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Exhibitor’s Invitation

Join Asia's Leading Trade Show! 6th ASIA OUTDOOR Trade Show Nanjing International Expo Centre, China In cooperation with 1 st "asia bike" The new trade show for sport and luxury bikes in China

July 27 – 30, 2011

The new dimension!

China offers an untold wealth of natural beauty

The 6 th Asia Outdoor and the 1st asia bike: 1 entry ticket – 2 shows.

The outdoor market and the market for sport bikes have a lot of synergies.

2 trade shows at the same time

High retail crossover

In order to make “Asia Outdoor” even more profitable for exhibitors and more attractive to visitors, we combine our specialist trade show with the “asia bike” show in Nanjing – the perfect win-win situation for visitors and exhibitors.

Many wholesalers and retailers in the outdoor segment already sell mountain bikes. There is a strong upward trend, since mountain biking is a typical outdoor sport. Over 50% of wholesalers and retailers in the outdoor segment in China sell cycling accessories such as cycling rucksacks, drinking systems, cycle bags and bicycle accessories.

The first “asia bike” in Nanjing will be allocated to a hall of 12,000 square meters right next door to the “Asia Outdoor” show. The 6th “Asia Outdoor” will occupy 3 halls approximately 35,000 sqm.

And the synergies work in two ways: Many specialist bike dealers sell outdoor equipment such as rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags and accessories. We know about the synergetic achievements of mountain-& trekking-bikes and the oudoor from the European and the US market.

The fantastic new location

Outdoor Paradise China

The new Nanjing International Exhibition Center

The City of Nanjing

At the end of 2008 a new 5-star exhibition centre was opened in Nanjing. As one of the most modern exhibition and fair-grounds in China. the Inter national Exhibition Centre is located in Nanjing Hexi New Town, within sight of the Olympic Sports Park (venue for the Youth Olympic Games 2014).

Nanjing is one of the six historic imperial capitals in China, called Jinling in ancient times. (Founded approx. 500 BC). The City is located on the Yangtse River, about 300 km from Shanghai. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu province with a population of more than 7 million. The Jiangsu province is one of China’s most important economic regions. The lively and vibrant city of Nanjing not only offers many places to visit, but also is surrounded by famous outdoor areas. The "Asia Outdoor" has taken place in Nanjing since 2006, and now to cater for the growing demand for exhibition space, the 6th “Asia Outdoor” in 2011 will move from the Exhibition Centre at Lake Xuanwu to the new Nanjing International Expo Centre.

Nanjing Hexi New Town constitutes the modern part of Nanjing on the Yangtze River. The fair visitors can reach the new Nanjing Exhibition Centre from Nanjing Down Town via subway within 10-20 minutes. The entrances of the 2 subway lines are just 5 minutes off from the exhibition centre. The new exhibition centre has hotels close by, is near to the highway to the airport.

China Outdoor a Mega Market of the Future Outdoor is still a quite new market in China.

A new five year plan favours outdoor

Since 2002 an enormous dynamic ensued. An average growth of 25-30% per year is considered normal. If all typical outdoor sport segments would be added up, the Chinese market volume in 2010 would amount to 10-11 billion RMB (appro ximately 1.63 billion USD). High growth rates are noted in the northern provinces, in the middle and in western China.

On October 18, 2010 the Central Comittee of the Chinese Government sanctioned the new five year plan which envisions the strengthening of the do mestic demand. The new growth should mainly take place in the rural areas and smaller cities in order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.

Experts estimate that China’s outdoor market will reach 30-40 billion RMB (approx. 4.75-6.4 billion USD) in 2020 and thus be on position no. 3 in the world, right after USA and Europe.

Outer view of the hall

Besides, China no longer wants to be the low wage country but intends to advance to a high technology location. The result thereof will be rising income for even more people. Additional demand on high quality lifestyle and sporting products will increase accor dingly thus the best possible condition to become an exhibitor at the "Asia Outdoor" and the "asia bike".

