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Barcelona 20.11.2010

Fab Design


Materials: Polypropylene 0.8mm, 1050x750mm - 1 piece White plastic clips – 14 pieces Cord set – 1 piece Low-energy bulb-E27 - 1 piece Machine: Laser Cutter – Epilog Legend 36EXT Designer: Kinga Kubowicz I King Kong Design

A Preparation before cutting: Attaching material with paper tape to the bottom part of the laser cutter. Setting the properties for cutting: Speed: Power:

60 % 70 %

B Cutting process: about 8 minutes.

C Removing cut piece from the laser cutter and placing it on the clean surface.


8 3 4




Use this drawing as a reference


Folding and connecting: 1. Starting folding from the longer lines of the form. Repeating over the whole piece.

2. Folding a bit more the endings.

3. After the long pieces, start folding the smaller ones directing them to the inner part of the shape.

4. After folding all of them to the inside, fold them in the middle following the middle line.

5. Next step is folding the pieces that will form a connection of the inner sides of the lamp.

6. Last would be folding the very small pieces ending with an arc. They have to be folded in the opposite way to the smaller pieces.

7. After folding all the lines, connect the part that will make a holder for a lamp fitting by using the plastic clips.

8. Connect all closing parts placing the clips in the holes.

9. Place the cord set in the inner ring of the holder. Place the light bulb.

10. Connect the cables and turn on the light!


The whole idea is about drawing, cutting, folding and connecting all the pieces not only by the designer, but also by anyone interested in t...