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We Get Quality byPerfection

Done by: Mr. Abdullah Mohammad AL-Okasi Mr. Ibrahim Abdulkareem AL-Hussain Mr. Riyadh Othman AL-Haidar Mariem Khudair Al-Khudairtranslated by : Reveised by: Hind A Alzaid

I urge all officials in all sectors of the kingdom to adopt the quality and excellence concepts, principles and criteria in all their plans, activities, and business, and ensure the development and continuous improvement to achieve quality and excellence in the production and service sectors both private and public

King Abdullah Bin Abdullaziz.


World Quality Day taking place on the second Thursday of November. It was introduced by the United Nations. The purpose of World Quality Day is to promote awareness of quality around the world and to encourage individuals' development and organizations’ prosperity. There are many definitions of quality such as "Fitness for use (Juran)”,"Conformance to requirements (Grosby)”and "The efficient production of the quality that the market expects (Deming)”. May we lead you to a clear and easy

way to reach quality? You live your life in all its details. You go to home, work, mosque and other public places. You need to be distinctive in the way you look and behave to please God and people, too. so you should do perfection. Allah says: َّ َّ‫إِن‬ 09 ‫ النحل‬ .. ‫ٱَّللَ ٌ َۡأ ُمر ُِب ۡٱلع َۡد ِل َو ۡٱۡلِ ۡح َٰ َسن َِوإٌِ َتآي ذِي ۡٱلقُ ۡرب ََٰى‬ ِ Which means, “Allah commands justice, the doing of good, and liberality to kith and kin” So we chose the theme (We Get Quality.. by Perfection) for this year 2011/1432, because Allah asks us to apply perfection in our life. In this brochure, we pointed out the meanings and connotations at (work - school –classroom).May Allah help us all to provide an outstanding level in the field of education for a bright future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Team of King Fahad bin Abdul-Aziz Quality Center


Our theme for this year is (We Get Quality.. by Perfection

Our theme for this year is (We Get Quality.. by Perfection

What does perfection means at work? Whenever Muslim feels close to Allah, he will be afraid of him, too. To be closer to Allah, a Muslim should be sincere. The most important behaviors that express sincerity are: ●Good behavior with colleagues at work and with beneficiaries who need help (giving a smile, saying a good word, helping others ... etc.) ‫النساء‬ .. ٓ‫ َوإِ َذا ُحٌٌِّ ُتم ِب َت ِحٌَّةٖ َف َحٌُّو ْا ِبأ َ ۡح َس َن م ِۡن َها ٓ أَ ۡو ُردُّو َه ۗٓا‬ Which means, “When a (courteous) greeting is offered you, meet it with a greeting still more courteous, or (at least) of equal courtesy.”  Good behavior with colleagues and beneficiaries in case of differences of opinion (respecting others’ opinions, being tolerant to others’ points of view, responding in good words and a smile).


)521‫النحل‬.. ُ‫ًِ أَ ۡح َس ُۚن‬ َ ‫َو َٰ َجد ِۡلهُم ِبٱلَّتًِ ه‬ Which means, “and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious:” • Looking for opportunities to improve the employee’s performance at work and performing tasks on time in order to improve.

What does perfection means at school? Perfection at school is a part of perfection at work, but the school requires more sincerity as a result of dealing with young children and youths because they need special behavior as a result of the process of education. The perfection in education is seeking educators to exert maximum efforts to teach students as future generations. The educators should be sincere in educating the students. The most important behaviors that express sincerity in educating the students are:


Our theme for this year is (We Get Quality.. by Perfection

 Our theme for this year is (We Get Quality.. by Perfection 

 

● Everyone inside the school (administration, teachers, students, and staff) initiate (good word, consultation on how to improve the education of students in the school, etc.) Allah says: 15 ‫ اۡلسراء‬‫وقل لعبادي ٌقولوا التً هى أحسن‬

Which means, “Say to My servants that they should (only) say those things that are best” ● Listen to the student's needs and act the way they would like to be treated. ● Work to provide benefits to others (parents, community, the school staff benefit from each other ... etc.), (Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things) narrated by Muslim. What does perfection means at classroom? Perfection in the classroom is a part of the perfection in the school .The teacher is responsible on everything happens in the


class. He/she should follow these behaviors to apply perfection in his/her job: ● Treating his students as if they were his sons with kind words and listen to the problems they face in their learning and works hard to solve them to help the students. ● Trying always to improve teaching methods in order to improve the students. ● Urging his students to apply perfection in dealing with each other through practicing on saying good words, and solve problems through creative discussion. 521 ‫ النحل‬ .. ُ‫ًِ أَ ۡح َس ُۚن‬ َ ‫ َو َٰ َجد ِۡلهُم ِبٱلَّتًِ ه‬..  This means, “And argues with them in ways that are best and most gracious”  Urging his students to honor their parents. 25 ‫ اۡلسراء‬‫ َو ِب ۡٱل َٰ َولِد ٌَۡنِإ ۡإح َٰ َس ًن ُۚا‬ Which means, “And that  ye be kind to parents”


Our theme for this year is (We Get Quality.. by Perfection

What is the World Quality Day? This day is an opportunity for those interested in quality in various parts of the world to celebrate their achievements, it is not surprising for nations to be interested in quality and proficiency at work, so in 1990 the United Nations assigned (devoted )day for global quality in order to increase global awareness of the importance of quality and its contribution in States and organizations improvement, Therefore the developed countries devoted the second Thursday of November each year, which encounters the 7th till the 11th November from this year. World Quality Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of the quality of professional performance and enhance and improve the growth, innovation and sustainability. Quality Day represents the organization's commitment to improve the level of services provided. It is the day when the director of the organization declares the annual report of accomplishments and future plans and their aspirations of the organization and provides quality awards to departments and employees who excelled in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. Celebrating the Day of quality will contribute in developing the workers’ positive view towards their works, it is also one of the steps taken by the institution to make sure that they achieve the best quality standards and to identify the experiences of individuals who have made achievements that contributed in disseminating the culture of quality within the organization.

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