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The Assam Valley School Junior Red Cross The following work has been done by the JRC volunteers in the last semester: x Visit to the orphanage "Naba Prabhaat" : The JRC volunteers regularly visit the orphanage in Tezpur and help the children. They helped in watering the plants, helped the children in their work and also played with them. Sweets and other eatables were distributed. x Visit to the School for Handicapped Children in B. Chariali: The JRC volunteers visited the school for disabled children in B. Chariali, The students spent a day with them, playing with them and helped them in their chores. They even participated in a cultural event organised by the children of the orphanage. Our school donated a music system which was asked by the school.

Literacy Programme Students participated actively in imparting basic education to the students of the KGMT School in Harchurah. Basic manners like wishing the time of the day was taught. The International Literacy Day is observed on 8th September every year. To mark this occasion, the students of the Literacy Programme along with the teachers-in-charge paid the weekly visit to the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial School on the 14th of September, but with a difference. On behalf of The Assam Valley School, a few things were donated to the school to commemorate this special occasion. With the help of two electricians from AVS, two much needed fans were installed in the singleroomed School. Along with the fans, a wall clock, dusters, a globe and also five large floor mats to cover the bare mud floors on which they normally sat, were given. In addition to these, chalks, slates, pencils, erasers and note books were distributed.

SOCIAL SERVICE LEAGUE On the 31st of May, 2009 the clean up drive at SESSA was conducted. 13 students accompanied by two teachers participated in this programme. A plot was selected in SESSA near the stable. The people residing in the neighbouring quarters were involved too. The students cleaned up the plot using the instruments provided to them by the people residing in that area. They appreciated the fact that we came there and helped to clean up a small part of their neighbourhood. Outing for SESSA children: Fifty children from SESSA and the members of the SSL along with the teachers visited the Eco camp. The students also visited the occupants of SESSA and spent an evening with each family talking to them and interacting with them trying to find out their difficulties. HOLY CHILD ORPHANGE: We had three visits to this orphanage: In the first visit we interacted with the children and the staff of the orphanage. During the second visit, as the examinations were being conducted for the children at the orphanage, the members of SSL helped them to prepare for the next day's exam. Some of the students helped prune the hedges of the orphanage. During the third visit the games department of AVS donated cricket bats, soccer balls and basket balls to the orphanage through the pupils and they spent time playing with the children.