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June 22nd  ­VBS Training

OUT OF TIME  Into Your Destiny



God Launches Kingdom Consultants Aren't you tired of making excuses for why your vision isn’t a reality  yet? Are you tired of working for others, building their business  while yours sits on the side? Aren't you tired of feeling that nagging  tug within because you know that you should be working on the  vision, but not sure how to do get started? Kingdom Consultants is here to help!  KC is a Business/Ministry  Consulting Company with the mission of Helping You Make the  Vision a Reality!  They provide the following services:  Self­ Publishing Assistance, Affordable Website Design, LLC formation,  501c3 filing assistance, Copyright/Trademark Registration,  Organizational Development Assistance and so much more.   The concept for Kingdom Consultants began in 1994 and has evolved  over the years as its President, Rachael Watson began to dream a  dream.  After gaining experience in areas such as Event Planning,  Research, Organizational Development, Business/Ministry Start­Up,  Website Development, Book Publishing and much more, she is ready  to put her expertise to work for you.  Her passion is to help you walk  out yours! Visit their website today to find a complete listing of their services, or call 757­729­9712 for a no­obligation  consultation to discuss your specific need.  


      Monday, Wednesday & F r iday 5:45 pm - 1270 AM Tuesday & Thursday

6:00 pm - 1400 AM

WAILING WOMAN WARFARE    Power Prayer Wednesday 12:00-12:15

    Conference Dial-in: (712) 451­6100 Participant Access Code: 862397#

DIM CALENDAR Nov. 1 – Celebration Discipleship Tabernacle – Va. Bch, VA Nov. 13 & 14 - Wailing Woman Solid Rock WOM – Chesapeake, VA  Nov. 15 - Women’s Conf. @5 pm

*Pastor Rae is a Conference Speaker for Wailing Woman 2009’*

Pillar of Word M i nistry - Hampton, VA w

Jesus took him on a joy ride on  the way to his house; as I can  imagine Jairus watching Jesus  heal the woman with the issue of  blood, just by her touching the  Master’s garment. Suddenly  someone arrives from Jairus  house saying, “Leave the Master  Alone Your Daughter is Dead!”  Everybody that’s with you is not  necessarily for you. Notice in the  Jesus wasn’t worried about what  was said, He told Jairus, ONLY  story of Jairus, Mark 5: 35 ­43  BELIEVE! Jairus kept the faith!  Jairus had an ill daughter nearly  You never see where he wavered.  dead and Jairus in a moment of  desperation lays down his religion  It’s obvious that this gloom bearer  and pursues Jesus. You see Jairus  had the ability to affect him  because Jesus quickly advises  could’ve called the congregation  Jairus to believe no matter what.  together to pray for his daughter,  We have people around us who  after all he was a ruler in the  always run with bad news to  synagogue. shake our house (spirit man) but  But he chose instead to come  before the healer and make a great  we must rid ourselves of their  negativity and walk with Jesus no  statement of faith, “Lay your   matter what.  hands on my daughter and She  Shall Be Healed”!  

Prophetic Voice

Mark 5:40 “And they laughed him to scorn. But when he had put them all out…”

T ime to Clean House!

Pioneer Partners “On The Road Less Traveled”

Despico Pioneer Partners allow  them daily. Our Pioneer Partners  this outreach ministry to go to the  assist Despico with  masses and compel others to  accomplishing its God given  Christ. As a Pioneer Partner, you  vision, “Equipping, Educating  are connected to the ministry and  and Establishing the Body of   your support allows Despico to  Christ.”  provide the following ministries  Your partnership with Despico  for free or minimum cost. allows you to experience the  • Ministry of Equipping anointing and increase of the  • Transformation Bible School blessings that God is pouring into  • Dine with Despi Despico. Join the movement of  • Wailing Women Conference reaching the masses and helping   We appreciate each of our Pioneer  them to discover their God given  Partners and pray for  gift by becoming a Despico  Pioneer. Partner, TODAY!  

Despico I n te rnational M inist ries pray that you and your family have a blessed time of sharing on this Thanksgiving Day as you offer up thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Ch r ist for H is continuous grace and mercy. Amen!

Despico Corner Thanksgiving is a holiday shared w ith family and fr iends as everyone reminisce about the reason they’re thankful. This is a lea rned family t radition that’s passed down from generation to generation. The dictiona ry defines the word thanksgiving as “Prayer of Thanks to God.”

Youth Ta lk S.M.A.R.T.S. (Single Mother’s Acquiring Resources To Succeed) and  Project Step UP are ministries given to Founder, Andrina Watson. She was a  teen mother with a destiny to be reached and God has blessed her to be a  blessing to others.  Through her own trials and triumphs, she has been able  to speak out and reach into the hearts of others. Andrina also provides teen  mothers with sincere encouragement and inspiration to strive for a better life  experience.  Her goal is to provide a forum for teens and single mothers to  gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding of their journey in life.  It’s time  for us to STEP UP.   Be on the look out for the next SMARTS and PSU meeting.

As Jesus and Jairus reached his  home, he had a whole house of  unbelieving church folks wailing  over his daughter and when Jesus  said she was asleep they laughed to  the point of scorn. There are people  laughing at you right now because  they don’t believe that God’s going  to raise some things up in your life.  Don’t worry just be prepared for  God to put some people out your  surroundings or house so that He  may resurrect the things in your life  which have gone asleep. I dare you  to say neighbor, “It’s Time To   Clean House!”  

As you celebrate this Thanksgiving Day w ith family, please don’t forget to give thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Chr ist for dying on the cross so that each of us may have everlasting


P IO NEER PARTNER Name___________________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________ City___________________________ State____________ Zip______________ Phone____________________ Email_________________________________ Type of Gift: Amount:  $30.00 


 $100.00  $250.00

Monthly Commitment____ One-Time Contribution___ Please make check pa yable to Despico Ministries PO Box 7324, Chesapeake, VA 23324 All contributions are tax-deductible, and support the following ministry endeavors: • Out of Time Into Destiny - Ministry TV (Launching Feb. 2010)

Motivational Conferences TBS - Transformation Bible School  $500.00 • M.O.E – Ministry of Equipping  Other $_________ • Missions Work • Charitable Organizations Please complete and submit this slip with your financial gift. •

"Out of Time, Into Destiny"  

Newsletter of Despico International Ministries

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