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NEWSLETTER No: 46 - July 2012

Third in National Schools Cup Final! A huge well done to the Junior girls (Year 7 & 8) and Inter Boys (Year 9 & 10) who both made the National Final of the Schools Cup. Over 800 schools enter the competition and the top 12 go through to the final. This was the 2nd year that the girls have qualified and they finished in 3rd place, which is a fantastic achievement. They were the top scoring team on the track and beat local rivals Fitzwimarc School and Southend High School for Girls. There were many brilliant performances with Frankie Roast running the fastest 100m of the day and Kiera Tippett running a personal best in the 1500m, Daniel Abiona triple jumped to a massive personal best, beating his previous best by over a metre! There was a fantastic team spirit amongst the athletes and lots of parents and staff came along to support them.

Athletics - Two District Records - Smashed!!! At this year’s District athletics two King John students broke the District records unbeaten for 19 years !!! Adam Liddell jumped 4.80m in the long jump and in the final of the Year 8 girls 100m, Frankie Roast ran 13.0 seconds. What a fantastic achievement by the two students who have both trained hard all season. It was another successful day for the Girls winning the overall Girls title for a third year. The senior team set the standard in May and the Year 8 and 9 teams followed in their footsteps by all winning their age groups. The Year 7 girls finished 3rd, with lots of fantastic achievements and many girls becoming District champions. The boys had their best year for over 13 years with the Year 7 boys victorious in their age group. The Year 8 and seniors teams finished 2nd and the Year 9 team finished 4th. Again many boys became District champions with some brilliant performances. We are very lucky to have some fantastic new facilities this year and combined with the hard training put in by the students this has definitely been our most successful year for some time. Well done to everyone who competed, helped out and supported our athletics teams this year.

NVQ students studying hair are in desperate need of female clients for assessments. Colours and cuts, preferably shoulder length or above. Mondays/Tuesdays am only. Please call Hair on 07766406967 or 01702 558284 ext: 6748 Ask for either Anita or Carrie for a consultation and to arrange an appointment.



Application for Leave of Absence from School during Term Time Taking your child out of school during term time could be detrimental to their educational progress. Parents should not normally take their children on holiday in term time and there is no legal right to do so. It is the policy of The King John School that Leave of Absence during term time WILL NOT BE AUTHORISED except in cases of exceptional and extenuating personal circumstances which will need to be evidenced. This evidence will need to support the application and could come in the form of a doctor’s recommendation etc that it is in the best interests of the family that an absence is appropriate, wedding invitation of close family member evidencing the need to travel etc.

Results Days GCE Results Day (Years 12/13) Thursday 16th August 2012 09.00am - 11.00am in the Sixth Form Common Room GCSE Results Day (Year 11) Thursday 23rd August 2012 09.00am - 11.00am in the Sixth Form Common Room

If you feel that your circumstances are exceptional and extenuating you should apply for Leave of Absence by completing a form which is available from Student Services. Agreement to each request is at the discretion of the Head Teacher acting on behalf of the Governing Body (Pupil Registration Regulations 2006). Cases will be considered against the criteria of exceptional and extenuating personal circumstances upon the evidence provided by the parent, this will be in line with school policy and certain considerations as outlined in guidance to schools from the CfCSF.

GCSE Results Day (Year 10) Thursday 23rd August 2012 09.00am - 11.00am in the Sixth Form Common Room If you are unable to collect your results by 11.00am then these will be sent to your home address by first class post. If you are unable to collect your exam results yourself, please ensure the person collecting them has the following signed statement from you and proof of their identify.

If it was suspected that a parent had taken a child out of school for holiday purposes and then falsified a child’s illness, medical confirmation would be sought. the absence recorded as truancy and reported to our Educational Welfare Officer. Similarly were evidence found to have been falsified the absence would be recorded again as truancy.

Example letter Home address Date Dear Mrs Newton, I give my consent for ................... to collect my exam results on my behalf. Yours sincerely, Write your signature Write your full name in capital letters

If the absence is not authorised and the holiday is taken anyway, the case will be referred to the Education Welfare Service who may issue a Penalty Notice for £60 if paid within 28 days and £120 if paid before the 42nd day issued to each parent for each child taken out of school.

