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Ceci n’est pas an agency.

Briefingroom is the company that provides the medium to tap into the brains of more than 400 creatives. We have great clients who get us the right briefings. Together with the client, we value the briefing. How much is a great idea for this briefing worth to us? Then, it’s up to our community to deliver the most stunning ideas. When the client chooses the winning idea, the creative gets the cash the day after we announce the winner. Heck, in fact he’ll probably receive the money before he knows he won.

What’s the process? 1. If you feel like working with Briefingroom, we’ll sit down with some coffee and discuss your communication strategies. Just to get to know you.

6. It should be fairly easy to spot the winning idea: it’s the one idea standing out that you can’t stop thinking about long after our presentation is over.

2. Together we will come up with a challenging briefing. Then we need to discuss budget: how much is the idea worth to you?

7. When we announce the winner, he or she will get the money right away.

3. We’ll sign some legal stuff and send a proforma invoice. Once the money hits our bank account, we will publish the briefing. 4. Now it’s up to our creatives to come up with the most awesome idea they can think of. 5 weeks later we will come back to present all the ideas submitted. We do this in a really objective way, so we won’t be showing our preference at first. Only if you want our opinion, we’ll give it to you.

8. Ofcourse he or she will have to sign a contract in which all intellectual property is transferred to you, the client. It’s up to you to decide if you want to execute the idea with the winner, or with your agency or a third party

How do you guys make money? First of all, thanks for your concern. We really appreciate that. We ONLY make money by adding a 20% fee on the award money. We will never charge you for anything else. That’s a promise. We don’t want to make money by doing a markup on the work of other companies.

Who’s behind this? Michael Thuy Former founder of MTFR.COM, a webdesign one stop shop working for advertising agencies - creative director at Duval Guillaume E - strategic and creative director for McCann Erickson Digital - did great campaigns for Harley-Davidson, Huyndai, Omega Pharma, Microsoft etc.

Geoffrey Michiels worked as project manager for agencies such as TBWA, These Days, DAD. Digital Director for McCann Erickson Digital. Did great stuff for clients such as, Nokia, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft etc.

Christophe Bouten ( “We felt a sigh of relief once Briefingroom finished their presentation. We have been searching after a way to obtain real, usable, feedback from real life customers, not from the world of advertisers. We wanted to hear all the idea’s out there, not just the typical ones from advertisement agencies. We believe that using briefingroom’s eyes and ears we’re able to tap in to the cutting edge of our society, which is exactly what’s local social site is trying to accomplish: discover the best kept secrets about your town en share them with people who share your preferences - regardless whether they live around the corner or halfway around the globe.

Some really interesting stats:

324 registered creatives Our facebook fanpage has 357 fans, following our updates live. We have approx. 6500 Currently we have

pageviews per month on People spend more than

2.5 minutes on the site.

More information? Contact us or visit our sites: Give us a call on +32 (0)495 22 68 37 Send an e-mail to

Did we mention it’s a Mawashii company?

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