” Red Hat Society, featuring members from Western Kings and Eastern Annapolis Counties (including Kingston, Greenwood, Berwick and Torbrook). Photographed with the Canada 150 Chair at the Kings County Museum in October, 2017 2

New Additions to the Canada 150 Exhibit currently showing until December 14, 2017 include: Photographer Bria Stokesbury Lakeville Women’s Institute visit the Canada 150 Chair at the Kings County Museum October 2017 Photographer Mary Magee The Canada 150 Chair visits vendors at the Kentville Farmers Market, October 2017


Photographer Mary Magee The Canada 150 Chair visits the Apple Valley Square Dancers (Featuring some of the group members), Melvern Square, Kings County

Photographer Mary Magee The Canada 150 Chair joins the Western Kings 4-H General Meeting, Somerset School, September 2017


Photographer Paula Baker The Canada 150 Chair visits Big Tancook Elementary

The Soldier’s Social 2017 was Definitely “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER”! See you next year…For TWO NIGHTS, October 26 & 27!

The Soldier’s Social O U R S P O N S O R S

More of Paul’s photos at OUR “IN KIND” SUPPORTERS

PHOTOS by Justine Mac Donald and Paul Illsley



A huge thank you to our Soldier’s Social Cast and Crew!

The Kings Historical Society and the Kings County Museum would like to thank the Kentville Fire Department for coming to our aid in our request to help decorate the exterior of the Kings County Museum for the holidays. Chad MacPherson along with assistance from Jeremy and PJ were able to help make our “dream decorating” a success by hanging wreaths for us on the second floors and places too high and dangerous for our own volunteers to venture. How wonderful it is to live in a community where we can ask 5

for help and get such a positive and quick response! So thank you to you all for making the holidays a lot brighter and more cheerful at the Kings County Museum.

Friday , November 17th , saw a group of more than 50 gathered in the Municipality Building in Kentville to listen to a presentation by Philip Spencer on the Davison Lumber Company. Mr. Spencer used a captivating approach to trace the Davison name in lumbering from Samuel Mack to the collapse of the Davison Lumber and Manufacturing Company . A fascinating collection of vintage photographs and a Google Earth Map were partnered with the time line narration by Spencer .

Molly McCoy joined us for a day “job shadowing” her great-aunt Kate MacInnes Adams. One of Molly’s tasks on the day was gathering facts on the celebration of Christmas 150 years ago.

Burial Grounds Care Society Dedicated to researching and locating abandoned or neglected burial sites in Kings County. Facebook/burialgroundscaresociety Webpage: Meetings 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Kings County Museum 7:30 PM Check The BCGS facebook page for status of Jan and Feb meetings. See Wendy Elliot’ s story on the Burial Grounds Care Society on pages 11 and 12. 6

For Christmas facts -1867 SEE PAGE 7

A Confederation Christmas! Some facts about the celebration of Christmas 150 years ago. ·

Greenery hung around the house; evergreen boughs, holly, mistletoe


Christmas card sending/ receiving began in the 1840s and it gave much joy.


Long string of popcorn, candies, cakes, etc., hung on the tree, as well as candles, dolls, little baskets, jewels, nice doilies, and paper cutouts.


From December 21st (St. Thomas Day) until the morning of Christmas Day, people go caroling (one of England's oldest Christmas customs.)


On morning of Christmas Eve, the whole family goes outdoors to cut branches of evergreen and select a great log of wood to burn on the dining room hearth to use as the Yule Log. Continued on page 7 Remember to visit our Victorian Parlour all decked out for the season. December 2– 13th

1st 7

A Confederation Christmas!

A Confederation Christmas!

Some facts about the celebration of Christmas 150 years ago.

Some facts about the celebration of Christmas 150 years ago.


The Yule Log was prepared by placing it on the hearth, making libations by sprinkling the trunk with oil, salt, and mulled wine and saying suitable prayers. Yule-log is then kindled, and the rooms are decked with evergreen branches. As it burns, people sing, eat and drink, and tell tales. The yule-log is kept burning throughout the Twelve days of Christmas and the charred remains are kept because it's good luck to kindle the log of the following year with them.


The night before Christmas, families attend church service and upon returning home, the children hang stockings from the mantel, in hope that Father Christmas will leave some gifts or treats in them. They leave mince pies and brandy in gratitude for Father Christmas.


"posset" is drunk on Christmas Eve; made of hot ale combined with spices, lemon and sugar, and bits of oatcake and bread were added. Posset is taken with a spoon.


Christmas dinner is had at lunch or early afternoon; usually turkey or goose dinner plus stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and potatoes.



Beside each place at the table is a Christmas Cracker- A paper tube, brightly wrapped and twisted at both ends. They make a "crack" sound as they're pulled apart and out falls a tissue hat, a joke or riddle, rings in plastic, or even a present. The paper crown in each one is worn during the meal.


