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2012 Kevin ProductsŠ

So Much depends upon a crunchy Chicken wing Glazed with salty b utter beside the french fries

End man Endman, causing fright In the darkness of the night I can’t see you running by Like a comet in the sky

Dragon dragon, b urning might In the darkness causing fright I can’t see you running by here and there, like a spy

Reflection: I really like this poem, because it is who I am, a chicken enthusiast, this poem is about my favorite food, I love chicken a lot and that is the reason I made this poem, but as poem for other people, I don’t think they will like it too much because, it is pretty simple.

in the water bowl the fish swims by, opening its giant mouth, flutters, stops at the end of the bowl; swims up; alert swallows, with large mouth, indulging fish food, swims around, gills bubbling, stops his movement, rests all afternoon, in his fishy scales.

A loud boom as Godzilla’s Flaming Wrath burned the city Water into mist Buildings to rubble Windows clattering The Clouds aided him Thunder strikes the trees Burning everything Into cinder and dust Individuals screaming for help Rain was pouring heavily it was futile To put out a raging fire Chickens escaping Running from their flaming nests Fire licking every corner in the city setting it alight.

Reflection: For the first poem in this duo series, it is about the ender man, he is the feared one in a game called minecraft, he spawns in the night, that what causes me to say *in the darkness of the night* in this poem, and it runs extremely fast, I think this poem is pretty good, even though it is just a poem about a game

Reflection: This poem is about my love for dragons, ever since was a child I watched dragon movies, including dragonball , the wishing dragon is the best dragon of all, in dragonball. I think this poem should be more developed, but I am happy with the result

Paxil to make you happy Weed to make you high Nyquil to make you sleep Energy shots to make you active I’m told to feel a certain way Suddenly heartbreak doesn’t feel sad And tears don’t feel salty anymore Love doesn’t feel good at all And pain is something I can’t feel A drug filled world is where I live. Prozac to make you glad Mary Jane to make you rad Atarax to make you tired Dayquil to make you work I’m fumbling in ecstasy Living life sounds make believe My reflection looks old and weary An old soul has more zing than me I can’t get pleasure even from me A drug filled world is where I live Zoloft to make you smile Mushrooms to make you fly Tylenol to make you weak Aleve to make you strong I’m losing my mind There is no strength even in my finger tips My legs search for a firm grip My heart seems to have stopped And my mind can’t control me anymore A drug filled world is where I live.

I get a funny feeling, it comes from deep inside. I get all mad and angry, wanting to go and hide. My doctor calls it depression, my mom says it's just me. But the thoughts and feelings, no one will ever be able to see. Some say I'm psycho, some say I'm just weird. It's like I'm a different person, and the old me just disappeared. I get really edgy, I want to commit suicide real bad. Then I get a headache, followed by feeling sad. I wish I could get help, I wish it would go away. Maybe if I keep saying 'it will go away' real hard, it will some day. *wrote when He was 8 years old...

Broken silence, by the chords of a guitar, Seemingly distant, but not too far, A sad melody, floats through the cold air, Whispering softly, in a voice so fair. Their strength holds, while hope shatters, Losing sight, of what still matters, As losses pull them, they stay together, Come whatever, in this cold May weather. Heart aches; a common deep pain, This one however, goes unnamed, For a member, that never had a fair fight, My thoughts are with you, each night. Still born, you have been deemed, Never stood a chance, or so it seemed, May your spirit, rest in our hearts, Though all are not together, never apart.

I saw your lifeless body just lying on the ground, It just refused to make any sound, Once I saw this I knew, You've gone beyond. Your love I wish to seek one last time, I wish to see those green eyes of lime. So I will decide, To see you on the other side. Nothing more I can say, Hopefully I see you again one day. So I say one last time, See you on the other side.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when we die? What lies beyond And what lay before? Is anything certain in life? They say, "Life is too short," "The here and the now" And "Youre only given one shot" But could there be more, Have I lived before, Or could this be all that weve got? If I die tomorrow Id be all right Because I believe That after were gone The spirit carries on

The choice or type of poems i chose for the *poems made by others* part of the book were obviusly based upon sadness and grieving See you on the other side This poem was very emotional obviously for the creator of It because it probably states a dead relative or friend of the person who created the poem, which causes him or her to be sad, this poem for me is quite sad because I had a dead relative, and he was my best friend during when he lived. Spirit carries on this poem is actually a song but not the full version, this part for me is actually quite mysterious because in the afterlife the poem says that iif you die the spirit carries on, but I am not too sure on that, and that made me choose this poem because it is quite sad and also it is very mysterious

Poem Book  

This is my poem book, it has a series of poems and some reflections on them.

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