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NEWSLETTER No: 51 - May 2013

Art and Design The week of the 29th April, 61 year 9 students sat the OCR Entry Level Certificate practical examination in Art and Design. The response from the students was outstanding. Prior to the examination the students worked really hard, producing visual research, developed ideas using a wide range of media, materials, processes and techniques, influenced by other artists work. The final outcomes the students produced during the exam were over-all visually exciting, imaginative and creative. A tremendous effort, well done year 9 Ms Bass

New breakfast Menu starts summer term See page 4


Year 9 bbc school report team During February and March, the Year 9 BBC School Report Team worked extremely hard to find original and interesting stories for our local area. Their main stories were looking further into the Olympic Legacy projects in the area including diving at Southend Leisure Centre. When we visited the centre, students were able to interview Olympic diver Oliver Dingley and watch training take place in the pool and in the specialised dry dive gym. In addition, because of our school’s hard work with BBC School Report Megan White and Josh Groenenberg were offered the opportunity to film with the BBC at the Olympic Park (they were 2 of only 8 students in the whole country to be selected). After months of preparation and planning, on March 21st 32 students from Years 9 -11 took part in BBC News Day when the students had to report on the breaking news that day and upload all their stories to a website for the BBC. Emily Higgins and Josh Gronenenberg were interviewed for BBC Radio Foyle and did a fantastic job explaining what the King John School had been up to. Please visit our School Report website to see all our final stories including Josh and Megan’s report filmed by the BBC team: Here are some comments from our Year 9 Media students about why they’ve enjoyed it: Ellie: I think the BBC school report was a good thing to learn as it lets us have our own chance at writing a news story and adapting it to a way that is best for us. It is also good because it taught us about the news and gave us the skills of writing and reporting the news. It was very useful because it would help us if we were to go into radio/journalist as a career. I enjoyed it because it gives us the independence of doing a story by ourselves and that it is also fun to report it. Sophie: BBC school report taught me how to work in a team and how to focus on one task for a longer period of time. My friends and I found it really exciting to interview people and to take pictures of the things we needed to gather for our report. I also learnt about copyright issues. Putting all the information together was tricky but we did it and we were happy with our finished result. I would happily do the BBC school report again as it was so much fun! Mrs Goodwin and Mr Smith would like to take this opportunity to say and big well done to all the students involved and we look forward to running the project again next year.



Message Board From Dr Margaret Wilson, Headteacher

As you will see from this newsletter, despite this being just a 6 week half term there have been a huge number of events that have taken place and many more are planned for the next half term. These include Enrichment Day, Presentation Evenings for Years 7 and 8, the summer show and drama performance as well as numerous trips including a visit to St Omer during the half term holiday. We are just now coming up to exam ‘season’ and I hope that all students have set themselves a realistic timetable to help with their revision. Despite the pressure that exams bring I hope that you will find some time to enjoy yourselves. Year 11 have their Graduation Ceremony to look forward to as well as their prom and Year 13 have also organised a leaving event. I would like to thank all those students and parents that have recently completed the independent survey. Your comments and suggestions will help the school to improve its practice and ensure that we are meeting the needs of all our stakeholders. I will, of course, share the outcomes of the survey with you at a later date. It just remains for me to wish all our students the very best in their exams. I hope that you get the grades that you need to take you on to the next step in your education. You have worked really hard and I am proud of you all. Good luck and enjoy the half term break. Newsletter paper supplied by Fulton Paper

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Uniform Shop Opening Times

Student Safety

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday For Parents: 9.30am - 11.00am For Students: 2.00pm - 2.20pm Term time only

The School is very concerned about the safety of the students on our site. With this in mind we would ask that cars DO NOT DRIVE ONTO THE SCHOOL SITE to drop students off or pick them up. This includes the car park at the Benfleet Road entrance. In future the gate to the Benfleet Road car park will be shut between 3.00pm and 3.45pm. This car park is intended for staff and visitor parking only. A large number of students have to cross this area to get into school and the presence of cars driving through the car park greatly increases the risk to students. Please take notice of the signs on the gateway and drop your children off outside the school site. A small walk up the road can only be good for them!!!

Reminder to all parents When your child is absent from school we appreciate you calling Student Services to report their absence, but would like to remind you we still require you to send in a letter of explanation for the absence with your child on their return. Without this in writing, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in the involvement of the Education Welfare Officer.