A big bowl of plum pudding is usually served for dessert, with silver coins hidden inside.


A favourite Christmas drink is mead; a honey-wine, with cinnamon, allspice, coriander, and cloves added to achieve a heated, spicy drink.

Community & Family History

• Approximately 900 file folders on individual families and many family binders. • Over 180 rolls of microfilm containing: births, marriages, deaths, census records, township books, and other statistics relating to Kings County and Nova Scotia. • Gravestone inscriptions for the 100 cemeteries in Kings County in four binders including a master index. . • Many indexes and information assembled by members of the Family History Committee to help you find your family roots.

Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, the Kings Historical Society has accumulated extensive archives. These can be divided into two broad areas: community history and family history (genealogy).

Community History Anyone looking for information or photographs on just about any community in Kings Co., Nova Scotia will almost certainly find something of interest in our archives. We have books, newspaper articles, photographs, personal reminiscences etc. etc. all of which can be viewed in the Community and Family History area on the lower level of the museum in Kentville. One of our volunteers is digitizing the photo collection and some of these images can be viewed on our websites Gallery page:

Family History For the genealogist or family history researcher, we have: Large collection of published works on various families and related subjects.

Holiday elves decorate the inside (and outside) of the museum in preparation for the holiday season and our upcoming annual Yuletide Tea on December 2nd.

Volunteers Kathryn Grace, Carmen Legge, Harold Redden and JoAnne Bezanson with KHS office manager Kate MacInnes Adams HO HO HO!


Welcoming To Our Neighbourhood

These two businesses have found their home in the Calkin building just across the street from the museum. Below is an article written by Ed Coleman and included in his book, All the Old Apples –And More. (available in our book store) 125 Years of Service: The Calkin Story

The story of T.P. Calkin Ltd. begins with a New England Planter who was granted one share of land in Cornwallis , Garth Calkinb said when he addressed the Kings Historical Society several years ago. The Planter was Ezekial Calkin and it was his grandson, Benjamin, who founded T.P. Calkin, a firm that operated in the Annapolis Valley for 125 years. Garth Calkin was the firm’s last president before it was purchased by Sumners. A former Kentville Mayor and sixth generation Planter, Mr. Calkin spent his entire career with his family’s firm. In his address to the Historical Society, he spoke about that career which began when he graduated from high school. Long before his graduation, however, as he pointed in his address, Calkin was already a household name and

the firm had been catering to Valley people for several generations. Benjamin Calkin opened the family’s first store on Main Street in 1847. “I wish I could tell you more about (this) business,” Mr. Calkin said, “but I was never told and apparently didn’t have enough interest to find out.” By 1867, however, the firm had moved to permanent quarters at the corner of Webster and Cornwallis Street and their inventory reflected the times. “For the blacksmith we stocked iron bars, horseshoe nails and shoes, even borax for the forge; for the wheelwright (we stocked) wooden rims, hubs, spokes, whiffletrees, shafts, and all metal parts for carriages.” Mr. Calkin joined the firm in 1924 and Calkin’s inventory and business methods at the time reflect ed the changes in society. Gone were deliveries by horse and wagon. The firm had several trucks on the road when Mr. Calkin took his place behind the counter of the family’s retail store as a 17-year-old clerk. By this time the blacksmith was on his way out, and Calkin’s inventory was heavy on tools for farm and forest workers. In 1926, Calkins set up separate retail and wholesale divisions and Kentville Hardware Store Limited opened. Over the next two decades Calkins opened hardware stores in Middleton and Bridgetown. In the meantime, the wholesale division had expanded across the province. When Calkins celebrated their 100th anniversary in 1947, the firm was operating a plumbing and heating supply outlet in Halifax and a year later in Dartmouth and Bridgewater. By this time the firm had close to 200 employees. When Garth Calkin reached retirement age in 1972, the firm had, in his words, “become more of a distributor of plumbing and heating supplies and less of a hardware and building supplies business.” At this time Ontario manufacturers were opening factory outlets and selling directly to plumb10

ing and heating tradesmen. To be competitive, Calkins was forced to either amalgamate with a larger firm or sell. The sale of the firm to Sumners concluded the Calkin family’s association with a business that had endured since the day Benjamin decided he didn’t like clerking for someone else. The firm began in the days of the horse and ox, adapted to the advent of the automobile, flourished through two world wars, and eventually succumbed when broad changes in business practices made some provincial firms obsolete. Today Calkins – or “Corkins” as oldtimers used to call it – is no longer the household name it once was, but it is still remembered. Calkin General Store on the corner of Webster Street and Cornwallis Street originally opened at another location by B.H. Calkin and moved to Webster St in 1867. It would remain an asset to the Kentville community for the next 106 years.