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Message Board From Margaret Wilson, Headteacher We are now at the end of what has been an amazingly busy term. There have been a huge variety and number of events that have taken place including the Summer Show which was a wonderful showcase for the huge number of talented students we have at the school. This continued into the last week of term where there were prize giving evenings for Year 7 and Year 8 as well as the annual Year 7 trip to Adventure Island. We have outdone ourselves with our sporting successes this year and they still continue as you will see from the front page. Well done to all of the students involved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members of staff who unselfishly give up their own time to ensure an extra-curricular programme for the students that I consider second to none. This term we will be saying goodbye to some staff and I would particularly like to mention John Nicholson and Linda Jeffrey who are both retiring. John has been at the school for 12 years and was, for most of that time, Head of Maths. He was instrumental in driving up the results and making the school a byword for excellent maths teaching. Many of you will know Linda as she may have taught you herself. Linda has been at the school for 32 years and although most renowned for her achievements in PE, Linda has covered a number of other roles and is unique and irreplaceable. The school will not be the same when she has gone and she will be very much missed. I would like to thank all those staff leaving us for the contribution that they have made to the school and wish them every success and happiness for the future.

I hope that it will stop raining at some time so that you can all enjoy a sunny and relaxed break. I look forward to seeing you all refreshed and raring to go in September. Arrangements for the beginning of term


There will be a staggered start to the new Academic Year. Students should return to school on Tuesday September 4th 2012 as follows:

TERMS (Inclusive dates) Autumn 2012 Tuesday 3rd September-Friday 21st December Spring 2013 Monday 7th January-28th March 2013 GENERAL HOLIDAYS (Inclusive dates) Summer 2012 Tuesday 24th July - Friday 31st August Christmas 2012/13 Monday 24th DecemberFriday 4th January Spring 2013 Tuesday 2nd April-Friday 12th April HALF-TERM HOLIDAYS (Inclusive dates) Autumn 2012 Monday 29th October-Friday 2nd November Spring 2013 Monday 18th-Friday 22nd February Summer 2013 Tuesday 27th May-Friday 31st May NON-STUDENT DAYS Monday 3rd September 2012 Friday 14th September 2012 Monday 8th October 2012 BANK HOLIDAYS Monday 27th August 2012 Tuesday 1st January 2013 Monday 27th May 2013

Year 7 should assemble on the playground with tutors (in Theatre if wet). Students will be taken by tutors to their tutor rooms and then taken to the Theatre for an assembly at 8.50am. Year 13 should arrive and go straight to assembly in the theatre at 11.00am. Years 8-11 should arrive during break time and go straight to their tutor rooms where all students will be registered and receive their new timetables. Any students unsure of their tutor group must report to Student Services. Normal lessons will commence during period 4 Please note Tuesday 4 September & Wednesday 5 September are Year 12 Clearance days, therefore Year 12 will start their timetabled lessons on Thursday 6th September.



Uniform Shop Opening Times

Letters Home

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday For Parents: 9.30am - 11.00am For Students: 2.00pm - 2.20pm Term time only

All letters that are sent home are available to view on the website Please note that the Parent Newsletters and Extra Curricular Activities booklets are also on the website.

Reminder to all parents When your child is absent from school we appreciate you calling Student Services to report their absence, but would like to remind you we still require you to send in a letter of explanation for the absence with your child on their return. Without this in writing, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in the involvement of the Education Welfare Officer.

Charities Report 2011-2012 We at King John School have had a brilliant year for charities work and have far exceeded anything we have raised in the past with our new approach of having a selected charity for each year group.


Wrist bands

Talent show

At the beginning of this school year all pupils were given the opportunity to nominate a charity for their year group to support. The charity teams then voted to select their Charity of the year. Each charity has been into school and given assemblies about their organisation so that our students really understand where the money they raise is going and how it is being used.