Asia Outdoor: Impressive Development

Domestic brands on the rise

The Leading Show in Asia

Represented Brands

• “Asia Outdoor” is the only trade show in China that has just one topic: Outdoor. • The “must attend” outdoor show. Highly accepted by outdoor experts, dealers and clubs from all over China as well as from abroad. • Perfect media attendance 2010: 355 journalists and 147 media and press people from the most important print and online magazines. 14 TVstations plus several radio stations reported from the show.

Trade Visitors


359 288

245 214 174





Covered Space



32,000 24.00025,000 24,000



9,397 20,000












Asia Outdoor: Innovative Concept

Asia Outdoor's Climbing Wall

The outdoor forum: lectures on the highest level

Asia Outdoor's Tent City

Asia Outdoor's Fashion Show

Innovative Concept • Not just the perfect show for highly developed, technical and functional outdoor products but at the same time the perfect community platform for the Chinese outdoor trade. • The supporting program offers the latest knowledge in outdoor sports. • Asia Outdoor puts an emotional spin on sports.

• Salesmeetings, matchmaking and businessreports made for permanent good subjects to talk about.

The Outdoor Dinner-Party

• Nanjing is therefore the annual community festival for the Chinese outdoor industry.

Award Ceremony

Origin of Chinese Visitors

Frequency of visitors low


Highly Qualified Visitors The Chinese outdoor world meets in Nanjing since 2006. 16,326 highly qualified trade visitors met 359 exhibitors in 2010.

Visitor's Structure 3,78%


Outdoor Retailer incl. mall and department store



OEM buyer 7,95%

The organizers expect between 17,000 and 18,000 outdoor visitors and 390 outdoor exhibi tors in 2011. The Cooperation with "asia bike" will possibly bring 7,000 to 8,000 additional visi tors plus more media to Nanjing.

Sporting goods distributer/whole salers clubs- associations 58,82% & media

13,75% 66,02%

industry others government

Interesting side facts of the show Asia Outdoor : the turbo for start-up companies. • 21% of all brands on the show were founded after 2008. • 52% of the trade visitors open their stores in the last 3 years. • 44.85% of the buyers placed orders during the Nanjing show 2010. • 120% growth rate since 2008, report the textile and accessory suppliers.

Qualified Visitors

Spectacular outdoor view, Lake Xuanwu and Nanjing skyline

Contact Asia



仁川 Incheon

Richard Li Project Director Tel.: 00 86 25 86 89 10 17 Fax: 00 86 25 86 89 15 10

Gilbert Yan Project Manager Tel.: 00 86 25 86 89 10 92 Fax: 00 86 25 86 89 15 10

名古屋 Nagoya


The Organizers The organizers of “Asia Outdoor”:

Knut Jaeger Chairman Beijing German Messe Exhibition Consulting Ltd. Tel.: 00 86 13 81 66 72 341 Sophie Xu Project Assistant Exhibitor Service Tel.: 00 86 25 86 89 15 06 Fax: 00 86 25 86 89 15 10

Contact Europe Asia Outdoor Trade Show European Overseas Office Oberlangensee 5/1 88099 Neukirch, Germany Juliane Jaehnke Executive Director agendum Tel: + 49 7528 915 92-22 Fax: + 49 7528 915 92-29

• Nanjing Nantex International Exhibition Centre and • German Messe Exhibition Consulting Ltd. Beijing

The partners and shareholders of German Messe Consulting are: • Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany (Organizer of “OutDoor” the world leading outdoor show ) • Asia Outdoor Marketing, Hong Kong • Beijing Climber Huide Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. The coordinator for “Asia Outdoor” and “asia bike” is Knut Jaeger, who is also responsible for the marketing strategy of the two events. Knut Jaeger co-founded the European “OutDoor” Friedrichshafen in 1994; the “Asia Outdoor” in 2006 and works as a management consultant in Hong Kong and China since 2004.

Asia Ooutdoor Trade Show 2011 Invitation English Edition  

Asia Ooutdoor Trade Show 2011 Invitation English Edition