Hand caned chair

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KHS November Monthly Meeting followed by An Artist Talk With Photographer, Justine MacDonald November 28, 2017 7:30PM Kings County Museum 37 Cornwallis Street Kentville Since September The Kings County Museum in Kentville has been pleased to host the photography of Justine MacDonald. "Remembrance Road: Photographs from the Battlefields of Europe" has been on display throughout the fall. Our thanks to Justine for sharing her evocative images from Northern France.

Justine is a photographer, writer, and world traveller. She enjoys using these pursuits to explore history and the world in general. Her focus is on creating architectural and abstract

Meet a Budding Military Historian! Alex Comeau loves history period! Alex really loves military history. He has his own collection of artifacts, a website he created on a WWI battle, and that’s only the beginning. This summer he met with WWII veteran Gordon Hansford and conducted an interview to ask searching questions about Mr. Hansford’s wartime experiences. Alex’s interview was shared on the Kings County Museum Facebook page in honour of Remembrance Day. To learn more about Alex and his project for the Kings County Museum we invite you to read his autobiography. (pg 9) 11

Hello my name is Alex Comeau I go to Evangeline middle school and I’m in grade 8 French immersions. My family has been involved with the military. My mom was in the army reserves with the West Nova Scotia Regiment and my brother was in air cadets and my grandfather was in the Swiss military. I am in the 2444 RCACC army cadets. I joined cadets because I like the idea of uniforms and that it looks good on your résumé and gives you opportunities in the military. Even though I have a strong interest in the military, I hope I can someday be involved with history in some way like as a historian or archaeologist or work at a national park like Grand Pre. The reason I’m into history is because I like knowing what happened years and years ago and what kinds of technology they had. I’m mostly into military history because I like seeing the sad parts in history and how they dealt with them and how they started and ended it. The part in history I am most engaged in is WW1 because it was a revolution in war and no one really talks about WW1, it's more about WW2 because it was more recent but if you don’t know about WW1 you can't really understand WW2 and when the Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated it started WW1, WW2, the cold war and the Russian revolution. There’s so much stuff during that period of time that I can't even put it all on paper! So that's why I like history. It is confusing, it is hard to understand and there’s more than one side of the story to understand. History can be complicated or simple at times or interesting or it can be simple ut actually hard, but it is amazing. People think that history doesn’t matter but it matters if you have a passion for it like I do, so you can take time out of your day to research what you love and what interests you. Thank you for reading my biography and I hope you take an interest in history after reading this. Alex Comeau CALL KATE WITH YOUR ORDER BY DECEMBER 4TH 902-678-6237



In Memoriam “There are always flowers for those that want to see them� - Henri Matisse Since the publication of our last newsletter we have lost several individuals who were friends and members of the Kings Historical Society and the Kings County Museum. On behalf of the membership of the Kings Historical Society condolences are extended to the families of Les Poulter and Alex Smith. Les with his wife Gillian was a regular at our Yuletide Teas. He will be missed for his cheerful smile and friendly manner. Alex was a long time researcher and member of our genealogy department. He was quiet, pleasant, and a font of knowledge for the genealogy and community history of Wallbrook and area he will be greatly missed by those of us who had the pleasure of working with him.


Burial Ground Care Society tends and uncovers Kings County history The Register/Advertiser Published Aug 28, 2017 Wendy Elliott

KENTVILLE, NS – It begins like this: ‘Hello friends. I am planning a day of mowing and trimming at the Woodlawn cemetery on Saturday. We are also hoping to replace the gate post and rehang the gate.

After living in Gaspereau for 17 years, he just took over as caretaker of the Gaspereau Cemetery from Charleton Levy. “I liked the idea,” says the retired RCMP officer. “Some of these cemeteries are so old and abandoned. There’s nobody left. That kind of volunteering feels good.” Lana Ashby, who has been involved almost from the start, adds, “we do care. We love what we do.” Heritage mason Heather Lawson and experience have taught the members how to clean lichen and moss off 200-year-old gravestones. Lawson gave a workshop at Chipman Corner two years ago. Bezanson always hopes that the headstones they uncover are readable. Most members enjoy the old stone carving and typography. Nichols has been eyeing two family cemeteries in his community for some rehabilitation. He hopes the Gertridge plots will be next, but the Coldwell cemetery also needs work due to a big tree falling over it. Sometimes the volunteers find themselves in tricky terrain. They might be in a ravine, lost in alders or dodging tree trunks. “We have lots of laughs. I drag my grandkids along with me,” says Bezanson, “in the hopes that someday they’ll understand the need.” According to Ashby, the society’s two annual fundraisers help pay for things like signs that cost beyond the grunt work volunteers contribute. She’d like to see a mailbox at each cemetery containing a visitors’ book. Kim Troop organizes two antique shows each year at the Millett Centre in New Minas and half the profits go to the society. A recent clean up on an old farm property involved two gravestones, but they signified the loss of four children. Mowers and chainsaws uncovered the pieces of a stone memorial that had to be restacked. “That was somebody’s life, that farm,” notes Bezanson. The society meets monthly, except during July and August, at the Old Kings Courthouse Museum. Its’ records are kept there too. Ashby says they believe the Kings group is the only one of its kind in Nova Scotia. “If you want to get lots of fresh air and exercise,” Nichols adds, “come on out.” Latest clean up On Monday, Aug. 28 the Burial Care Ground Society held a maintenance day at the old Covenanter church in Grafton.