Lost Property LOST YOUR PE KIT, COAT, KING JOHN HOODIE, SHOES OR BAGS? Lost property for students to view will be on display at morning break by the Main staircase on Thursday 19th July 2012 Please be aware that any property unclaimed will be donated to a local charity

Cake Charity teams have then organised a huge number of events throughout the year and, sales with one non-uniform day yet to go, we are delighted to announce that the total amount raised for the various charities supported by King John this year has been in excess of £4000.

Car wash


Thank you to all parents, staff and pupils who have supported any charity event throughout the year, most especially thanks to all those students and staff Jubilee who have organised any event this year fete

Borrowing Money Student Services lend small amounts of money to students in emergencies only i.e. forgotten lunch and/or bus money to get home. A phone call will be made to parents to confirm this is allowed. We would like to remind parents that if your child has borrowed money from Student Services it should be repaid the next day as we only have a small float to lend to students.

ADVERTISING IN OUR PARENTS NEWSLETTER Should you wish to advertise in our next Parents Newsletter, please contact the Reprographics department to discuss your requirement.

NB. This facility will be withdrawn from a student who has money outstanding.

Articles from Students If any student is interested in placing an article of interest in the Parents Newsletter please see Gina Ebner or Sharon McGrory in Reprographics. So don’t be shy we want to hear from you.

E-mail: 0r Or Tel: 01702 426723

With your CONTACT details.

Gina or Sharon 4


YEAR 7 & 8 Olympic Torch Procession

Isabelle Beesley 7-09– Congratulations on winning the Jack Petchey award for June. Isabelle was nominated for her positive and helpful attitude. Well done! Hannah Woodcock 7-09, Bryce O’Dea 7-09, Bethany Whipps 7-09 Well done for being selected to participate in the District sports for athletics Jade Keeling 7-06 and Ellie Paul 7-06 did Race for Life – Jade completed it in 32 minutes

Jack Greenslade 7-01 & Ashleigh Greenslade 7-10 pictured on the day of the Olympic torch procession through Hadleigh. Fortunately, they were standing at one of the changeover points in Chapel Lane & had their picture taken with one of the torch bearers.

Adventure Island: On the 19th July over 400 students from Year 7 and 8 are heading off to Adventure Island as a trip to celebrate success during this academic year. The students (and staff!!) are looking forward to the thrills and spills of the park and a chance to enjoy time with friends. We would like to thank all staff involved in the trip in any way and we wish everyone a great time and then a happy holiday.

Living Through World War Two Last week some of the Year 8 students, including myself, had the privilege of meeting Roy Stevenson who was just ten years old when the war began. He came into our history lessons and shared his story of the war with us. I think it helps us to understand more about what it was like, living through World War Two, when we hear it from someone who has lived and seen these events; that we can only imagine how horrific they must have been. He told us about how he was brought up and the manners he was taught, which I think let us appreciate how much Society has changed since the 1940’s. Visits from people who have been through times in history should be made every year, so students have a first-hand recollection of that period of time. By Christina Taylor



Beauty Level 3 Electrical Treatments Body Electrical Treatments: Galvanic Electro muscle stimulator Micro-Current Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Electrical Treatments: Direct High Frequency Galvanic Micro-Current Lymphatic Drainage All facials are good for deep cleansing of the skin, also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles giving skin youth and radiance. Visible results can be seen after a course of treatments. ツ」10:00 per treatment.

Visible results can be seen after a course of treatments. ツ」8:00 per treatment. Contact Beauty: 01702 558284 Ext 6748. Mobile 07766407190

Olympic opening ceremony On Monday 25th June we had an Olympic opening ceremony to mark World Sports Day and the Olympics. Each tutor group represented a country and took part in an opening ceremony parade, with 4 flag bearers representing each tutor group. It was a very enjoyable day with everyone in the school taking part. It is a very rare opportunity for the school to have such an event, in the history of the school there has never been a time where the whole school has been together like this. I had the honour of being the only King John pupil alongside the Head Girl Laura to speak in front of the whole school at once. That is over 1500 people. I really enjoyed this opportunity because it will not happen again for some years to come. The last thing we did was the Olympic mascot dance, which again the whole school took part in. We also had a show dance and singing. It was great day and a historic day for The King John School

