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NA-SUL CA-1089 Our Most Versatile Rust Inhibitor for Rust Preventives, Industrial Lubricants & Metalworking

NA-SUL® CA-1089 With over six decades experience in rust and corrosion inhibition with hundreds of products developed, it takes a lot to call one particular inhibitor “our most versatile”, yet NA-SUL CA-1089 fits that bill. Part of that versatility is the fact that it is extremely effective in both industrial lubricants and rust preventives. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of additives and base stocks. It offers formulators:     

Excellent rust inhibition with outstanding demulsibility Excellent non-staining properties Excellent filterability, both dry and wet Excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability Excellent solubility in highly paraffinic base stocks

TYPICAL PROPERTIES Chemical Composition

Calcium alkylnapthalenesulfonate/carboxylate in light mineral oil


Clear brown, viscous liquid

Calcium Content


Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D 445, DIN 51 550

2500 mm2/s (cSt)

Viscosity @ 100° C ASTM D 445, DIN 51 550

36 mm2/s (cSt)

Density @ 25°C ASTM D 4052

0.96 g/ml

Weight per Gallon @ 25°C

8.0 lbs.

Flash Point, COC ASTM D 92, DIN 51376


NOTE: The above data are not specifications.


King Industries, Inc. Science Road Norwalk, CT 06852  203-866-5551 Email:

Hydraulic Fluids (HF-0, HF-2)

0.05% to 0.5%

Circulating Oils

0.05% to 1.0%

Paper Machine Oils

0.25% to 1.0%

Rust Preventives

1.0% to 15.0 %

Dewatering Fluids

1.0 % to 10.0%

TABLE OF CONTENTS Performance in Industrial Lubricants

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Performance in Rust Preventives

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NA-SUL CA-1089 Performance In Industrial Lubricants NA-SUL CA-1089 was specifically designed for use in the more highly refined, new generation base oils where it imparts outstanding steel corrosion protection, demulsibility and filtration. Since its introduction, it has proven to be an outstanding corrosion inhibitor for:      

High performance hydraulic fluids Paper machine oils Compressor oils Windmill (Turbine) lubricants Industrial gear oils Greases

In addition to previous mentioned attributes, NA-SUL CA-1089 when used in industrial lubricants with carefully selected additives even exhibits friction reducing properties.

Performance In Hydraulic Fluids The test data that follow compare the performance of an HF-0 type package for hydraulic fluids with and without NA-SUL CA-1089. NA-SUL CA-1089 was incorporated into the package at 4.5% and 2.0% replacing oil. The concentrations of all other additives were held constant. Testing was conducted at a package treat level of 0.8% in an ISO VG 46 Group II oil. HF-0 Type Package Tests

w/o NA-SUL CA-1089

Treat Level of Additive Package, %

w/ 2.0% NA-SUL CA-1089


Base Oil Additive Package Color

w/ 4.5% NA-SUL CA-1089

ISO VG 46 (Group II) Light Amber

Light Amber

Light Amber




41-34-5 30

39-39-2 10




1b 1b 1b

1b 1b 1b

1b 1b 1b

Cincinnati Milacron Thermal Stability (ASTM D 2070) CM Color Class: Copper Steel Viscosity Change, % Acid Number Change (mg KOH/g) Rod Weight of Deposit, Steel / Copper (mg/200ml) Rod Metal Loss, Steel / Copper (mg/200ml) Total Sludge (mg/100 ml) Whatman Precipitate (mg/100 ml) Millipore Precipitate (mg/100 ml)

1.5 1.5 1.8 0.23 0.1 / 0.1 0.2 / 0.6 5.5 2.7 2.8

1.0 1.5 1.3 0.30 0.2 / 0.3 0.0 / 0.2 1.75 0.4 1.2

1.0 1.5 2.1 0.36 0.2 / 0.7 0.0 / 0.1 3.65 0.75 2.8

Hydrolytic Stability (Beverage Bottle) (ASTM D 2619) Copper Loss (mg/cm2) Total Acidity of Water Layer (mg KOH) Copper Appearance ( ASTM D 130)

0.29 0.91 2a

0.30 1.10 1b

0.05 0.70 1b







Steel Corrosion (ASTM D 665, DIN 51 585) A & B Demulsibility (ASTM D 1401, DIN 51 599) Oil-Water-Emulsion Time (minutes)

