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My passion is people and the energy they have: Module 109 H

GENERAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES Participants will be able to … 1. Recognize that the personal vision emerges from God’s purpose for one’s life. 2. Prepare Personal Mission Statement. 3. Integrate one’s goals to the mission which is formulated out of the vision. 4. Be convinced that setting goals for life and ministry is biblical. 5. Write personal goals in the areas of ministry, family, finance, health, social,

Sustaining your goals Two men were out on the lake fishing one Sunday morning. At about 10.00 am one of them said: “Tom we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. It is now church time and here we are on the lake.�

Sustaining your goals The other one responded, “ I couldn’t have gone anyway. My wife is sick and I normally don’t go the church without her.”

AN ACRONYM FOR GOAL G - God – glorifying O Objective A Ambitious L - Life-



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Source: Mario Denton



Hear & See




What is success? 1. Knowing your purpose in life 2. Growing to your maximum potential 3. Sowing seeds that benefit others

The higher a monkey climbs, the more exposed is his backside .

Collapsing in a year!

If your organisation was going to collapse in a year what would you do now to try to avoid that happening?

Lasting change

All real and lasting change starts on the inside, in our minds, and works its way out into reality

We are picture-oriented If our picture of current reality is brighter and clearer than our picture of the goal we will stick with current reality. If current reality is stronger than the goal, we will after a little progress, return to current reality, and we will give up on the goal

Negative attitude We are not born with our attitudes; we acquire them We acquire them from our own experience of life and learning and from the people round about us Do our attitudes help us go after the goal or do they get in the way?

Self-talk Self-talk is simply the conversation that each of us is carrying on with ourselves all day long. It is estimated that about 50 000 thoughts go through our minds each day. Every thought about every experience is recorded.

MARIO DENTON My 30 second commercial Mario, by the grace of God, you are great and a unique individual. You are born to do well, to succeed and to bless the lives of others. You have what it takes to be great. You are enthusiastic, optimistic and a change embracer. You are a giver rather than a taker, a hard worker and a happy person. You want to go out and make a difference in others people’s life’s. To God all the Glory

Your self talk Write down how you talk to yourself when you succeed. Write down how you talk to yourself when, occasionally, you fail. We need to learn to control our self-talk to be positive and constructive.

Comfort zones An area of perception and association within which the individual or the group can function ef fectively without fear or uneasiness

Affirmations There is a lot of negativity around us. The negative self talk of others will drag us back. It is essential, therefore, that we affirm at least twice a day, vividly , with emotion.

Living a purposeful life 1. Who am I? 2. Why do I exist? 3. Where am I going?

The function of goal setting Viktor Frankl, in his book “ Man’s Search for Meaning”, about his life in the concentration camps showed that people with goals had a better chance of survival that those who were guided only by the routines of the camp.

Lessons from the Parable of the sower and goal setting Matthew 13:18-23

• What caused the different responses from the different soils? • What was the impact due to this?

Shallow roots (Rootless)

Fruitful & Multiplying

B u i l d

Matthew 13:19

Commitment & Intimacy

Matthew 13:23

Vision & spirit

So what do we do? Awareness & Ability Lack of understanding Matthew 13:19

Confidence & Proper Focus Fears Wrong priorities

Matthew 13:19

Shallow roots (Rootless)

Listened to & understood the Message

Matthew 13: 20-21

Matthew 13:23

Causes Lack of understanding Matthew 13:19

Fears & Wrong priorities Matthew 13: 22

Standout where you are.

Goal derailment In the recent past, we’ve witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of endeavour – business, politics, religion, and sports. One day they’re on top of the heap, the next, the heaps on top of them.

Warning sign # 1: Poor self management

Warning sign # 1: Poor self management Clear your schedule and take care of yourself – it’s absolutely vital to your leadership that you continue to grow and develop, a task that can be accomplished only when your tank is full.

Warning sign # 2: Poor communication A lack of focus and its resulting disorientation typically lead to poor communication. And when leaders are unclear about their own purpose, they often hide their confusion and uncertainty in ambiguous communication.

Warning sign # 3: Ethics slip

Warning sign # 3: Ethics slip A leader’s credibility is the result of two aspects: what he or she does (competency) and who he or she is (character). A discrepancy between these two aspects creates an integrity problem.

Warning sign # 4: A shift in Focus

Warning sign # 4: A shift in focus What is your primary focus right now? If you can’t write it on the back of your business card, then it’s a sure bet that your leadership is suffering from a lack of clarity. Take the time necessary to get your focus back on what’s important.

Warning sign # 5: Risk aversion Leaders at risk often begin to be driven by a fear of failure rather than the desire to succeed. Past successes create pressure for leaders: “Will I be able to sustain outstanding performance?�

Sustaining high performance goals: Accountability sessions Rusty


Red alerts

Blue sky

The goal setter’s prayer Father in Heaven, I know that You have created me with a specific purpose to accomplish Your mission on earth. Help me to set my heart and eye upon a goal to glorify you.

The goal setter’s prayer Give me the wisdom, diligence and commitment to fulfil my goal. Protect me from snare of the Evil one, lest I be sidetracked from my goal. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Jesus said: Take what I have given you and change the world!

Don’t give up on your calling. Stand out for God. Shine your light!

Seminars and workshops as public speaker Leading as servant Clarifying vision and mission Leading a company with scripture Foundation of a Kingdom business Customer service excellence Developing balanced Goals Forming the leadership team House keeping and safety Measuring what is important Leading a company for Christ Creating a passion for excellence Praying the foundation for leading accompany The role of encouragement Life changing small groups Committing your business to God: Understanding the DNA of Financial freedom

Monthly forum meetings

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Doing Business God’s way The Purpose of Profits in Business Funding God’s work Treating employees fairly Compensation for employees Following God’s Rule for the business Patience, Fairness and consistency Hiring decisions Firing decisions Selecting a manager Protecting your business Committing your business to God

pivotal moment— You are commencing a new chapter in our journey and it’s time for a great change, a gearshift. God is taking you to places to do things that perhaps nobody felt you could go and do. There is no sitting on the fence.

Do you take in the news headlines? Do you understand the world around you in the light of your reading of the Scriptures? These are critical days. And these are our days. God made us for these times. It’s no accident that we are here at this point on God’s timetable.

Haggai Institute is not just any mission organization . We have an assignment as perhaps the most powerfully effective evangelism organization on the face of the earth. That is a huge responsibility. According to the Word of God: “of those to whom much is given, much is expected.�

109 H Sustaining goals  

SETTING, ACHIEVING and SUSTAINING GOALS My passion is people and the energy they have: Module 109 H Passage to memorize Philippians 3: 12-14...

109 H Sustaining goals  

SETTING, ACHIEVING and SUSTAINING GOALS My passion is people and the energy they have: Module 109 H Passage to memorize Philippians 3: 12-14...