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Imagine • Create • Influence

HI, It’s a pretty common way to make an introduction. But what you’ll find after you’ve spent some time talking with us is that we tend to leave the usual and expected in the rear view mirror. At SICS Media, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a full-service agency. But it’s the things you don’t expect that make us stand out. We’re strategists and evangelists for our clients. The work we do moves beyond effective design and good story telling. More than simply defining your brand, we help tell you what it means to your customers today – and what it could and should mean for them tomorrow. We help you start the conversation – and engage your customers in a dialog that’s both logical and emotional. And oh yeah, we help you sell things. Whether your company is top notch or drowning and waiting to be saved you are

still going to need us, and yes, we are still going to be here. We brand you, Market you, and Advertise you. From creating persuasive and relevant messaging to finding your clients where they live – whether that means renaming your company and giving it a make-over or social media promotions designed to drive traffic and create loyalty. We can even make sure you have the best looking hats and coffee cups in the business. At SICS Media we don’t just sell advertising. We craft solutions in whatever form it takes to get the job done effectively and affordably for our clients. We’re pleased to meet you. And we’re excited to talk with you.

Sics media brochure  
Sics media brochure