After the clean up work took place at the Clem cemetery in Donnellans Brook, a picnic and some socializing took place. That’s how it works with the Burial Ground Care Society of Kings County. They make neglected cemeteries look good. The purpose of the society, which was formed in 2001, is to research, locate and reclaim abandoned graveyards and give them the care and recognition that they deserve. “We hope that if we clean them up, the community will take over,” says JoAnne Bezanson. Some of these burial sites were found in cattle pastures and woodland. Right now the volunteer crew takes responsibility for 15 cemeteries. This past spring society members had a work party at a private cemetery where they put new crosses for four little sisters, aged two-11, who died of diphtheria in 1873. As a parent and grandparent, Bezanson found that effort very meaningful and she says, “I’m so glad I get to be a part of this group.” A number of members, like Bezanson, became interested while doing research into their ancestry and looking for the final resting places of family members. Others, like John Nichols, got caught up in com15 munity.

The art of grave dowsing…. While it might cause skeptics to roll their eyes, one fascinating aspect of the work the society does is grave dowsing. They use metal detection rods much as water diviners utilize a forked branch to find water. Ashby says the rods are available now on-line. According to Nichols, dowsing has become an important process to locate unmarked graves in the Gaspereau cemetery before he sells a new plot. “It’s interesting. I have no idea how it works. The Volunteers from the Kings County Burial Care Society worked graves from the 1700s, there’d be no bones left. But it to rehabilitate two gravestones belonging to the Lawson Algee family this past summer. gives you a connection,” Nichols said. Bezanson adds that the rod will indicate the length of a plot and whether the occupant was male or female. One of the founding members, Richard Skinner, who is 87, is an active dowser. Earlier efforts Previously the Burial Ground Care Society found and rehabilitated three poor farm cemeteries in Kings County. The Horton Poor Farm cemetery sits on a bluff in Greenwich overlooking the Cornwallis River. It was opened in 1882 and closed in 1922. A second poor farm was located in Billtown. In 1964, the county joined the poor farms into one in Waterville called Mountain View Home. A crew from the Nova Scotia Youth Centre under the direction of Kim Troop installed a fence around the cemetery and continue to care for it. This burial site is located on a grassy hill behind the current Waterville Rehab Centre. It is a unique site because the many numbered markers are still visible for the graves of those buried there. Are you a Heel or a Babyface? For those of you that did not have a chance to join us for our October monthly meeting you may not be aware that in Pro-Wrestling the “Heel” is the bad guy and the “Baby Face” is the good guy. For a lively evening we were joined by Canadian Wrestling Association CWA Heavyweight Champion Aarron Matthews aka "The Superstar", Ring Announcer "Captain" Kirk Staratt, and wrestling fan Maynard Stevens "The Referee" who gave us an informative talk (entitled “Heels and Baby Faces: A History of Professional Wrestling in Kings County). Many of us know Kirk Staratt from his years as a reporter but we learned that night about his extensive involvement within the Wrestling community. 16

Haunted Houses 101: A Brief Examination of Paranormal Activity & Investigations On October 17, 2017 close to 100 people packed the courtroom (sorry folks we did have to close the doors due to so many attendees) to hear our annual “scary” talk. The event began with a ½ hour examination of what constitutes paranormal activity or how can you tell your house is haunted by Curator Bria Stokesbury. Paranormal is defined as something beside or beyond normal, and is used to describe phenomenon that are not explicable in terms of our ordinary understanding or current scientific knowledge. The Curator then introduced Margo Brightman (a member of West Hants Ghost Hunters) who shared some of the key tools used in paranormal investigations everything from digital cameras to Electro Magnetic Field Meters. The evening ended with Krystal Tanner (Curator of the Randall House Museum) sharing her experiences during paranormal investigations of Randall House undertaken by a group of investigators from Brookfield, NS called “Crossed Over Paranormal Society.” Many of these experiences can be viewed on “Youtube” for those that want to examine the evidence for themselves. The event was a great success and raised $675 towards museum operations.

Krystal Tanner—Curator Randall House Museum

Photo: Mercedes Peters

A New Society Is Forming A newly formed historical society “The Kentville Historical Society” was created to preserve and promote the history of the Town of Kentville. The society has a presence on Facebook and has recently begun a membership drive. We wish them all the best in the future and welcome them to the wider museum community in Kings County.


