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Global Opportunities

King’s is a world top 25 university dedicated to working across boundaries and disciplines with the best international partners to find answers to pressing global questions, whether around health, sustainability, culture and identity or defence and security. We understand how crucial it is that we nurture and encourage our talented students to become global citizens if we want to find solutions to these questions. Inspiring them to think differently in order to succeed as the great leaders and thinkers of the future is a key part of our International Strategy. The Global Internships Programme is a key part of this Strategy and aims to develop highly employable graduates who are insightful, globally aware, confident and self-directed learners. Over the years we are proud to have expanded our capacity to provide hundreds of students each year with access to international internships with dynamic and emerging employers, while creating a cost-effective way for our partners to meet human resource needs while developing a talent pipeline. Thank you for your support and commitment. We could not deliver such a strong and successful programme without your partnership. Dr Joanna Newman, MBE Vice-Principal (International)

2 | Global Internships Programme

Introduction to King’s College London


Our International Network


Global Internships Programme


International Partners

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Selection Process & Timeline

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Faculties & Departments

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Collaboration Opportunities

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Global Employer Team

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King’s at a glance History & prestige King’s College London is one of the top 20 universities in the world and one of England’s oldest. Located in the heart of London, it has an outstanding reputation for world-class research and teaching and is rated one of the world’s 20 most international and outward-looking universities (Times Higher 2016). It was sixth nationally in the ‘power’ ranking of the 2014 UK Research Excellence Framework (REF), and is among the top seven UK universities for research earnings (£193 million in 2014-15), with an overall annual income of more than £684 million.

International impact 10,000

international students from over


different countries


Nobel Prize winning graduates and staff members

4 | Global Internships Programme


prominent international alumni from over




partnerships and innovative alliances with world-class institutions

Building Graduate Employability We prepare our students for international business and industry by equipping them with the higher level skills that employers need – leadership, commercial awareness, adaptability, networking and client focus. King’s College London develops employable graduates through: • • • • • •

High quality academic teaching and learning Careers & Employability professional skills programmes Work experience opportunities Recruitment training and guidance International perspective Extra-curricular activities, over 260 student societies

94.8% of King’s graduates are in work or further study within six months after graduation 

(DLHE 2015)

USA MEXICO King’s College London provides corporates, SMEs, business chambers, non-profit organisations, NGOs and government agencies with access to world-class student talent on a global scale. The nine countries identified represent our priority focus for the development of international internship opportunities for King’s students. However, as a truly global university we welcome internship opportunities from employers worldwide.



Our International Network 6 | Global Internships Programme




Global Internships Programme Our global partnerships have been a defining characteristic of the King’s experience. Since the founding of the Global Internships Programe, our international internships have helped King’s students grow and flourish world-wide. King’s is passionate about connecting students and employers on a global scale, and we have developed a very successful streamlined system that allows you to bring talented and productive students into your workplace with ease and efficiency. The Global Internships Programme provides: • A free of charge service for employers to access motivated and ambitious students, willing and able to travel internationally and explore careers outside the UK • Interns available to start anytime between the first week of June and the first week of July, lasting 2-3 months in total • A large talent pool of undergraduate and postgraduate students, with various skills and language abilities • A global consultant, who is focused on your hiring needs, familiar with your culture and Visa requirements

8 | Global Internships Programme

• Administrative support and assurance that nominated candidates have the required skills and capabilities • Application management, screening and shortlisting service for all potential candidates before nomination • Access to internal marketing channels and opportunities to speak at various on-campus and virtual recruitment events • Comprehensive support and guidance for students in advance of their departure, ensuring they are sufficiently equipped for their internship overseas

Average cost of hiring externally is 1.7 times more than an internal hire

Benefits to offering an Internship Programme in your organisation: • Proven cost-effective method of recruiting and evaluating potential employees • Flexible source of quality candidates for short-term or ad-hoc projects • Increased branding and visibility for the organisation among King’s College London students • International interns can help increase cultural diversity within the workplace • An injection of fresh ideas and up-todate professional skills

• Gateway to other forms of collaboration with King’s College London • Mentors/supervisors assigned to interns can develop their leadership/ managerial skills • Great way to manage economic uncertainty while maintaining recruitment activity • Effective way to free up current employees to take on specialised projects/assignments

International partners Many of our internships are offered by alumni or current recruiters who find it rewarding to maintain a relationship with the university. We have also welcomed large multinationals and world-leading organisations and charities to the programme, due to the recruitment opportunities it facilitates, as well as smaller organisations who are keen to experience the kind of dynamic cultural, academic, and professional exchange that a student intern can provide. Whatever your organisation’s area of work, if you can offer a specific project that will give a student an insight into your company doing real work that is of benefit to the organisation, we would like to hear from you.

Suitable Internships

Although every internship offers a unique experience, it is expected that they will comprise the following common elements: • Full time work for 8-12 • A defined project, which weeks, to be undertaken creates real value for during the summer the host organisation, holiday (starting between and a valuable learning the first week of June experience for the and the first week of student July).

• Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the host organisation (integral to producing quality output for the host)

While remuneration expectations differ between countries, partner organisations are encouraged to provide remuneration similar to equivalent entry level roles within the industry. Financial benefits are recommended (e.g., accommodation, expenses) to help draw in a competitive candidate pool. 10 | Global Internships Programme

Supported industry sectors Reflective of our diverse student body, the Global Internships Programme provides King’s students with access to internships across 16 industry sectors: • • • • • • • • •

Accounting Banking & Finance Business & Consulting Development, NGOs & Charities Energy & the Environment Engineering Entrepreneurship Healthcare IT

• Law • Logistics • Marketing, PR & Advertising • Media & Creative Industries • Pharmaceuticals • Public Sector, Policy & Politics • Tourism & Travel

Selection process

Our selection process works in two stages. Firstly, to assist in the shortlisting process, you will define your selection criteria through close collaboration, taking your business needs into consideration. Finally, you will have the option to prefer to receive students who possess any of the following transferable attributes, adding an extra layer of quality assurance to our shortlisting process. • Verbal Communication • Teamwork • Commercial Awareness • Global Competencies • Analysing & Investigating • Initiative & Self-Motivation

• Drive • Written Communication • Planning & Organisation • Flexibility • Time Management

Programme timeline Deadline for internship proposals

10 January 2017

Placements advertised to students

16 January 2017 - 10 February 2017

Student application deadline

10 February 2017

Applications sent to host organisation

14 February 2017

Employer’s interview and select candidate

27 February - 10 March 2017

Appointment confirmation deadline

10 March 2017

Internship starts

Between first week of June 2017 and first week of July 2017

Key stages 1. Preparation King’s College London will help you establish an internship profile, to ensure the opportunity best meets your business needs.

2. Recruitment The vacancy will be advertised across King’s, ensuring maximum exposure for your organisation to our internationally minded cohort.

3. Induction All students should receive a short induction, ensuring they are able to effectively integrate into your working culture.

4. Supervision & mentoring Providing interns with access to regular support is an excellent way to maintain productivity and ensure quality output.

5. Certification & feedback Completing an exit interview with the student ensure you are able to reflect on the internship experience. | 13

Faculties & departments Faculty of Arts & Humanities • Classics • Culture, Media & Creative Industries • Digital Humanities • English & Comparative Literature • Film Studies • French & German • History • Liberal Arts • Music • Philosophy • Theology & Religious Studies • Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies

Dental Institute •

Dental Surgery

The Dickson Poon School of Law • Law

14 | Global Internships Programme

Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery • Nursing • Midwifery

Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine • Anatomy • Biochemistry • Genetics & Immunology • Medicine • Neuroscience • Nutrition & Dietetics • Pharmacology & Therapeutics • Pharmacy & Forensic Science • Physiology & Physiotherapy

School of Management & Business • International Management • Economics • Marketing

Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences • Biomedical Engineering • Chemistry • Informatics • Mathematics • Physics

Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience • Academic Psychiatry • Neuroscience • Psychology & Systems Sciences

Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy • Education & Professional Studies • Defence Studies • European & International Studies • Geography • Political Economy • Social Science, Health & Medicine • War Studies

Global Affairs • • • • • • • •

African Leadership Centre Brazil Institute India Institute Institute of Middle Eastern Studies Institute of North American Studies International Development Institute Lau China Institute Russia Institute

Opportunities for collaboration King’s College London engages with companies, business chambers, non-profit organisations and government agencies in many ways. We are passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge, and how, in partnership we can apply this to real challenges. Boost your organisation’s knowledge and resources by tapping into our collaborative opportunities.

Expertise & knowledge

Resources & facilities

• Mentorship, expert lectures, student advice • Participation in advisory councils • Accessing our expertise via consultancy services • Existing or customized executive education programmes

• Utilisation of King’s venues and campus space • Provision of support and incubator space for start-ups

Research & partnerships

• Donations, grants, sponsorship and scholarships • Opportunity to invest into student businesses/ entrepreneurship

• Research and development partnerships • Culture-driven collaborations • Joint research institute, projects, workshops and seminars • Joint competitions and awards • Joint supervision of Bachelors, Masters and PhD students

16 | Global Internships Programme

Investment opportunities

Access our talent • Recruitment fairs, talks, networking sessions and interviews on-campus • Internships at host companies/organisation




in the UK (QS World University Rankings 2015-16)


highest Ranking UK Institution for Graduate Employability (Times Higher Education University Rankings 2015-16)

19 = th

in the world (QS World University Rankings 2015-16)

26,000+ students from more than 140 countries

Global employer team

Michael Benson Global Opportunities Manager

Andrew Kidals Global Opportunities Officer

Beckie Barlow Employer Engagement Officer

Phil Hardcastle Employer Engagement Officer

Responsibilities: • Managerial oversight and responsibility for the Global Internships Programme • Strategic direction and vision for international employer engagement

Responsibilities: • Student engagement, oversight and welfare support • Visa application guidance

Target sectors: • Public Sector, Policy & Politics, Entrepreneurship, Development, NGOs & Charities, Logistics, Energy & the Environment

Target sectors: • Banking & Finance, Business & Consulting, Engineering, Accounting, IT

18 | Global Internships Programme

Our staff will work with you to customize the internship, helping to define the internship position, and assist in the management, administration and recruitment of the application process.

You will be asked to complete a short application, which will be used to ensure we get the best possible applicant pool for your opportunity. We will then serve as the first line of your recruiting team, accepting applications and answering initial questions on your behalf. After the closing date, we give you access to applicant details to enable you to select your ideal candidate(s) and make an offer.

Candice Mooney Employer Engagement Officer

Alice Forbes Employer Engagement Officer

Eloise McWilliams Employer Engagement Officer

Target Sectors: • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals

Target sectors: • Legal

Target sectors: • Marketing, PR & Advertising, Media & Creative Industries, Tourism & Travel

CONTACT +44 (0)20 7848 7081 | 19

King’s College London Careers & Employability Level 1 Macadam Building Strand Campus King’s College London London WC2R 2LS +44 (0)20 7848 7081

Global Internships Programme - Annual Brochure 2016  

The Global Internships Programme provides exceptional international employers with the opportunity to recruit talented King's students for s...

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