Katrina Bentley, Bursar


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Lost Property

starting for the Summer term…..

LOST YOUR PE KIT, COAT, KING JOHN HOODIE, SHOES OR BAGS? Lost property for students to view will be on display at morning break by the main staircase on Thursday 23rd May 2013 Please be aware that any property unclaimed will be donated to a local charity

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Borrowing Money

toast and a piece of fruit a bowl of cereal and piece of fruit cereal and yoghurt yoghurt and dried fruit fresh oat muffin all options £1 each

Student Services lend small amounts of money to students in emergencies only i.e. forgotten lunch and/or bus money to get home. A phone call will be made to parents to confirm this is allowed. We would like to remind parents that if your child has borrowed money from Student Services it should be repaid the next day as we only have a small float to lend to students.

Parents VLE login now available

NB. This facility will be withdrawn from a student who has money outstanding.

We now have a parent login to our VLE. This provides you with access to the students’ area, which will enable you to see work being uploaded and used by your son/daughter. It also gives you access to the parents’ area which contains useful information, school letters, extra curriculum booklets and Newsletters. Please feel free to have a look.

Letters Home All letters sent home are available to view on the

VLE site together with the Parent Newsletters, Extra Curricular Activities Booklets and the Key Stage 3 Newsletters See opposite for login and password

Username: kjsparent Password: parent 4


Parentpay—Electronic System for Receiving payments Are you aware that the school accepts electronic payments for dinner money and now we are gradually rolling this facility out to include school trips and various school resources. This process is facilitated by ParentPay. ParentPay offers you the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever you like, 24-7, safe in the knowledge that the technology used is the highest internet security available. You have a secure online account, with a unique user ID and password. You can change these to something you will easily remember and merge accounts of 2 or more children. Making a payment is easy and simple. ParentPay holds an electronic record of your payments to view at a later date. No card details are stored in any part of the system. Your account is active and you can make online payments straight away. Items available for payment relating to your child will be listed and can be added to your shopping basket. To register simply e-mail the school at requesting a login and giving the students name/s and tutor group. Once you have set up your account we just require you to verify your email address. Instructions are given on the website. Please contact the Finance Office on 01702 426706 if you encounter any problems or require further information. Vicki Denmark – ParentPay co-ordinator

IMPORTANT- ACTION REQUIRED Cashless Catering/Biometric Data from September 2013 – Pupils in Years 7-12 only: As you are aware, the Cashless Catering system operates using a code of 10 points derived from a person’s fingerprint – so called ‘biometric’ data. This is also used by the registration system in the 6th form. Due to a change in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and The Data Protection Act 1998 schools are now asked to obtain the necessary consent from parents for the continued use of biometric data held for pupils from September 2013. This information would have been taken when your son/daughter joined the school when parents were given the opportunity to opt out. We now need to ensure that we have written confirmation from all parents/carers before the beginning of next term. Please use an e-mail to communicate this consent and send it to the following address - clearly stating the student/s name/s, tutor groups and the fact that you are happy for these students to continue using the cashless biometric system. If you cannot access e-mail, there is a tear off strip at the bottom of this page which can be sent into school via the student’s tutor or the cheque box. IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION BY JUNE 30TH YOUR


Name of student/s ................................................................................................ Tutor Group/s....................................................................................................... I confirm that I have been informed that The King John School processes biometric data and I am happy for this to be processed for the above named student/s Parent/Carer……………………………………………....Date ………………… PLEASE RETURN THIS SLIP TO YOUR TUTOR or POST IN THE CHEQUE BOX 5


Health and Social Care Year 10 Virtual Baby Weekend Pupils studying GCSE Health and Social Care got the opportunity to look after a Virtual Baby for the weekend. These babies act like a new born baby and need to be fed, changed, burped and cuddled. Pupils wore an electronic wrist band which monitored the care they gave to the baby and at the end of the weekend they received a feedback sheet. Pupils wrote an account of their experiences and made the following comments: Hollie Dorey said, “I realise that you don’t get any sleep or any personal time to relax. Babies are very demanding and stressful”. Georgia Lyons said, “Having the baby made me realise how tired Mums and Dads of new born babies must be”. Rebecca Ridgwell said, “I did like the responsibility of having a virtual baby, but I stayed in all weekend and felt apart from my friends because I had to keep an eye on the baby the whole time”. Charlie Richardson said, ”I was so happy when the baby turned off at 6.00 on Sunday evening!!”

