A place for everything

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A place for everything... by C. Kingham

First Edition

Beautifully Simple,

Simply Beautiful.

“A journey of discovery and enlightenment, taking you deep into your Comfort Zone.”



1. The Kitchen

i. Design

2. The Scullery

ii. Wood

3. The Pantry

iii. Stone

4. The Larder

iv. Workshop

5. The Utility

v. Paint

6. The Bootroom

vi. Waterworks

7. The Study

vii. Hardware

8. The Bedroom

viii. Appliances

9. The Bathroom

ix. Detail

10. Living/Dining

x. Character

Fine English Cabinetmaking by



The Kitchen “Living on an island ”

This Hub

With Hope

The Heart To Scheme

My Dream!


The Scullery “The source of all good ”

A foundation

Some preparation My creation

What elation

This Sensation!


The Pantry “Lay store in simplicity itself �

This space We find

To place Fine fare

With grace!


The Larder “A King amongst cabinetry�

Tall & proud Full racks

Deep shelves One seeks

And delves!


The Utility “Your saving grace”

Soft Soap

Laundered well Sheila’s maid Aired fresh

Linen pressed!


The Bootroom “Mud, Mud, Glorious mud �

Kids & Dogs

Wellies & Umbrellas Hats & Coats

A place for everything and.......


The Study “The safest of havens”

A retreat to peace

Some solace Does greet

My privacy!


The Boudoir “Reassuringly Robed �

From beginnings When woken To the end At fall

Serenity prevails!


The Bathroom “In a Sea of Sanctuary”

Majestically mirrored & Marble surrounds To Soak forever

& Cleansed without sound To finish a Swathe!


Live & Dine “Standing on Ceremony�

Crystal glass

Fine English bone Kings pattern Places set

Company sat!


Design “The Drawing Board ”

Sits Charlie

Pencil & Coffee Inspiration Creation

Immaculate conceptions!


Timber “Enchantment in Wood ”

Established forestry

Mighty Oak hewn

Fine Walnut planed

Mouldings occassioned Table tops fashioned!


Stone “ Casting the First �

From sticks... ...to stones

a gorgeous granite

or marvel at marble

The heart of stonemasonry!


Workshops “Man & Machinery”

Traditional Joinery


Cabinetmaking Craftmanship!


Paint “These pots of Gold�

Chosen shades

True colours showing Selected bristles

No thousand words The artisan finish!


Waterworks “Our fountains of Youth�

Brass, Nickel, Steel Tapping in

Ceramic, Iron, Copper New level to sinks Joys to behold!


Hardware “Handling with kid gloves”

Turned Tulip

Founded Brass Drawn Hinges Knurled knobs Softly closed!


Appliances “Mechanical, Electrical, Civil �

Tried & Tested Rarely Bested

Engineered Science Total Reliance Small Cogs!


Detail “Our attention to...”

Dovetailing To admire

Shaker pegs You’ll desire

A celebration!


Our promise “Sworn under Oath�


Dedication Values



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