William Henry Chipman: His parliamentary career was The Anti-Confederation Voice of cut short by a sudden and fatal Kings County attack of smallpox in the spring of 1870 in Ottawa. The day after (He was) a merchant, farmer, and his death the house adjourned on politician; b. 3 Nov. 1807 in Corn- the motion of Howe, seconded wallis, Kings County, N.S. by Sir John A. Macdonald*, and heard eulogies in which even Charles Tupper* joined, referIn addition to his full business ring to him as “a member of one career, William Henry Chipman of the oldest and most respected also followed family tradition in local politics. The climax of Chip- families in his Province.” man’s public career came in 1867 with his election as an anti*Information courtesy of Barry confederate member of parliament Moody, “Dictionary of Canadian for Kings County to the first Biography.” House of Commons of the new dominion. Again he was following *During this past season our family precedent, as the Chipmans own President Maynard Stevens appear to have been staunchly Re- portrayed William Henry Chipman form or Liberal from the late at numerous events at the museum 1830s. Elected with a large majori- and throughout the County. Realty, Chipman joined fellow Nova izing how Chipman’s story had Scotians in their battle for repeal been largely forgotten Maynard of the union or better terms for sought to have some permanent their province. recognition of Chipman’s life and career memorialized. Through the Although a follower of JoBoard of the museum a letter was seph Howe*, Chipman was by no sent to the Municipality of the means subservient. At the stormy County of Kings asking for some anti-confederate convention held sort of permanent tribute to be esin Halifax in August 1868, Chip- tablished for Mr. Chipman. The man openly opposed Howe on the County was receptive and to that best means of obtaining repeal. He end a plaque noting the accomproposed that all anti-confederate plishments of Chipman as a the members of the Nova Scotian as- First Member of Parliament for the sembly and the House of ComCounty of Kings will be unveiled mons “should forthwith tender at the Municipal building on Notheir resignations” as “the best vember 29th, 2017. method of settling the difficulty between the Local and Dominion members and beyond all this, the most effectual way of obtaining repeal.” This was not, however, the policy adopted, and so Chipman and the other “antis” continued to sit in the House of Commons. 18

This banner was carried by nine year old Robert Dawson, Jr. (1858-1929) of Bridgewater in an AntiConfederation parade. The people of Nova Scotia strongly believed that their local needs would be better met through their colonial governments, rather than those of a larger country and therefore opposed confederation. These people were known as the Anti-Confederates or “Anties”. Courtesy of DesBrisay Museum and

KHS President Maynard Stevens in his role as William Chipman

Gifts at the Kings County Museum As Ever, a book complied and published by John Bishop Grant tells the story of Harold Fletcher Bishop, a solider during the First World War. The story is told through the letters that Bishop sent home while serving overseas, while later hands also provide historical context to clarify terms and locations mentioned throughout Bishop’s notes home. It is a compelling read, and offers an account of hardships, loss, and happiness that occurred overseas

Gone Fishing written by Ed Coleman is a book that features advice, stories, and tales of a life long Fisher. Ed’s book is set on the banks of the riversides of Kings County Nova Scotia and although his goal was to write a memoir about catching fish, Ed has reeled in his audience with his compelling writing style and interesting tales. Published by the Kings Historical Society $20

Foot Steps, The Descendants of Robert Foot 1762-1848 by Hazel Foot with Margaret Ann Jorgensen provides a detailed genealogy of the Foot family starting in 1762 and continuing to 1994. This book is 315 pages long and is a great resource for anyone looking to do genealogical research on the Foot family. An addendum from1995present is planned and we will let you know when it is in print. $30

Affairs with Old Houses, Personal Stories about Preserving Heritage Houses in Nova Scotia edited by Pat Lotz chronicles a variety of stories about owners and houses from Nova Scotia, and the trials and tribulations of owning and restoring old houses. The book includes accounts from fifteen different buildings and owners and is a must read for any fan of built heritage. $20 19

community history of Woodlawn, Burlington and Viewmount on the North Mountain, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Settled in the early 1800’s, these Fundy shore communities have seen vast changes in the landscape and way of life. $40.00 plus $18.00 S&H.

Books for Sale

A Craftsman Remembers, by Gordan Hansford - One man recounts his personal view of serving in the Second World War as a “craftsman” – a soldier who worked behind the front lines at various tasks to keep everything running smoothly. These soldiers acted as engineers, electricians, and mechanics, among other jobs, and Hansford’s account captures what it was like for him and other craftsmen. $15.00 plus 10. S&H, only 1 copy left. Gone Fishing by Ed Coleman— A Chronicle of stores from the river banks in Kings County NS. A must read for the fishing fanatic, or those interested in Kings County rivers and landscapes. $20 plus $7 S&H

Ordering Information

Gaspereau: A River Runs Through It, by L. Ross Potter - This book with its authentic stories, its many pictures, and genealogical data, gives an excellent view into the past, and preserves so much for posterity. Its easy styles and entertaining, informative content will appeal to the interests of a wide range of readers. $40. plus $12. S&H.