Year 12 Health Promotion Campaign On Friday 8th March students studying AS Health and Social Care ran a Health Promotion Campaign attended by students in years 10 to 13 and many staff. The day was a great success and the students received a lot of very positive feedback. Topics covered included, mental health issues, exercise and fitness, the dangers of binge drinking, smoking and drug addiction. Students had prepared many different resources including leaflets, posters, PowerPoint presentations and even a website. Some had games and activities to engage the pupils and help them learn more about some of these very important issues.

Well done to all the girls, their family and friends who helped to look after the babies for the weekend. Mrs D Cooper

Planning and carrying out this campaign is part of the AS coursework unit and all students worked well individually and as a team to run a really professional event. Mrs D Cooper

Business and Administration Apprentices Megan Davies and Jack Staines organised a Charity Event for Red Nose Day at their place of work. This was at Genesis Risk Solutions in Rochford. Everyone wore red for the day and cakes and cookies were sold. Jack and Megan raised £66.50 and this was very generously doubled by the accounts department at GRS to £133.00. This was a fantastic effort from our two apprentices. 6


Languages MFL Trips, trips and more trips! The MFL faculty have had a busy term with A level work experience trips to France and Spain, a Key Stage 3 trip to Barcelona and a Key Stage 4 trip to Paris. Photos, videos and all details are on the VLE under Spanish or French and trips.

Barcelona 2013 I had a great time in Barcelona. There were great views. My favourite day was Port Aventura because I went on the Furious Baco which is the fastest ride in Europe, it was great. The Barcelona trip was amazing I would definitely consider going on the trip next year.

Students returning from these trips have also been interviewed on Gateway FM and have broadcast their tales from Thurrock to Southend! Follow the links on the VLE or scan the QR codes to find out more. Student successes! Congratulations to the following students for being nominated by their peers or teachers as the student of the month in their class and year. Yr




Ysobel Lush Emma Greehalgh

Harrison Morland Bonnie Claxton


Rebecca Findley Samuel Christian Alice Lawrence Alex Morley

Hannah Brown Lucas Ives Melissa Wade Erin Soundy


George Marsh Joss Barry

Sophie Scott Mollie Withams


Grace Saunders Abigail Chapman

Ellis Faulkner Sophie Cutmore


Kirstie Reid Nancy Holloway Elizabeth Wisbey Bethan Jenkins

Jack Probyn Josh Lipscombe Bradley Knapp Faye Shillibeer

Katie MacDonald Jake Adams

Latin: Kirstie Reid Annie Sexton




Chloe Sharp The Barcelona trip was amazing because I got to see a lot of different sites that I wouldn’t have considered seeing. My favourite days were Barcelona (Nou Camp) and the Dali museum. I would like to go on the trip next year.

Matthew Pointer

Scan here for the Barcelona Gateway FM Interview!



Languages Cont Paris 2013 Maisie Farrow reports: When we went to Paris we had a number of fun and interesting things to do. For example we visited the Louvre, a huge museum with numerous famous paintings and sculptures including the world renowned Mona Lisa. We also went to the Stade de France which was massive! My favourite place was the Notre Dame, a magnificent church that is the most visited attraction in Paris. Every day we travelled by metro which was sometimes busy but still interesting. Paris was an awesome experience where I saw and learnt many things and I really enjoyed myself with a new group of people. I am so glad I did not miss the opportunity to go.

Scan here for the Paris trip Gateway FM Interview

As part of the A level MFL program, students in year 12 and 13 for the first time were offered the opportunity of a subsidised work experience placement to develop their language and cultural knowledge. Each week the sixth formers have been supporting language lessons in the lower school and as a result were offered help in financing the work experience. This is an amazing opportunity and again shows how the KJS is proud to develop the role of languages within the school. I found the week in Bordeaux an amazing experience. From start to finish the group leaders were there to entertain us and to help us when we needed it. I found the days I spent working in my shop, (Damart), to be really beneficial in regards to my understanding of spoken French. In a way, I believe that I was lucky the women I was working with spoke little English, as it pushed me to expand my vocabulary and become a part of their shop. When the work day was over, we had a lot of freedom and the opportunity to take part in evening activities such as going bowling, Lazer Quest and the cinema. Everybody got on well and we've made such good friends that we are arranging a reunion in the summer! I would highly recommend going on a work experience programme as it is an excellent experience and I loved every second of it, even if I was ridiculously tired when I got home! Liz Wisbey