Mark Afedzie-Heyford Head Boy 6


Year 9 Open Water; Lakeside On the 27th May, I competed in the Lakeside Swim Fest series and took part in the 5km swim, the swim was compulsory for wetsuits and the lake temperature was 13 degrees, which is quite warm. After 400m of the race I was leading completing the first round of the 6.4 laps, at the 1st buoy, I was 25m in front of everyone and already starting to catch swimmers from the 3.8km, starting at the other side of the lake simultaneously starting with our race. After completing the swim, swimming the whole way basically on my own, I finished in a time of 1hour, 9 minutes and 30 seconds which is a 3 minutes and 17 seconds Personal Best. I was the youngest competitor of 5 years and was the youngest as the rule is that you’re meant to be aged 16 and over (most open water swims are), luckily they allowed me to swim at 13 and 14. I won the race by 1 minute and 45 seconds and second place was a lady named Kay who was the International Senior Champion for open water. My time puts me 5 minutes and 17 seconds behind the current European Junior champion Alex Panayides time for the 18 and under category and I am now the A.S.A. Eastern Region 16 and under fastest swimmer by 6 minutes.

Southend Pier Swim On the 30th of June, I did my first sea swim race of 3km. It was under the A.S.A. (Amateur Swimming Association) rules which are no wetsuits, which I prefer. The sea temperature was 16 degrees. I did a 6 minute PB in comparison to my Henley-On-Thames river swim last year, I finished 2nd overall 2 seconds behind a man named Peter Rae who is an ex Olympic Norwegian swimmer and has won this event every year for the last 12 years. I finished in a time of 39.16.28, and was interviewed again asking me my; name, age, school, swimming career, conditions of the swim and more. I was so pleased with my achievement, especially since my time split for 1.5km beats my PB within a pool which is meant to be a lot faster! My next open water in two weeks time, A.S.A. Eastern Regions, where I’m doing the 5km and 2km both on the same day. The week after I am also doing a sponsored charity swim of 15km, the Olympic distance is 10km! The charity is yet to be named but hopefully I’ll raise a good amount of money for it! I would like to thank my club; Canvey Island Swimming Club and Chalkwell Redcaps Open Water Swimming Club and most of all my coach Paul McNeill for supporting me and motivating me to do open water, hopefully I’ll make everyone proud and achieve their comparison of me being the next ‘Keri-Anne Payne’ (the world champion of 10km open water), which is what I inspire to be and is my goal for the future. Written by Kirstie Fehily

Good Luck Sian Waite 9-07 who has been invited to take part in the Junior Regional Performance Centre for hockey. This entails attending 6 coaching sessions over the summer months, with regional coaches and team GB players. At the end of this process Sian will be assessed, if successful she will be invited to be part of the Under 15 regional hockey squad. We wish Sian the best of luck! PE Department



THE CURRICULUM PLUS CENTre Isolating the Behaviour not the Learning The King John School Curriculum Plus Centre was set up in September 2010 to facilitate Isolation & Internal exclusions. The CPC is recognised as an integral part of the King John delivering supportive student intervention programmes through a referral process to tackle behavioral difficulties and promote a positive culture to learning that will motivate and enhance respect and achievement. In the past two Years the CPC has accommodated many visitors from other schools sharing our vision and techniques to improve the behaviour and learning outcomes of our students. CPC Staffing: Manager: Mrs. Darbey CPC Intervention Assistant Miss McCullum

Mission Statement To identify and reduce students at risk of Exclusion and becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) Provide a positive inclusion area Provide training and support for teachers in behaviour & classroom management To provide visual data evidence of student progression

Features of the Curriculumn Plus Center ●

Whole staff support

Social skills groups delivered

1-2-1 Mentoring

Restorative mediation delivered

Students work to set timetable whilst in the CPC as in lesson to ensure that all curriculum outcomes are met

ICT facilities available including MAC

Mobile phones & IPods all handed over on entry and returned on exit

Random Electronic scanning in operation

Behaviour is continually challenged & monitored

After School Programme The ASP is an additional feature of the CPC. This provision offers behaviourally challenged students a personalised timetable with the opportunity to access the Curriculumn with 1-2-1 Teacher support.