Books and CDs may be ordered by e-mail or by phone, (902) 678-6237. or on line If you wish to mail your order, our address is: The Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis Street, Kentville NS, Canada, B4N 2E2. Payment will be received by cash, cheque, money order, Master Card ,Visa. And Pay Pal. If you are making payment by credit card please enclose the credit card number and the expiry date. Please add the appropriate shipping and handling fees.

Planter Nova Scotia: 1760-1810. The year 2010 marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the New England Planters in Nova Scotia. Follow the history of these people who played an important role in Nova Scotian, and Canadian history. There are four different books in the series, all by Julian Gwyn. Each one is on a different township, Horton, Cornwallis, Newport, and Falmouth. $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping ($8.00 for 4 books). If all four volumes purchased at same time $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H.

As Ever, by John Bishop Grant– A collection of WWI letters written by Harold Fletcher Bishop from 1915-1919 while he was overseas during WWI. The book also includes a historical context for the areas Harold was stationed, and a condensed Bishop family tree. $20 plus $10 Shipping. Affairs With Old Houses—This very readable and highly enjoyable book chronicles the experiences of an eclectic selection of owners and older houses around Nova Scotia. $20 plus $12 shipping and handling.

Hannibal Hoops - Hannibal Hoops follows the story of a young slave boy born on a plantation in South Carolina. During the American Revolution he ends up in Nova Scotia where he chases his dream of returning to his people’s homeland, Sierra Leone. By: Gordon M. Haliburton. $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H.

Burnt Lands, Lockshoes, Shivarees – Historical Sketches on Kings County, by Ed Coleman. This book is a collections of historic sketches that Ed wrote for local newspapers over the past 20 years. The book, 193 pages covers a variety of topics and includes a number of local postcards. Cost is $21.99 plus S&H $8.00.

The Nova Scotia Eatons - A genealogical record of the local Eaton family that dates back all the way to the year 1640. By: Charles Ernest Eaton. $5.00 plus $14.00 S&H. Small Communities, Big Dreams - The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival celebrates a unique way of life that relies on the tenets of hard work, good fun, faith, and rural values. This book celebrates 75 years of Apple Blossom history, a local festival that has a special place in the hearts of many. $21.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

Building for Justice - In this beautifully illustrated volume, James W. MacNutt, Q.C. has succeeded in compelling us to look at courthouses in a different way. Building for Justice is a celebration of a monumental architecture that, along with the buildings of church and state, forms one of the cornerstones of our society. The cost is $32.00 and includes shipping.

Nova Scotia’s Golden Age of Sail - This map of Nova Scotia shows where important ports were, lighthouse locations, where pirate’s treasures were buried, and even sea monsters and a ghost ship sighting happened! $1.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Comfort Me with Apples— A book chronicling the history of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association starting from 1863-2013, and stories from apple growers. $20 plus $10 S&H

Second Chance - Life in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution by Glenn Ells. $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Verses From The Valley by Gordon Hansford. Gordon has a keen sense of humour and a talent for seeing beauty and interest in everything from a ugly earwig to his military experience. These interests are reflected in this book of Gordon’s poetry and sketches. Cost is $12.99 plus S&H $6.00.

Starting Over - Acadians and New England Planters in Nova Scotia in the 1760s by Glenn Ells. $20 plus $5.00 shipping. Kings County Schools. A brief history of schools and school sections in Kings County, Nova Scotia compiled by Nelson Labor and Linda Hart. $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H. . Planter Chronicles - The Planter Chronicles contain 76 pages of articles and photographs telling some of the stories of the New England Planters. These stories are reproduced from previous KHS publications; "Historic Kings County", "The Kings County Vignettes", Volumes 1 – 10 and some new articles as well. $10 plus $4.00 S&H.

Grist From The Mills – a History of Sheffield Mills by Sheffield Mills Women’s Institute. This book was originally printed in1967 and printed again in 2012. This interesting history of the village of Sheffield Mills, Kings County has been a popular book. Cost $25.00 plus S&H $8.00. Foot Step— A book chronicling the defendants of Robert Foot starting with the first generation 1762 in Scotland and ending with the eighth generation 1986 in Berwick. $30 plus $18.00 S&H.

Kings Co., NS, Quiz Book - How much do you know about Kings County, NS? Challenge yourself and others with the quizzes in this book. $5.00 plus $4.00 shipping.

From the Brow to the Bay - This book chronicles the family and


Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages.$25.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Also available as a CD. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. $25.00 plus $2:00 shipping.