HOLIDAY DATES 2013/14 TERMS (Inclusive dates)

Non Student Days

Summer 2013 Tuesday 16th April—Friday 19th July Autumn 2013 Tuesday 3rd September—Friday 20th December Spring 2014 Monday 6th January—Friday 4th April

Monday 22nd July 2013 Tuesday 23rd July 2013 Monday 2nd September 2013 Friday 13th September 2013 Monday 23rd September 2013 Tuesday 22nd April 2014 Monday 21st July 2014 Tuesday 22nd July 2014

GENERAL HOLIDAYS (Inclusive dates) Summer 2013 Monday 22nd July—Friday 30th August Autumn 2013 Monday 23rd December—Friday 3rd January 2014


Summer 2013 Tuesday 28th May—Friday 31st May Autumn 2013 Monday 28th October —Friday 1st November Autumn 2013 Monday 23rd December—Friday 3rd January 2014

Monday 26th August 2013


Scan here for the KS5 work experience abroad Gateway FM Interview


Multi sports activity camp Dear Parent Once again I am going to organise a multi-sport activity camp for one week at The King John School during the summer holiday, Monday, 22 July - Friday 26 July, 2013. The camp offers the children the opportunities to participate in a variety of sports, some of which they have experience in, while others will be completely new territories. For children not presently in Secondary school it gives them the opportunity to experience sports which will be offered to them when they reach that stage. We also found out from parents previously that for those children attending Secondary school in the September for the first time, it eased the child’s anxiety about what to expect and enabled them to look forward to attending their new school. From personal experience of working on, and organising sports camps both here and abroad, I have found that participating in just one sport for five or six hours each day for a whole week is not every child’s idea of fun. That is why we offer a variety of sports, and children experience three or four sports each day, as well as the opportunity to swim each day if they so wish. The cost of this year’s Summer Camp will be £60.00. We have tried to be as competitive as possible as far as cost is concerned; giving value for money and an experience the children will really enjoy. All children will receive a Camp Tee Shirt at the beginning of the week and a certificate of attendance at the end of the week. The camp will run each day from 9.30 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. Whilst the pupils are participating in activities they will be supervised all of the time by a Physical Education teacher. The role of the member of staff is to look after the safety and welfare of each member of their group and also to offer coaching help the campers may feel they require. All the staff on the Camp are physical education trained and have a wealth of experience working with children. The Multi-sport Activity Camp booking form can be found on the King John School VLE sit under letters home to parents—whole school. Once the form has been completed, return with your cheque for £60 only, made payable to The King John School. Please mark the envelope with the name of your child and ‘Summer Camp’. When I have received your cheque for £60 and booking form, I will confirm in writing that a place has been reserved for your child, and will send a medical form for you to fill in. For the past few years the camp has been fully booked and some applying late have been disappointed not securing a place on the camp. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. Yours sincerely

G LISTER Assistant Head Teacher Sports camp organiser



Physical education Key Stage 3 PE Awards Evening

Kiera Tippett 9-06 and Poppy Douglas 8-07 competed in the Schools Pentathlon Championships in Chelmsford. They both did incredibly well in all the 5 events, with Kiera coming 1st and Poppy 5th. Kiera now gets to represent Essex in the Inter County Schools Pentathlon championships later on in the year.

For the second time the PE department organised a prize giving evening for key stage 3 students. It is a chance for pupils to be recognised in 3 categories, player of the year, most improved player of the year and most dedicated player, in a range of sports played throughout the year. Eighty six awards were given out on the evening in front of parents, Dr Wilson and special guest, Jessica Judd (our very own International athlete) It was a fantastic evening with special awards going to Year 7 girls Hockey team and Year 8 Rugby as teams of the year for their achievements at District and County level. Sarah Carter and Nicholas Skinner were awarded Sports boy and sports girl for year 7 and Adam Liddell and Lavinia Tidy Jones won the award for year 8. Well done to all other award winners. The PE department would like to thank the parents for their support throughout the year, staff for allowing students to miss lessons when necessary and Mr Tim Rider for his constant support. We are looking forward to next years event already!

