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Indian School, Al Ghubra, Oman The Round Square Carnival is a most popular fun filled charity event at ISG. The RS Student Committee organise it every year very successfully. It includes various g a m e stalls like Sponge the Clown, Roadshot, PS2, Hit the Bottle, Curly Soccer, Paint G a m e etc. Other counters include Henna, Face Painting, Hair Spray, Food stalls , Baked goods which are very popular with visitors. The footfalls are very high and a lot of funds are raised by the students.

The Round Square Day was celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm starting with the presentation at the School Assembly followed by fund raising events like Bake Sale etc. ISG Staff also contributed generously on this occasion. Under the drive "My Dream Oman Green", the Principal and the members of the Staff planted saplings on the campus to protect the environment.

Two successful Eye camps were conducted in February 2008 and February 2009. It was a joint venture of Daly College and / 路 ( U P L W D J H School , France. In February 2009 it was organised in Tillore village, 25 Kms from Indore . Community Service is a vital component of RS at ISG and our students collected and supplied innumerable bottles of water and tetra packs of juices to the people seeking amnesty at the Indian Embassy in Muscat.