My experiences of the CPC as a year 10 student The CPC has supported me in catching up on my class work. During my time in CPC I have noticed that they do not tolerate misbehaviour. Some students say that taking away their phones is a bit harsh, however I think it is helpful because it helps me to concentrate on my work without any distractions. In addition if we don’t behave we go into the warning system, this gives us the opportunity to correct and improve our behaviour. If you get to the third warning parents or guardians are called and this will be discussed with them. The CPC consistently support students to improve their learning and behaviour and is seen as an important part of the King John School. Year 10 student

Year 11 Passport to the Prom winners 2012 Following a year of getting it right the winners of the Year 11 Passport to the Prom rewards scheme were given a free ticket to the biggest night of the summer. Having been awarded the highest number of points in their tutor groups each of the students listed earned a pass to the Prom which was on Friday July 6 at the Three Rivers Golf & Country Club. Points were allocated by staff from September to June for any act large or small that deserved praise. Tutors updated scores on a weekly basis and half-termly assemblies let students know where they stood on the leader board. The chosen 33 can look back on a year well spent and we hope they had a tion. 11-01 Annie Sexton Jade Ford April Haddrell-Davison

11-05 Amber Beaumont Devon Walford Andrew Livett

11-02 David Abiona Ben Bello Ashleigh McLellan

11-06 Lauren Castle Samuel Hendry James Hall

11-03 Gemma Ford Christian Estall Rachel Roberts

11-07 James White Jack Probyn Matt Pryce

11-04 Rebecca Abiona Annalee Hills Arjun Patel

11-08 Paige Kemp Jess Gale Kane Tuner

great night of celebra-

11-09 Rebecca Lowther Rebecca Golding Abigail Lee 11-10 Lauren Marshall Maria Barden Amelia Green 11-11 Ellie Jones Charlie Bates Katie Sheern

Look out for our new Website, which will be live from the end of July 9


Creative & Performing Arts Look out for our next newsletter with reviews and photos from The Best of British King John Summer Show!!!! On the 21st of June Year 10 Acting students performed the last The King John Academy of Arts piece of their course. They finished their course with a physical LAMDA Drama students took their first exams this term, theatre piece, based on one of two they each performed a monologue to an external stimuli ‘It takes a lot of courage to examiner, the students were very nervous but all focused show someone your dreams’ and very hard and did a great performance. We look forward to continuing the course in the new term which is also ‘I see a butterfly harmlessly flutter when the students will find out their results. by, quite unlike, my cluttered We wish you all good luck and look forward to seeing you mind’ I have had a very interestall again in September! ing time teaching this fantastic and lively class, I shall be sad to If you are interested in taking LAMDA Drama or Street Dance see them go, but of course look please contact us on 01702 426745 forward to seeing them in future productions! Nicola Evens

Drama Club Production On Wednesday 20th June the annual drama club production was performed. This year’s production was called ‘a Poetic, Murderous, Diagnosis’ with the drama club Years 7-10 performing a variety of plays that they had been rehearsing. The evening started with the Year 9 and 10 drama club performing a piece about mental health awareness, this piece is being entered for a NHS competition and is all about creating awareness about mental health issues. There were a few last minute hitches but the girls did very well. There was great commitment and enthusiasm shown and they ensured the night had a good start. Next we had the Year 8 drama club, performing a murder mystery piece, and as the audience watched the drama unfold and witnessed each character being interviews, it became very clear that the butler did it! To finish our night the Year’s 7 had a treat in store, some Year sevens were nervous, this being, for some of them, their first performance in the school but because of hours of rehearsals and preparation, and raw talent they all did very well. And they had a treat for themselves after the show, they were fortunate enough to meet the writer of their poetic piece about an ill-fated couple. A great time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the night, we couldn’t have done it without you!