Kiera was in 7th position in the penultimate event but had an incredible 800m run to get top points and place her at the top of the chart, she nearly dropped out with a injured knee at the first event but decided to keep going. Poppy did incredibly well considering she was the youngest competitor. Kiera has now qualified to represent Great Britain in the European Biathle Championships in July. Kiera, is the fastest GB competitor in her 13 -14 age. She will take part in heats and finals over 2 days in the hot Portugal sun and open sea against the rest of Europe. Kiera is hoping to bag a place in the World Championships again this year too, after the Nationals in July. If successful it will mean another trip overseas to Egypt in October to compete. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for her. Watch this space....

Ciara Dockrell Ciara Dockrell, 7-04 competed as a member of the England Team at the NBTA (National Baton Twirling Association) European Championships held in Amsterdam. Ciara is a member of the Starlight Twirling Team who train at Eversley Leisure Centre and Basildon Sporting Village. Ciara won the Preteen Duet category along with team mate Charlotte Woods and came home as European Champions.



Physical education Will Jones 11-11, is on course for a chance to represent Britain in the 2016 Paralympics. Will, who won three gold and two silver medals at the National Paralympics Swimming Championships, started swimming aged seven. Will has a S14 learning disability, which means he has had a real struggle throughout his schooling being unable to read, write and spell correctly. His recent performance at The National Championships in Sheffield attracted the attention of Team GB Paralympic coaches and he is now part of their development squad. Claire Gibson, Head of PE, said “It has taken much hard work and effort, but Will has proved that with drive, determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams. This is a message Will would like to convey to other people in his situation.”

boys mountain bike team

ADVERTISING IN OUR PARENTS’ NEWSLETTER Should you wish to advertise in our next Parents’ Newsletter, please contact the Reprographics department to discuss your requirements. Gina Ebner E-mail: Tel: 01702 426723



The Creative & Performing Arts Faculty I am delighted to announce that Tom Bell 11-10 was crowned the winner of this year’s Young Musician of the Year 2013. He received the gift of £25 as a prize, along with a certificate. Thank you to everybody who auditioned and took part in the competition. I hope to see you all, plus more in next year’s contest. Miss Ware.

King John Drama and The National Theatre Competition We had the huge privilege of having been asked by Helen Barwick to participate in National Theatre Connections competition – an education scheme for 13-19 year olds run by the National Theatre in London. This involved the current year 11 drama class and two year 12 students being directed by Helen in a new and original play as part of the competition. Helen is a graduate of Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, where she attained a First Class BA (Hons) Theatre Practice (Performance Arts). She works at the Barbican Centre in London and has her own theatre company called Cloakroom Theatre. Helen is also an ex-student of the King John School. Not only does Connections provide students with the opportunity to perform sophisticated drama in prestigious venues, but it also provides contact with theatre industry professionals and experience working with a script and a director. We were assigned the play “Forty-Five Minutes” by Anya Reiss, which is a fast-paced and challenging play about the pressures of education and expectation. After many hours of rehearsal and two successful ‘home’ performances (which many of you will have attended) we took the play to the Soho theatre in London and performed in front of a capacity audience. The students were outstanding in every respect. Their behaviour, organisation, positive attitude and talent are what King John students are all about. I am incredibly proud of what they achieved, and immensely grateful to Helen for giving our students this wonderful opportunity. Mr Saunders 12


The Creative & Performing Arts Faculty The King John Academy of Arts still has a limited amount of spaces in our Painting Techniques, Digital Photography and Street Dance still available, if you would like to find out more please contact us now on 01702 426745!

Year 11/13 Performing Arts show ‘Change your life’

Mark Tompkins 7-09 has been busy! He has been playing a piece ‘Noyes Fludde’ by Benjamin Brittain alongside the Brittain Sinfonia and is preparing to take his Grade 5 cornet exam. We wish Mark the best of luck.

The Performing Arts students devised their final assessment show with acting, singing and dance performances. Students were assessed on these skills and the roles that they portrayed. The students were led by the Year 13 students who directed them to produce the final show. All students performed fantastically and showed how talented they are in singing, dancing and acting.