Evangeline: a Tale of Acadie - The “Expulsion of the Acadians” or “le Grand Dérangement” is one of the saddest chapters in the history of the colonial struggle between Britain and France. This is the story of Evangeline and Gabriel, two young Acadians who were cruelly separated on the very day in which they were to be wed. Evoking both the geography and the spirit of “La Belle Acadie,” Longfellow’s sweeping tale takes us from the tide-washed shores of Nova Scotia’s Minas basin, across the the vast breadth of 18th-century America, from the Louisiana bayous to the foothills of the Ozarks, to its final, heart-wrenching conclusion in the plague-ridden poorhouses of Philadelphia. The cost is $23.00 plus S&H.

Memories of Coldbrook, N.S. - Marie Bishop writes about her early years in Coldbrook with write-ups on 50 Coldbrook families; 356 pictures, maps, 270 pages. $30.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Gypsum Royal Fleet by St. Clair Patterson A history of the transporting of gypsum from the quarries of Hants County and other parts of Nova Scotia to the manufacturing facilities in the United States $25

Be transported back in time through re-enactments of wrecked sailors slogging through the Minas Mud, and a riveting courtroom sequence filmed at Ross Farm. Join the documentary’s narrator, Kelly Bourassa as he searches the banks of the Canard River for evidence of the 1760 wreck of the brigantine The Montague.

Churches of Kings County. Compiled by Linda Hart and Nelson Labor of the Community and Family History department. A brief history accompanies pictures of kings County churches $25 CDs Lineage linked database of "The History of Kings County" (Eaton). - This CD merges all the families mentioned in Eaton's book and shows the connecting links between individuals and families. $25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Church Records. - over 10,000 records of births, marriages and burials taken from microfilm and put on 1 CD. These records are from many of the early churches in Kings County. .$25:00 plus $2:00 S&H.

Our KHS documentary adventure on DVD

West Novas– Thomas H. Raddall This well-written 326 page hard covered book required detailed collaboration with West Nova war veterans to arrive at a true picture of what happened inside the Regiment during WW11. Almost every chapter provides examples of the battlefield bravery of individual soldiers and officers by name. Included are 42 pages of wartime photos and maps. First published 1947. $30.00 plus shipping. Aunt Toni’s Diary– Excerpts from the diary of Toni Musial (1947-1951) who was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 13. Written and compiled by her niece Marilyn Jones, the book also gives a brief history of the Nova Scotia Sanatorium in Kentville, Nova Scotia. $15

Kings County Vital Statistics. Produced by the Kings Historical Society, the CD contains the following statistics with instructions included. (1) Kings County Census 1871 - 1881, 1891 - 1901. (2) Kings County Cemeteries Records. (3) Kings County Marriages 1864 - 1909. (4) Annapolis Valley Births & deaths 1864 - 1877. (5) Kings County Deeds 1764 - 1951 (6) Kings County Probate Records 1785 - 1950. $99.00 plus $2.00 S&H .

Clara’s Rib– The true story of a young girl growing up in a Ontario tuberculosis hospital in the 40’s and ‘50’s. Readers of all ages will be drawn into the evolving seasons of Clara’s life of courage, faith, pranks, laughter, first love, despair and hope. $25.00 plus shipping. Berwick– A wonderful collection of pictures, clippings, and information on the history and families of Berwick Nova Scotia. Compiled by Ron Illsley $25 plus shipping.

Births, Deaths 1864-1877, Annapolis Valley. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Cemeteries of Kings County, NS. - All 100 Kings County cemeteries with complete inscriptions - a zipped CD for PC or Mac. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

The Harbourville Connection-This book covers Harbourville, and heads along the shore in both directions to Morden and Black Rock, then down into the Valley to Somerset. There are lots of pictures, tales of pirates on Isle Haute, the infamous Robinson murder case, ships sinking –“more on the shipping of apples and potatoes, farm produce – everything,” $15.00 plus shipping.

Census of Kings Co. -Census data for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 (on one CD). $25. plus $2. S&H. Marriages in Kings County, NS - 1864-1909 5,964 records giving bride, groom, age and parents. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H Probate Records for Kings Co. - 1784-1949 - Over 25,000 records. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Times to Remember– Major R.G. “Bill” Thexton CD Some recollections of four and a half years of service with the Nova Scotian Regiment. $20 plus shipping

Index to Kings County deeds 1764 - 1951 - $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book - see above) Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 plus many Acadian maps. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Glenn’s Life According to Glenn -Glenn S. Ells Glenn describes the life of a poor farm boy born in the 1930s, his fortunate choice of parents, his education, his years with his wife Leta and his family, his forays into politics and writing and some of his observations on life. $20 plus S&H A Place to Belong– Lind Hart .A history of Brooklyn Corner Kings County Nova Scotia $20 plus S&H Facebook: Kings County Museum

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Vital Stat CD. Contains all the above information $99

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Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500


Kings Historical Society Donations 2017

Importance of Sponsorship Program

We sincerely thank the following people for their kind donations in support of the Kings Historical Society and the Kings County Museum.

