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A38 Highways England Area 1 June 2016

Introduction In April 2014, Quality Marking Services Limited (QMS) were approached by the managing agent for the Highways Agency in Area 1 for the delivery of QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA, our unique overspray system specifically designed to enhance the appearance of road markings at night, in both dry and wet conditions. Area 1 encompasses the A38 and A30 in Devon and Cornwall between Exeter and Penzance and at the time of the installation was managed by EnterpriseMouchel on behalf of the Highways Agency, now Kier Highways on behalf of Highways England. QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA is an extremely high performance road marking system, which can be applied to existing road markings under mobile traffic management. The system is applied at high speed with a dry time of less than one minute without compromise on safety or performance.



The chosen area for the demonstration was a six kilometre section of lane line on the A38 in Devon between Bovey Tracey and Ashburton on the east and west carriageways. This particular section is heavily trafficked and has numerous bends and elevation changes which was considered perfect for a thorough and rigorous test of the QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA system.

QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA is specifically designed to provide exceptionally high levels of retro-reflectivity at night in both dry and wet conditions. It was because of these fundamental benefits that it was chosen for a trial. The high quality resin works together with the glass beads chosen for this system providing exceptionally high levels of instant and sustainable reflectivity. The glass beads are formulated from high index glass with a greater refraction than standard beads and have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA.

24 month Ecodyn Retro-Reflectivity results - 633.65 mcd/m2/lux

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A38 Daytime - Lane line 24 months old

A38 Nighttime - Lane line 24 months old



The works were carried out under a mobile traffic management arrangement at night, installing the system at a speed of six kilometres per hour. The twelve kilometre section was completed in two hours with minimal disruption to the road user, providing an instant visible improvement in the retro-reflectivity of the road markings.

Following the initial installation, an independent retroreflectivity survey was carried out indicating levels of 750mcd/m2/lux in dry conditions and in excess of 300 in the wet. The 24 months following the installation showed continuous high performance of the system and after two years, another reflectivity survey was carried out demonstrating an average in excess of 550mcd/m2/lux in dry conditions and over 100 in the wet.

“This new product developed by QMS is a marked improvement over the previous product which itself has performed well over many years on the Area 1 network. The benefits of this latest product are clear to see when travelling the road network at night, whether in dry or wet conditions. The reflectivity of this new line type is not far from the performance that we would normally expect only from a road stud. I would fully support the application of this high visibility road marking system, particularly in areas where the road alignment / geometry is less than desirable.” Matthew Wonnacott Network Delivery Manager Kier Highways

The results confirm that QMS HyperLineTM ULTRA is fully compliant to R5, RW4 and S3 (300 MCD dry, 50 MCD wet and 55 SRV skid resistance after 24 months. R5 and RW3 are the highest levels for reflectivity within BSEN 1436:2007

“When we initially discussed the use of HyperLine ULTRA with EnterpriseMouchel, there was an immediate excitement to see what could be achieved from using the high index glass beads. Meeting the highest requirements of retro-reflectivity after 24 months on such a busy section of dual carriageway is a fantastic achievement.” Greg Clark QMS Managing Director


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