The Year10 Btec Performing Arts class were busy rehearsing and preparing for their BTEC performance examination show. The production was entitled “Womanhood” and was successfully received by a packed audience on TUESDAY 23RD APRIL. It was a unique 3 part production which has been collated and created by the students themselves, using both scenes and songs from existing musicals alongside some work of their own devising. Childhood, teenage and adult sections include songs from musical favourites such as “Legally Blonde”, “Annie”, “Grease”, “Blood Brothers”, “Matilda” and “Wicked” to name but a few. Well done girls on an entertaining evening! An examination to an audience is never easy and you did it! Mrs Woolgrove

Ticket sales went towards the Year 11 Prom Fund . Thank you to all that supported this event which was a real success. Performing Art students: Hana Cox, Jess Johnson, Rebecca Pooley, Alby Doyle, Molly Griggs, Melissa Henderson, Charlie Downs, Suzanne Ling, Grace Johnson, Rose Shelton and Emily McCabe.



The Creative & Performing Arts Faculty The Year 12 As Level Performance Examinations took place on 15th - 16th May. Pieces performed were: ' Bouncers' by Godber, ' Shakers' by Godber, ' Waiting for Godot' by Beckett and Endgame' by Beckett. The pupils also performed 18 monologues and duologues between them. They have been working extremely hard in the preparation process. The evening performances were excellent and showed all of their hard work and efforts. We had every faith in you!!! Ms Grennan and Mr Saunders. The Year 11 Music BTEC Show took place this term. The students were in charge of the whole event where they were assessed not only on the performance but their organisation skills, teamwork, management and refreshments. The show was a great success with a huge turnout. Well done to the whole class for all of your hard work!

Congratulations, Hannah Worsfold 7-11 who passed her Grade 1 Piano exam! Well done!


Congratulations to Year 13 Music BTEC student Liam Pipe who has just passed his Grade 8 drum exam !



On Wednesday 6th March Charlotte Crudington11-10, Miss Rooney and myself Reece Beale11-01 attended a meeting at UNICEF house in London. This was the first time UNCIEF had managed to organise so many secondary schools to meet in the one place to discuss Right Respecting Schools. Members from a total of 18 schools attended the meeting respectively. Not only did we share our ideas from King John, we also took part in different activities to do with RRS and gained new, innovative, ideas of how to continue the progress in our own school.

Our first order of business was an activity that involved creating a newspaper headline, this headline had to relate to your own schools involvement in RRS, such as an initiative or progress check. We chose to have the headline as 'the student becomes the teacher!' Referencing to a programme we have in school, where older students take lessons for the younger years as a way of conveying their experience and including them in the RRS initiative. We promptly moved on from this to other activities and then presentations from some of the UNICEF members, before showing our own presentation. With our presentation we discussed how we have brought the RRS to such a large school and also how student voice is used effectively to help develop and maintain the standards. We achieved an excellent response from everyone at the meeting, with some very helpful questions being asked; leading us to feel that we really contributed to giving the other schools ideas that they can take forward and employ themselves. To finish off, we watched presentations from three other schools, all coming from various locations around the country. They were very informative and we gained many ideas from them. Overall the day was very informative and we really enjoyed it. It was an excellent experience presenting to so many other schools and we have taken many new and challenging ideas from it. Reece Beale

Examinations Office The King John School Examination Office now publishes all important examination information on the school website. Look in the Main Entrance section and you will see the new examinations tab on the right-hand side. We will be regularly updating the site with deadlines, times, venues, booklets and guidelines etc. Please keep checking the site for the latest information about the current and forthcoming examination sessions. Please contact the Exams Officer, Ms. S Newton, with any enquiries.



Level 3 Electrical Treatments Body Electrical Treatments: Galvanic Electro muscle stimulator Micro-Current Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Electrical Treatments Direct High Frequency Galvanic Micro-Current Lymphatic Drainage All facials are good for deep cleansing of the skin, they also help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles giving skin youth and radiance. Visible results can be seen after a course of treatments. Cost per treatment £10

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Come and get trim at the KJS gym

Looking to hire the KJS Facilities Well look no further If interested please contact Laurence Thorn on 01702 426703 Or E-mail : The School can offer: Astroturf Sports Hall Gymnasium Classrooms Theatre Dance Studio

Small, private gym Technogym Wellness equipment; Personal Trainers; Fitness Instructor; T.V screens Only £25 per month - 20% discount if you have a relative at the

All available to hire in the evening or on a Saturday (Regrettably we cannot hire premises for social gatherings and parties)

King John School Open Monday to Friday 6.30—9.30pm No fixed membership period - you can cancel at any time

Tel: 07768 906386 16

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