Please consider donating to our 2017 campaign.

Donations * Lana Ashby* William Fanning * Jim and Bev Stewart* Elinor Benjamin and Ronald Richards for OBED Fest * Town of Kentville * Municipality of the County of Kings*

In Memory In memory of Erna Sawler—Bria and Liz Stokesbury, Gordon and Helen Hansford, Bill and Bernice Naylor, Dorothy Robbins In memory of Bev Sawler— Bria Stokesbury, Garry Pittman, Lewis Sawler,

Georgina Mahar Carling, Bill and Bernice Naylor, Nelson Labor, Gordon and Helen Hansford, Dorothy Robbins In memory of Jan Takach—Gordon and Helen Hansford In memory of Bud Atkinson—Doris Illsley, Bria Stokesbury, Gordon and Helen Hansford, Dorothy Robbins

In memory of Pauline Worthylake —Bria Stokesbury, Gordon and Helen Hans-

In 2004 we launched our Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship donations contribute to our heating, utilities, cleaning and maintenance supplies, exhibits and preservation of collections. We wish to thank all the Kings Historical Society members and friends who continue to help by donating to our Sponsorship Program, and encourage others to participate. For more information see our web page at and click on “Sponsor”.


In memory of Clinton MacInnes—Adeline MacInnes In memory of Rose Malpass— Bria Stokesbury, Nancy Crane, David and Melissa Ritcey, Doris Illsley, Helen Burns, Geneva and Laurie Conrad, Shirley Lantz, Joan and Hugh Crowell, Charles Woodworth, Elizabeth Pettet, Dorothy Walker Robbins In memory of Emory Redden—Doris Illsley In memory of Bob Naylor—Doris Illsley In memory of Barb Spurr—Elizabeth Stokesbury In memory of Les Poulter—Bria Stokesbury In memory of Jeanne Bennett—Elizabeth Stokesbury, Greg and Avis Fox, Marilyn Burrell, Eleanor Morgan, Mary Cook, Lynn Manning, Timothy and Irene Henniger, Jim and Jackie Ivey, Alan Eaton, Manning and Associates, Doris Illsley, Dorothy Robbins, Ian Hughes, Margaet Dukes & Tim Chappell, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, Leonard Goguen, David Holt, Joan Duggan, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kavanagh, Audrey Bennet In memory of Lillian Doucette—Judith Doucette

In memory of Annette Mackenzie—Doris Illsley

Gifts in Kind *Anna and Don Osburn * Shelly Fleckenstein * Wayne Macdonald* Fosters Fire Safety * Sylvia Jacquard * Bill Zinc * Bill Naylor * David Drake * Andrew Clinch Planned Giving *Helen and Gordon Hansford * Doris Montague, * Bud Atkinson Special Corporate Donation - * The Ritcey Team * by way Fishing Book Thank you to all who contributed to our Sponsorship Program

Bronze Sponsorship– Waterbury Newton * John M. Franey * MTC Insurance * Paddy’s Pub* Doreen Roberts * Gaye & Mary Sponagle Silver Sponsorship—RD Chisholm * Alice Newcombe * Lucy Traves * Denton Orde * Barb Smith * Eric Cox Gold Sponsorship—Doris Illsley * Dorothy Robbins * Cyril White Platinum Sponsorship–Gordon and Helen Hansford * Fred H. Houghton*

Kings Historical Society Leave a Legacy We invite you to consider helping to preserve the heritage of Kings County through the planned giving of Cash gifts, Bequests, Gifts of Property, Gifts of Public Securities and Life Insurance There are major tax savings to be gained using any of the above. If you are interested in taking advantage of these options please speak to your estate planner advisor. 22

MEMBERSHIP $20.00 per person $25.00 per couple $25.00 per organization $15.00 per Student with ID Membership is based on the Calendar year Make cheque payable to Kings Historical Society 37 Cornwallis Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 2E2

MEMORIAL DONATIONS In Memoriam donations may be made to the Kings Historical Society in memory of your loved one. This is a continuing way to honour friends or relatives, and provides much needed assistance to the Kings County Museum. * Charitable Tax Receipts are available for all donations.

KINGS HISTORICAL SOCIETY KINGS COUNTY MUSEUM 37Cornwallis Street Kentville, N.S. B4N 2E2 Phone: 902-678-6237 Fax: 902-678-2764 e-mail Web Page Genealogy

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Kings Historical Society Newsletter Winter 2017  

Kings County Historical Society newsletter with events, exhibit info, and community history

Kings Historical Society Newsletter Winter 2017  

Kings County Historical Society newsletter with events, exhibit info, and community history


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