International/ Industry Day International Day Kenya was my country for International Day. Our teachers for 7-03 were Miss Houghton and Ms Raynor. We were all determined as a class to win International Day so we were extremely happy that we did. One reason we won was that we worked as a team, helped each other and shared our ideas. On our stall we had music from Kenya which helped everyone get in the right mood. We also had a Masai Mara game safari, with statues and pictures. We had food to taste and our board was overflowing with fascinating information. On top of that we created an advert to bid for the next Olympics. As a class we were dressed in the colours of the Kenyan flag and people including myself were wearing Kenyan outfits. 7-03 were extremely thankful to Miss Houghton and Ms Raynor for their help and I am very proud of my class as well. All the other tutor groups did very well too and the whole year group had a great day. By Hannah Bright 7-03

Industry Day This year, Year 9 began studying their GCSEs. Qualifications that are going to shape our careers so Industry Day was a good way to inspire, teach and introduce new skills and interests. The event took place on the 28th of June where local businessmen and women, volunteered to hold classes on their specific industry for an hour to show what its like to work in that particular industry, teach new skills to students and overall give students the opportunity to explore career paths that they were interested in, or even career paths which they had perhaps not ever thought of before. For example, one activity I took part in was floristry. The career path I would like to go down is fashion journalism and I at first thought floristry wouldn't be particularly beneficial for the industry I was interested in, however, I found that actually it was a nice activity to take part in as it was creative just as fashion is, and also floristry is a skill which is frequently used in the fashion industry, for example, it may be used in a design, a display or photography setting, etc. So even though I may not want to focus my whole ambition on becoming a florist, I still found the activity was beneficial and showed me paths I had never thought of before. Other activities available to students included a dancing activity which focused on what it's like to be a commercial dancer. There was also a jewellery session (which I took part in and I found it very fun and enjoyable!) where students made their own earrings and bracelets. Photography also took place. There was a drama session and bank and university based activities too and many more. These activities took place over 3 periods of the students’ free timetable. The 4th was spent at an assembly where teachers introduced the ‘Employability for Life’ scheme. A new idea created to show off students’ talents, skills, interests and personality when in an interview. An idea to show off a students’ potential in the real world of work, not just his or her potential in an exam room! I found that the school had introduced this scheme at a good time, especially for me as even though I'm not in Year 11, I have decided to begin my search finding work experience, hopefully in fashion journalism, which will give me an advantage (and confidence!) in the scary interview room as I will have had work experience earlier than perhaps others. The 5th period was spent in tutors, where students began building their ‘Employability for Life’ Booklets, writing about their achievements from outside school, their punctual skills such as attendance, and a chance to reflect on goals to be made to obtain work experience. In total, the day resulted in Year 9 students having gained new skills, new knowledge and a new focus on the future. Hannah Dear, 9-02.



MITIE CATERING Why not try this delicious chickpea recipe at home, chickpeas count towards our 5 a Day and they are low in GI which means we will feel fuller for longer and hopefully not have those sugar cravings, this recipe also won’t break your bank and you can freeze any leftovers for another day! Moroccan Chickpea Tagine – serves 8 adult portions Ingredients Olive Oil




Red Peppers


Red Onion


Chickpeas (2 cans)


Chopped Tomatoes (2 cans) Ground cinnamon


Vegetable Stock


Tomato Paste Harissa (can sub with chilli flakes) Garlic cloves

3tbsp 1tbsp

Root ginger Fresh Coriander to serve


6 4cm piece

Method Heat the oil in a large frying pan Add the aubergine and cook for 5-7 minutes Add the pepper and onions and cook for a further 7 minutes, stir in all remaining ingredients Bring to the boil and then simmer for 15 minutes Add a dash of water if it starts to stick Serve with warm couscous We have now been selling home-made smoothies in the school restaurant every day for only £1:00, they are proving very popular especially on warmer days – although these have been few and far between. To become more sustainable we are starting our own herb garden. We made mini herb pots to get the seedlings growing and the after the summer holidays these will be transplanted into a proper garden bed where we can use them every day in our school meals.

Examinations Office The King John School Examination Office now puts all important examination information on the school website. Look in the Main Entrance section and you will see the new examinations tab on the right-hand side. We will be regularly updating the site with deadlines, times, venues, booklets and guidelines etc. Please keep checking the site for the latest information about the current and forthcoming examination sessions. Please contact the Exams Officer, Ms. Newton, with any enquiries.



