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Christ Like Global Kingdom


The Ministry of Wisdom Destiny starts in your hands and ends in Gods. Be encourage to live with a purpose and protect the meaning of your life. It is what you are accountable for.

A Critical Moment

Every day is measured, every day is recorded. More is good in life than bad. Life is to be accomplished over being defeated. Make a decision to live and not die, to love and not hate. Elevate yourself to a level of complete control and set yourself apart from those things that can shake your foundation. You should bring people up, not them bring you down.

Much of what we seek is already found. We just have to ask for it. God is waiting. Every step you make in God is leading to a direction ordained by Him. Do not fear, He knows where your going. Trust Him.

Believe in yourself if no one else will. You were born with a purpose.

Ministry of Wisdom  

God's Rhema Word shared with His people.