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Safety Walkway Markings Providing a safe route for pedestrians within car parks, warehouses and distribution centres is an essential consideration for any Warehouse Manager and Safety Representative. With many products available, how do you ensure that the best solution for your needs is achieved? What about when they are inside the warehouse, workshop or distribution centre? Can you be sure that your staff, colleagues and visitors know the safe route to walk and reach emergency exits should the need arise?

External Safety Walkways Thermoplastic, Paint and Cold Plastics are available for safety walkways within car park and yard areas. These products can be specifically tailored to meet the customer’s demands. Various colours for line marking are available together with the choice to fully colour-coat the walkway with safety, non-slip surfacing to enhance the visual appearance.

Internal Safety Walkways QMS RapidShield is a solvent free line marking system specifically designed for the installation of such markings within internal workshops, warehouses and distribution centres. The system delivers exceptional line marking quality with unrivalled durability and can be delivered and installed with minimal disruption to customer’s operations. Markings are installed by skilled operatives who have been specifically trained to ensure that the installation meets the exact requirements of the customer. Using the unique mobile Ultra-Violet light machine, the resin seal is instantly cured to a high-gloss finish which is impervious to all known substances including oil, grease and battery acid.

Glow-in-the-dark Safety Enhancement To add further safety benefits, AfterGlow can be added to the safety walkway to deliver 45 minutes of glow-time in the event of a power-failure or emergency escape. This system, which is unique to QMS can provide the added peace of mind that colleagues and visitors could safely navigate themselves to an emergency exit whilst in total darkness. “The addition of AfterGlow for safety walkways inside warehouses was developed following an incident where our crew were installing markings within a warehouse at night and the lighting was unexpectedly switched off at midnight.” Explained QMS Managing Director, Greg Clark, “the crew were in the centre of this warehouse with machinery, pallet storage and racking all around them and could not see a safe route to get themselves to an exit.”

With QMS RapidShield AfterGlow installed, when the lights turn off, the safety walkway immediately glows with high-performance photo-luminescence delivering a glow-time of up to 45 minutes providing sufficient time for anyone to find a safe means of escape. The system is charged through daylight or false lighting including LED with full charge achieved in only one hour. To view our short installation video scan the QR Code to watch on your mobile device or visit our website www.qmarkings.co.uk/safetywalkway

Quality Marking Services is a family run line marking Company with a clear focus on delivering our Client’s expectations with the highest level of Quality and Service. Having a combination of products available, we can ensure that your premises are marked with a clear, defined route to ensure the safety of any pedestrian is maintained at all times.


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