MFL Foreign


The MFL department has had another busy term involving pen-pal letters and video exchanges, Boules and football lessons run by the Year 10 foreign language leaders, visits to other schools and local businesses and Euro 2012, Olympic and Tour de France activities. Thank you to the amazing MFL department who dedicate so much time and effort to share the joy of languages around our community.


Recently in our French class we finished the GCSE course, and decided to work towards getting a French Leadership Award. One thing that we did was planned, organised and helped the lower years to learn how to play a classic French game, Boules. As a class we divided ourselves into groups and organised a timetable where we could easily see who had been assigned to which year group and at what time of the week. When we were out on the field playing boules, we led small groups in games of Boules. Along the way we were teaching them words and phrases like ‘Too far!’ – ‘Trop loin!’, ‘Winner’ – ‘Gagneur’, ‘You’re cheating!’ – ‘Tricher!’ and ‘Very good!’ – ‘Très bien!’. Overall the groups enjoyed the lesson and so did we. It was good fun and a creative way of teaching younger years French! Our next step is to plan activities for a group of Year 6 visitors! Merci, Martha

Student successes! Congratulations to the following students for being nominated by their peers or teachers as the student of the month in their class and Year.

Year 7

French Jordan King

Spanish Jemima Foster


Eleanor May

Tayla Murphy


Georgia Inseal

Sonny Horvath


Matthew Farrell

Gemma McGee

KS5 language trip to Ford at Dunton.

Year 9 French students laughed their way through the French play , Les Garcons, conducted entirely in French back in May. Reported by Maisie Farrow, Year 9 J'ai regardé Les garçons, c'était assez bien. Pendant le spectacle, Natalie garde Bruno, le bébé. Mais Tristan, l'ex petit ami de Natalie arrive. Quel cauchemar! Il dit qu'il est désolé et elle dit qu'elle lui pardonne. Mais Natalie a vu un texto pour une autre fille sur son téléphone. Elle lui a hurlé dessus, et je suis sortie. Les personnages étaient mélangés. Les parents de Bruno étaient bizarres. Le père de Bruno portait un costume de lapin et la mère était juste étrange. Tristan était marrant mais bête et Natalie était étrange mais pas mal. À la fin, Natalie et Tristan sont de nouveau petits amis. J'aime les fins heureuses. C'était bien mais un peu curieux. Je donne huit sur dix.


The Ford Factory at Dunton have many workers who speak a variety of languages, they invited some of our A level linguists along for a chat in Spanish and French. I found the trip very useful since it gave me the opportunity to speak French in a real life situation. During the tour of the factory, I learnt that they make prototype models of the car parts from resin. We were well cared for and I found the overall trip very beneficial in terms of developing confidence in speaking and learning idioms.


Models required

Hair & Beauty

Hair Price List Styling (including styling products) Cut and Blow Dry/Set £6.00 Shampoo and Set £4.00 Blow Dry £4.00 Braids/Platting £4.00 Wet Cut £4.00 Intensive Conditioning Treatments (short) £5.00 Intensive Conditioning Treatments (shoulder length) £7.00 Intensive Conditioning Treatments (below shoulder) £8.00 PERMING (*without cut and finish) Perm— long hair by quotation £10.00* COLOURING (*without cut and finish) Semi-Permanent or Temporary £10.00* Permanent £15.00 / £20.00 Highlights/Wovens £20.00 / £30.00

Beauty Price List Make-up

Day Evening Special Occasion Waxing Half leg Three quarter leg Full leg Bikini line Forearm (half) Full arm Underarm Abdomen Lip & chin Electrical Facials Microcurrent Vacuum Suction Facial Faradic Facial Galvanic Facial High Frequency

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Facials Basic with Paraffin Wax with Prepared Masks with Peel-off Mask Dermalogica Facial