40-39-1 10

Four Ball Wear (ASTM D 4172) 1 hour, 75°C, 40 kg, 1200 rpm, Scar Diameter (mm) Copper Corrosion (ASTM D 130, DIN 51 759) 3 hours, 100°C 3 hours, 135°C 3 hours, 160°C

AFNOR Filtration (wet) Filterability Index FZG A/8.3/90 (ASTM D 5182, DIN 51 354 Part 2) Damage Load Stage

As shown, inclusion of the NA-SUL CA-1089 in the formulation imparted excellent steel corrosion protection, demulsibility and AFNOR filtration properties while the package without the NA-SUL CA-1089 failed those tests. The improved AFNOR filtration performance is attributed to the excellent dispersancy characteristics of the CA-1089.

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NA-SUL® CA-1089 Performance In Rust Preventives NA-SUL CA-1089 is an excellent rust inhibitor for a broad range of rust preventive applications where it offers: 

Remarkable non-staining performance in stacked stain testing in all oils tested. Highly recommended for protection of coiled steel and closely stacked steel parts.  Outstanding performance in both cyclic and constant humidity testing, making it an excellent choice for most parts storage applications.  Outstanding water displacement and demulsibility performance including acidic and basic aqueous fluids. A perfect choice for difficult dewatering fluids.  Excellent solubility in paraffinic oils, PAO, esters and vegetable oils. A versatile additive that can be used in a variety of products using different base stocks.

Performance In Paraffinic ISO VG 32 Based Formulations Formulations

2.0% CA-1089 98.0% Oil #1

5.0% CA-1089 95.0% Oil #1

10.0% CA-1089 90.0% Oil #1

Average Film Thickness Measured by weight (m)




Salt Fog (ASTM B 117) Average Hours to Failure




Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D 1748) Average Hours to Failure





Performance In Solvent-Based Formulations Formulations

3.0% CA-1089 20.0% Oil #1 77.0% Solvent

5.0% CA-1089 20.0% Oil #1 75.0% Solvent

10.0% CA-1089 20.0% Oil #1 70.0% Solvent

Average Film Thickness Measured by weight (m)




Salt Fog (ASTM B 117) Average Hours to Failure




Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D 1748) Average Hours to Failure





NA-SUL CA-1089 Performance Accelerated Stacked Stain Test FORMULATIONS 10.0% CA-1089 90.0% Oil #1 CONTACT King Industries, Inc. USA Headquarters Science Road Norwalk, CT 06850 PH: 203-866-5551 FAX: 203-866-0425 Email: King Industries - Europe Noordkade 64 2741 EZ Waddinxveen, The Netherlands PH: +31 182-631360 FAX: +31 182-621002 Email:

Stack Stain 7-Day Accelerated


5.0% CA-1089 95.0% Oil #2 Pass

Oil #1 - Paraffinic Group I - ISO VG 32 (150 SUS) Oil #2 - Paraffinic Group II - ISO VG 46 (220 SUS)

5% NA-SUL CA-1089 5% Commercial RP 95% Group II Paraffinic 95% Group II Paraffinic ISO VG 46 (220 SUS) ISO VG 46 (220 SUS)

DISCLAIMERS The results shown reflect data generated by King Industries’ Technical Service Laboratory. Actual results may vary depending on the additive package, base oil, and test equipment design. The conditions of your use and application of our products, technical assistance and information (whether verbal, written or by way of product evaluations), including any suggested formulations and recommendations, are beyond our control. Therefore, it is imperative that you test our products, technical assistance and information to determine to your own satisfaction whether they are suitable for your intended uses and applications. Such testing has not necessarily been done by King Industries, Inc. ("King"). The facts, recommendations and suggestions herein stated are believed to be reliable; however, no guaranty or warranty of their accuracy is made. EXCEPT AS STATED, THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR OTHERWISE. KING SHALL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES. Any statement inconsistent herewith is not authorized and shall not bind King. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product (s) in conflict with patents covering any material or its use. No license is implied or granted under the claims of any patent. Sales or use of all products are pursuant to Standard Terms and Conditions stated in King sales documents. LAD-CA1089-DEC2011

NA-SUL CA-1089  

Most Versatile Rust Inhibitor Environmentally friendly ashless additive package for ester based systems.

NA-SUL CA-1089  

Most Versatile Rust Inhibitor Environmentally friendly ashless additive package for ester based systems.