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SAT Test Preparation

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SAT Test Preparation Most colleges and universities require applicants to take a three-hour standardized entrance examination called the SAT. College-bound students must present evidence of academic promise, and the SAT test can be helpful in gaining acceptance. A test of this significance should be taken seriously. Come to Kingsborough Community College to receive the most thorough preparation available! Kingsborough Community College’s Office of Continuing Education has developed a dynamic test preparation course for both the PSAT and SAT. The course will help you approach the test with a confident and positive attitude! Instruction includes a full review of all the verbal and math topics on the SAT, including:

Verbal & Written Skills Review •• Vocabulary •• Literal Comprehension •• Grammer and English usage •• Sentence completions •• High-Frequency word list •• Written English •• Extended reasoning •• Critical reading •• Preparation for the essay component

Math Skills •• Math fundamentals •• Algebraic manipulations •• Algebra II •• Geometric Reasoning •• Graphic Equations (Grid-in questions) •• Interpretation of data •• Elimination Techniques •• Problem-solving •• Applied Math Questions

Test Skills •• Review •• Study habits •• Test-taking approach •• Self-confidence •• Controlling Anxiety •• Simulation of actual testing conditions

The SAT test may be the most important test that you ever take as high SAT scores will help you get into the college of your choice. Continuing Education has developed a test preparation course to help you approach the SAT test with a confident and positive attitude.

You Will: •• Become familiarized with the test and basic

test-taking techniques. •• Review the test directions •• Take diagnostic exams under simulated

test conditions •• Receive an analysis of each score •• Benefit from the assurance derived

from preparation •• Receive instruction in essay writing

The classes are small to allow for intensive individualized instruction from our faculty. There are individual and group advisement, financial aid and scholarships. A workshop for parents and guardians is included in the last session. Kingsborough Community College’s Office of Continuing Education designed this program with classes that are deliberately small to allow for intensive individualized instruction from our expert faculty. There are individual and group sessions with certified counselors who specialize in college advisement, financial aid, and scholarships. The last session of each course is open to family members looking for more information and personalized consultation. Remember, our training will help you perform and score higher on the SAT standardized test.

RTP 01 SAT Preparation (T)


Sat  9am-3pm  September 29-November 17 OR Sun 9am-3pm  September 30-November 18 An intensive course for high school students preparing for the December 1, 2012 SAT examination, this course provides expert advice and instruction. Certified instructors provide review and practice under simulated test conditions to help prepare students for the verbal reasoning, essay portion, and problem-solving skills measured by the test. Study skills, coaching and test-taking tips are provided, as well as individual and group conferences with a certified college counselor. Please bring your test-prep book to your first class. The book is available at the Kingsborough Community College bookstore located near the cafeteria. Students should also bring lunch to each class session. For general information, visit our website:

Registration Info Sign up now to prepare for the SAT test. Only $285 for 40 hours of instruction, plus a $25 non-refundable registration fee.

By Mail: You can mail in your registration prior to the start of class. Complete the form below and be sure to include your check or money order for all fees payable to and mail to: Kingsborough Community College Continuing Education Registration, Room M-233 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Box C Brooklyn, NY 11235 Time permitting, we will confirm your registration prior to the first class.

By Phone:

(718) 368-5050

Phone registrations are accepted using VISA or MasterCard, Monday through Friday, 9:30am - 4:30pm

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(718) 368-5200

You can fax your registration using VISA or MasterCard, seven days a week, 24 hrs. a day.

In-Person | Days: Daytime walk-in: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 through Friday, October 12, 2012, from 9am-4pm in Room A-205 in the Administration Building, 2nd floor.

In-Person | Evenings: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 through Thursday, October 11 from 6-9pm in Room A-205 in the Administration Building, 2nd floor.

On-line Registration: At and click on the Continuing Education link.

Refunds: Full refunds (minus the $25 non-refundable registration fee) will be made to any registrant who submits a request in writing, to the Office of Continuing Education before the first session of the course. No refunds will be made once a course has begun. Hot Line Information:


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NOTICE OF POSSIBLE CHANGES Programs, locations, requirements and courses are subject to change without advance notice. Tuition and fees set forth in this publication are similarly subject to change.

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