Manicure Basic with Paraffin Wax with Prepared Mask with Peel-off Mask with Electric Mitts French Manicure File & Polish only Pedicure Basic with Paraffin Wax with Electric Booties French Manicure File & Polish only Eyebrow & Lashes Eyebrow tinting Eyelash tinting Eyebrow/lash tinting Eyebrow shaping (waxing) Eyelash perming Massage Full body massage Back massage Aromatherapy full body massage Aromatherapy back massage Electrical Body Treatments Faradic Galvanic G5 Vacuum Suction Microcurrent Epilation Eyebrows Lip/Chin Bikini Underarm Abdomen

KJ’s Hair and Beauty Salon

The King John School Shipwrights Drive Thundersley Essex We specialise in Dermalogica Products 14

£6.50 £7.25 £7.25 £7.25 £10.00 £4.75 £5.95 £5.25 £5.95 £7.25 £6.00 £3.25 £5.25 £5.95 £7.25 £6.50 £3.25 £3.50 £4.50 £5.95 £3.95 £8.00 £10.00 £4.00 £12.00 £5.00 £7.00 £7.00 £5.00 £7.00 £7.00 £3.00 £3.00 £5.00 £5.00 £3.00

Co For nta Ap p ct Sta ointm f f o en 20 0776 n: 07 ts pl % 64 76 ea KJ disco 0696 6407 se S S un 7 19 0/ tud t to en all ts


Creative and Performing Arts

A Level Art 2012

The Creative & Performing Arts Department are proud to announce this Year’s school production is……..

The Sound of Music! Auditions are currently taking place so please look out for more information

PUBLIC OPEN DAY Wednesday July 25th 9.30 am to 9.30 pm Come and look round and check out the state of the art equipment

Come and get trim At the KJS gym The King John School Shipwrights Drive Thundersley Tel: 07768 906386

Small, private gym Technogym Wellness equipment; Personal Trainers; Fitness Instructor Only £25 per month - discount if you have a relative at the King John School

No fixed membership period - you can cancel at any time



PE Department PE KIT

It is essential that you bring PE kit for every PE lesson! If you are unable to take part, (for any reason) you should bring a note explaining why you cannot take part and your kit so you can still take part in the lesson as a coach or as an official. If you are unable to get changed due to an injury, for example a broken leg, we will of course be able to accommodate you els ewhere......this is not always possible for more minor injuries and ailments and you will still need to be part of your group.... WHATEVER the weather!!! Failure to bring in your kit will result in a detention.

WATCH GREAT RUGBY AND A GREAT SHOW AT A GREAT STADIUM... AND RAISE FUNDS FOR OUR SCHOOL! Following their last Wembley outing, against Harlequins in March, where they had a world record breaking attendance of 83,761, Saracens now invite you to enjoy another outstanding day out at Wembley Stadium and, at the same time, raise funds for our school. On Saturday September 15th 2012, Saracens, are planning to play Leicester Tigers. This fixture can only be 100% confirmed by Premiership Rugby at the end of June, but nobody will want to miss the top two teams in England over the past three seasons, at full strength, clashing in the national stadium. Saracens @ Wembley is about much more than just the top class rugby and, in line with their policy of signing top acts as they break into the big time, they have secured Cover Drive to headline the pre-match show. The entertainment is scheduled to start at 14h15 Saracens have granted us permission to promote tickets (£16 for adults, £6 for under-16s) to all our staff, students , families and friends. In return the school will receive Cashback on every ticket bought thus raising funds for the school ...and you get to enjoy a fantastic day out at a fantastic price. If you would like to help the school raise money and experience a memorable family day out, please visit and buy your tickets online using our school code – KINGJOHN by WEDNESDAY15TH AUGUST. Tickets will be sent to you direct, after 23RD August. It’s really simple and easy to book your tickets, just follow the easy instructions below.

Case Sensitive Password: KINGJOHN How to book your tickets: 1.

Click on or enter the following in to your browser: A.


Next you need to order your U16’s tickets: A.

Select quantity required from left hand box


Enter your case sensitive password in the box to the right of the ‘Price’ field


Repeat the above process for Adult tickets


Click on ‘Find Tickets’ at the bottom of the left hand box


On the next screen enter the two words in the ‘Security Check’ page


Continue to checkout, enter payment details and finalise order (please note there is a £2 transaction charge on the whole of your order, but there are no booking or postage charges)



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